Mom and the border

I’ve been living at home for some time now, but have always helped my mom by paying room and board to help her out sence I’m over the age of twenty-one and have a full-time job. The recent change in the economy has f***ed her to rent the basement out to compensate the recession, so she placed an ad in the local Capital paper looking to rent a portion of basement.
About six people came by to check out the room, but only one seemed promising. Despite the open space in the basement, it is carpeted and has newly painted sheet-rock walls and a bathroom. Eric “the boarder” had settled in and everything was fine for the first few weeks. Then one day, I was in my room when my mom came rushing in to tell me; “You gotta come down stairs right now”! I said, “What’s wrong”? She said; “You just got to see this”! I again asked her, “What”?
As we proceeded down towards the basement stairs, she told me she was going to do the laundry (Both washer and dryer are located in the open basement) when she noticed Eric lying fully nude in bed on the other side of the basement!
At first my mom thought she should wait till he wakes up, but it’s already 11:00am so she lifted up the washer cover and let it drop to see if he would wake up, but not even a budge. She told me she then walked over to see if Eric was ok, and noticed he had on his head phone’s listing to music. She could hear the music despite his headphone on. That’s when she came and got me.
As we entered the basement, I could see across the room a fully nude black male lying on his comfiture face up in his bed. As we approached, I could not believe my eyes when I noticed Eric’s large penis hanging over towards his side as he lied there. I looked at my mom and began to laugh to myself as I watched her gaze at his large member in complete awl. It was like she was trying to get a complete picture in her mind of his package!
I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders and went back upstairs leaving her by his bed side. As I was getting dressed for work, I could hear talking coming from my air vent which is between my bedroom floor and the ceiling portion of the basement side above Eric’s bed. I couldn’t make out what was said, but it also didn’t sound distressing either.
A few days later, I returned from the gym and walked in to hear my mother crying! I rushed towards her location which was her bedroom down the hall from mine. As I walked in, I saw her lying across her bed; completely nude, face down and Eric nude on top, violently pumping her. The expression on her face was that of incredible pain! However; I didn’t dare intervene! His face had an expression of power that scared me!
It was the classic case of Jackal & Hyde I ever witnessed in a person. He began yelling at her, saying;”you want this big black dick, and I’m going to give it to you, all of it”!! During her ordeal he told her that he hopes that I walk in and see what he’s doing to my mom, but I don’t think he knew I was there at that time.
As he released his massive load on my mom’s back, I could tell it was consensual and Eric still lives with us today!

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3 years ago
Meh, an alright start. It needs a better pull to make me read or get off in my opinion.
3 years ago
Well a good start,,but you know more than you told,,thanks
3 years ago