My First Time

Ohh yes i remember it well,
I was twelve he was a s*******n yr old neighbor paid by my dad to keep me from getting jumped after school. We'd meet at the side exit as usual long after other school mates had gone. He'd hold my books and say things like" i dont know why they pick on you, your beautiful and special " i soon would believe him, He took me back to his house telling me my dad said it was ok, he asked did i think he was beautiful i said yes, We laid on his bed he asked could he kiss me nervously i agreed this would be my first kiss, he's lips were soft and tasted like cream soda and apple now&laters, he undid his pants unleashing this bronze sword my mouth watering and booty twitching i had no control and uncertain if i wanted any, He asked had i ever sucked dick i said no he told me" its like licking ice cream, do it slow no teeth" so i did, his eyes rolled backwards as he began to lick his lips, STOP! "Did i do something wrong?" No i'm not ready to cum. Baby i want to put it inside you, 2b cont,
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1 year ago
Good start...
2 years ago
you need to continue this story