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[Story] Late Night Car Fun

As I hung up the phone after making plans to meet Kevin, I felt that familiar tingle in my pussy that happens when I’m about to play with a new cock for the first time…

I turned on the shower to warm up the water and stood in front of the mirror playing with my chocolate nipples while I waited. I loved cupping my big, full breasts and squeezing my nipples while I watched myself…this particular time I was imagining how much Kevin was going to enjoy seeing them for the first time later that night. I stepped into the shower and poured some of my honey & black seed apricot oil body wash onto a ... Continue»
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Why I Love Black Women - Visual Post

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[Story] mutual wank

I met a guy when he was over here in Ireland working on similar projects to mine. We got on well without being overly friendly. I could see he had similar interests and was a discreet type, most definitely not the sort to gossip or blabbermouth. Not that there was anything to blabbermouth about. The way he mentioned jacking off gave me an idea that we were of the same mind. He met Helen once and was greatly taken by her. Why not? Helen is a real beauty, though now in her forties. She still turns heads. He would occasionally mention her and I could tell she’d had an effect. That got my dick tre... Continue»
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[Story] Sending My Friend Pictures of My Wife

My wife Kacie and I have been married for five years, although we have been together as a couple for the last ten years. A while ago we found that while we were still very sexually active, the "magic" wasn't there any more, and we decided to do something out of the ordinary to try and recapture it. Don't get me wrong, the sex has been great and has provided many interesting nights over the course of our relationship!

In the meantime we've been content to experiment with a bit of role-playing and some mild exhibitionism, which has brought back that "magic". When I say exhibitionism, I really... Continue»
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