Her soft soles

It was just the third time that we were intimate that I told JR about my foot fetish and my love her feet in particular, but as I suspected all along, she already knew. She said she could tell because every time we were in foreplay mood or whenever I got even the remotest chance, my hands were on her feet and I love having their aroma near to my nose. So, this night she told me her feet were all mine and I could do anything I want. Actually, surprise her if I could. Not being a totally selfish lover, I intended to make sure I was completely satisfied and at the same time her as well. She was a squirter and I loved going down on her and having her cum in my mouth, it always was so sexy for her to do that and after the first orgasm, she was really in tune with anything I wanted to do. So, after I had swallowed her first batch of orgasm juice, I knew it was my turn. He pussy was as hot as it gets this time, as she knew I was in my fetish mood after her wet blast. I still have my monster erection as I was kneeling in front of her and hiked one of her gorgeous legs on my shoulder and lifted her wonderfully smelling foot to my face . Oh, that foot aroma hit me like a ton of bricks, I had already told her not to shower as I wanted that day long foot smell all to my selfish glory. Then right when she could tell her feet were torturing me, she reached down with her soft hands and guided my hard cock into moist pussy and then I had both her feet in my face rubbing my cheeks and taking in that heavenly aroma and at the same time, my cock was consumed by her wonderfully soft and warm pussy. I found it hard to know and realize what to enjoy more, I'm 100% convinced I would have cum just from the feet and smell in my face, but having that soft pussy all around my cock was just as wonderful.. I came all inside her with an explosion like I have not had since I was a much younger man.
I'm glad I found JR and she is glad that I adore her feet.
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