Getting Caught Wearing My Aunt's Lingerie!

Since posting the story about how my aunt introduced me to makeup and crossdressing, I've decided to tell the story about my uncle. He was a man's man with the most beautiful cock I've still ever seen in person. Anyway, me and my cousin used to play with his mother's makeup and wore her lingerie while we jacked off and sucked each other's cock. We did this almost every day in the summer months from the time we were around 11 until we both were almost 16. It was great fun and we had many orgasms together.

One day my uncle came home from work early and my cousin and me were dressed in his mother's lingerie making out in their bed. We had the radio on so loudly we didn't hear my uncle come in the door. My uncle walked in the bedroom and caught us both. He didn't really raise hell he just asked us if we did this often and why we liked doing things like this. We were scared shitless and knew we probably disappointed him greatly to say the least. Days and weeks passed and nothing else was ever said about it.

One day I walked to my cousins house to visit and he wasn't home, but his dad told me to just sit on the couch and wait for him to get home. He said he was taking a shower and would be out soon. It wasn't very long that my uncle came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. He walked into his bedroom and left the door open where I could see him. He dropped his towel and my legs literally got weak from the excitement of seeing his beautiful piece of manhood. My God, it was absolutely the hottest damn dick I'd ever seen. I guess I was staring at it so intently he sort of grinned at me. He pulled on it a couple times while drying off. It looked like the arm of about a 3 year old with an apple in its hand. He had a full 9 1/2 inches with a purple blue head on it. It just danced back and forth and was so pretty. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. He asked me to dry his back off and I was so nervous I was almost shaking. When he turned and faced me he asked me if I wanted to touch his cock. That was it, I melted in the floor. I didn't even answer him, I just put my hand around it and stroked it gently. Next thing I knew we are in his bed and I'm jacking his dick like a mad man.

Then he mentioned about the day he caught me and his son and wanted to know if I wanted to put on some of my aunt's lingerie and panties. I said I did and he got me the most sheer panties and lingerie top out of her drawer. I took my clothes off and put it on and got right back in bed with him. This time as soon as I laid up against him his cock was hard as a marble. It was so damn gorgeous I had to have a taste. It looked at least 11 inches long when it became erect. I went down on his dick like the cock hungry whore I felt like. It was heaven! He told me to relax and enjoy it because my cousin would not be back because he and my aunt were out of town. That was the best damn day and evening I've ever had in my life. I was 14, he was 36! I stroked his cock, kissed, licked and sucked on his dick for hours. He came 4 times and I came every time he did and more. Those sheer panties were dripping all over me and the bed. My dick seemed to just stay hard! I sucked his dick every chance we had alone together for the rest of his life. Sometimes it would be once a week, sometimes it would be more, but we always got together at least every week. It would be difficult for me to know which one of us loved it the most! Me or him?

If we had a f****y gathering he would always ask me to go with him to get ice or paper plates or whatever, just so we could be together. I jumped at any chance to have that pretty thing in my hand and mouth. Even if we were not able to get away, he would always let me touch him and stroke on it through his pants when we were in a room alone. He was one of the sexiest men in our f****y for sure. Much later in life when I was in my mid 30's and he was in his 50's he told me how much he was turned on the day he caught me and his son dressed up in my aunt's lingerie. He said he used to jack off all the time thinking about how hot we both looked. He told me many times how much he loved me and how much he enjoyed the pleasure I brought him. He told me I sucked his dick better than his wife ever had. I loved hearing that! I actually learned to hate my fucking aunt because she was such a bitch to him. She didn't even know what she had. I guess she thought every man was hung like him. Fuck the bitch, I'm the one he really loved and I loved him too.

He passed away several years ago. The last time I sucked his cock he was 77 years old and it was still a thrill to me. He "always" had the ability to secrete his pre cum for long periods of time before he would orgasm. It was the sweetest honey ever dripped from a cock and I loved every drop. I licked it all over his the head and shaft until it just glistened from his own juice. It was so heavenly! I have an erection right now from just sharing my story with you and remembering his glorious cock.

By the way, I still have my aunt's sheer lingerie top and panties. I enjoy wearing them from time to time and jacking off while thinking of him. God knows I miss him and still love him!

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2 months ago
Many thanks for taking the time to read it.
2 months ago
great family you have
3 months ago
Thanks for reading it!
3 months ago
Hot and exciting story. Thanks for sharing
3 months ago
Thanks for taking the time to read it.
3 months ago
Beautifal storie
8 months ago
Great family!
12 months ago
Hot story hun.
1 year ago
Sweet and very hot. You made this old guy hard!