Mum Was My Teacher

I am a 24-year old woman from Manchester,
UK. My f****y consists of mother, Amy, father,
Lee, s****r, Claire and myself, Sarah. When I was
growing up we lived in a semi detached house. We
were like most of our neighbors, just making a living
and going to school. My life changed when I was

I went to a school that required that all of the
students wear a uniform. All of us girls hated having
to wear the same type of clothes every day. We
tried to rebel by doing things like making the skirts
shorter than the school dictated, wearing scandalous
underwear, and unbuttoning our blouses below our
cleavage to show off sexy bras. Of course the
faculty would reprimand us for altering the
uniforms. We were often caned for altering our

I had learned to masturbate myself from my
girlfriends at school when I was 14. I developed a
habit of coming home after school and stripping off
my uniform and sitting on my bed in front of my
closet mirror and playing with my breasts and pussy.
I was a round faced girl with dirty blonde short hair.
It was blonder when I was younger.

One afternoon when I got home from school I
peeled off my school uniform, and turned on my TV.
I only had on my matching white panties and bra as I
sat down on my chair in front of the TV. I had been
masturbating regularly for a couple of weeks. I had
suffered through one of those bad days at school.
It had seemed like nothing had gone right that day.

I remember that I was watching my favorite
sitcom, 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch.' I still have a
thing for Melissa Joan Hart. She turned me on so I
stuck my hand down the front of my panties and
started rubbing my pubic hair against my pussy.

I was so busy playing with my pussy I didn't
hear the front door open or the footsteps on the
carpeted stairs. She must have heard me moaning
because she opened my bedroom door without
knocking. I panicked. I jerked my hand out of my
panties and curled up in a fetal position. I feared
what my mum would do to me.

Mum's expression hardly changed as she
crossed the space between the door and my desk.
She stood behind me and placed her hand on my
shoulder in a comforting way. " don't
have to be embarrassed about what you are doing.
Every woman enjoys playing with themselves from
time to time."

I was reluctant to face my mum. She removed
my hands from my face and kissed me on the lips.
Her face was so close to my cheek that I could feel
her breath and she continued to talk to me. "Sarah,
I just want to teach you how to masturbate without
hurting yourself."

Mum sat down next to me. She removed
enough clothes to expose her breasts and pussy to
me. She showed me how she manipulated her
breasts while she used her fingers to masturbate
her pussy.

Mum kissed my cheek as she slipped her hand
down the front of my knickers. The feeling of her
hand on my pussy was at least ten times more
exciting that it was when I touched myself. I was
holding my breath as long as I could before gasping
for air. She stuck a finger between my labia and
wiggled my little clit around like a joystick on an 'X
Box.' She commented on how wet I was. She told
me that she wanted to see how much I had matured.

She used her free hand to unfasten the hooks
on the back of my bra. She continued to play with
my pussy as she pulled my bra off of me. My
breasts were just a little too large for a B sized bra
but didn't fill a C cup that much. Mum used her left
hand to feel my tits and stimulate my nipples with
her finger.

I moaned when she pulled her hand out of my
panties and turned my chair around to face her.
She used both hands to pull my knickers down. She
was strong enough to pull them under my butt. She
freed them from my feet before she spread my legs.
She actually d****d them over the armrests of my
chair. She knelt in front of me and parted my labia
so that she could inspect my pussy.

She seemed to be a little disappointed that my
hymen was already broken. That did not stop her
from sticking two long fingers into my barrel. She
felt my cervix just like our gynecologist did when
she gave me physicals. As she withdrew her fingers
she pressed against my urethra with a finger tip
until I actually squirted a little pee into her hand. It
embarrassed me. I could not believe it when Mum
actually licked her hand and smelled her fingers.

Mum told me, "If you want to use something to
masturbate with, the butt of a candle works well.
Cucumbers are better with the added benefit that
you can eat the evidence afterwards." (She chucked
at her attempt at humor.) "For me I have a couple
of battery powered toys. A couple of them are
about the size of small eggs attached to a battery
box by a wire. You can insert them in your pussy or
anus and adjust the speed with a three speed switch.
I also have a couple of dildos and butt plugs."

The revelation that Mum had sex toys to play
with shocked me. She saw the expression on my
face. "Honey...your father is not always around
when I get horny and there are times when he is not
in the mood."

While she was talking she was playing with my
pussy. I had been so disturbed by her admission
that I had forgotten that she was rubbing my clit.
The sexual wave that swept over me was

My legs were falling asl**p and starting to
tingle. Mum was wedged between my legs so tightly
that I could not take them off of the armrests.
When Mum actually placed her mouth against my
pussy I almost freaked out. She clung to my legs
until I calmed down. I could not believe that my
mother actually was sucking my pussy. I had
another climax that seemed like it would never stop.
As fast I would get over a quivering thrill another
one would sweep over my body.

When I finally calmed down Mum stood up and
pulled me to my feet. My legs felt like they would
not support me. She supported me until bl**d
returned to my lower legs and I was able to stand on
my own. While she was supporting me she pressed
my breasts against her body and kissed me on my
mouth. It was so strange to smell and taste my own
pussy juice on her face.

We sat on my bed while Mum talked to me.
She assured me that Claire was not old enough to
understand sex. She pleaded with me not to tell her
anything that had gone on today. My mind was
spinning as I assured her that I would not tell Claire
anything. I could not look my mum in the eye the
rest of the evening.

I could not sl**p that night. I must have
masturbated 8 or 9 times trying to exhaust myself.
I still could not look my mother in the eye the next
morning as my s****r and I ate breakfast before
going to school. I could not concentrate all day. I
walked home slowly after school. When I entered
the house I did not hear any noise alerting me that
Mum was in one of the rooms. I made my way up to
my room. When I opened the door Mum was laying
on top of my bed naked as could be. There were sex
toys on my nightstand.

"Where is Claire?"

Mum smiled, "She went to Granny's after
school. We have plenty of time for me to continue
introducing you to the mysteries of sex!"

I was frozen where I stood. Mum got up and
walked towards me. I was fascinated by the sight
of her naked body. Her body had put on more than
a few extra pounds, her breasts sagged and there
was a fold below her navel. She did not trim or
shave her pubic hair, so there were a few hairs
growing well beyond her panty line. Her thighs were
showing the dimples of cellulite. Just the same I
thought she was beautiful. We have the same
dishwater blonde hair and our pubic hair is darker. I
stood there as she approached.

She put her arm around me and led me back to
my bed. She helped me get out of my school
uniform. She could not resist feeling my breasts
after taking off my bra. She placed me on my bed
on my back before she crouched over me and
started sucking on my nipples like she was a baby.
She showed me her eggs and placed one between my
labia and turned on the motor. The egg was pressed
against my clit and it set my body to quivering. The
second egg she held against my asshole. It was mind
blowing as she pushed the egg into my asshole. I had
a climax in no time.

There was no rest for the wicked. She
dropped the eggs on the floor and reached for a
small butt plug and put it where the second egg had
been. The tapered base allowed my asshole to close
around it to hold it in me. Then she picked up one of
her rubber dildos and proceeded to fuck me with it.
I almost passed out when it was over. Mum was
kissing my brows and assuring me that she had a
harness that she would use to strap on the dildo, so
that she could fuck me like a man. My head was

Mum leaned over me and used her hand to
guide one of her breasts towards my mouth. I was
the one to act like a baby this time. I clung to her
breasts while sucking on her nipples. When she
straddled my chest I was looking at her pussy as she
rested on my breasts. I knew what she was going to
do and my mouth was watering. She moved her body
forward until her hairs were brushing against my

I would not believe how my pussy sweated just
smelling her cunt. When she pressed her pussy
against my mouth I probed the depths of her barrel
while she smashed her clit against my nose. She
virtually spread her labia over my face like a gas
mask. The only way I could catch a breath was when
she rocked forward enough that my mouth was free.
I would catch a breath and then she would press her
asshole against my mouth.

When she was finished she gathered up her
toys except for one of her medium sized dildos. She
told me to have fun with it. I lay there recovering
while I heard the shower running.

I made good use of the toy that night. I
wondered when Mum would consider Claire would be
old enough to find out about our toys. The next
afternoon when I got home from school Mum told
me that she was taking me shopping. She locked up
the house and we caught a bus downtown.

She didn't discuss what we were shopping for.
It puzzled me when we passed through the popular
shopping center. When the bus arrived in the old
rundown business section she led me off of the bus.
She headed towards a shop with the front sporting
ads like Adult video arcade, adult book store. When
we entered there were only a few men in the store.
They looked at us and averted their eyes when we
looked at them. The man behind the counter was an
unsavory looking guy. His face was pock marked and
it looked like he hadn't shaved in days. I just felt
like he was dirty. I made sure I was not close
enough to smell him.

Mum headed directly to a glass enclosed
counter and pointed out to the clerk the items she
wanted. She selected a couple of dildos, butt plugs
and some plastic beads on strings. She also pointed
out battery powered eggs. She also selected a
bottle of strawberry flavored lubricant. She paid
for them with a credit card. The clerk placed her
purchases in a plain plastic bag and we left the
store. Mum had one more place to take me. It was
a tea room. We ordered Old Gray tea and crumpets.
We made our way to a small table for two where we
added cream and sugar to taste.

It took me a moment to become aware that
everyone in the establishment were women, even the
person busing tables was a slender dark haired
woman. As we made our way to a small table for two
I noticed the variety of women sipping tea.

There were a couple of women that were
obviously Indian, dressed in the traditional saris.
There were a few black women, I suspected were
from Africa. The rest of the women looked like
every woman I had ever seen. Irish, Scot, and mixed
French, German, Dutch. The women represented a
variety of ages. I was obviously the youngest female
there. The youngest other woman there was at least
twenty. There were a couple of silver haired women
dressed like they were very conservative women.
They looked like the old women I saw in church.

When I looked at one of the silver haired
women she shocked me by holding up her hand with
her first two fingers spread and stuck her tongue
between them and flicked her tongue in a gesture
that was obviously a symbol that she wanted to lick
my pussy. I blushed and lowered my eyes.

While Mum and I sipped our tea and talked I
noticed just how familiar these women were with
each other. There was a chubby blonde headed
woman dressed in a man's suit sitting with a younger
woman. There was no doubt that the blonde was a
woman. The suit could not hide the fact that she
had huge breasts. I suspect that they were F sized,
if not G's. The man's shirt and tie did not hide that
she did not have a bra on either. While she was
sipping her tea her free hand was resting on the lap
of her girlfriend passively.

Her girlfriend was all female. She looked like
an office clerk. Her dress was fashionable. Her
hair was long and soft looking. She made no attempt
to remove the hand on her lap. It was obvious that
the other woman was stroking her crotch.

A woman about the same age as my mother
approached our table. The woman was nice looking
and could have been the mother of any of my
classmates. She held out her hand to Mum and bent
over to press her cheek against Mum's in a familiar
gesture of a kiss that would not leave lipstick on
each other.

Mum introduced her to me. Her name was
Helen. As soon as she knew that I was her
daughter, she beamed. "Are you bringing her out?"

Mum smiled, "Keep your hands off of my
daughter, you wicked old bitch!"

The both laughed, good humouredly. It was
obvious that they were friends. The woman turned
to me and actually did kiss me on the mouth. She
whispered in my ear, "When you are ready give me a
call. Your mum has my number.

When we finished our tea, we caught the bus
for home. Mum had lots of sage advice to pass on to
me. She told me all about the tea room being the
best place for me to meet women. She advised me
to be careful which woman I go home with. Some of
those women can be rough on a young girl like you."

When we got home she saw to it that I
sterilized all of my new toys. She cautioned me to
clean them before and after using them. I swear
that I became addicted to the toys for awhile. I
even stuck one of my butt plugs up my ass one
morning before going to school. I wore that plug all
day. I even had a climax sitting in my desk at
school. It was hard doing that without letting on
what I was experiencing to my classmates and
teacher. I suspect that my teacher caught on to
what I was experiencing. I was wiggling my butt
around and I closed my eyes and bit my lip. She
didn't confront me though.

I was enjoying my new relationship with my
mother. I could not get enough sex. When I was
not sucking her pussy I was masturbating constantly.

97% (49/2)
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Curious .... did the father ever find out?
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