A Dream Come True

My wife Barbara and I have been swinging for about 2
years. In the beginning we would be laying in bed naked
and I would play with her cunt and suck her nipples and
whisper in her ear. I'd ask her to think about guys
with big dicks and how they would feel stretching her

The thought of seeing a big cock slide into her belly
and fill it with cum always turned me on. I told her I
wanted her to fuck another guy while I watched. I told
her how I wanted to see the big head of a cock slide
past her pussy lips and fill her belly to capacity,
then squirt his cum deep in her belly and watch it leak
out the sides.

To show her how it would feel to get fucked by a huge
cock, we used a lot of dildos, Barbara liked to be
fucked with the dildos while she sucked my cock. We
also used a dildo in her cunt while I fucked her
asshole, her climaxes then were really powerful. I
loved it when she would beg for me to stretch her cunt
with the big black dildo she then said she loved the
feel of the dildo filling her cunt and belly and wished
it was the real thing in her.

We finally amassed 12 dildos, varying in size from 6x2
to 12x3 inches the 12x3 dildo is jet black and although
Barbara said she didn't like black, but she came real
strong when we used it. We took photos including
Polaroid's, 35 mm slides and photos, and of course
video. I have several video tapes of her sucking on
several dildos alternately.

One time she was blindfolded and I had her sucking the
big black cock and mine, while I fucked her cunt with
the smaller black cock. When she saw the video she got
all excited and started to breath hard again and we
started messing around all-over again, she came twice.

She finally agreed to give herself to me totally on my
birthday, letting me have her for 24 hours, to do what
ever I wanted, no limits. We went to a Motel room made
for sex, mirrors on the walls and ceilings, Jacuzzi tub
and whirlpool. I set up the video camera and she
prepared herself in the bathroom.

When she was ready she came out wearing her high heel
shoes, black stockings and garter belt with panties and
platform bra. I put a blindfold on her and tied it in
back of her head. Her surprise was waiting outside, two
guys from an adult contact book, with very large cocks.
A good friend of ours had used one of them for his wife
and told me he fucked her for 3 hours and left her
covered with cum.

The best thing about these guys is they were BLACK.

I let the guys in and they undressed to their under
shorts. I began to play with Barbara rubbing her tits
and pussy until she was breathing hard, I asked her if
she would like a couple of really big cocks. When she
said yes, I asked if she wanted her cunt stretched by a
giant cock, she told me, "Don if you want me to, I want
to have a big cock fuck me and stretch my cunt wide
open and fill my belly with his seed."

I made her kneel on the floor, there was my innocent
wife kneeling on the floor of a strange motel room in
front of two black studs. I asked her if she would like
to be fucked by a large cock, she moaned that she would
love it, I said that I had a treat for her, one of the
guys stood in front of her, and for her to reach out in
front of her. She reached out and when her hands
touched him she pulled back like she was burned.

I told her to reach out again and she did, she began
rubbing the bulge in his shorts and it grew in size. At
this point I got behind her and took out her tits and
started rubbing her cunt thru her panties. Her tits are
huge with giant nipples, the guys smiled and licked
their lips as she was moving her cunt with my fingers.
She pulled down the first guys shorts and his big black
cock flopped out.

Barbara jerked off his cock for a while and when his
cock was erect, about 10 inches long and very big
around, she reached forward and took the big head in
her mouth. There was my wife of over 20 years, with a
strange cock in her mouth for the first time, a black
strange cock, and I had the hardest hard on I've ever

As she sucked I played with her tits and cunt and told
her how good she looked with a huge cock in her mouth,
and told her to suck this big cock till he cums in her
mouth, to swallow that strange cum. She sucked off this
guy for about 5 minutes and he shot a big load of cum
in her mouth and it ran down her chin, this was the
first time she had a mouthful of cum.

The next guy stepped up and she pulled down his shorts
and put his cock right into her mouth and started
sucking. The first guy had another hard on and began to
play with Barbara's tits. The guy she was blowing
pulled out his cock and lay down on the bed. I helped
Barbara stand up and the first guy pulled down her
panties, he played with her cunt and pried her ass
cheeks apart, and he licked her asshole while I pulled
her ass cheeks apart, she was shaking with lust and
pulling on her own nipples.

I was watching a strange black guy pull my wife's legs
open and play with her cunt lips. He led her over to
the bed and Barbara got between the legs of the second
guy and started sucking his cock again. This position
left her ass in the air and wide open. The other guy
began to play with her ass and pussy, putting his
fingers up her asshole and putting several fingers in
her cunt. Barbara kept pushing back against the fingers
in her cunt and ass, she was very wet.

They laid her on her back and guy#2 fed her his cock
while the other guy got between her legs. Barbara told
the guy "My husband wants to see you fuck me with your
big cock, please put your big cock in my belly, stretch
my cunt wide open and fill it with your seed and fuck
me deep, I've never had a cock this big in my pussy."

The guy ran his cock head up and down her pussy lips
teasing her then when she begged him to stop teasing
her and put his cock in her. He parted her pussy lips
with the big head and began to f***e it into her cunt.
The guy slipped his big black dick head into her pussy.

Barbara moaned around the cock in her mouth as the big
dick head stretched her cunt. I couldn't believe I was
watching this huge black cock spread my wife's white
cunt lips slide into my wife's white belly for the
first time. She screamed that he was ripping her cunt
open, "please stop him, he's too big for me."

She cried about how big he was in her cunt and told me
this was a mistake because she couldn't take such a big
cock. He started rubbing her clit with his thumb and
she started to move in time with the rubbing as she
approached climax and moved with him the moving helped
work his big cock into her cunt and soon he had the
whole thing buried up in her. Then as she got use to it
she changed as she begged him to fuck her all the way.
“Oh stretch me with your big cock fuck me deep and make
me cum.”

He took his time and soon she was begging him to fuck
her deeper. And little by little he buried that big
black horse cock in her belly, all the way. She began
to get use to the size and started to move with his
fucking movements. I listened to her beg him to fuck
her deeper, to stretch her pussy and make her cum.

“I've never been fucked this deep and this good before,
I love your big black nigger cock in my cunt. Please
fuck me with your big cock. Stretch my cunt and fill my
belly with your cock. I've never been fucked with a
cock this large, and I love the feeling of it in me."

I reached over and removed her blindfold and she was
startled to find that both guys were black men. She was
also so aroused that she kept up the fucking anyway.
She said" Don I never thought you would let a black man
fuck me, thank you for these big cocks and thank you
for this experience."

I watched her white cunt lips stretch around that huge
black cock. Here I was watching my virginal wife being
fucked by a big black cock while she sucked another big
black cock. I told him to fuck the shit out of her, and
cum in her belly. I watched the giant black dick sink
into her belly and listened to Barbara beg him to give
her all of his black dick.

"Oh yes, fuck me deep! Stretch my cunt all the way out.
I love your nigger cock in me!” Barbara looked at me a
smiled, "His big black cock is hitting my cervix for
the first time ever. He's stretching my pussy more than
you ever did."

Then Barbara rolled over so I could she them better and
said, “I want my husband to watch me take your big
nigger cock in my cunt. Fuck me deep with your giant
black cock. I want you to cum in my belly and fill me
up with your black man's cum. Fuck me harder! Fuck me
deeper! I love your giant black cock.

"Oh god, Don he's stretching my pussy, he's so big my
belly is so full I want him to cum inside me." I’ll
never be able to feel you again after this wonderful
fucking he is really stretching me wide open. I want
him to fill my belly and Make it swell with a black
baby, please knock me up!"

The black guy started pumping real hard, "I'm gonna cum
in you, you white slut. I'm gonna give you a black baby
to take care of you white whore. Do you like my nigger
dick in your belly?"

He called her a black cock loving white bitch, he told
her he wanted to knock her up and make her white belly
swell with a black baby. “Take my nigger seed deep you
white whore. You're a black cock lovin' white whore and
you know it."

Barbara moaned out, "Don I'm a whore for black cock.
Now do you like seeing this cock spreading my cunt lips
to the limit?"

"Tell your husband you only want black cock from now
on," her black lover groaned as he sped up his humping

“Don do you like watching me take his big nigger cock?”

I told her she was nothing more than a white whore for
nigger cock.

"Don I only want nigger cock in my cunt from now on. No
more white guys, nigger cocks are so much better and
fill up so much better."

Then he buried his monster black dick all the way in
her cunt, and shot his load of sperm deep in her belly,
his powerful black body jerking with each jet of cum he
shot into my wife's body.

She came too, “I can feel his cum shooting in me. I'm
nothing but his white whore. I love having his big
black cock filling me, filling me with this cum!"

He yelled that he was going to knock her up and give
her a black baby, she screamed and came harder than
ever. She told the guy fucking her to put his black
cock up her ass and fuck her hard. I told him to put
his black cock in her ass and make her cry. The guy
pulled out of her pussy, coated his dick with lubricant
and pressed the big head against her asshole.

He pressed hard and her asshole popped open and the big
head of his black cock went in. Barbara moaned and
screamed around the cock she was sucking as the big
black cock sunk further into her asshole. "It wont fit
in my ass, it's too big for my asshole and was going to
tear her open." Then she said she loved the feeling of
his big cock in her ass.

The head of his cock was buried in her and he started
to push more of it up inside her. She pleaded for him
to put his black cock in deeper and give her a black
cum enema. After a while he came in her ass filling it
and giving her a black cum enema, with his black sperm.

When he pulled out her asshole stayed open, and I put
my fingers in and played with his sperm. Now the other
guy started to cum and he shot a big load into her
mouth, she swallowed it all and licked his cock clean.
Next I told them to give her a double penetration.
Barbara was whimpering as she straddled the first guy
and slowly eased her stretched pussy down onto his big

When she had taken the whole cock into her cunt the
other guy began working lubricant into her asshole with
his fingers, Barbara was sliding up and down the first
cock faster and faster and we had to stop her before
she came. The second guy put his big cock head up to
her asshole and pushed the big head right in. When the
big cock head went in Barbara screamed.

Because she was now filled with 18 inches of prime
black cock in her ass and cunt. “Oh Don, I'm so full of
big nigger cock. Do you like to watch me fuck niggers?"

The guys fucked her for 15 minutes, taking turns,
before she came and so did they, filling her white
belly with more black cum. To see Barbara lying there
on the bed with her cunt stretched and leaking cum and
her asshole looking ravaged and also leaking cum. She
had the black guys cum all over her body.

When she finally got up on her hands and knees cum was
running out of her wide open cunt. I pushed my cock
into her asshole with no resistance at all. She sucked
all of us off and we came in her mouth. And she still
wanted more, but we were done in from all the fucking
and couldn't get our cocks up to fuck her.


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love it
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Oh yeah, she,s a niggercock WhoreEWife for life now Don !!!!Next, collar,leash,shackle her then dress her in a tear away slutfit and sell her to a niggercock bachalor party !!!!!!! Use the $$$ for more ripoff WhoreFits and toys N tools to use have used on AND OD NOT forget to film her !!!!!!!!