Mom the Lipstick Lesbian

I can't tell my story without telling the story
of my mother. She was born in the suburban
community between Disneyland and Knott's Berry
Farm in Orange County, California. She was a
relatively popular girl in school. The first time she
got fucked would be a truly traumatic experience
for anyone, but for a young p*****n even more so.
She was only twelve years old and just turning from
a girl into a woman. She had only had a couple of
periods. Her breasts were just starting to swell and
pubic hair was a new addition to her body.

Her parents had gone out for an evening of
drinking and dancing at a party at the home of
friends. When her parents came home she heard
them stumbling around before going to bed. The
house grew quiet, except for the sound of crickets
outside her window. Then she heard someone enter
the bathroom and the sound of water splashing. It
was obviously her father pissing into the toilet.

She rolled over and was about to go back to
sl**p, when the door opened and her father sat on
her bed. He started stroking her body. She tried
to protect herself to no avail. He pulled down the
blankets and pulled up her nightgown. He spread her
legs and mounted her. She can never forget the
smell of booze on his breath as he drove his cock
into her virgin pussy. He even had to place a hand
over her mouth to muffle her crying and moaning.
When he finished he covered her body and returned
to her mother's bed.

Everything changed after that. Her father
must have felt guilty about what he had done to her.
He was never close to her again. He never denied
her anything, but kept his distance from her. He
never held her like he had when she was a c***d. She
never told her mother about what had happened, or
anyone else.

She grew closer to a couple of her c***dhood
friends, without divulging what had happened to her.
At the same time her friends were inviting her to
sl**povers called pajama parties. They would gather
at the home of one of the girls with their sl**ping
bags and favorite music. They would do it while the
host f****y was out. Then they would drink the
booze and smoke cigarettes of the host f****y while
playing music. They would dance with each other
until they finally had to settle down. They would
cuddle up with each other, and indulge in kissing and
hugging before pairing up to indulge in their first
attempts at lesbian sex. They usually only felt each
other up and digitally masturbated each other until
they came. None of them was brave enough to
perform oral sex on each other, even if they knew
what that was.

Mom didn't want to be labeled a prude, so when
she entered high school she started dating boys.
There was a popular guy that asked her out. She
thought he was a nice guy. They dated each other
almost her entire freshman year, but eventually he
tried to get her to fuck him. They had necked and
done some innocent petting up to then, but when he
tried to pull off her panties she resisted.

She spent the summer going to the beach with
her girlfriends. When school started she threw
herself into school work, the marching band and the
annual staff. There was a talented boy in the band
that was also on the yearbook staff that she felt
comfortable with. There were rumors that he was a
faggot, but she didn't mind that because if he was
he sure would not f***e himself on her.

As their friendship grew stronger he admitted
that he was gay. He even introduced her to his
boyfriend. This guy was a truly handsome man in his
mid-twenties. This man could have been a male
model because of his good looks. In order not to
miss her junior-senior prom, she asked him to take
her. He was a marvelous dancer. Her girlfriends
were all over her the next week at school. They
wanted to know all about the gorgeous man. She was
not about to tell them the truth about him.

When she graduated from high school she
debated about what college she wanted to attend.
She wanted to get away from home, and wanted a
change in climate. She selected the University of
Washington. While attending college she had a
couple of lesbian roommates that introduced her
seriously to lesbian sex. Before she graduated from
college she had even had a liaison with one of her
female instructors. In all of her relationships she
had been the arm candy for more butch type

She started a career in law upon graduation
from law school and passing the California bar. Her
first position was as a Los Angeles County Assistant
Deputy Prosecutor. While building her reputation
she kept her sexual preferences private. She was
very conservative with her money, but she did
manage to use her connections to buy into a
condominium in Marina Del Ray. She was discreet
about selecting her girlfriends.

About that time she felt the desire to have a
f****y of her own. She discussed her options with
her gynecologist. Her sexual preferences were know
to her gynecologist, so artificial insemination was
performed. They performed the procedure until the
results proved positive. I was the product of that

She was able to see to it that I had everything
a baby girl needed. She hired a sweet little old lady
to look after me. I was a pampered c***d. Mom had
a small group of friends that she associated with.

As a c***d I never questioned the relationship
with her friends. As far as I knew it was normal for
women to lock their bedroom door when entertaining
friends. I was a curious girl though. When I was
seven years old I happened to rummage through her
dresser drawers because I thought her clothes were
the sexiest things on earth. I was rummaging
around in her lingerie drawer, when I found a bundle
of letters tied together with a red ribbon. I just
had to read them.

They turned out to be love letters. As I read
them I became aware that they were from women,
some of them I knew. They contained graphic
details of romantic encounters between them and my
mother. I had never suspected that my mother was
having sex with the women that spent the night with
her. When I read some letters from Amy, a woman
that visited regularly, I studied every word she
wrote carefully.

Amy was not only my mother's friend she was
her beautician. I found her to be a fascinating
woman because she was not the kind of person I
would have thought my mother would associate with.
She changed the color of her hair about every
month and she had Celtic tattoos on her body. I was
fascinated by her tattoos and she had explained the
meanings behind the ones I could see. After reading
her proclamations of undying love for my mother and
lamenting about how much she wanted to spend
every night sucking my mother's breasts and
worshiping at the altar of my mother's sweet pussy.
She even described how much she enjoyed licking my
mother's asshole. I was shocked by the fact that
my mother had sex with so many women.

I carefully put all of the letters back in their
envelopes and tied them in their ribbon, before
carefully returning them to their hiding place.

That evening I struggled with my feelings. The
more I thought about the letters, the more my
pussy itched. I just had to rub myself.

The next time Amy came over to go out for an
evening with my mother, I had an opportunity to talk
to her while Mom finished putting on her makeup.
She always was late getting ready for an evening
out, because she would take at least another thirty
minutes putting on her makeup.

I took that opportunity to ask Amy, "Would
you make love to me?"

Amy recoiled as if she had been splashed with
cold water. She recovered quickly, "What makes you
think I would do anything like that?"

I admitted, "I read your letters to my mother!"

Her face paled suddenly. She couldn't respond
for awhile. "I think you should discuss this with
your mother!"

Before I could press her further, Mother
emerged. They were off for the evening. After
they left I retrieved the letters again. I selected a
group of letters from another woman I knew. This
woman was about Mother's age, but she was nothing
like Mother. She was a heavy set woman that
seemed to always be wearing jeans and denim work
shirts. Her blonde hair was cropped rather short.
She was a friendly woman, but it was obvious that
she had a short temper. I had always wondered why
my mother was friendly with a woman that bossed
her around so much. Reading the letters I
discovered just how subservient my mother was to
her. I lay on my bed and rubbed my little pussy
while reading about how this woman enjoyed making
Mother do all kinds of degrading things. I
masturbated so much that my pussy became
inflamed and swollen. I returned the letters to their
hiding place before Mom and Amy got home, and was
sound asl**p when they did get home.

The smell of breakfast being cooked woke me
up. I got dressed and brushed my teeth and washed
my face before following my nose. Amy was sitting
at the dining table drinking coffee, and Mom was
busy making breakfast for the three of us. There
was the usual greetings and kisses on the cheeks.
There was the usual small talk while we ate. After
Amy bade her goodbye, Mom confronted me.

"I understand that you read some of my
private letters, and asked Amy to make love to you!"
Mom said.

I was terribly upset that Amy had told on me,
but I couldn't deny what Mom said. Mom went on to
tell me that she had not intended for me to find out
about her secret until I was older. She wanted me
to be able to understand why she preferred the
company of women, but keeping those letters was
probably a Freudian mistake. She had to explain
that a Freudian mistake means. (A subconscious
desire to be discovered)

She asked me if I really wanted to find out
what sex was like between women. I couldn't find
the words to express my desires, but I did shake my
head up and down. She took hold of my right hand
and led me to her bedroom. The bed was still
unmade. All I had on was cotton panties and a
simple blue gingham dress. Mama took me in her
arms and kissed me on the mouth while she
unbuttoned the back of my dress. She pulled it over
the top of my head, and pushed me backwards onto
the side of the bed. She picked up my legs and
pulled my panties out from under me, as she made
me lay back. When my head rested on the pillow I
could smell Amy's perfume and hair. I lay there
watching Mama remove her housecoat and

I have to say that my mother is a beautiful
woman. She is about five-feet four, with breasts
that don't need implants at all, and they stick out
proudly without the support of a bra. She had a slim
waist that flares out over her wide hips. Mother is a
very vain woman, and she would never allow a stray
pubic hair to be seen peeking out from under her hip
hugger panties. This morning she didn't have panties
on though. I was looking at that little triangle of
dark pubic hair. I could see her labia protruding
beyond the wet opening. Her flabby lips looked like
excess material dangling out of her opening.

Mom lay down beside me, and continued kissing
me. The kiss was nothing like any of the motherly
kisses I had received from her before. Having read
those letters I had a strong desire to suck on her
breasts. I placed my hand on the nearest one, and
started molding it with my fingers. I could feel her
nipple rubbing against the palm of my hand. Mama
drew my head down to her breast and fed me one of
her nipples like I was a baby. There was an
unbelievable feeling of satisfaction sucking on my
mother's tit. Mama reached down and started
rubbing my little hairless crotch. I didn't want this
moment to ever end.

The smell of my mother's body filled my nose.
She felt so warm, and I swear I could smell her
pussy. I didn't resist when Mother placed her hand
on the top of my head and pushed downward. I could
not resist licking her pubic hair on the way to her
pussy. When she made me probe the depths of her
cunt with my tongue I discovered that her pussy was
full of a slimy liquid. I swallowed the liquid and it
made my throat feel like I had a cold. Mama told me
to suck on her clit, and when I found it with my lips
she made all kinds of satisfying noises. She held my
head down there by the hair until she had made me
suck her cum out of her pussy. I could hardly
breathe until she lifted my head up. We rested for
awhile, and Mother told me what a sweet girl I was
for pleasing her so much.

Now it was Mother's turn to suck my pussy.
She did things with her lips and tongue that I
couldn't believe. I was too young to cum, but she
made me feel things I had never felt before. My
little pussy was swollen, red and raw by the time I
begged her to stop.

We were like a couple of newlyweds for the
next week. Every minute we were not at work or
school was spent in bed. When we were not eating
food we were eating each other. Amy called a couple
of times but mother avoided making any dates.

When Friday arrived we were lounging around
the house naked when there was a knock at the door.
Mother slipped on a robe before answering the door.
I remained hidden in her bedroom. I could hear the
conversation going on in the living room. It was
obviously Amy confronting Mother. She was
confronting my mother about her being sure that
Mother was fucking me. There was some heated
exchange of words. I heard a scuffle before the
bedroom door opened. Amy was pulling Mother by
one of her nipples.

Mother's robe was open and Amy had a strong
grip on one of her nipples as she pulled her into the
bedroom. I was curled up in a protective ball on the
bed, with a sheet covering my naked body. Amy
pulled Mother to the side of the bed with one hand
as she grabbed the sheet and ripped it away from my
body. She exclaimed, "JUST AS I THOUGHT! You
have been fucking your baby this week! Here I pass
up the opportunity to seduce her, and you do it
behind my back!"

With that she used her free hand to roll me
over onto my back, and slapped the inside of my
thighs to let me know that she wanted me to spread
my legs. As I opened my legs she placed that hand
right over my little pubic mound. She used one finger
to probe the wetness between my labia. She
massaged my little pussy until it was practically
driving me crazy. She was still clinging to my
mother's nipple.

Amy pulled my mother by her nipple until she
was lying on the bed next to me. Then she climbed
over my body to lie on my other side. The two of
them were feeling me up. Amy was covering my face
with wet kisses before she centered in on my mouth.
She had me stick out my tongue, so that she could
tongue duel with me. While she was doing that
Mother was tickling my little clit with her fingers. I
could hardly hold still. I couldn't resist squeezing
Amy's tit.

While mother worked her way down my body
until she was laying between my legs with her head
resting on my pussy. She proceeded to use her
tongue to stimulate my little clit until I couldn't hold
my hips still. While I was being stimulated beyond
belief, Amy did something I didn't expect.

Amy got up on her knees and mounted my head
so that she was facing Mom. She lowered her
untrimmed pussy down to my mouth. I was looking up
at her grayish brown asshole. Any started rocking
her hips back and forth I was f***ed to run my
tongue and nose deep into her pussy, and occasionally
taste her asshole. As nasty as I thought it was to
lick her asshole I found it very exciting. Amy face
fucked me until she shouted that she was cumming.
She stopped moving, and my mouth was flooded with
her slimy juices. I swallowed as much as I could.
She eventually rolled off of my head.

While I lay there recovering Mom and Amy
clung to each other and kissed while they massaged
each other's tits and pussies. I watched them do
everything they could to make each other cum.

Having spent the better part of a week doing
everything to my mother that she taught me to do I
was fascinated with the prospect of finding out how
my mother differed from Amy. Having spent so
much time looking at and licking her pussy and
asshole, I just had to find out what her breasts were

Amy's breasts were not as large as Mom's, but
they didn't sag as much as hers. Her nipples were
inverted, but the areolas were like little caps perched
on top of her conical tits. I positioned myself
between the two of them. Mother's big breasts were
resting on my shoulders with my head between them
while I sucked on Amy's nipples. It was all so thrilling
to be the center of attention. The two of them were
playing with my body so much that I was in a
constant state of arousal. Eventually Amy had to go
home so that she could get some rest before going to

Living so close to the beach was fun. Venice
Beach is the location of Muscle Beach. Over the
years they had moved it from just south of the
Santa Monica Pier, and fenced it in. It was a thrill to
watch all of those muscle bound weight lifters
showing off. The list of famous body builders,
weight lifters and professional wrestlers that had
trained there was impressive. As much as I admired
the bulging muscles of the men, it was the women
body builders that I was attracted to the most.
They all had golden tans, and they had bulging
muscles like the men. I learned that they consumed
so much male hormones that their breasts were like
little lemon halves on top of bulging pectoral muscles.
A few of them had even had breast implants to make
them look a little more feminine. While they were
showing off their muscles they only had on bathing
suits that were hardly more that little triangles held
on with nothing more that strings. The bottoms were
so tight that they gave new meaning to a pussy
looking like a camel toe.

There was one of the professional women body
builders that I gravitated to. I became her best fan.
I found out where she was competing and insisted
that Mother or Amy take me to the competition.
She saw me hanging around so much that she knew
my name. Upon my insistence Mother invited her to
our house for dinner.

Her name was Veronica, and I suspected that
she was a lesbian. I couldn't put my finger on what
made me think she was, but I noticed something
about the way she touched the other women while
she was spotting for them that made me suspect
that she was a lesbian.

When she came to our house for dinner was
the first time I had ever seen her in a dress. She
had on nylons and high heels with a light summer
dress with a full pleated skirt. I suspected she had
selected a backless dress because of the size of her
muscular body was hard to find clothes that fit her.
The tied behind her neck and the bib like top had a
deep cut cleavage that exposed a large portion of her
ample breasts. After the greetings were exchanged
we gathered in the living room to chat while we
waited for the dinner to finish cooking. The
conversation soon turned to a discussion about
lesbian sex. Amy and Mom deliberately assured
Veronica that we were confirmed lesbians. Veronica's
eyes flashed in my direction as if to ask if I was a
lesbian too. Mom saw the way her eyes looked in my
direction and said, "My baby as been an admirer of
yours from the first time she saw you at Muscle

She sat there almost as if in stunned disbelief
that this woman was telling her that her own
daughter had lusted for her.

Mom added, "Hell, Amy and I would love to
date you too!"

As tan as her face was it was obvious that she
was blushing. Mom excused herself long enough to
check the meal. While she was gone Amy and I
continued asking Victoria about what it was like to
compete as a body builder. She told us that she had
had to prepare for at least three months for any
particular competition. The object was to peak at
just the right time. The object was to develop the
largest muscle mass as possible with as little body
fat as possible, so that she had the maximum
definition. She complained that at that time she was
fifteen pounds overweight. Amy and I couldn't see
where she had any excess fat.

When mother announced that dinner was ready
we headed for the dining room. I just had to put my
arm around her waist as I guided her to the seat I
wanted her to sit in, so that I could sit next to her.
I suspect that I made her nervous being so forward
about my infatuation with her. Whenever I wasn't
cutting meat I had my hand resting on her thigh.
She was obviously uncomfortable with my bold move,
but she didn't object.

When dinner was over Mom insisted that Amy
and I entertain our guest while she put the dishes in
the dishwasher. Amy and I led her to the couch and
sat down on either side of Victoria. We couldn't
resist stroking her muscular arms. I just had to feel
one of her breasts. If she had breast implants I
sure couldn't tell. They felt as natural as my
mother's. I had been aware that she didn't have a
bra on the moment I saw her back.

Victoria placed her hand over mine, as if she
was going to brush it away, but before she could do
that Amy placed her hand on her other breast. She
gave up and let us do whatever we wanted. Having
been given passive permission I slipped my hand inside
the side of her dress to feel her naked breast.

Mother entered the room and smiled warmly
because she enjoyed the sight of Amy and me feeling
up this sexy woman. She was about to sit down in her
favorite chair and ask Amy to come and keep her

Amy moved over and sat in the chair as she
pulled Mom down onto her lap. Amy was feeling up
Mom while they watched me pawing the object of my
affections. While I was squeezing Victoria's tit she
turned her head towards me and I kissed her on the

Until that moment Victoria had not made a
move to return my advances. Seeing what Amy was
doing to my mother must have inspired her into
action. She picked me up bodily like I was no more
than a doll as she placed me on her lap. She planted
a wet kiss on my mouth that was breathtaking.

I had dressed in the most adult attire that I
had for her benefit. A bra was unnecessary of
course, but I had on the sexiest little gossamer thin
panties possible. When she slipped her hand under
my dress she found just how wet I was for her. I
was covering her face with wet kisses while she toyed
with my pussy.

I untied the strap around her neck, and pulled
the front of her dress down to expose those
beautiful breasts. Her areolas were no larger than
my own, and the nipples were just a little larger than
mine. I couldn't resist taking one of her nipples into
my mouth. I wanted to get her naked as soon as
possible to see what she looked like totally naked.

Seeing Victoria during competition, in her
posing straps covered in cocoanut flavored olive oil
was not the same as seeing her brown body
completely naked. She seemed to be just as
interested in seeing me naked too. Of course all she
had to do is peel off my dress and panties and I was
as naked as the day I was born.

I got a look at Amy and Mom while Victoria was
undressing me. They had their clothes arranged so
that their breasts and pussies were exposed, and
they were finger fucking each other while they
watched us.

I pleaded with Victoria to take her dress off,
so that I could see her. She stood up and sat me
down before performing a striptease for us. She
truly was an exhibitionist, as she turned around for
our benefit as she flexed her muscles. When she
removed her panties I was struck by the fact that
there was not so much as a hint of a hair on her cunt.
Her vulva was no bigger than mine. I guess that was
because of the lack of body fat on her body. I was
also struck by the size of that ridge of stiff flesh
sticking out of her crack. Her clitoris was as large
as a baby's finger and fully exposed sticking out of
her labia. See it sticking out like that was more than
I could resist. I slipped to the floor in front of her
feet. I clung to her rock hard hips as I took her clit
into my mouth.

Victoria stood there with her legs spread, and
stroked my hair. If she was embarrassed by having
her cunt sucked in front of an audience it didn't

Amy soon had Mom on the floor eating her
pussy just as passionately as I was sucking Victoria's
pussy. I spent the night feeling, sucking, kissing
every inch of Victoria's body that evening. Her clit
was almost like a little penis. She did tribe me in
such a way that her clit was rubbed against my own
clit until I had my first climax. I loved oiling her
body before she made love to me. We wallowed
around like two girls in constant heat.

After that night I was allowed to travel with
Victoria when she was in competition. I was the one
that always applied oil to her body before going on
stage. Her competition expressed a little jealousy
about me. I got felt up a lot while she was on stage.
I didn't mind the attention at all, but I was first and
foremost in love with my mother and Victoria. I was
destined to become a body builder.

97% (40/1)
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2 years ago
I'm glad the story stopped when it did. My computer screen was just about to melt.

Well done!

Is there a Part II?

xoxo from Canada
2 years ago
You can write! Wonderfully arousing, erotic story. I hope you continue write. Thanks.
2 years ago
great story :)
2 years ago
unbelievably good, I felt like I was living it.
2 years ago
Very well done, it was like I was going through it.
2 years ago
Great storytelling, flows well, just like Mrs curiositys pussy is doing after reading. xxx
2 years ago
like it..x
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot had my cock dripping. Please write more
2 years ago
The doctor stood back, holding the end of the stethoscope in her hand. She
reached forward and placed the instrument above my left breast. Listening
intently she moved it directly between my breasts in my cleavage; then
below my breasts on my ribs. Doctor Morgan seemed satisfied with her
findings so far. She hung the scope around her neck again and said:

"Now I'm going to examine your breasts."

My heart skipped a beat as she continued; "Remove your bra for me, please."

I reached behind and my trembling hands fumbled with the hook.

"Let me help." She offered, stepping forward and reaching around me without
waiting for my response. She slipped the hooks with the ease of someone
very familiar with the garment. As she backed away she grasped the straps
and pulled the light nylon bra with her. The cups clung for an instant on
my boobs then they released and the doctor stepped back completing the
removal. I struggled to resist my natural urge to cover myself. The doctor
turned and deposited the bra on top of my other clothes. When she turned
back and looked at me I must have looked scared out of my mind. She gave me
that warm smile again and said:

"Just relax; I'm not going to do any thing that's going to hurt. Have you
had your breasts examined before?"

"No." I croaked.

"Well, it's not so bad I'm just going to press on your breasts with my
fingers to feel for any lumps or other irregular tissue. Then I'll check
your nipples to make sure they're healthy. It only takes a couple of

At the part about checking my nipples I know I gasped. The doctor didn't
seem to notice. The thought of her touching my nipples caused a shudder
deep in my belly. Knowing how sensitive they are I had a hard time
imagining how I would get through it without moaning and making a compete
fool of myself.

"Lie on your back and put your right hand behind your head, and leave your
left hand at your side."

I did as instructed, all the while trying to control my breathing. I
thought I was going to hyperventilate and pass put. Wouldn't that be
embarrassing! My boobs are very firm, but large enough that they `pan
caked' a little to the outside. Dr. Morgan gently lifted it with her
fingers and began pressing in circular motions all around the bottom, side
and top. Then she reversed hands and performed the procedure on my other
breast. She took my left boob in both hands and gently, but firmly
squeezed. Her thumb rotated around and began tracing my areola. The puffy
pinkness darkened and the center rose into a rigid peg. I could feel the
warmth spreading from my lower belly into my upper thighs. She held the
weight of my boob with one hand and with the fore finger and thumb of the
other hand she grasped the emerging tip, squeezing and twisting as she
pulled. The heat spread out from my crotch until it enveloped my body, my
head was swimming. Trying as hard as I could, I still couldn't suppress the

"Your nipples are very sensitive, aren't they?" she said, smiling.

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2 years ago
Very hot indeed ,mmmmm dam I am so hard ,,,thanks
2 years ago
very hot story