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[Story] Just a Dream

Ok – now here is the deal – in no way is what you are about to read a real story. It was only just a dream – going to put this down as fast and best I can remember it all before I forget.

I walked into the packed sports bar wearing my U of State T-shirt. Not a seat to be found – even around the bar area. As I looked around a couple at a table in the bar invited me over since they were rooting for the same team. A good looking couple – Jackie had long dark hair – with these deep brown eyes – fair skin – some very nice curves – and some great perky tits that I could not help sneaking a peek... Continue»
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Had a question about....a.....tribute

Someone had asked if I would mind....a my pics. Well...never thought about that one before....and don't really think he or anyone would...but...I did say if someone wanted tooooo.....well I could not stop em...and....hmmm......yes I would either watch or post the pics / vids if they sent I said....doubt if there will be any of that going on.
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First time watching a cock cum for me

Well I think most know who have chatted me that I do tend to prefer the company of the other gurls out here....some of them are just so nice....and dress in such cute yet sexy outfits...makes me so happy when I get to chat with u and look at all your sexy pics and vids.

Now...there has been a guy or two.....who have also been very I have chatted with a few....sometimes even a little naughty chat as well...but today it went a bit there was a certain bloke....who convinced me to watch him play with himself on cam. I have to was rather...exci... Continue»
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Here I am

Just getting things started in my corner of the X-hamster world here. Getting to chat with a few nice people….posting some of the items I like……and……mmmmmm…….what a turn on to look and watch these items. When watching some of the vids….it’s hard to choose who I would like to be in them.....and yes some of the chat can be tooooo hot as well. So drop a line and say hi ; )
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