The Beardsley School for Girls 4/1 - Elisabeth

Part 1

Coach Jorgenson sent Elizabeth to Headmaster Michael and now she stood before him, a pretty
little thing, not like a girl who would be in such trouble. Another "scholarship" girl, Elizabeth
was bright and streetwise, but hadn't been doing well academically. This was her last chance at
college. Her mother had passed away over ten years before, her father attempted to raise her,
but had his difficulties with her. He was in the military, a General, where soldiers followed his
orders without question. With Elizabeth, it had always been the opposite. He had been brought
up with the classic old style of discipline. When her mother was alive, she took care of
Elizabeth's punishments. When she passed away, the job had fallen to him and he did it the way
he had been raised. Elizabeth suffered spankings at an early age, increasingly more severe as
time passed. When she was younger, it had been over her clothes, but as the years went by
things changed. Elizabeth found herself over her father's lap, skirt pulled up to be spanked on
her panties. The spankings progressed until finally she was smacked on her bare ass by her
father. She hadn't thought anything wrong with it, he was The General after all, and her father
and he had that right.
She stood before Headmaster Michael because she had been caught fighting with another girl
in the gym. She was from one of the wealthiest southern families, a powerful f****y, her father
a United States Senator. As the "scholarship girl," Elizabeth would have naturally received the
blame, but it was probably the black eye the other girl suffered before the coach pulled her off
the other girl that really did it.
Michael sized her up, a bit of a tomboy, but still all female. She had light brown hair that she
kept short, green eyes that seemed to see through you, a small nose and a smile that kept you
wondering what she knew that you didn't. He could just barely make out her breasts beneath
the blazer, a slim waist, very athletic. He had once stood behind her in the hall and determined
she had the cutest ass in the school, her hips swayed sensuously as she walked without any
effort on her part, her pert cheeks pushed out her skirt in the back and topped with a pair of
tanned, muscular legs.
Elizabeth watched the Headmaster stare, his eyes moved up and down her body, and he spoke
not a word. She grew a bit self-conscious; his was the look not of an administrator, but more of
a man checking her out. She fidgeted with his silence. She'd heard the rumors that raced
through the school. The Headmaster was a stern disciplinarian, and some girls already had the
marks to prove it. There were also the other rumors, rumors that, besides being disciplined,
Headmaster Michael had also touched them sexually. She looked at him, handsome in an older
man type of way, big hands like her father's. While she had been punished by her father, what
she'd heard of Headmaster Michael was far more severe, a fate she hoped not to share with the
Elizabeth was still a virgin, boys didn't really interest her. She'd traveled a lot with the army,
never really putting down roots. She always had trouble meeting new people her own age, and
in fact, older men she'd met at parties her father had thrown as a General where Elizabeth acted
as his hostess always seemed interested in her. They always eyed her, especially as she became
older and her figure filled out. In the last few of years, some of them became bold-usually those
of higher rank than her father-they would hug her, hold her tightly against them for long
periods of time, Elizabeth felt their hard cocks pressed up against her, or behind her, into her
tight ass. Hands would "slip" from her waist to brush across her ass, always complimenting her
on what a beauty she was, what a lovely figure she had, how sexy she had become. She even
began to believe them, sought out older men, flirted with them, not stopping them if their
hands began to roam. One night she even found herself out on the patio, a congressman's
hands in her panties as he pressed up against her from behind, his cock jutted into her ass,
masturbated her as she stood there with her legs parted until she came. She liked that, older
men paid so much attention to her, no strings attached, expected nothing, just the moment.
They were not like boys, they knew exactly what they wanted and they knew how to play her
body, not just for their satisfaction, but to please her. She liked powerful, strong men, even if
they were older. Maybe it was because they were so much like her father.
"What am I to do with you, Elizabeth? Have you seen Delyssa's eye? It's turning black. What do
you think her father is going to say if he finds out?"
She knew she shouldn't have done it, but the bitch was so stuck up, thought she was so much
better than everyone else, especially Elizabeth. All of a sudden she had just punched her,
knocked her down. Coach Jorgenson raced over and separated them or rather, just stopped
Elizabeth from kicking her ass. "I'm sorry, Sir," used to the title, always having called the
General, Sir, not dad or father.
"I'm going to have to expel you, Elizabeth. The Senator's friend is Doctor Lenox, a distinguished
board member of Hollister School for Girls. He has already called me twice today; I have been
putting him off until I could talk to you. I can't defend your behavior." Michael looked at her as
she fidgeted before his desk.
"Please, don't expel me, my father would kill me. He threatened to disown me if I didn't do well
here. Please Sir, my mother died a long time ago, my father raised me. It would be devastating
to him." She gave him a sad look, one of her looks she learned to use on older men.
"Your father is a General, isn't he, Elizabeth?"
"Yes, Sir, he is."
"You would think he would have disciplined you better. Haven't you ever been spanked
"Yes Sir, all the time. The General believed in punishment, severe punishment. I was spanked all
the way up into high school."
"Surprising, then, that you act this way. What did he do, lightly tap you?"
"No Sir, he would use his big hand on my butt. It hurt when he finished."
"How much could it hurt spanking you through your skirt and underwear?"
"No Sir, he would put me over his lap and pull my panties down and spank my bare butt."
Interesting He also noticed that she tried to play him. Did the little girl play older men? "You
didn't seem to learn very well from the spankings."
Where was he going with this conversation; was he priming her to punish her like the other
girls? She had heard from the rumors flying around that he liked corporal punishment, much
more severe than she was use to. Is that what he wanted? "You could punish me, Sir. Like the
General does." She waited, tried to determine his thoughts from his expression. He looked up at
her, his eyes brightened as if he just had a revelation.
Maybe there was another way out of this. Doctor Lenox wanted a girl. He wanted to shave her,
shave her pussy bald. And, maybe play with her a bit, or make her play with him. Maybe a
trade could be devised. "Would you submit to being punished if I did not expel you?"
Her eyes lit up, "Yes, Sir" she said instantly, not even caring what the punishment might be.
"Don't answer so quickly. There are certain conditions to the punishment."
"I don't care, Sir. You can do anything, anything to keep me from being expelled and
disappointing the General."
"That is one of the conditions, it wouldn't be me doing the punishing; it would be Doctor Lenox.
I think that is the only way I could get him to convince the Senator not to have you expelled.
He is very persuasive if he has a reason to be so. You would have to give him that reason."
This was different. Doctor Lenox was about 65, a real lecher. If that was the only way, though,
she would have to do it. "I agree to let Doctor Lenox punish me."
"There's more, Elizabeth. He has an unusual request. It is not a spanking he wants to
Uh oh, here it comes. What does the dirty old man want? "Then what, Sir?"
"He wants to shave a young lady like you"
"Shave? I don't have hair on my face, why does he want to shave me?" Then it dawned on her.
"You mean ... down there?"
"Yes exactly, Elizabeth. You still have pubic hair don't you?"
The only way he could shave her down there was if she was naked in front of him. And she
would have to spread her legs for him, let him see her sex. And it wouldn't be for a few
seconds, it would be long minutes while he shaved her down there. And, she was sure he
would be touching her down there. Could she really let him do that to her? No boy except the
General had ever seen her naked below her waist. She answered his question with a nod.
"Would you be there, Sir?" She wasn't sure why, but she knew she would feel better if, it wasn't
him doing it, at least if he would be there.
"No, you would be alone with Doctor Lenox, though I would probably look in and see the
results," smiling as he told her. He would love to see her pussy shaved like a baby.
"And that would be it, Sir? Nothing else besides shave me?"
"I'm afraid not, Elizabeth. It would be up to Doctor Lenox as to what your punishment would
be. Shaving would be part of it, but he would decide if you would have to submit any further."
"Submit, Sir?"
"Yes, you would have to willingly submit to him."
This went farther than she had thought it would. First, being shaved, then she would have to
submit-she was not sure what he meant, but it sounded ominous, especially for a virgin. "I don't
know, Sir. I don't know if I could do that."
"I understand, Elizabeth. It's a difficult decision for a young girl like you. I understand if you
decline. You can go back to your room and pack up your things. I'll have my secretary call the
General and make arrangements for him to pick you up tonight."
Things moved way too fast. He talked about her leaving this instant. "Can't I think about it this
weekend and give you a decision on Monday?" she played for some time.
"I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I would be more than willing to give you the time, but I put Doctor Lenox
off all afternoon. I can't leave him hanging all weekend. It's Friday night. You must make your
decision now. If you agree to submit, I will send for Doctor Lenox. He will be here in an hour,
which gives you time to freshen up and take a shower. I'm sure that you will want to be clean
and fresh for him. I won't k** you, Elizabeth. It will not be over in an hour. Doctor Lenox will
look to exact his punishment from you. Punishment can be in many forms, not only physical,
but also psychological. Humiliation is an excellent form of punishment. Submitting to let Doctor
Lenox shave your pubic area is going to be very humiliating; he will make sure that it is. I'm
sure that he will place your body in some very revealing and degrading positions and take his
time. If you agree, you must remember to keep your composure and submit to all his requests.
You do not want to anger him, otherwise the deal will be off and you will have submitted for
nothing. You don't want that to happen, do you?"
She hadn't thought of it that way. He would see her body naked, something no one else had
seen. And he would do it to punish her, to humiliate her, to degrade her. Would she be able to
submit to all of it? Her foot tapped on the floor, her mind raced as she tried to decide. If she
could only think about it, maybe find another way out. She looked up, Headmaster Michael
waited for an answer.
"Well, Elizabeth, who should I call, Doctor Lenox or the General?" He wanted her to decide
quickly, decide without too much thought. It would be better that way, especially with Doctor
Lenox coming in an hour, no time to change her mind.
"Doctor Lenox."
"Are you sure, Elizabeth? I want to make sure you make the right decision. Don't feel pressured
into doing this." He could already imagine her, her legs spread wide, her pussy as bare as a
baby's, her lips parted, her pussy open for his gaze. Then there would be her anus; Doctor
Lenox would never forget to trim the hair back around her tiny wrinkled opening. He would
remind him of it, if he did. It wouldn't be hard to convince the Senator to let Doctor Lenox do
this to Elizabeth. After all, it would be almost as if he was there, he would get the first copy of
the tape, the tape showing Elizabeth submitting to spread her legs and have her pussy shaved.
And anything else Doctor Lenox would decide to do to pretty Elizabeth.
"Yes, Sir, I'm sure. I appreciate you looking out for my interests, Sir. You did say you would
look in on me, Sir? Make sure I'm OK, while Doctor Lenox is with me?"
"Why of course I will, Elizabeth. I hope it doesn't embarrass you. After all, you will probably be
naked with your legs spread."
She hadn't thought of that, or maybe she had but tried to put it out of her mind. It sounded so
obscene when it was spoken out loud. She tried to put the mental image out of her mind. "No, I
want you to," sounded different than what she meant. She wanted him to look in on her, not
see her naked sex.
"Let me call Doctor Lenox now and see if I can convince him. I want you here to agree to
everything. If I say something, nod your head yes. If you nod no, I will tell him you don't agree
and I will call the General to pick you up. Is that agreeable, Elizabeth?"
It was back to either agree or get expelled and have the General find out, neither one a very
good choice, but the General finding out the worst. At least with this it will be over today, with
the General it would just begin. "Yes Sir."
Michael picked up the phone and called Doctor Lenox. He knew that he would jump at the
chance without any encouragement, knowing that the whole session would be filmed. It was
not that the Senator really cared that much, his daughter was such a pain in the ass. The call was
mainly to get Elizabeth primed as to what would happen to her. And he would enjoy the look
on her face, the humiliation as he repeated out loud everything that would be done to her
lovely body by Doctor Lenox.
"Sorry I took so long to get back to you, Doctor Lenox. Yes, an unfortunate incident. Yes, I
thought about expelling the student. Her name is Elizabeth, a very lovely young girl," a smile to
Elizabeth as she stood before him and listened to the one-sided conversation so intently,
without knowing that Doctor Lenox barely spoke, Michael handled both sides of the
conversation. "I agree, Doctor, something must be done. It requires very severe punishment.
But I thought of an alternative to expelling her, a punishment that would be more suitable to
the crime. Remember your desire to shave a young lady's pussy," another smile as he used that
word loud enough for Elizabeth to hear and to cringe when he said it. "What if Elizabeth
submitted to it as punishment, Doctor? Yes, I know that it is not very severe, Doctor, but that
wouldn't be all of the punishment," Elizabeth received a look that appeared as though he really
tried to help her. "Would you be able to use the chair in the punishment room? Michael put his
hand over the telephone, "we have an antique chair in the other room. It was used in olden
days for maidens. It has stirrups on the armrest where their legs would be placed, spread wide
and a basin underneath them, used for washing or shaving females while they were spread. He
wants to put you in it. Your legs would be strapped in, but not your hands. Should I say no and
call the General?"
It sounded worse then any mental image she had conjured up, but the mere mention of the
General's name was all she needed, a nod of no, a whispered, "no, I will agree," already she
resented her decision.
"OK, Doctor. You also want to shave around her anus?" another look at Elizabeth, the distress
showed clearly in her face, the thought of his fingers on her anus as his looked at it frightened
She again nodded her acquiescence.
"Yes, Doctor, she has already agreed to strip for you," then whispered to her, "you did, didn't
you? After all, you have to be naked in the chair."
She turned red, nodded her head yes. She was already humiliated and it was only a phone call.
"Yes, Doctor, she has agreed to submit to you. Yes, you may punish her also. I don't know,
what would you like to do to her? Yes, I think spanking her would be suitable punishment,"
watching Elizabeth's eyes. "She would already be naked, so it would be on her naked skin."
"Spank her pussy? I don't know that sounds rather severe, don't you think?" He made a
gesturing motion to Elizabeth, her eyes wide open in fear at the thought of her sex being
spanked. "I know I said she should have a severe punishment, Doctor." He put his hand over
the receiver, again. "Sorry Elizabeth, I don't know what to say, I did say severe. What do you
Once the General found out she had been expelled, her life would be a living hell, a nod,
agreeing again.
"Yes Doctor, she agrees. Yes, humiliation is a very severe punishment, also. Yes, you would
have her naked and spread to shave her pussy and anus. That is very humiliating already. Yes
Doctor, that is also very humiliating for a young girl. Yes Doctor, forcing her to do that would
be humiliating," Elizabeth's eyes questioned him to find out what they were talking about.
"What?" Elizabeth whispered, needing to know.
Michael ignored her for a few minutes more, made her suffer the painful wait. "I'm sure that
she has done it before, but it would be very different if you did it. Yes, there are things you
could use to do it with. Yes, I have some here I could give you."
He put his hand over the telephone again, a pause before he spoke, as if he hated to even tell
her. "I think you should decline. I'll call the General and you can go home. I think he is going
too far, you have to decide somewhere along the way that it is going over the line."
"What, what?" she begged.
"He wants to masturbate you and make you cum while he has you in the chair. And, he wants
me to give him some toys to do it."
"Toys, what kind of toys?" the thought of a dirty old man, his hands all over her body and
making her cum disgusted her.
"Vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, anal probes, you know the usual things," he matter-of-factly
said. She had used vibrators before, but the thought of nipple clamps and anal probes
frightened her. She took a deep breath. You've gone this far, he already has you naked and
shaved. "OK."
"Are you sure?" Michael gave her a look, as if he was surprised, full well knowing that she
would submit, the thought of the disappointment on the General's face a fate worse than death.
"Yes, Doctor that would be fine. What? I think that is going too far, Doctor. I realize that you
are not getting anything out of it. But that, I don't think she has ever done that before. Yes, that
would make it an excellent punishment, but it is so degrading. Yes I realize the state you will be
in. Yes, it would be her fault. Yes, she would be taking care of what she caused. I think it has
gone too far, but she is standing here, so I will ask her, but I will advise her not to. Hold on
while I put it to her."
"Now what?" She exclaimed, hearing only one side of the conversation, not wanting to hear the
other side.
"Well I think you should say no and go home to the General," giving her the out he knew she
would not take first. "I think that he is taking advantage of a lovely young girl and you should
not submit to it."
"What, what does he want now?" God, wouldn't this ever be over? The decisions were bad
enough, what would performing them be like?
"I'm not even sure how to say it to a nice girl like you."
"What?" Elizabeth grew impatient.
"He says that shaving you and spanking your pussy will make him sexually aroused and that it
would be entirely your fault. It's kind of a mixed logic, yes, if you didn't get into trouble, then
he wouldn't be able to punish you, then he wouldn't be sexually aroused."
"What does he want to do, fuck me?" She blurted it out.
"Shh, don't let him hear you. Calm down, Elizabeth. Don't yell at me, I'm advising you against
this whole thing. If you could control your emotions, you wouldn't be in this fix. If you don't
want my help, fine, I'll tell the Doctor no and you can go home to the General. And watch your
language young lady, it's not proper."
"I'm sorry, Headmaster Michael," noting his anger. She couldn't help it. She should have just
said yes. She didn't need to hear all the details ahead of time. It made this much worse. And the
Headmaster was worried about her using the word fuck when he is arranging her to be
stripped naked, shaved and pussy spanked. "What does he want me to do?" answering calmly.
Take a deep breath.
"He wants you to perform fellatio on him and swallow." Michael waited, enjoying the look of
disbelief on her face.
Elizabeth took another deep breath. God, he wants me to suck his cock. Not only that, but he
wants to cum in my mouth and have me swallow it. "Tell him, yes," she said calmly, glad it was
over. "I'm going to take a shower. I'll be back in an hour. You'll be here when I get back, won't
you?" Her eyes pleaded with him, she did not want to start off with the Doctor alone.
He whispered to her, his hand on the phone, "of course, as long as I can stay without making
the Doctor nervous," returning to the Doctor on the line as Elizabeth left the room, her sexy ass
made Michael's cock hard.
Michael laughed into the phone, "she'll do anything you ask. She agreed to all that I said, just
threaten her a little, mention sending for the General and she will obey like a puppy. Yes, you
can have her all night, though I might stop in every once in a while. I think it will really
humiliate her if I'm there, especially if you are masturbating her, or when she cums or when
she is sucking your cock. She'll be here in an hour, see you then."
Elizabeth hurried back to her room, quickly stripped off her clothes and jumped into the
shower. The hot water ran down her naked body, hoped the shower would sooth some of the
uneasiness about meeting Doctor Lenox in less than an hour. She thought about Headmaster
Michael, different from what she thought he would be. With the rumors of him punishing some
of the girls, he seemed to want to avoid that with her, often telling her not to submit to Doctor
And he was handsome, even though he was older. But he seemed to know her so well already,
she somehow felt safe with him. She realized that he would probably see her naked tonight,
even maybe while she was engaged in some degrading acts that Doctor Lenox would f***e her
to perform. She would feel embarrassed by them, especially performing them in front of him,
but it also seemed to excite her that he would watch her. She wasn't sure why. She let her hand
slip down between her legs, one finger in her slit, the warm water hit her pink lips. She looked
at the clock on the wall, only twenty minutes left. She turned off the water, toweled herself off
quickly, caught a final glimpse of her bush-the next time she was in her room, her pubes would
be bare. She tried to imagine how that would feel.
She dressed quickly in a short skirt that hung low on her hips and a tee shirt that left her midriff
bare, her stomach flat from an exorbitant amount of sit-ups. Her bra and panties were a pale
blue, no thong tonight; she would be naked soon enough. She looked good. Why not tease
them a bit? Especially, Headmaster Michael.
Michael heard the knock on the door, Doctor Lenox already in the "punishment room" would
make this arrival Elizabeth's. He had wondered if she would show up, always a chance, though
small, that she might change her mind. She was an interesting girl, different from some of the
others. He wondered how she would do tonight in submitting to Doctor Lenox. "Come in." He
was a little taken aback by her dress; this was not the tomboy schoolgirl who had been in his
office only an hour ago. This young lady had dressed to show off her body and had done it
Elizabeth smiled when she saw Headmaster Michael's expression as he gazed at her body when
she entered the room. Hell, pretty soon he would probably walk in and find and her naked and
spread open, this was nothing. He seemed to be unable to say anything; only able to stare.
"You look very sexy, Elizabeth."
"Thank you, Sir. I'm ready for my punishment."
"This way," they walked towards the punishment room, Elizabeth in front of him, his eyes
glued to her ass as it swayed in front of him.
Elizabeth was surprised by the big room, the mirrors on one wall, the ominous furniture
covered with thick blankets. But what caught her eye was the chair. It was a heavy wooden
chair, the wood stained from ages of use, the legs and arm rests thick beams of rough hewn
wood. The seat was only a tiny slat at the back of the chair; the rest of it held a black iron bowl
embedded in the seat. The most imposing part of the chair was the twin black iron stirrups that
shot out from the armrests toward the ceiling, weathered brown leather straps hung from the
edge to secure the current victim's legs. Cranks turned the adjustment screws, the stirrups able
to move in all four directions, but most importantly, able to rise up. She caught a glimpse of
someone else in the room, Doctor Lenox.
"So you are Elizabeth."
"Yes, Sir." A man in his sixties, his hair a salt and pepper, but mostly gray. He had a pretty good
build for someone his age, about five feet, ten inches. No one she would be attracted to, a
Headmaster Michael he was not.
"Did you learn your manners from the General?"
"Yes, Sir. He was very strict; I was raised in a military life." He seemed to know a lot about her,
Headmaster Michael must have told him.
"I hope he taught you to obey well. I wouldn't want to have to call the General to come and get
you. I'm not going to have to do that, am I Elizabeth?"
"No Sir. I will obey. I don't want the General to find out." She knew that life would be hell if the
General found out she had been expelled for fighting.
Doctor Lenox looked at Michael, "thank you Headmaster. Elizabeth and I will be fine. You may
stop in later to check to make sure that she is still obeying." He dismissed him to the dismay of
both Michael and Elizabeth.
Michael had no choice but to leave, Elizabeth's eyes pleaded with him to stay; the door closed
behind him.
"You certainly are a lovely creature, Elizabeth. Why don't you step closer?"
Elizabeth moved to him, walking by the frightful chair. She stood in front of him, her hands
hung uselessly by her sides, her feet together. He sat in a chair in front of her, his eyes looked
up at her, started at her face before moving down to glance at her breasts and finally down to
her legs.
"Such a beautiful body you have, Elizabeth, I'm going to enjoy it immensely. Why don't you slip
out of your tee and bra for me?" he said as if he was asking her the time of day.
Her hands moved up to pull the tee over her head, felt his eyes on her even though she could
not see them, quickly disposed of the shirt. She was more embarrassed to strip off her clothes
than if she had already been naked, the act humiliating, especially in front of a strange older
man. His eyes were glued to her bra, her breasts pushed up high, her cleavage tanned.
"The bra now, Elizabeth, I must see those nice tits."
She unsnapped the bra in the front, her hands covered her breasts as the bra fell to the side,
wishing she had not agreed to this, it being more difficult and embarrassing than she thought it
would be. One arm covered her breasts, her flesh warm, the other hand slid the bra straps
down one at a time. The bra slipped to the floor, her two palms covered her naked breasts. She
felt her pointed nipples poke into her palms. How could they betray her so quickly? Doctor
Lennox was pleased at the look of embarrassment in her face as she stood before him, her
hands covered her naked breasts, the cleavage still visible. He let her stand there, liked the way
she shivered in her humiliation. "Remove your hands, Elizabeth," he ordered her, just like the
way the General did.
She closed her eyes, she did not want to see the expression on his face as she let her hands
lower, the cool air of the room and the heightened suspense made her nipples so hard they
ached. They felt like hard pebbles, unable to look at them, afraid that her body betrayed her.
Would he think that she was enjoying this f***ed sexual submission? She heard only their
breathing in the room, her eyes still clenched tight, waiting for another order from him, but
there were none, only silence. After long minutes she opened her eyes, saw his eyes still glued
to her breasts. She had been right; her nipples were over an inch long, the pink flesh capped her
pert breasts, surrounded by her dark areolas.
He stood in front of her, her eyes drawn down as his hands moved up to her breasts, hers
clenched into fists as he made contact with her tits. He felt her tremble as he encircled each
perfectly shaped breast in his hands. He heard her suck in a breath as her nipples hardened
beneath his palm, hurting as the pointed tips pushed into his hand. He squeezed, heard a slight
moan come from her lips as he compressed the resilient flesh, released, then squeezed again,
delighting in the way the felt beneath his fingers. He loved the touch of a young girls' breasts,
the flesh so firm and smooth, nature's gravity not yet taking over, the nipples still pushed out
hard into the air. And Elizabeth was no different, her breasts high on her chest, her nipples
pointed proudly out. "You have very beautiful breasts, Elizabeth," his fingers moved to the tips,
one finger skimmed each areola, watched tiny goose bumps appear. "So sensitive," two fingers
grabbed her nipples tightly between his strong fingers, crushed the hard rubbery flesh and
twisted them around. He saw her lips clench together, but she made no attempt to stop him,
which provoked his fingers to tighten more, pulled the nipples out, her breast jutting out over
three inches. "Good girl, we're going to get along quite well."
The pain in her nipples sent a delicious rush through her body, especially between her legs, a
familiar tingle began. How could this happen to her, how could she be getting aroused by this
man abusing her breasts, especially her sensitive nipples? She had often pinched her nipples
while masturbating, but this was different, a stranger was doing it to her, unable to stop him,
free to do it as hard and painful as he liked and his fingers seemed to test her resilience to the
pain. She stood there while his fingers played with her nipples and breasts, free to explore them
at will.
His hands slid down her naked stomach, felt her muscles tighten, toned muscles flat and hard.
"You take lovely care of your body, Elizabeth," his hand moved over her abdomen until he
reached her low slung skirt. He moved his hands around her, grabbed at her skirt-encased butt,
felt her body jerk forward as his hands cupped her tight buttocks. He let his hands roam over
her ass, her feet planted tightly on the floor as he continued the exploration of her body. His
fingers slid up and down the split in her butt, felt her attempt to escape the probing fingers, her
hips moved forward, his cock pressed up against her pussy. "Yes, I like that," as he ground his
cock into her pussy, her body jumped back again to escape the cock rubbed up against her.
She felt his cock push against her, his fingers took too many liberties with her ass, her cheeks
clenched tightly against the probing fingers trying to find entrance between her cheeks. She felt
his fingers move up to the top of her skirt, find the button, the zipper slid down noisily,
signaled the release of the garment to fall on the floor onto her feet that left Elizabeth clad only
in her light blue panties. She looked down between them, saw his cock bulging out his pants,
only inches from her panty-covered pussy, his hands and fingers returned to her ass, sought
out her taut flesh. She braced her hips, not wanting his hands to drive her pussy onto his cock,
fought the urge to escape the fingers that again began to clench and massage her trim buttocks
in his hands.
The flesh felt so wonderful beneath his fingers, the smooth, silky panties only enhanced the
touch of her firm flesh, his cock jerked in anticipation of this lovely girl. His hands rubbed all
over her butt, felt the sharp divide between them, knew that it hid her anus. Soon he would
have her in the chair, unable to stop his hands and fingers, all of her orifices open for his
exploration, a tightly clenched anus his favorite target among the young girls that he had a
chance to m*****. His fingers were often the first to explore the depths of their asshole; the girls
long remembered his probing fingers. He let his hands move around to her hips, guided her
back onto his cock, rubbed up against her panty-covered pussy, the fabric pushed in by his
protruding cock. He finally moved away, looked at her face somewhat expecting a look of fear
or loathing in her eyes, but instead, found one of arousal. He often found that in the girls. Once
they reconciled to what they would have to submit to, their bodies often submitted and even
relished the feelings that were aroused by the submission and humiliation they were subjected
to. Elizabeth appeared to be no different from the many others that had come to the
punishment room. He sat down again, looked at her half naked body. "Take off your panties
for me, Elizabeth. Slowly, like you were doing a strip tease. Tease me with the sight of your
She trembled again, almost naked; his eyes roamed up and down her body and now his order
to strip the last remaining protection from his leer. And his orders to do it slowly, to take her
panties off for him like a common stripper. To tantalize him like she might do for a lover. She
hesitated but then her hands moved down to the top of her low cut panties and slid them
down, slowly as he ordered, let the top roll down, lower and lower until finally the top of her
bush began to show. She looked into his eyes focused intently on her sex as she hesitantly
uncovered her bush, her vulva gradually revealed for the first time.
"Keep going, you have such a lovely pussy, Elizabeth. Such thick labia and so tightly clenched. I
am going to enjoy shaving your pubes," his excitement increased. He had found that girls
tended to get more aroused when their Mound of Venus was bald, the many nerve endings no
longer hidden by the hair.
The panties pulled from between her legs as she slowly pushed them down, self conscious as
her breasts swung beneath her when she bent over to remove them. She kicked them off her
feet, her skirt flew with them as she stood up, naked and exposed, her thighs clenched tightly
together. She waited, naked before him.
God, was she beautiful. And, all his to do as he pleased, ready to submit to whatever perverse
act he would require of her and do it willingly. "Turn around with your back to me and bend
over, I want to see your ass," he ordered her, relishing her compliance, eager not to show his
leering face. Her twin buttocks were near perfect, heart shaped and tight. Her cheeks were
tightly clenched, her treasures hidden from his view-for now. But what drew his attention from
behind was her pussy, her labia. Her lips were pushed out prominently, large enough to be
seen even through her clenched thighs.. The right one seemed to be bigger than the left, very
pronounced, puffed and extended, almost bald except for small traces of hair. If she had known
how sexy and exposed she was, she would have spread her legs instead. How he would have
loved to whip it with his leather riding crop, with close attention to her extended lips that hung
down. "Lower, Elizabeth," humiliated her a little more, welcomed her compliance with pleasure,
her head now below her waist, her ass pushed up higher, her labia more pronounced. "Yes, you
are so lovely from behind, Elizabeth. You should see how exposed your pussy is."
She kept her thighs tightly clenched, hoping to keep her anus from being exposed, ignoring the
fact that it also pushed out her labia from behind and how it must look. The crack of his voice
showed his excitement, her arched position afforded him an excellent vision of her puffy lips.
She felt more embarrassed than she could have imagined; her face red as she bent over in
submission. She was temporarily relieved when she heard his command to rise and turn
around, her relief turned to fear as he ordered her over to the imposing chair. The chair that
would expose all of her orifices to his intimate examination, the thick leather straps imposed the
discipline on her body that he required.
He moved the straps out of the way as she approached, admired the way her breasts gently
swung as she walked, the sway of her hips that enhanced her naked body. "Sit way back in the
chair, use that tiny slat to support yourself. The stirrups will keep your body raised up off the
chair seat." It would also keep her exposed from below for his eager hands to explore all of her
She lowered herself into the chair, the cold metal of the stirrups struck fear in her heart as she
felt how strong they were, realizing how she would no longer be able to close her legs to his
probing fingers once she was secured in them. Her legs rested on the cold iron basin, as she
waited for the orders she knew would come, but hoped to prolong the inevitable command.
Doctor Lenox lowered the stirrups, pushed them all the way to the front, to start off slowly, to
slowly f***e her body to reveal all of her intimate charms to his eyes and fingers. "Put your
right leg in the stirrup for me, Elizabeth."
She looked into his eyes, to plead for rescue, but his eyes were on her sex, to wait for exposure
of her charms for the first time. She saw his pants jut out in the front; his erection almost busted
the zipper. She put one hand on her crotch and swung her leg out and up, an awkward
movement, the rush of air on her exposed pussy a testament to the way her sex opened up. She
shivered in fear as her leg hit the cold, metal stirrup, slid into the worn groove, the metal kept
her leg secure. She felt his hands fumble with the leather strap, move it around her ankle, felt
him draw it tight before he locked it tight. She tried to pull her leg up, tested it, felt the power it
had over her, as it resisted her feeble attempt to escape.
"Tight enough, Elizabeth?" watching her try to pull out, pleased at how far it spread her, letting
her hand hide her sex from him temporarily, relishing the humiliation she must be feeling. "I'm
going to have to help you with the other leg, Elizabeth." He grabbed her ankle, slowly raised it
up towards the other stirrup, heard her groan of pain as he pulled it back behind the stirrup
before letting it move forward again until it was locked into the groove. He wrapped the
stained leather strap around her leg, pulled the end tightly, watched as it dug into her tiny
ankle. He looked down at her, pleased with the position it had placed her in; his cock eagerly
awaiting his pleasure in playing with her spread pussy.
Her ass was arched up from the chair, only her back was supported by the tiny slat, the rest
fully exposed, her hand still covering herself. Her knees were bowed out, f***ed into that
position by the stirrups on the armrests. If it hadn't been for the slant of the chair back, her hips
would surely have been broken, her crotch horrendously split up the middle. The position was
obscene, much worse than at a doctor's office. This position was intended to humiliate and leave
her unable to protect her sex from anything he desired to do to it. That was what she feared the
most. Even though her hands were unbound, they could do little to protect her, unable to reach
down very far without increasing the strain on her crotch, her hand barely covered anything.
The chair was built well for its purpose, as it left a female totally exposed and unprotected.
Doctor Lenox grabbed her wrist, pulled it away from her crotch, "it won't do much good,
Elizabeth. Just relax, there is not much you can do to except lay back and try to enjoy it." His
eyes took in the sight of her naked pussy, the wide expanse of her legs pulled her pussy lips
back slightly. Her lips were large, clenched tightly over her vagina. She was probably a virgin.
Their lips tended to be closed more, as if they knew they were protecting her precious
innocence. He gazed farther down, her anus hidden from his view. He would soon adjust the
stirrups, raise her body up and back, her anus would be completely exposed and slightly
"Never, I will never enjoy it!" She would not become a play toy of his, f***ed to cum against her
Doctor Lenox moved away, returned with a pitcher of water, the hot steam rising from the
neck of the pitcher. In his other hand he held a tray of various tools and towels, including a
straight razor, the sharp blade glistening in the light. He watched her as he slowly poured the
water in the basin under her ass, the steam rose to caress her spread pussy. He pushed the
washcloth in the hot water, lathered it up with soap.
She jumped when the hot washcloth touched her sex, the delicate material felt good, the hot
water relaxed her. No, don't let him do this to me. She felt him rub her mound, the soap made
the washcloth glide over her skin. He seemed to grip her sex with the washcloth, embracing
her mound in the hot cloth. She arched her hips up in response, angry at her own body's
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Loving these stories wishing I was Elizabeth thats for sure