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I'm:Martine, 52
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Kids:Yes, we do not live together
Education:Some college
Star sign:Capricorn
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Body type:Average
Height:5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
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About Me
I am 49 and have been crossdressing for about 15 years, although i was into panties and other lingerie from the age of about 12. I started with my mothers underwear, but back then she mainly wore cotton briefs. so i had to be a little more daring, and when at friends houses, i would visit the loo often so i could look for their mothers or sisters panties in the laundry baskets. Nylon, satin, lace, i was building up a small collection and wearing panties more than my own pants.
When i turned 16 my auntie began asking me to look after her son, 2 years younger than myself. Once he was asleep i would sneak into my auntie's room and made straight for her underwear drawer. She was 5 years younger than my mum and had some very sexy stuff....suspenders, corsets and more sexy panties than she could possibly need. This was the first time i tried panties, bra and stockings. But now wanted to go further, so went to the wardrobe, she had some lovely dresses, skirts and the like but though i thought she wouldn't miss some underwear, felt sure she would miss these. I still had the undies on when they arrived home and felt sure my uncle and aunt knew what i was hiding. Obviously not the case cos i got asked to look after my cousin many more times. On one occasion, while being more nosey than usual, i noticed a box under the bed. There were polaroids, videos and an array of toys including butt plugs, vibrators of all sizes and what i later found out to be a strap-on dildo. The polaroids were of my aunt in various states of undress and naked pics of my uncle who was very well endowed. I had seen other boys cocks in the shower at school but never seen a grown-ups and definately not erect. In another envelope there was pics of the two of them performingvarious sex acts from sucking cock to fucking. My mouth then gaped open as i saw my uncle in suspenders, stockings, panties and a basque being fucked by my aunt with the strap-on. I grabbed one of the videos and ran down stairs, put it in the player and watched in disbelief as they put on a show just for me. Another video surprised me even more, as they obviosly have some very "close" friends because my aunt had 2 men inside her at once, she also had another female sat astride her face. further into the video my uncle was having his cock sucked by the other guy while having a vibrator in his arse. i had to turn the volume right down, because he groaned so loudly as he came in the mouth of this guy, who just lapped it up. For a long time i would fantasize about being caught by them dressed in her underwear and used by both of them.

I have a small wardrobe, wigs and make-up, but don't often get the chance to fully dress.
I am pretty hopeless with the make-up too and would love to have someone show me the ropes, male or female, but preferably another crossdresser with a little experience and patience. I would love to be convincing enough to go out as Martine, even if only to go to TV/CD friendly places such Pink Punters.
I love hetro sex, but am definately bi. It's been a couple of years since i had my first experience with another cd. She was gorgeous ( very pretty and very convincing )and although i only got to suck her clitty, i loved it and swallowed every drop when she came. She made me so horny, i really wanted to try everything with her. But it was my first meeting and i wasn't sure how far she wanted to go. Plus i didn't have the guts to ask her. When it was time for me to go i wanted to give her a thank you kiss, but again wasn't sure and didn't ask.

A couple of months after Paula, i met Toni. She came to my flat so i was a little less nervous, i was already dressed and made up, so i could concentrate on making her feel welcome and at ease. As soon as she came in, i offered her a drink and showed her to the bedroom so she could change into her femme clothes. We sat on the sofa with a cold drink exchanging general chit chat, when Toni pulled out a DVD she had containing short movies and compilation clips of TV's and she-males. I loaded it into my laptop and put it on the table in front of us. By the time the first clip was under way Toni had moved her hand up my leg, under my skirt and found my hardening pantie clad cock. While rubbing me, she leant over and started kissing me, tongues and all. It was soon clear that we would be more comfortable in the bedroom.
Once on the bed, our hands were all over each other and the kissing was getting equally hot. We then manouvered ourselves so we could enjoy each others cocks with our mouths. While licking and sucking on Toni's long smooth cock, i pulled her g-string from between her cheeks and made for her 'pussy' . I licked from the base of her cock, all around her balls till i reached my goal. Once lubed, i returned to sucking on her gorgeous cock while penetrating her with a finger. Then she pulled a set of anal beads out of her bag, and with a little KY, i inserted them. I reached into a bedside drawer and pulled out my favourite vibrating butt plug, which i inserted into myself, while i was concentrating on her. We spent another 45 mins playing, fingering, sucking, kissing and cuddling. When the opportunity arose i got my digital camera out, took a couple of pics of Toni, also using tripod and timer got a couple with the two of us. Time was flying by before we decided that we wanted to round the day off fucking each other. Toni had me on my back, knees up around my ears as she attempted to put that lovely cock of hers into me. Whether because of nerves Toni wasn't able to stay hard for long enough. Undeterred i got behind her while she was on all fours, and using a little KY, began pushing my cock into her little love hole. It was amazing to watch her anus expand as i slid my cock into her, just a little at first, until i was all the way in. I grabbed her hips and knowing i wasn't going to last much longer, just ploughed in and out of her before pumping my cum into her. It was a hot day anyway, but the exertion of the last 10 minutes meant we were to say the least dripping in sweat. I was desperate for a drink and pulled my panties up over my now soft and dripping cock. We were going to meet again, but i'm sorry to say it never happened
So it's now been about 2 years since i've had any sort of sex/fun.
The reason: my ex partner of 12 years had some financial problems and so she moved in with me at my 1 bedroom flat. Yes we share a king size bed but we're strictly platonic. Even after we split we stayed best of friends and still went out for drinks, meals, cinema etc
She has always been aware of my love of crossdressing and lingerie, stockings, shoes etc were part of our sexual play. We were both smooth all over by shaving, waxing or veeting.
She was into bdsm and wanted me to dominate her, which though i did try, i found most unnatural. Perhaps it's my feminine side, but i couldn't hurt anyone, even in a roleplaying scenario.
She also drew the line at me wearing outer clothing, make-up and wigs. So i used go out in the car with a suitcase, get changed while out and go for walks in the country or on the sand dunes when i went to Blackpool for a weekend. Using tripod and timer i would take photos of me dressed. Also when the opportunity arose, perhaps if she was working late, i would set up the camera or camcorder in the bedroom taking more explicit shots of myself inserting small butt plugs upto a big black dildo 12 inches long and as thick as my wrist. It was at this time that i joined a few on-line sites to post my pics and meet other cd's or bi couples: Multiply, Flickr, tvchix and others.
I chatted to a few contacts on-line and discussed in explicit detail what i would like to do with them.
I left my laptop logged on one day and the screensaver decided to go on the blink leaving a page full of messages and photos. I had never told her that i was bi-curious and had no intention of acting out any of the sex acts described on the screen. She didn't believe it, and looking back i can't blame her, as the contacts i chatted with were quite local and we had gone into some detail and exchanged some pretty explicit pics and movie clips.
With her assumption that i was going to have sex with men, as she put it, whilst still with her, my and need to more fully dress and my lack of interest in rougher bdsm sex, we decided to seperate.
As i say we remained great friends, but we lived apart until she needed my help. Soi had 2 years of freedom to build up my wardrobe and fully dress as Martine whenever i was at home. Eventually plucking up the courage to meet a couple of crossdressers i had met on-line. Paula and Toni
Although i am not able to dress at home anymore i want to get out there again and start having some fun, whether that be sexual or just having a coffee or drink and chat with other crossdressers or couples with a bi/cd male or mature and/or plus size ladies who don't mind a crossdresser who still loves the taste of pussy and hetero sex as well as bi tendancies.
I obviously can no longer accomodate, but am willing to travel and work flexible hours to enable me to plan meetings at any time of day and week.

I am 5ft11in tall, but love to wear heels. Cropped grey hair, covered by a wig when dressed. As near to clean shaven all over. Blue eyes. Size 16/18 40B/C.
I have 100's of pics including facials which i will be happy to e-mail to friends that i hope to make.

I am looking forward to continuing my sexual education...xx
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1 year ago
love your outdoor pics
1 year ago
Very nice , would like to meetxx
1 year ago
wow you have the best vidos i haave seen xxxx
1 year ago
wow i wont to be your frend
1 year ago
hi, greetings from aintree merseyside :) xxxx
1 year ago
great profile and love the galleries
1 year ago
Love your profile. You sound very sexy and really interesting... hope we can chat soon?
-M & pb x
1 year ago
FAbulous pictures - I wish I was brave enough to go outdoors dressed !
2 years ago
Thank you for adding me I love your profile xxx
2 years ago
Thanks for the add
2 years ago
hot pics!
2 years ago
I want some of what you got!
2 years ago
Martine uploaded a piccie for you ;) in one of my albums in 30m
2 years ago
Thanks for your lovely comments xxx
2 years ago
ciao Martine
2 years ago
welcome to xhamster! your pics are hot!! thanks for adding me!
2 years ago
mmm,you look so sexy in stockings,x
2 years ago
mmmm nice pro story
2 years ago
very hot pics
2 years ago
Brilliant profile!
2 years ago
Welcome Martine!!

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