The Beardsley School for Girls 4/2 - Elisabeth

Doctor Lenox picked up the shaving cream and lathered her mound, his fingers luxuriated in
the feel of her vulva. When he had her lathered, he picked up the straight razor. "Hold very
still, Elizabeth, I don't want to cut such a lovely pussy," her body tensed.
She felt his fingers move over her, the razor poised at the top of her sex. She tensed when she
felt the metal touch her, drift over the soap, slide effortlessly down, only to return to the top
and begin again. She f***ed herself to remain still, barely breathing as the razor shaved her
clean, each time the blade moved down, his fingers, always nearby, stretched her skin.
He pulled out one pussy lip, gripped the puffy flesh with two fingers, let the razor flow along
the edge, her body trembled beneath his touch. He shaved her intimately; spread her open, the
razor drifted over her skin, removed all of the hair from her mound. Finally he finished, the
washcloth returned to wipe the soap off. "Now, that is beautiful, Elizabeth," his fingers rubbed
her smooth vulva, smooth as a baby's bottom.
She was almost excited, his fingers brought about a strange feeling as they glided over her
naked flesh, the tiny nerve endings exposed, the hair no longer protected her. She felt him grip
her labia, pull back her outer lips, her inner labia pink and exposed. His fingers intimately
rubbed up and down the lips, inspected her as if he were a medical doctor, his fingers pinched
the flesh, made her jump, felt her begin to get wet. "Yes, I like that, Elizabeth. I can feel your
pussy begin to cream for me. Are you beginning to enjoy this?" her hands clenched tight as she
endured his fondling of her body. He drew back the other lip; her pussy pulled apart, her pink
flesh so exposed. His finger circled her vaginal opening, the tightly clenched muscles glistened
with her juices. He pushed his finger against the opening, felt her body fight the intrusion. "You
have a very tight vagina, Elizabeth. Have you ever been fucked?" He waited for an answer. He
let his fingers sink tightly into her pussy lips, pinched hard.
"Ow!" She screamed as he squeezed her lips.
"I asked you a question."
"No Sir, I've never let a boy inside me." She felt humiliated answering such an intimate question.
He pushed with his finger, her vagina opened for him, her muscles gripped it as he slid inside
her up to the first digit. "Yes, very tight, Elizabeth. You're getting very wet. Too wet. I will
make you cum, but not yet. We have one more thing to shave." He rose, moved to the stirrups,
shifted her into a better position.
"What are you going to do?"
"I need to shave your anus. I'm going to raise the stirrups and tilt your hips back a little. Relax
now, there is nothing you can do to stop it." He turned the cranks on each stirrup, felt the
heavy metal stirrup move back towards her head, her ass rose high up from the chair. "Now,
back a little," another set of cranks tilted her hips backwards. He looked down, pleased at the
position she was in, sat back between her widely spaced legs, again.
She felt her body bent back and up, the hot steam beneath her ass washed over her anus,
understood she was grossly exposed. "No!" she screamed when she felt his fingers slowly run
up her perineum until she felt a calloused tip touch her anus, her tiny hole quivered and began
to spasm.
Doctor Lenox ran his finger over the wrinkled opening, felt it react to the cruel intrusion of his
fingers, pushed down on it, it pushed back in response. "You have a very excited anus,
Elizabeth. It seems to dance for me," his fingers stimulated her back passage, the hole opened
and closed, each time his fingers rubbed over the tiny hole. He picked up the washcloth,
burnished it over her anus, the soap next, thoroughly lathered between her cheeks. "Hold very
still again, Elizabeth, this razor is sharp." He let the razor slide over her anus, heard her sharp
intake of air, felt her shuddered. There were few hairs to shave, just an errant hair here or
there. It was more for the humiliation than to shave her. He wiped her clean again, her tiny
pink opening glistened in the light.
"No!" she screamed again as his finger returned, this time the fat finger slid inside the pink
opening up to the first digit before she could protest, unaware he had used the soapy lather to
lubricate his finger.
He felt her sphincter grip, attempt to push it out, his finger massaged against the clenching
muscle. "Such a tight, hot asshole, Elizabeth. I know you have never been sodomized before.
Nothing that big could have been into this tiny hole," laughing as her sphincter struggled
against the finger that continued to play inside her, twisted, turned. He pulled his finger out just
as the door opened and Headmaster Michael appeared.
"Everything all right, Doctor Lenox? Is Elizabeth performing as she promised?" Michael walked
in, his eyes glued to Elizabeth spread so obscenely before him. She saw his look, her face turned
red in shame as his eyes took in the exposed area between her legs and her newly shaved
pubes. She was more beautiful than he had expected, her cleanly shaved vulva glistened, her
tiny wrinkled anus already a light pink, assuming Dr. Lenox must have already fingered the
tiny hole. The stirrups drew her legs up and back, the plane of her sex quite opened and
"She is being a very good girl, aren't you, Elizabeth?" Dr. Lenox winked at Michael
Her head was down as she mumbled, "yes, Sir."
"I was just getting ready to masturbate Elizabeth and make her cum. Would you like to watch?"
Elizabeth tried to sink further into the chair as the humiliation of the next act penetrated. Now,
she would be f***ed to cum in front of both of these men.
"Only if Elizabeth would like me to stay. Would you like me to stay, Elizabeth? Would you like
me to help masturbate you and make you cum?" He wanted to hear her say it, hear her ask
him to masturbate her. They both waited for her reply.
"Yes, Headmaster Michael. Would you please masturbate me?" Her face red in humiliation, her
eyes closed.
"Look up, Elizabeth," Michael ordered her, her eyes opened, looked into his. "I want you to
watch us masturbate you and make you cum." He ordered her just as the General would do.
"Yes, Sir," Elizabeth answered the Headmaster.
"Bring over the toys," Dr. Lenox said. Michael grabbed some of the toys he had brought in. He
watched Elizabeth's eyes widen when he placed them on the table near her, the vibrator with
the rabbit ears for stimulating the clit. The anal probe, a long slender shaft with ridges that ran
around it at every inch mark, each one progressively bigger down the shaft. Finally, the nipple
clamps, the bright shiny metal shone in the light, the chain ran from the clamp, the sharp teeth
of the clamp brought fear into her eyes. "These should get her aroused."
"Her pussy is virgin, so I will just stimulate the opening of her vagina and her clit. Her asshole is
also virgin, a tight tiny hole. It will do well to accept the anal probe, her sphincter squeezed the
bl**d from my finger when I pushed inside her. She seems to endure the pain on her nipples,
maybe even enjoying it a little too much," laughing at her distress. "It should be easy to make
her cum for us."
Elizabeth could only suffer the embarrassment as they talked about her as if she were not
there, talked about what they were going to do to her body, how she would react.
Michael sat in front of her, grabbed the baby oil. "You have to make sure you rub her pubes
with baby oil, otherwise she will get razor burn." He poured some into his hands and felt her
body jerk when he touched her naked vulva. "Yes, you did a good job of shaving her," his
hands rubbed the smooth skin with the oil, the youthful skin took on a gorgeous luster. He
pulled back one of her lips, his fingers slid up and down her inner lips, her body trembled from
his touch. Then the other lip, his fingers felt the silky pink inner pussy, inspected it as he pulled
it out, felt how puffy her lips were. His fingers slid down lower, rubbed in more oil as it slid
down to her anus, stroked the wrinkled little opening, watched as it fluttered, Elizabeth's eyes
open wide as he pressed down.
"Aaaahh," she moaned quietly, tried unsuccessfully to hide her emotions.
He pushed with his finger, her sphincter unable to stop the slippery digit from entering her
rectum, the muscle tightened on the tip of his finger like a pair of pliers. "Yes, she certainly is
tight back here," again twisted his finger inside her, wanting her to feel the power he had over
her body. "Why don't you take over here, Dr. Lenox? I think I would like to play with those
gorgeous titties." He got up and stood behind Elizabeth, Dr. Lenox already in place in front of
her, the vibrator in one hand already moved up and down between her tight lips, a visible twist
of his finger and the sound of vibrator filled the room, a groan from Elizabeth.
"Put your hands behind your head, link your fingers," Michael ordered her, she quickly
complied, her breasts pulled upward, the tips already hard and pointed. "Yes, like that," her
breasts thrust out, his hands encircled the naked flesh, her nipples jabbed into his palm. He
squeezed, the flesh compressed by his powerful grip. He released, squeezed again, enchanted
by the resiliency in her flesh. "Such nice tits you have, Elizabeth," he whispered in her ear as he
m*****ed her. Dr. Lenox rubbed the vibe, moist with her juices, up and down her slit. "Feels
good, doesn't it, Elizabeth?"
She wanted to arch her hips, but the stirrups kept her spread wide. She wanted to push her
pussy into the vibrator, her sex damp with her desire. She no longer cared who masturbated
her; she only cared that someone would make her cum. The Headmaster's hands on her breasts
felt good, though he was especially rough with her flesh. She felt him move to the tips, his
calloused fingertips rubbed cruelly over her sensitive flesh. The fingernails ran around her
areolas, the skin tender as he continued to circle round and round, but never quite touched her
nipples. She thought they would explode before he finally caught one between two powerful
fingers and squeezed harshly. Elizabeth moaned silently. "Ahh!" She cried out when he twisted
her nipples hard. "Not so hard," she begged Headmaster Michael, her plea ignored, his fingers
pulled her nipples out, stretched the rubbery flesh from her body.
"Does it hurt, Elizabeth? I think you like a little pain, I think it makes your pussy wet."
"NOO," she cried when she felt her anus speared by the anal probe, Dr. Lenox gave it no time to
adjust to its girth before he pushed it in deeper, the rings widened her passage with each new
shove. The pain was mixed with the pleasure of the vibrator; Dr. Lenox moved it back and
forth over her swollen clit. She felt the probe withdrawn, pushed back in again, this time
deeper, her rectum f***ed to accept the widening probe, her sphincter muscle fought the brutal
intrusion. Why did they keep doing this to her bottom? She had never thought of that place as
a sexual organ, yet these men seemed to have a fascination with it. It burned as the probe
began to fuck her, the rings coerced her open each time, shrank back down and then f***ed
wide again, each time her anus stretched wider to receive the ever increasing girth.
She felt the Headmaster's fingers become more urgent as he turned and twisted her nipples,
pulled them from her body, his fingers never let go on the swollen and sore tips.
"I love how hard your nipples are, Elizabeth. They make it so easy to abuse. I'm getting them
nice and tender for the nipple clamps."
"Put the clamps on her tits, Michael, I don't think she will last much longer. Her pussy is soaking
wet. Even her asshole is clamping down on the probe as if it didn't want it to leave. She is going
to cum soon and I want her to feel the delicious pain of the clamps on her nipples when she
Elizabeth was afraid of the clamps. Headmaster's hands were brutal enough, the teeth on the
clamps looked sharp, the clamps powerful. She knew that they would tear into her tender
nipples and hurt terribly. And, Headmaster would make sure that she felt the pain. She
shivered when she felt the cold metal on the side of her breast, the metal glint in the bright
light, the Headmaster's fingers pinched the clamps open. "Please, please don't," she begged.
She watched his hand move down, cup her right breast from below, cradle the silky skinned
globe in his hand.
"Shhh, Elizabeth, I'm going to enjoy this."
She screamed, her voice filled the room with the screeching sound of pain as the clamp trapped
her swollen nipple between its sharp teeth. She shook her upper body, tried to throw the clamp
off, only aggravating the situation when the clamp shook back and forth, and tore at the tender
flesh pinched so harshly in its grip. But she did not move her arms, held the pose of servitude
that she knew was required of her, feared even harsher punishment if she disobeyed. Her
breathing was ragged, her chest heaved up and down as the pain gradually diminished from
sharp and excruciating to a dull throb in the tortured tip. She looked up, Headmaster Michael
smiled down at her, another nipple clamp in his hand, already pinched open by his fingers, the
powerful vice ready to inflict the pain on her untouched other nipple. "No, please no," she
begged him, noticed the bulge in his pants, then knew that he enjoyed her pain; knew that her
begging would do no good.
He lovingly cupped her other breast, tenderly lifted it, presented her nipple to the clamp. But
she knew the pain he would soon inflict on her flesh, bracing her body. She closed her eyes, grit
her teeth, waited for the pain. She didn't have long to wait, her hard nipple such an easy target
for the metal clamp, captured the pink nipple between its jaws before it snapped closed, the
sharp teeth bit painfully into the aroused flesh. She screamed in pain again, not caring who
heard her. Her body jerked in pain, like a sword up from her nipple to her brain. She could
barely catch her breath, her breathing f***ed her breasts to rise and fall, the clamps moved,
ignited new pain into her body. Finally the anguish became a dull ache that radiated from her
chest, her nipples crushed beneath the powerful clamps, the bl**d squeezed out, tortured.
She opened her eyes, the clamps stuck straight out, the weight pulled her nipples down, the
chain hung from the end added to the weight that tugged on her nipples. "It hurts so much,
please take them off, please, Headmaster Michael."
"Concentrate on your pussy, Elizabeth; concentrate on the pleasure that Dr. Lenox will give
you. When you cum, I will take them off, but you must cum first." She saw the look on his face,
knew they would f***e her to cum, even when she was in pain, when she was willing to do
anything to stop the continual throbbing in her nipples.
She tried to shut out the terrible pressure she felt on her nipples, concentrated the vibrator
playing over her clit. The anal probe was uncomfortable inside her ass, Dr. Lenox pushed it
high inside her rectum, the ridges rubbed her anal tract harshly as he fucked it in and out, her
sphincter fought the cruel intrusion in her body. She cried out when Headmaster Michael
grabbed the ends of the chain on her nipple clamps and pulled up on them, further igniting the
pain in the abused tips. He pulled on them, released them, pulled her nipples away from her
body, the clover clamps tightened, pinched the crush berries beneath them. She went from
sharp pain to throbbing pain, Headmaster Michael smiled throughout her whole ordeal.
"Cum for us, Elizabeth. Concentrate on your pleasure, show us how nicely you can cum for us,"
his head next to hers as he whispered in her ear, urged her to cum despite the pain they
inflicted on her young body.
She set her mind on the vibrator as Dr. Lenox slid the vibrating tool up and down her drenched
slit, played it over her swollen clit as his fingers kept her clit hood pulled back, her clit now red
and swollen in lust. The pleasure overtook the pain, with only occasional lapses when Dr. Lenox
would push the probe inside her colon too far, f***ed a cramp in her stomach or when
Headmaster Michael would yank the nipple clamps, made her feel the intense pain he could
administer. She moaned quietly, knew that she would cum soon, humiliated to be f***ed to do
it under such extreme circumstances.
"I can see you are getting aroused by us, Elizabeth. Do you like the pain?" She felt him tug on
the nipple clamp again, her nipples pinched tighter. She grit her teeth, the clamps felt like they
were tearing her nipples off. She had to cum soon, the pain too much for her.
She tried to raise her hips up, to push the vibrator on her clit, the stirrups prevented her.
"Please, on my clit," she begged Dr. Lenox, knew that it was now or never, she had to cum for
"Of course, my dear."
She felt him push the vibrator directly over her clit, his fingers pinched the hard button from
the side, squeezed the bl**d to the tip as the vibrator rubbed over it. Another cramp in her
stomach, Dr. Lenox pushed the anal probe deeper inside her, fucked her up the backside with
the cruel device.
"GGGGODDDD!" she cried out as her orgasm exploded. "Oww!" she screamed as Headmaster
Michael released one of the nipple clamps from her crushed tip. Instead of the relief she thought
she would feel, the bl**d rushed back to the clamped tip, ignited an intense pain that almost
made her pass out. She screamed as she felt his fingers on the other clamp, she would rather
have her tip crushed beneath the clamp then released, the bl**d rushing to the nipple more
intense. If it wasn't for the orgasm, she would have passed out, the pain exploded in her other
nipple, mixed with the orgasm that ripped through her sex as Dr. Lenox so skillfully
masturbated her young body to an explosive climax, the vibrator and probe treated her orifices
to the dual ravishment.
Another orgasm rippled through her body as Headmaster Michael's hands returned to her
nipples, rubbed the feeling back into the tip, the vibrator snapped back and forth over her clit
as her pussy felt the unexpected pleasure that these two men f***ed from her untrained body.
She finally slumped in the chair, her body drained as the anal probe was pulled from her
asshole with a loud pop, her sphincter continued to spasm.
"You came very nicely for us, Elizabeth," Dr. Lenox smiling at her sweat-covered body, juices
flowed from her pussy and dripped down her thighs. He released the leather straps that
secured her legs in the stirrups, swung her limp legs from the wide spread, her body slumped
down in the chair. "You may leave us, Headmaster Michael. It is time for Elizabeth to suffer her
punishment, now that she has received the pleasure. A pussy spanking I believe. You may
come back later when she is going to service my cock with her mouth. You can instruct her in
the proper procedures." He dismissed him with a nod of his head.
Elizabeth watched as Headmaster Michael left the room again, almost having forgot the
punishment. A spanking was bad enough, but how could he even fathom a spanking on her
pussy? Especially now that she had just cum, her sex tender. "Please, spank my ass. Just not my
sex, please."
"Nonsense c***d, you must be sufficiently punished. A mere spanking for a black eye is not
enough of a deterrent. Now to suffer a spanking on your pussy would make you less liable to
repeat the offense in the future. And, I intend on making you present yourself fully to be
spanked, legs wide, ass arched up, your pussy spread and open. Then when I am finished, you
can service my cock with your mouth. If you don't perform the fellatio to my satisfaction, we
can always go back to another pussy spanking, maybe using a whip the next time. Would you
like that? To feel the lash of the leather between your pussy lips?" He laughed at her obvious
discomfort, knew that she would do everything to please him.
"Up Elizabeth, over here," pulled her arm, f***ed her to her feet, watched her stagger as the
numbness in her legs slowly began to disappear. He marched her over to a spot on the floor, a
thin mattress in the center of the room, four wooden posts stuck out from the floor. "Lie down
on the mattress, Elizabeth. Get your body comfortable. The two posts at the top are for you to
grip onto. You're going to have to raise your ass high off the floor. I want your pussy spread
before me." He watched as she sat down, scooted until her head was between the twin posts.
He placed a pillow underneath her head. "I want you comfortable, Elizabeth," laughing out
loud, her head comfortable while her pussy would be in pain. He watched her grip the twin
posts, her hands turned white as she tightened the grip.
He moved down to the other end, admired her naked body, her nipples red and swollen,
though still erect. Her pussy glistened from her juices, lips slightly red from the recent
masturbation, her anus temporarily hidden from view. "Your body was made for this,
Elizabeth; made for men to use and abuse. Young bodies like yours are so flexible, easily f***ed
into provocative and degrading positions, the most intimate parts of your body grossly
exposed for abuse.
He grabbed one of her ankles and moved it to the closest post, slipped her foot into the leather
sandal secured to the post. It completely covered her foot in a cris-cross of leather all the way
up to her ankle, leather ties secured it tightly to her skin. He moved to the other side, made
short work of her other leg, similarly secured her foot to the other post, legs now spread wide.
He looked at his handiwork, her legs bent slightly at the knees, her feet flat on the ground but
bound to the posts. "Now, you don't have to be so modest, Elizabeth. After all, I shaved your
pussy and asshole," he laughed as she struggled to keep her knees together, looking like she
was knock-kneed, trying to protect her pussy from his eyes. He secured each leg with a leather
strip, higher up the pole, right below the knee, her legs now drawn up straight, her pussy
spread open.
Again Elizabeth found her legs bound and her arms free as she trembled in fear of Dr. Lenox.
She almost wished Headmaster Michael was back. Even with his abuse of her nipples, she still
felt safer. Now she waited for a pussy spanking, an idea that revolted her, her sex still tender
from cumming. She knew that she couldn't stop him, begging would be futile. "How many,
"How many what, Elizabeth?"
"How many times are you going to spank my pussy?" She watched him look down between
her legs, her eyes then drawn to the bulge in his pants. He was aroused What man would not
become aroused at the thought of spanking the sex of a young girl? She wasn't sure how fast
she wanted it over. Though she knew it would hurt when he spanked her pussy, the thought of
taking his member inside her mouth and sucking it until he came and make her swallow was
almost as bad, if not worse. The only positive light that it would soon be over.
"I don't know, Elizabeth. I have never spanked such a lovely pussy before. And with you
presenting it for my hand, it all depends on how long I can go before I need your mouth to
make me cum." He moved his hand down below her butt, "now Elizabeth, be a good girl and
arch your ass up for me." He felt her push up with her hips, his hands able to slide completely
under her firm ass cheeks, cup them in his hands as her sex lifted up to meet him. Her back
pushed off the mattress as she arched up higher, "yes, more Elizabeth, I want you up higher,"
pleased at the way her body rose up. The posts did an excellent job of keeping her body in
position, allowing her sex to be the highest point, her legs spread wide. He looked at the other
end of the room, noted where the hidden camera was positioned, affording a lovely shot
straight up the vee of her legs, capturing her spread pussy, her face hidden from the lens. The
other camera, over her head shot down onto her face, poised to catch the look of pain when he
began to spank her pussy, the images side by side on the tape, gave the viewer an intimate
look of Elizabeth's suffering under his hand.
Her back already ached, her crotch pulled open wide, as if she was being split up the middle.
Her hips were at least two feet off the floor, her breasts tumbled back as her body arched. She
watched Dr. Lenox rise from the mattress, his hand slipped down his zipper and extracted his
large cock. She continued to watch, not sure why. Perhaps she knew that it would soon be in
her mouth, her tongue and lips so intimately sucking it to orgasm as she might do to a lover,
the curiosity at seeing how big it was, what her mouth was going to have to accommodate. His
hand stroked it, the head almost purple, swollen in lust already. It was a couple of inches thick,
bigger than she thought it would be for someone his age. It must be at least six inches long,
maybe longer, his pants hid part of it.
"Do you like it, Elizabeth?" He smiled at her, her eyes almost mesmerized as he stroked it up
and down, his cock grew bigger as he did. "Soon it will be in your sweet, hot mouth. Now, stay
in that position Elizabeth. If you move, get back into position instantly, or it will be the whip
instead of my hand that will spank your pussy."
He lightly tapped her inside thighs, felt her body tensed up at the thought of the pain he was
about to inflict. He moved higher up her thighs, slapped both sides of her thighs, increasingly
harder each time, her tender inner thighs already turning pink. He smelled her pussy,
wondered if she was aroused at being f***ed to submit to a pussy spanking. He would soon
find out He swung his hand back and forward, aimed straight in the vee of her legs, the palm of
his hand slapped hard against her pussy, felt her puffy lips absorb the majority of the blow, but
not before a finger slapped between them, tapped her inner lips.
She groaned in pain when the first slap surprised her. It didn't hurt as much as she thought it
would, not sure if he was just warming up or somehow if she was enjoying it. Her hips moved
down from the f***e of the blow, her ass pushed up hurriedly, she did not want to displease
him any more than he already was. She looked into his eyes, recognized the lust, his cock
jerked about at the sound of her groan. She didn't have to wait for long before he slapped her
pussy again, the sound of his hand hit harder this time rang out in the room. This time she
braced her body, absorbed the full f***e of the blow without moving. The f***e of this slap
harder, smashed into her vulva with a sickening sound. It stung, his hand returned again to slap
in the same spot. She moaned as her sex throbbed in pain. His hands pushed out on her inner
thighs, spread her legs out further, knew that her pussy was opening up wider, knew that he
wanted to slap her inner pussy lips with the next blow.
"My hand is getting wet from spanking your hot, little pussy, Elizabeth. I think you are
enjoying it too much." His hand crashed into her spread pussy again, her lips pushed back this
time, the brunt of the f***e hit her inner, tender pink insides.
"God, that hurts! Please stop! Please let me suck your cock now!" eager to perform fellatio,
anything to get the spanking over with. The next blow hurt intensely, her pussy suffered under
his powerful hand. But he didn't stop, his hand lifted her ass up higher, urged her thighs out,
left her sex unprotected for the next blow. He spanked her harder and faster, slapped her inner
thighs from time to time, spread her open for the next blow that would come up from the floor
and strike her under her ass cheeks and slap her perineum. Her pussy bore the brunt of the
spanking, bright red, her tender lips swollen, each time the pain increased. The strange thing
was that the feeling that grew between her legs was one of arousal. The pain turned to
pleasure, her hips rose up higher as if they wanted to meet the hand coming to strike her,
bowed her legs out, hoped that his hand would push back her lips and strike at her inner pussy,
even hoped that he would slap her clit.
Dr. Lenox saw the eagerness in Elizabeth, watched her expose her body more to his hand, her
legs pulled apart to lay her pussy open to him. He waited for the next time she did that and hit
her directly on her clit, made sure at least two fingers beat hard on it. He was rewarded with a
sharp cry, pleased that she drew her hips up quickly again, exposed her clit to his hand again.
He didn't disappoint and struck her in the same spot again, his hand found her pussy soaking
wet. He grabbed her pussy in his strong hand, gripped it tightly. He released it, urged her hips
up higher then struck her hard again, felt the heat of her skin touch his palm.
Michael entered the room, pleased that Elizabeth still performed well, Dr. Lenox's naked cock
bobbed up and down as his hand continued to plummet her naked sex, Elizabeth groaned and
moaned provocatively with each stroke, unsure whether it was pain or pleasure that she
responded to. "It looks like you need some relief. Maybe it is time for Elizabeth to wrap her hot
lips around your cock and make you cum."
Elizabeth jolted back to reality with the voice of Headmaster Michael. She thought she would
almost cum from the spanking on her pussy, her sex drenched, a tingle between her legs that
could only be quenched by the touch of her clit, whether it is gentle or hard. She looked up at
him, his eyes looked through her as if he knew that she got off on the pussy spanking.
"Do you mind if I give her a few?" Dr. Lenox moved out of the way, Michael took his place
between her legs. "Higher, Elizabeth, move that luscious pussy up higher. It seems that maybe
Dr. Lenox has been too lenient with you, maybe you need it harder." As her hips arched up he
swung his hand, crashed into her swollen sex with a f***e that almost knocked her over,
punished her pussy with a sickening thud.
Tears filled her eyes as his hand slammed into her pussy with such f***e that she could barely
continue to hold the position. Her pussy burned from the constant barrage of Dr. Lenox, now
Headmaster Michael had hit her with such f***e that it drove the air from her lungs. She barely
had time to recover when his hand swung up between her legs again to smack into her pussy,
smashed the lips to the side so his hand could beat the soft, tender inner flesh, a scream tore
from her lips. Two more slaps left her sex swollen and inflamed, her pussy lips double their
size, the twin mons red from the abuse. But deep down, her clit still craved the hand that beat it,
not with a gentle touch, but exposed and begging for the pain. She was disappointed when he
stopped, knelt down to untie her legs from the post, her legs cramped from their bound
"It is time to pleasure Dr. Lenox, Elizabeth. I will show you how to suck his cock. Don't fear, I
will masturbate you while you perform and make you orgasm when he dumps his cum inside
your virgin mouth. Get up on your knees, Elizabeth," helping her rise, allowing her to test the
muscles in her cramped legs as she rose to her knees. "Kneel up high," making her straighten
her back, her young breasts thrust out, her nipples in a state of perpetual hardness.
Dr. Lenox moved in front of Elizabeth, his cock bobbed up and down, eager to feel her hot
breath. "Take it completely out of my pants," he ordered her, her tiny hands undid his belt and
snap, slid his pants down his legs until they reached his knees. Her hands returned again to pull
his shorts down, his cock pulled back through the hole in them before they fell to his knees.
"Now stroke it with your hands, Elizabeth, feel how hot it is." Her hands encircled his cock, her
soft hands enticed him as they gripped his hard cock. Her hands moved slowly, almost afraid of
hurting him, her hand barely able to encircle his thick cock. "Make sure you rub the head, that is
the part men love the most." He placed his hand under her chin, f***ed her to look up at his
cock. She obeyed his command, rubbed her other hand over the head, her head pulled back
once as if she was burned when she his cock leaked out onto her fingers. She resumed, her eyes
stared at his cock, rubbed her finger over the tip, his sticky cum leaking out.
"Grab his balls with one hand, Elizabeth," Headmaster Michael whispered into her ear.
"MMMM, yes, gently Elizabeth," her hand cupped his hot, swollen sack, hefted the heavy balls
in her hands. "They are full of cum. You're going to have to coax it out," Dr. Lenox murmured
in appreciation.
This was the part she dreaded, listened as Headmaster Michael whispered in her ear again.
"Hold his cock tight and blow on the head. It's going to jerk when you do it, so hold it tight."
She let her hot breath blow on the head of his cock, her hand gripped the shaft of his cock, it
jerked with each hot breath.
"Now stick your tongue out and let it run over the tip. You're going to get your first taste of
cum, Elizabeth."
Dr. Lenox lifted her chin up again, his eyes stared at her mouth as her tongue slowly slipped
beyond her lips. She let her tongue hit his cock head, gripping the shaft tighter when she felt it
throb. She couldn't believe that she was doing such incredible things to his cock. Her eyes were
wide open, her tongue ran over the tip, pushed into his piss slit, rewarded with two drops of
cum. It hung on her tongue, thick and salty. It almost tasted bitter, not an especially pleasant
taste, hated the thick texture, refused to mix it with the saliva in her mouth.
"You'll have to learn to like it," Dr. Lenox saw the look of distaste for his cum on her face.
"You're going to have to swallow a mouthful of it."
"It's time, Elizabeth. Wrap your sweet virgin lips around the head of his cock. It's time you
learned how to suck cock," Headmaster's hand on the back of her head urged her closer to the
throbbing member in her hands. She smelled the murky scent of his cock, the cock head
glistened from her tongue wetting the swollen head. She opened her mouth wide, Headmaster
Michael pushed her mouth onto the throbbing member until she closed her lips tightly around
it, felt it shudder inside her mouth.
"God, her hot breath almost made me cum," Dr. Lenox groaned.
"See what you do to men, Elizabeth? Now let your tongue run around the cock in your mouth.
Make it throb with delight." Michael continued to guide her head with his hands.
Elizabeth needed little urging, her tongue ran tentatively over the hot piece of flesh that pierced
her lips, felt the cock dance inside the hot confines of her hot mouth. More cum leaked out the
head, filled her mouth with the salty, pasty mixture. She didn't think she would ever learn to
love the taste of semen, almost gagging as it sat heavily in her mouth.
Dr. Lenox moved Michael's hands aside, gripped her head on both sides, urged her to take
more of his cock inside the confines of her mouth. She struggled for a minute, Headmaster
Michael reminded her of the penalties for disobeying; the whip on her pussy. She let him have
his way with her mouth, his cock pushed out her cheeks, first the right one, then over to push
out the left one. It continually jerked in her mouth; her tongue lathered the hot cock, up the
shaft, the thick vein running the length. She ran her tongue under the ridge of his cock, felt his
shudder when she did.
"Back and forth on his cock, each time take it deeper into her mouth," Headmaster Michael
ordered her. "If you do a good job, he will let go of your head."
She wrapped her mouth tightly around the girth of his cock and began a gentle rocking
motion, moved her head up and down the shaft, her tongue continually lathered the cock as
she gripped the hard cock with her lips.
"You suck cock like a street whore," Dr. Lenox released her head as she began to perform
fellatio on his organ as though she had done this a million times. "Take it deeper into your
mouth or I will f***e it in," his voice urgent in lust.
She moved her mouth forward, the head of his cock slammed into the back of her mouth,
gagged as it hit the opening to her throat, she almost threw up. She backed her mouth off, Dr.
Lenox's hands returned to grip her ears.
"Deeper, Elizabeth. I want it in your throat," thrusting his hips forward at the same time he
pushed her head onto his throbbing cock.
She choked and gagged, her eyes watered, her nose ran as the head of his cock slowly and
f***efully entered her throat while she struggled, but she kept her hands at her side, sensed
Headmaster Michael's warning presence behind her. She sucked in as much air through her
nose as possible while Dr. Lenox thrust her head back and forth, his cock enjoyed the spasms in
her throat gripping his cock head like a virgin pussy. She had something new to contend with,
Headmaster Michael was behind her, his hand on her back and over her ass, fondling her flesh
as she was f***ed to suck Dr. Lenox's cock. A wet finger touched her anus. Elizabeth attempted
to turn and stare at the Headmaster, show him her displeasure, but Dr. Lenox was not to be
denied the pleasure of her mouth and throat, yanked her head back onto his cock, which jerked
in pleasure as it slid down her throat again, her choking pleasured the throbbing cock.
She could only moan on the cock that split her lips as the Headmaster's finger began to play
around her tiny wrinkled hole, teased the muscle with his fingertip as it slowly circled the ridges
of her virgin anus. His hand held her hips tight in his grip as he f***ed her to accept his fondling
of her asshole while she sucked Dr. Lenox's cock. His finger entered her rectum, ran around its
inside, teased the muscle as it clenched to push the offending digit out. She felt his other hand
reach around in front of her between her thighs and cup her sex, one finger split her pussy lips
to lay snuggled in the wetness of her inner pussy, and moved back and forth. She was now
trapped between the fingers, each drove her body into the other, unable to stop the dual
ravishment of her body. Her body rose up a little when his finger slid farther in her rectum, the
uncomfortable feeling of fullness present.
"Pay attention to the cock in your mouth, use your tongue on it. Make him cum. Relax your
asshole and let me have my way with you." Michael continued to play with her asshole, his
thick middle finger sucked deep into the depths of her bowels, the hot, tight hole clenching on
his calloused finger as it sawed back and forth inside her asshole, rubbing the silky insides
harshly with his dry finger. He knew that it hurt her, but he wanted her to learn that she would
have to submit.
Dr. Lenox could wait no longer, he gripped her head tightly and pulled her mouth over his cock
as if it was a sock, his hard shaft slid down as she coughed and gagged while her throat was
plugged with his hot flesh. He pulled her harshly back and forth on his cock, "so good,
Elizabeth, swallow my big cock." His head shot up as his balls tingled as he began to cum. He
could feel the cum run slowly up his cock into her hot mouth, his hands held her tightly, f***ed
her to drink the load of hot cum that shot out into her mouth. He pulled his cock from her
throat, wanting her to taste the hot cum, knowing how much she hated the taste.
His hands held so tight, almost like a band on her head, understood that he was ready to cum.
He held her on his cock as she felt it jerk and thrust inside her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly
around the throbbing member. Still it was unexpected, the cum shot out into her mouth was so
much, cum ran down her lips as she was unable to contain the copious amounts of fluid in her
mouth, afraid of swallowing it.
Dr. Lenox saw her cheeks begin to swell as he dumped his cum in her virgin mouth. "Swallow
it, Elizabeth, I have so much more. You'll choke to death unless you swallow it," her eyes
pleaded with him before finally he noticed her throat move, and knew that she began to
swallow, enjoying the sounds of strangulation. "Such a good girl, here comes some more,"
pulling her back down on his cock as another load of cum shot up from his balls, he felt her
tongue run u*********sly over the tip. He shot another load, her cheeks quickly filled again.
How much cum could he have? Just as soon as she managed to swallow the first load of cum
without throwing it back up, her mouth was filled again. If that hadn't been bad enough,
Headmaster Michael's fingers still drilled painfully up and down her asshole, like sandpaper as
the dry finger pushed harshly inside her, her sphincter fought the depraved invasion of her
body. She swallowed again, another final load filled her mouth, this one not as much,
swallowed it as it shot out.
Dr. Lenox felt his cock begin to shrink, "clean my cock with your tongue and I will take it out of
your mouth," he ordered her, her sweet face looked up at him, her eyes wide.
She ran her tongue over the head, her mouth already permeated with the foul taste of his cum,
hoped to get it over with soon, Headmaster Michael's manipulations still hurt, his finger played
with her pussy-the only thing that made it less bearable. She finally felt the cock pulled from
her mouth, cum stuck to her lips.
"You suck cock like a cheap whore, Elizabeth, and that is a compliment," smiling at the shame
on her face. He quickly pushed his cock into his pants, no longer wanting anything more from
her. "Thank you, Michael. I'm sure the Senator will be forgiving now.' He left the room quickly.
Michael pulled his finger from her asshole, and allowed her to stand. "Thank you, Elizabeth.
You were a good girl and obeyed well. Now try to stay out of trouble, I would hate to have to
bring you back for further punishment." He slapped her naked ass with a loud smack. "Yes, I
would hate to have to punish that naked ass," laughing as he left her in the room, naked, the
taste of cum still fresh in her mouth. He wanted to see how well the video came out.
Elizabeth went back to her room, masturbating herself to an explosive climax, Headmaster
Michael and Dr. Lenox forgetting to make her cum, the vision of them taking her in her head as
she came all over the sheets of her bed.
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9 months ago
The longer stories are a great addition to you previous short stories.
10 months ago
10 months ago
So very Hot, exactly what every woman needs two strong Dominant men to teach her how to be the fuck toy she was born to be. Can not wait for part two.