Finding the stash of panties

Sometime ago, I was looking for something, while I came across a box, it was filled with brand new panties in all shapes and forms, they were my little s****r's. At first it didn't do anything with me and I continued with what I was looking for. Some days pass, and I'm all alone in the house, I went back to the gold mine and started picking some out for myself. I figured she wouldn't miss any since it were that much. I go up to my room and undress, while thinking about one thing: "rubbing my crotch while having some cute pink thong between my butt cheeks". I ended up wearing a red one, though. It had this cute little flower on it, I started checking myself out in the mirror, almost in love with myself I started rubbing my cock which was hard since the first moment that little thong touch my asshole. I pulled the cord out from between my buttcheeks and couldn't resist sticking a wet finger up my tight ass. I never felt so good, yet feminine. I fucked my self with some fingers and rubbed my dick at the same time, I didn't last long before I burst out in pure joy, and smeared myself in my own cum. Keep in mind I am hetero sexual and have only been attracted to women, even after this embarrassing yet great experience.

- cdamateur
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4 years ago
really hot story
if you ever think youd like to try and play with another guy ....
4 years ago
that is a great story... (I hope it is true!)... would love to hear more... and SEE more... pictures, vids...
4 years ago
I guess if i found a stash of panties i would probily go crazy too thanks