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My First Time In Crowded Place As Cross Dresser

about 2 months ago, i got up the courage to go to a crowded public place dressed for the first time
i put a post on craigslist saying where i was going and what i was wearing
then i drove to shopping center parking lot and dressed up in the car, make up, red lip stick, red finger and toe nail polish, blond wig, ear rings, necklace, rings, watch bracelets, thigh high stocking and gatrer belt, black 5" heels, black mid thigh dress
i drove to a closer parking spot and took a breath, put on sunglasses, grabbed my purse and stepped out into public for the first time
wow, when the door closed and i took my first step. but i wasnt scared for some reason, so i just looked straight ahead and started for the side walk in front of the dozens of stores
i immediately noticed many men looking at me, unfortunately i underestimated the length of my dress and the top of my stocking. the dress kept riding up exposint the gatrer straps, making me look real slutty but it was too late to do something, i'm there and being watched so i began walking window shopping
everyone on the sidewalk and driving by were looking at me, some men just stopped in their tracks and stared. women looked, then looked away, but I kept walking.
a black couple walk towards me and I think they knew I was a guy in a dress, I'm 5'9" tall wearing 5" heels, hmmmmm.
well they said something to each other then began laughing looking at me, but I kept walking.i stopped for a minute to pose a little. the couple also had stopped and were standing laughing at me and talking between themselves. I looked at them, posed, then continues strutting down the side walk.
I walked past quite a few people then stopped and pretended to text someone. men stopped and watched. god I was so hot, but surprisingly not scared.
I turned and began my walk back, all the time pulling down on my dress trying not to look slutty. it wasn't working.
one older gentleman who had been watching me the whole time began walking towards me. as we passed he smiled and said hello, I responded by smiling and saying hi. I think he figured out I was a guy at that time.
I stopped and played with my phone. saw he was still watching, then I continued back towards my car.
I passed a few more people then paused on the edge of the sidewalk letting people driving by to get a good look. one guy stopped his car so he could watch me as I walked infront of it. god I loved it.
as I approached my car I noticed out of the corner of my eye on my left a small suv was rolling slowly the same speed as my walk. I glanced over and through the smoked glass I saw the driver looking at me and wave, I did a gurly wave back the climbed into my car.
I saw he parked about 6 spots down from me and just sat there looking at me. finally I looked over at him, he waved for me to come to him.
I wasn’t sure what to do next, drive off or go for it. I sat there a moment took a breath and said fuck it. I checked myself in the mirror and grabbed my purse and stepped back out of the car.
this was quite the walk as I saw at least 6 people along the walk from my car to his were just sitting there watching me strutting along in my heels. They watched as I walked across the parking lot to the drivers side of the mans suv. he rolled down his window and we chatted a moment, a compliment, hellos, wanna go for a ride sort of conversation. and I noticed the people were still watching me. I'm sure I looked like a slut or prostitute. they watched as I walked around the front of the car and climbed in the passenger seat. then they watched as we drove off. I was so fucking hot. the guy asked where we could go, I said over to the mall, we could find somewhere there. we drove across the street and found a remote spot away from any other cars.
he said I looked good and then undid his pants. he had a small dick but I didn’t care now, although it would have been a perfect day if he was hung, but oh well. I looked around then leaned down and began sucking him. it only lasted a few monutes, maybe ten, when he shot his load, I swallowed and sat back up. he cleaned my lipstick off his dick, said thanks and started the car.
he drove me back to my car, we said goodbye and I walked back to my car and drove off. I was still excited so I drove to a local park, took off the stockings to look a little bit more respectable, and walked around there showing off. after about 20 minutes strutting around there I drove home and hung around my back yard showing off to passers by before eventually masturbating myself off and changing back into my male self.
it was so fucking hot that I have bought a couple more presentable dresses and plan to strut myself around for men more.

Amanda Morehead
Neighborhood Crossdressed Slut

discover who i am and own me

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2 years ago
Nice wish I was there to feed you my cock
3 years ago
You are one great lady we shoud get together someday thanks Candi
3 years ago
Hey Girl We need to get together and have some fun!!
3 years ago
straight into my favorites! I love the "quick cum; thank you, see you" kind of men:)~
3 years ago
exellent story
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story :)