Smell of Mother

Like so many girls my mother shed a useless
male shortly after I was born. My mother was
attractive to men, they just all turned out to be
losers. Whenever she came dragging her ass home
after a date she would be so damned d***k that
someone would have to put her to bed.

Sometimes her dates would simply put her to
bed and leave, and others would fuck her while she
was passed out before leaving. On other occasions
she would pass out on the couch, and I would have to
get up and help her to bed.

I would undress her and cover her naked body.
I would hang up her clothes to air out and prevent
wrinkles, but I would take her panties to my room,
where I could smell her odor on them. Sometimes
there would be the odor of urine mixed with the
smell of her cunt. Sometimes there would be male
cum all over the crouch of her panties, and many a
time there would be the brown stain giving testimony
that she hadn't wiped well enough after relieving
herself. I would hold them under my nose while I
masturbated. Other times I would suck on the
crotch of her panties while frigging my cunt with my

I always made sure to put the soiled panties in
the hamper in the morning. More often than not I
did the laundry any way. Most of the time Mother
didn't even know it was me changing her clothes for
bed. A few times she even tried to kiss me in her
d***ken state. I didn't like the taste of her mouth
after smoking and drinking herself into a stupor. She
would stick her tongue into my mouth, but would pass
out before she realized she was kissing me.

One night after taking off all of her clothes and
putting her to bed I couldn't resist inspecting her
pussy. Mom had a natural triangle of dark pubic hair
on her vulva. She only responded with a moan while I
rubbed her pussy. That empowered me to get bolder.
I used both hands to spread her labia wide open, so
that I could inspect her cunt. When I gently touched
her clit she responded with a plea for some man
named Bob to suck her cunt, I wondered if I dared.
When I got between her legs, she spread them wide
open. I knelt like I was praying and held her labia
open with my fingers. My heart was pounding with
excitement at the prospect of smelling her pussy, not
the lingering odor on her damp panties. I put my nose
so close I could feel the warm humidity of her flesh.
The smell of her cunt was almost more exciting than
the actual act of licking her.

When I stuck out my tongue and wiped her
crotch from asshole to clit she placed her hands on
the back of my head and humped my mouth, but in
her d***ken state she didn't realize that it was her
own daughter eating her pussy. For all she knew she
had picked up a dyke in one of her bars. As soon as
she came she passed out again.

I wallowed in the slime of her pussy and got off
smelling her pussy. While I continued eating her
pussy I reached under my body and stuck two fingers
into my pussy. I frigged my pussy until I was sucking
in air between lapping her pussy. My nose was
rubbing the thick patch of hair surrounding her
pussy. I sucked her pussy until she even had another
climax in her u*********s state. All she did was moan
and rub her butt around on the warm sheet of her

I eventually became concerned that if I kept up
sucking her off, she would wake up and realize that I
was not just another d***ken tart or d***ken bastard
she had picked up. I covered her body with her
sheet and blankets before making my way back to my
room. I spent the rest of the night masturbating
myself, and smelling the odor of her pussy on my
hands. The smell of her pussy kept me in a constant
state of arousal all night.

The heat of the morning sun made me so drowsy
that I fell asl**p. Mother didn't stir until about 2:00
o'clock in the afternoon. She must have finished
peeing, because it was the sound of the toilet
flushing that woke me up. I lay there debating about
getting up myself. The smell of coffee brewing
reminded me that I needed to pee also. I eventually
made my way to the bathroom. When I sat down to
relieve my bladder I realized that I had jilled so
much that my vulva was swollen and red. When I
finished dabbing my pussy dry I pulled up my panties
and let my thin night shirt fall as I stood up.

I knew it was hygienic to wash my hands after
using the toilet, but to do that would wash away the
pungent odor of Mom's pussy juices.

I entered through the living room to the
kitchenette and dining area. Mother was standing in
front of the stove waiting for the coffee to finish
brewing, dressed in nothing but her a thin night gown.
It was obvious that she was suffering from the
mother of a hangover. Her hair was a mess, and her
eyes were bl**dshot. I approached her and hugged
her from behind. She smelled of sweat, and when she
turned her head to kiss me, her breath smelled of
cigarettes and booze. She gave me a look like she
regretted kissing me, like she was ashamed of the
odor of her breath.

I was frightened that she recognized the smell
of her pussy on my face. We gathered up our coffee
cups and made our way to the dinette. Mom was in no
shape to eat anything, but she asked me if I would
like something to eat.

I knew that cooking food would make her sick,
so I simply requested toast with peach jam.

While she inserted two slices of bread in the
toaster, I took the jar of jam out of the fridge door.
It was obvious that Mom's head was throbbing and
she was in no mood to talk.

I washed up the cups and saucers afterwards,
while Mom curled up in her favorite chair. She dosed
off and on all afternoon. By the time the sun went
down she was feeling better, and insisted on us
getting dressed and going out for dinner together.

We made our way to a local Mom and Pop
restaurant where we ordered dinner, but Mom's
stomach couldn't handle all of her meal. We boxed up
her leftover and I took it home with me, while
Mother headed for a bar to get the hair of the dog.
I knew she would be coming home after closing, d***k
again with some bastard in tow.

I spent the evening sucking on her soiled
panties and jilling my pussy until I was exhausted and
my cunt was sore to the touch. I when to bed
knowing full well that she would come home, in all
likelihood blind d***k. When she came home she
made enough noise to wake me up. I heard voices, but
could not make out what was being said or the sex of
the speakers.

I heard her bedroom door open and close.
There was some fumbling around and the sound of the
bed banging the headboard against the wall. I
listened intently, trying to picture the activity going
on. After some time it got quiet for a short time.
Then I heard doors opening and closing. I assumed
the person she had brought home was leaving. I
waited for several minutes before telling myself that
I should check on her.

When I opened her bedroom door, what greeted
me looked almost like a Rubin's painting. Two women
lying sprawled out on the bed in a tangle of nude
flesh. The woman had her legs wrapped around my
mother's right leg and her left arm under Mother's
neck and her right hand grasping Mother's left tit.
They were both sound asl**p. I guessed that the
noise I had heard was one of them using the
bathroom. I had never seen another naked woman

I stood there in the doorway studying the
woman Mother had brought home. She was probably
an attractive woman when she was younger, but years
of drinking and excessive partying had taken its toll
on her looks. She had heavy bags under her eyes,
sagging jaws, double chin, and crow's feet marked her
face. Her dark hair was cropped rather short for
easy maintenance, at this moment it was in disarray.
The way she was clinging to Mother didn't afford me
very much of a view of her tits, but what I could see
told me they were rather large and gravity made
them sag more than a little. I wanted to see what
her pussy looked like, so I approached the bed and
touched her right leg. I gently pulled on it, and she
rolled over onto her back without opening her eyes.
Mother's right leg was laid across the woman's left
leg. I was fascinated by the sight of her pussy. The
pubic hair was trimmed to an even length and shaved
into a narrow strip above her crack. Her labia
protruded beyond her crack like thick rubbery lips
that folded and wrinkled like cauliflower.

I wondered if it smelled like Mother's and
tasted like hers too. I held my breath as I worked up
the nerve to touch her pussy. I used both hands to
spread her labia open. Like the night before I put my
nose so close I could feel the humid heat of her
pussy and inhaled the odor of her pussy. I found that
there was only a subtle difference between the odor
of Mother and this woman.

When I stuck out my tongue and wiped her open
pussy I found that there was very little difference
between the tastes of their pussies. Licking her
pussy caused her to stir. She placed her right hand
on the back of my head and smashed my face against
her cunt. She even ground her hips around to make
me rub my face against all of her pussy. She was only
aware that someone was eating her pussy, and
probably thought it was Mother. I continued sucking
her pussy until she bucked her hip off of the bed as
she came. She clung to my head as she became half
conscious. I was resting my chin on her pubic bone
looking up at her face, while she continued to cling to
my head. "Well who do we have here?"

I whispered, "Lisa!"

"Tell me more, Lisa?"

I glanced towards my mother, "You came home
with my mother."

I was afraid to say too much because it might
wake her up.

The woman gave me a wicked smile, "So I have
fallen in with a mother daughter team?"

", Mother doesn't know I have sucked her
pussy before!"

The woman was intrigued to learn how I had
sucked my mother's pussy without her knowing about
it. I told her how Mother had been so d***k last
night that she didn't wake up then I ate her pussy.

The woman disengaged her arm and leg from
Mother and lied next to her as she studied my
sl**ping mother. Mom only let out a disappointing
moan as the woman pulled her arm out from under her
head, and her leg out from under Mom's right leg.
The woman placed her right hand on the back of my
neck, and pulled my head down towards Mother's
unshaven pussy. I offered no resistance as she
directed my head into her hairy mat of dark brown
pubic hair.

When I started licking her pussy, Mother
spread her legs even wider to accommodate my body,
without even opening her eyes. In her d***ken state
all she knew was that someone was eating her pussy.
When I was fully engaged in eating Mother's pussy,
the woman let go of my head, and returned to
manipulating Mother's breasts.

When I looked into the woman's eyes, I could
see that she was getting turned on by the sight of an
11-year-old daughter eating the pussy of her own
mother. Mother was oblivious to who was actually
eating her pussy, all she was aware of was the
feelings being stimulated in her pussy. It took a long
time to make her cum, but eventually she had a
strong climax, even in her d***ken state. When she
recovered she opened her eyes expecting to see the
woman between her legs. It took her awhile before it
registered on her d**gged mind that it was me eating
her pussy.

At first she didn't fully understand what was
going on, but eventually she realized that it was me
licking her pussy, and tried to push me away, while
she protested that it was not right for me to be
doing that to her.

The woman that she had brought home grabbed
both of her wrists and locked them together over
Mother's head. She simply told her to lie still,
because she wanted to watch me suck her pussy.
Then she kissed Mom on the mouth.

Mother gave up struggling and lied there while I
sucked her pussy. The woman let go of Mom's wrist
and sat there beside her and played with her tits. I
couldn't believe how much juice Mother was
producing. I was getting off on the slimy juice going
down my throat. I was in heaven. Mother started
bucking her hips so much that her pubic bone was
slamming into my nose so hard that at any moment I
expected her to break my nose. I was proud of
myself for being able to please my mother.

I crossed my arms across her thighs and rested
my chin on my arms as I looked up at her face. Her
eyes were glazed over. I couldn't tell if it was
because of the sex or the booze.

The woman pulled me up the bed until I was
right in the middle of the bed between them, but my
head was about level with their hips. I was relishing
the proximity and smell of the two women's pussies.
The woman helped my d***ken mother reposition
herself between my legs, and insisted that my mother
suck my pussy. Mother started slobbering all over my
hairless pussy. I was so excited I thought I would
cum even before she got her tongue into my cunt. I
couldn't think it could get any better, but the woman
made it even better.

The woman got up on her feet and squatted over
my face. She lowered that wet pussy of hers down in
such a way that her rubbery labia spread out over my
face, covering my nose and mouth. She started riding
my face like a woman riding a horse English style.
That rocking motion was dragging her asshole over my
face. Rather that repulsing me, it turned me on even
more. Mother got the full benefit of my tasting the
woman's asshole, because when I came I flooded her
mouth with my juices.

It was so late that we eventually settled down
to sl**p with me resting between the two of them.
Early the next morning the woman woke up and
announced that she had to get her butt in gear if she
was going to get home to change clothes before going
to work. While the woman gathered up her clothes
and got dressed, Mother reluctantly got up too. She
brushed her teeth before taking a couple of Motrin.
She managed to thank the woman and kiss her before
the woman had to leave.

Mother and I showered together, so that I
could demonstrate my devotion to her by washing her
body completely. Of course when I washed her pussy
I followed that up with a good tonguing until Mom
leaned against the wall of the shower and clung to my
head while she came in my mouth.

She got ready for work earlier than usual. She
only had coffee for breakfast again. She made a
point to tell me that she was coming home directly
after work, and we would talk about our future,
before she gave me a wet tongue kiss goodbye.

I got ready for school and ate a bowl of cereal,
before going to school. I didn't pay much attention at
school, because I was distracted. I was thinking
about having had sex with two women last night. I
didn't even feel like engaging in small talk with my
friends. A couple of my girlfriends were concerned
about me. They thought I was sick and wanted me to
see the school nurse. I figured that at least a visit
to her office would be a welcome break, so I had
them tell our teacher where I was.

In answer to her questions about my ailments, I
gave her a vague description of cramps down there.
Of course she suspected I was entering puberty.
She had me get up on the examination table and had
me remove my panties. She put on latex gloves and
inspected my pussy. Of course my vulva was still
swollen for all of the sexual activity the night before.
My skin was tender enough that her touch made me
grimace, but I kept quiet. She probed around inside
my vagina. My hymen was intact, but had been
stretched with all of the finger and tongue action. I
don't know if she suspected that I was sexually active
or not. I was aware she spent a lot of time down
there probing around. When her fingertip brushed
against my clit I let out a pleasant moan. She
continued stimulating my clit until I was panting, and
wishing she would continue stimulating me until I
could cum.

Just when I was about to cum, she withdrew
her finger and asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

I whispered, "Please...don't stop, Ms. Brooks!"

"I think you should come back after school to
see me!"

Ms. Brooks, I have to be home tonight before
five O'clock!"

Ms. Brooks smiled, "That means we would have a
couple of hours for me to give you a proper physical.
If necessary I can drive you home."

I agreed to come back after school, as she
pulled her gloves off and disposed of them. She had
deliberately left me hanging.

I returned to class stimulated so much that I
was wide awake, but all I could think of was finding
out if Ms. Brooks was going to play with my pussy
until I would cum.

The last bell took forever to ring. I told my
friends that I would see them tomorrow, because I
didn't want to walk home with them, or give away
where I was going after the school was almost
vacated. I walked the long way around the buildings
to approach the nurse's office from a direction that
would be less likely that anyone would notice me. I
knocked on Ms. Brooks's door.

When she opened the door she closed and
locked the door behind me. When we were in the
inner office she told me to remove my clothes and sit
on the table.

I shed my clothes in no time, and I even
removed my ankle socks and flats. I used the step to
get up on the table. When I put my heels in the
metal stirrups, Ms. Brooks stepped between my legs
and started rubbing my pussy with her bare hand.
She asked me to tell her the truth, "You have been
playing with yourself, haven't you?"

I admitted that I played with myself every
night. I didn't mention that I had been sucking adult
women's pussies too. I left it up to her to initiate the

"Lisa honey, would you like me to teach you how
women satisfy their sexual needs without running the
risk of an unwanted pregnancy?"

I whispered a simple yes.

With that Ms. Brooks unbuttoned her white
smock. All she had on under the smock was a thin
pink nylon bra what allowed me to see her dark
areolas and nipples through the thin material. The
matching panties were just as thin. The dark shadow
of her pubic hair was so visible that I could even
make out individual pubic hairs. There was also a
bulge created by her protruding clit. Her legs were
shaved, but she didn't have nylons on. I suspected
that she had actually removed her clothes before I
arrived, just for my benefit.

Ms. Brooks normally wore glasses, but she had
also removed them. I had never seen her without her
hair being in a ponytail before. As I admired her
slender body she reached back and removed the
bindings holding her hair in place. She shook her
head to make her hair to fall over her shoulders
almost to the bottom of her breasts. I found the
way she looked very erotic for the first time.

She bent over spreading my pussy open before
she started licking my pussy. I knew I could learn
from this woman, because she was an expert at
bringing me almost to a climax before letting me rest
before starting all over again. While she was eating
my pussy, she struggled to shed the smock, bra and
panties. When she was almost completely naked,
pumps with three inch heals were all she had on, when
she mounted the table and kissed me on the mouth
before dangling her 36-C breasts over my head until
I captured one of her nipples. I sucked on her tit as
hard as I could. She had to caution me not to bite
them. I sucked her tits as long as she wanted. When
she was satisfied that I had sucked both of them
long enough, she turned around on top of me. I took
hold of her thighs as she bent over to spread my
labia open. I felt her breathing on my pussy for a
maddening long time, before she actually covered my
mons pubis with her mouth. She relished my hairless
mound as she worked her way down to my clit. She
was driving me to distraction, but her moist pussy
was right over my face. I didn't have to lift my head
very much to taste her pussy. I was surprised to find
that her pussy had a slight taste of corn chips or
something like that. We sucked each other's pussy
until we came. I came faster than her, but didn't
stop until she came too.

While we were getting dressed I asked her
about the taste of her pussy. She chuckled and said
that she had Mexican food for lunch, consisting of
enchiladas, tacos, beans and rice. That was the first
time I learned that what you eat affects the taste of
your pussy. True to her word she drove me home
shortly before 5:00 o'clock. She was gone before
Mother got home. I had time to clean up and change

I debated about what would be appropriate
attire for the first night that Mother and I would be
alone together to celebrate or new relationship with
each other. I couldn't decide if I should dress like I
was going to church, to tease her a little, or simply
put on the sexiest panties I owned and let her see
the little mounds of my budding breasts.

I remembered just how much I enjoyed the
smell of the panties she had worn all day, so I put on
the same panties I had worn all day. They had plenty
of moisture in them, because I had secreted plenty
of juice on the way home in Ms. Brooks's car. I
accented my areolas with a little rouge before
putting on a school blouse. I did my best to look like
I had just returned from school, but I had washed
my body to remove any trace of Ms. Brooks's body
and juices.

When Mom drove into the driveway and parked
alongside the house. When she entered the back
door I met her with open arms. We hugged and
kissed like we hadn't seen each other for a long time.
As usual she smelled of cigarettes and perfume. I
had always wished that she would quit smoking but
had never been able to convince her to do it.

She dropped her briefcase on the desk near the
backdoor. I had a craving for Mexican food after
tasting Ms. Brooks's pussy all the way home. So I
suggested we call out for Mexican food delivered.
Mom was agreeable, so while she headed for her room
to shower and change, I called our favorite Mexican
restaurant and I ordered Mom's and my favorite
dinners. I spent the time setting the table for us.
Since we were having Mexican I selected beer with
lime slices in the beer glasses. I waited for the food
to arrive and Mother to make her entrance before
taking the beer out of the fridge.

I made a dash for the front door when the bell
rang. I had Mom's wallet in hand. I exchanged money
for the two paper bags of food and returned to the
dining room. I had the table set by the time Mom
entered. She looked breathtaking standing there in
high rise panties that made her crotch look like the
emblem on a V-8 Ford, and a sheer negligee. Her
heavy breasts were clearly visible. We sat down to
eat. After dinner Mother reached for a cigarette,
and I begged her not to smoke. She complained that
a good dinner should be followed with a good smoke.
I pleaded with her not to do it, because I really
didn't like the smell and taste.

She kissed me as a sign of her relenting. I
chuckled because her mouth tasted like tacos. I sent
her off while I put the dishes in the dishwasher and
took the paper trash out before following Mom to her

When I opened the door I was greeted by the
sight of my mother lying on the bed with only some
man's neck tie around her neck with the wide part
resting between her legs in a vain attempt to cover up
her pubic area. I busted up laughing. "Where did you
get that tie?"

It was a souvenir from one of my one night
stands. I thought it would look cool!"

We both busted up laughing. I ran across the
room and dove onto the bed. We both struggled
getting me out of my clothes. When she pulled my
panties off of me, she held the crotch of my moist
panties against her nose. I couldn't help but smile at
her doing exactly what I did been doing with her
panties. She even sucked on the moist crotch of my

I took my panties out of her hand and said,
"Why not taste the real thing?"

I sat at the head of the bed with my legs bent
and spread wide open, and used my fingers to spread
my labia to show my mother my open cunt.

Mother gave me a wicked smile as she lied
between my legs, and placed her hands on the inside
of my thighs. I watched her as she brought her face
close to my crotch, and smelled my pussy. She was
close enough to see what was left of my hymen and
she asked, "Do you want me to take your virginity?"

I almost quivered at the idea of me giving up my
virginity to me own mother. "Mother, I can think of
no one I would rather give my bl**d to."

Mother lovingly lapped at my pussy until I was
at the height of my sexual excitement. Right when I
was about to cum she stuck a finger deep into my
pussy, it sent a sharp pain between my legs that
brought tears to my eyes. Mom kissed me on each
eye and my mouth before she withdrew her finger. I
saw traces of watery bl**d on her finger and around
the base of that finger. Mother smelled her finger,
and then sucked her hand clean. Then she got down
there and lapped up any trace of bl**d from my
pussy. She ate my pussy until I forgot all about the
pain as I had a strong climax.

When I recovered I got on top of Mother and
smothered her with wet kisses. I worked my way
down her body with wet kisses. I clung to a tit while
sucking on the nipple of the other one. I sucked both
nipples until she pleaded with me to give her tits a
rest. That was my clue to go on down to the hairy
junction. I must have looked like s bearded man when
I looked up at her face. I was in no hurry to finish,
because I had wet dreams about doing this every
night I smelled her dirty panties. I would not stop
with one climax. I made her cum until she passed out.

As much as we were enjoying ourselves, we
eventually had to sl**p, but we fell asl**p clinging to
each other.

In the morning over breakfast I told her about
the school nurse, and we came up with a plan.

I avoided the nurse during the day, even though
I saw her in the cafeteria. I avoided eye contact
with her. When the last bell rang I hung around the
nurse's office to be sure she didn't leave. When the
halls were empty I approached her door. When she
answered my knock she had a big smile on her face,
and she said, "I thought you were upset with me, and
would not ever visit me again."

I told her that I wanted her to take me to my
home, so we could play without the prospect of
anyone interrupting us. She beamed with pleasure.
She discarded her smock, and grabbed her purse.
She locked up the door before we headed to the
parking lot.

I deliberately played with her pussy while she
was driving. I wanted her sopping wet by the time we
got home. I e****ted her to my bedroom and we
clung to each other, kissed and pawed at each other's
body before we took each other's clothes off. We
sucked tits and pussies for a long time. We even
indulged in some anal sex. I had never licked an
asshole before. Ms. Brooks was an expert in tongue
fucking assholes. I kept her so busy she didn't think
about the time. We were still busy with me on top of
her in a mutual pussy licking contest, when we heard
Mother's car pulling into the driveway.

Ms. Brooks tried to extract herself from under
me, but I wrestled with her to say on top. We were
still struggling when Mother entered my room.

Ms. Brooks was in panic mode. She expected
to incur the wrath of a protective mother, with
threats of lawsuits and jail. She tried to curl up in a
fetal position. She tried to cover up her small
breasts with one arm and cover her crotch with the
other hand. She looked pitiful and completely
vulnerable trying to hide from my mother.

Mother took full advantage of her
submissive and frightened state. She reminded her
of the legal trouble she was in seducing a minor. Ms.
Brooks begged for forgiveness and promised to do

Mother smiled, "If you really mean that I
might forgive you!"

There was glimmer of hope in Ms. Brooks's
eyes. She repeated that she would do anything.

Mother hiked up her skirt, revealing the
fact that she didn't have panties on. She approached
my bed holding up the skirt. Ms. Brooks was
transfixed by the sight of Mother's pussy. She must
have assumed Mother was going to make her eat her
pussy. Just as Mother reached the bed she turned
around and bent over at the waist to present her
butt to Ms. Brooks. I got on my knees and spread
Mother's cheeks. Ms. Brooks buried her face
between the cheeks and rimmed my mother's asshole
before probing the depth of her bowel.

Eventually Ms. Brooks figured out that she
was not in trouble, and got into the fun and games.
The two of them not only did everything to please me,
they sucked each other's pussy and asshole too.

Ms. Brooks became a regular visitor to our
home. When she visited there was no end to the
games engaged in by many guests including my
mother's friends.
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