The Beardsley School for Girls Part 3 - Ashley and

Professor Doyle watched Ashley and Brandy in the back of the class as the two talked and did their nails, deliberately trying to provoke him. They were the most popular girls in the school and very attractive. Especially, Brandy. She brushed her long blonde hair from her face, hair that hung down to partially conceal her breasts. While she didn't have the largest breasts among the girls, they were so pert, abundant cleavage always showed. Half of the time her nipples were hard and jut out her tops. She didn't even try to hide them, thrust them out, taunted him with her firm breasts and hard nipples. She had a small waist, the Professor
imagined how she looked with low hung jeans-not allowed in school, but sure once she stepped outside her tight abs were exposed. Her hips were full, as was her bottom, twin globes that danced to the click of her heels on the floor, a gentle sway that hypnotized you. She knew what her body did to boys and she played it to the hilt.
Ashley was more of a follower, hanging onto Brandy's coattails. While she was also beautiful-a natural blonde like Brandy, her body toned from extensive exercise and little food, though she was not as vivacious as Brandy. It was usually Brandy who found the boys for both of them, Ashley followed along, imitated everything that Brandy did. And that was her downfall, Brandy consistently got into trouble, Ashley dragged into it.
"Look, the old coot is watching us, Ashley. Giggle about anything, I think he is getting pissed."
Brandy laughed loudly, Ashley had no choice but to follow. Just then the bell rang, signaling the last class of the day.
"Ashley and Brandy, would you mind staying after class?" He had to shout over the din of the class as they hurriedly tried to leave for the day. Professor Doyle was in his mid sixties. While not ugly, his better days were behind him, a fact that Brandy always seemed to try to drive home. He had heard about Headmaster Michael's reputation and the buzz among the girls at school. His request to have him send both of the girls to his office after class was welcomed, though he wished that he had the chance to see what Headmaster Michael had in store for the girls. Maybe tomorrow the girls would be more submissive, learned a lesson. Maybe tomorrow he would have some fun with them.
"Yes, Professor Doyle," Brandy whined.
"Both of you have been disruptive in my class for the last week. Today was the last straw, both of you sitting in back of class doing your makeup and chatting endlessly. Report to Headmaster Michael immediately. Maybe he can do something to change your disposition." They gave no indication that it would even be a problem, acted as if this was what they wanted.
"Yes, Professor Doyle," the chimed in together, walked out of the class, Brandy swung her ass exaggeratedly, teased him as she left.

Headmaster Michael sat behind his desk, heard the bell and knew that any minute two lovely girls would show up, two girls whose bodies he would use and enjoy. This time, Meredith would help, a thought that made his cock harden in anticipation. While not a young schoolgirl, she had a body that could make you cum just by looking at it. There was a knock on the door, the door opened, the two girls entered, Brandy in the lead. They both looked lovely in their schoolgirl outfits, their skirts too short for regulations, but no one would complain at the long expanse of tanned legs revealed, the material drawn tight around their hips and bottoms. Their blouses were drawn tight across their breasts, special tailoring required to pull the material so
that it molded their firm breasts.
Brandy spoke up first. "Professor Doyle sent us here Headmaster Michael. I'm not sure why, he doesn't seem to like us very much."
"I'm sure he doesn't like you for good reason, mainly because you don't pay attention in class, are disruptive and think that you're above everyone else."
"That's not t..."
"Silence, Brandy! That's exactly what I mean. Now I think you're going to have to be taught a lesson in manners. Both of you." Michael stood. "This way," his voice stern as he walked towards the side door. "Now!"
Brandy though she would cum in her panties when his voice raised and became so domineering. While she saw the look of fear in Ashley's eyes, she only felt the lust between her legs. When he stood, she gazed down at the front of his pants, able to make out the large cock that pushed at the material. God, I hope he spanks my bottom, I'll cum all over the front of his pants. "Yes, Sir," she obediently replied, pushed Ashley towards the door. "Just follow my lead," she quietly urged her.
Headmaster Michael closed the door as they passed through, the door automatically locked as it did. They turned when they heard the lock click, a puzzled look on their face. When they turned around they were startled to see Chancellor Meredith come out of the darkness of the other side of the room. "Chancellor," Brandy taken aback by her appearance. "What're you doing here?"
"I thought Headmaster Michael might need help since there are two of you," the older woman moved quickly behind Brandy. "And, I have volunteered for you," she grabbed Brandy's wrists and pulled them behind her back.
"No!" she cried out as the Chancellor quickly overpowered her, felt her wrists pulled behind her back and pushed towards the darkness. She heard a scuffle behind her, too busy with her own predicament to bother to turn and see, surmised that Ashley suffered a similar fate but with Headmaster Michael. How could she get them to trade? She wanted to feel the powerful hands of the Headmaster on her body.
They both gasped as the lights came on, powerful overhead lights illuminated the large room, filled with various pieces of strange furniture, heavy wooden pieces. The ominous leather straps hung from each one gave more of an indication of their use than they wanted to see. The straps were designed for securing limbs to the furniture.
"Please, Headmaster Michael," Ashley begged as her wrists were gripped by his powerful hands, pulled up behind her until she had to bend slightly. Headmaster pushed her towards one piece of furniture as she glimpsed Brandy try to fight off the Chancellor, quickly overpowered, her body similarly shoved towards a different piece of the odd furniture. "It was Brandy's idea. I didn't want to do this!" she begged.
"Don't worry, Ashley, I already know that. Brandy will suffer worse than you will, but rest assured, you will be punished."
Brandy was shoved to the large upright wooden beam, her arms pulled up over her head until the Chancellor secured them in a pair of antique wrists shackles pinned to the top of the beam with a chain, secured with a heavy iron spike. The beam was at least two feet wide, a rough hewn that had aged with use. Brandy felt Chancellor Meredith release her wrists, the shackles pinned them effectively over her head as the Chancellor pulled Brandy's blouse out of her skirt, secured a wide leather strap around her naked stomach, pinned her to the rough wood, a quick pull of the strap constrained her stomach. She took a breath-a short one, all she was able to take-the leather strap too tight. She tried to kick out; the Chancellor quickly grabbed the leg
that rose into the air, held tightly onto it in mid air. Another chain was lowered from the ceiling, the Headmaster had some type of control mechanism. A shackle was secured around her trim ankle with a loud clank, the Chancellor released the beautiful leg to hang there, bound at almost waist height, pulled at a right angle from her body.
"That should slow you down, Brandy. Now, unless you keep quiet, I will be f***ed to put a ball gag in your mouth. A very large ball gag. Now watch as Headmaster Michael punishes your good friend, Ashley. After all, it is your fault entirely that she is here."
"Over here," Headmaster Michael dragged Ashley to the large wooden structure in front of where Brandy was bound. The middle section was at least three-feet wide, more than enough room to secure a female to the beam. It stopped after about three feet. There were two smaller wooden beams that jutted out from the center, both pushed to one side. Metal cuffs attached to chains adorned the corners, used to pull the limbs into the required position if the female was not cooperative-most not being so-a windlass used to shorten the chains.
"No, don't put me on that!" Ashley shouted out as she saw the strange device. While not exactly sure, it certainly looked like some type of torture device, and she did not wish to find out for sure.
Headmaster Michael moved close to her.
"Just think how delightful it will be to be bound to this, unable to stop me from doing whatever I want to do to that lovely body. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy it. I think you'll enjoy the pleasure as well as the pain. You'll be surprised at what I can do to the more delicate parts of your body." Michael laughed as he
twisted her around until her back was to the middle beam. "Relax your body now," his powerful hands easily manipulated her body to his desires. He pushed her down until her bottom barely hung over the thick beam, his hand pressed down on her chest, his other hand grabbed a leg and swung her around as if she was a rag toy.
"Lay back, Ashley," his hand held her down as he moved towards her head. "Arms up over your head, Ashley," his voice stern and commanding, Ashley automatically obeyed until she realized what she submitted to, then too late to stop him. His large hands were easily able to grip hers and keep her from moving.
Ashley trembled in fear as she felt cold metal cuffs placed onto her slim wrists, the sound of the metal as it clanged together made her jump. She yanked one arm, felt the unyielding iron prevent any further movement. "No, please," she begged as she felt her other arm pulled up, the cold metal snapped to secure her wrist, the cuffs too tight, her arms already had pins and needles in them.
Headmaster Michel turned the windlass, watched as her arms pulled straight up, as her breasts rose and fell while she laid pinned to the table. He moved to her waist, found the thick black leather belt secured to the table and wrapped it around her slender waist, cinched it tight until she sucked in her breath as it restricted her. Her legs hung off onto the floor. He would secure them soon enough. Michel looked down, beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, the frightened look in her eyes as it finally dawned on her the predicament that she was in. He smiled, moved towards her head. He reached down, gently wiped the sweat from her
"You look so beautiful tied down like this." He turned her face towards his, gently caressed her cheeks, "Such a pretty girl."
His fingers moved to her moist lips, which trembled as the unfamiliar fingers traced along them. He pushed his fingers into her slightly open mouth, she was too afraid to stop him, felt them run along her teeth and gums, as her lips touched his fingers. She almost choked as she tasted his fingers, afraid of where they had been as moved around in her oral cavity.
"Open wider, Ashley," his other hand moved to her mouth, spread her lips, opened her mouth wider. He ran his fingers over her tongue, felt it jerk away when he touched it, he followed, then grasped it with two powerful fingers and pulled it out of her mouth. She needed to feel the control he had over her body, to know she was unable to prevent him from doing anything he desired. He let go of the tongue, his fingers entered her mouth again, ran around inside her cheeks, pushed out on them before sticking the digits deeper into her mouth.
Ashley choked as his finger pushed against her tonsils, felt her throat open. He didn't go farther, waited for her gag reflex to stop before doing it again. „Gggghhh," she choked again, her eyes watered.
"Have you ever had a cock in your throat, Ashley? I bet not. You will be taught." He chuckled as he tilted her head back, her eyes pleaded with him. His gaze shifted down, her legs clenched tightly together, Michael had no desire to secure her legs yet, that would come soon enough.
His eyes were fixed on her heaving bosom, the twin peaks rose and fell with her ragged breathing. He could almost make out the nipples that tried to poke out the tight fitting blouse, the buttons strained to contain the pert tits.
She struggled, her arms hurt as the cuffs bit painfully into her tender wrists, finally stopped when they refused to give. She watched his hands, held her breath, a whoosh came from her mouth as she felt his hands mold her breasts. He was harsher than the boys she dated, his hands sought only his pleasure, not hers.
Headmaster Michael's large hands completely encircled her breasts, squeezed them tightly, felt the firm flesh push through his fingers as he clenched and unclenched on the lovely tits.
"I bet the boys don't rudely handle your tits like I do, Ashley." He smiled at her clenched lips and continued to squeeze her tits. He moved, slowly unbuttoned her blouse, button by button beginning with the top one, teased her as he slowly began to strip her. She didn't say a word, her lips clenched tight as he pulled the blouse to the side, pulled the shirt tail from beneath the thick strap securing her waist to the beam. His hands returned to her breasts, touched the lacy bra, fingers pushed deep into her flesh as he squeezed them again, a groan from her as he did. He felt her nipples harden beneath his palms. She tried to hide her arousal, but her large nipples gave her away, as they slowly pushed out the thin material of the lace bra.
She cringed as she saw the knife move between her cleavage and cleanly cut the fragile bra, return again to the straps on her shoulders, felt all of the support disappear as he shredded the sheer garment. She closed her eyes, she did not wanted to see the look in his eyes when he bared her breasts, a swoosh and the flimsy garment was thrown to the floor, the cold air in the room hit her breasts, her nipples now hard and erect. His hands returned, this time flesh meeting flesh, his calloused hands ran harshly over her satin skin, his fingernails sc****d along her large areolas, tiny goose bumps appeared on them.
"Not so hard!" she cried, his fingers gripped her nipples, pulled and twisted, f***ed them erect.
"I have something special for your nipples. They are so big, over an inch and growing. Have you ever had an orgasm from having your tits played with?" He teased her, her face turned red in shame as her body betrayed her. He pulled out a nipple enlarger ring kit that he had but never used, not having yet found a suitable candidate before-until Ashley. He picked up the largest pump, a tiny ball pump, placed the smallest rubber ring on the end. He felt her body shudder when the pump touched her nipple, the plastic bulb slid over the erect tissue. He squeezed the pump and released it, watched as her nipple elongated and slid effortlessly into the bulb, trapped inside. His fingers fumbled with the tiny rubber band on the end and slid it
down over her nipple that remained outside the bulb like a rubber on a cock. It tightened on the nipple, trapped it within. He pulled the bulb from her tit, her nipple now pinched tightly at the base, the dark red flesh permanently erect, the bl**d pushed into the tip, unable to return.
He repeated the procedure with the other nipple, the twin tips now a maroon color, swollen with bl**d.
It felt like her nipples were in a vise, a harsh pulse in each tip pounded away in rhythm with her heartbeat. She almost came when his fingers snapped at the tips, the points now supersensitive, like she was shocked with 120 volts of electricity.
"Aaaahh," she could only moan in pleasure, her pussy wet. He was right, she could almost cum from the touch on her tits. "God!" she cried out when his hot, wet lips touched the tips, sucked the bl**d-swollen flesh into his mouth, lapped at them, the rough tongue like course sandpaper. Her hips moved, tried to find
anything to rub her pussy on, aroused by the strange feelings he ignited in her body.
Michael stepped back, her nipples wet and shiny from his saliva, swollen to such hardness. The rubber bands would prevent them from going soft, keep them tender and erect, Ashley unable to stop Michael from arousing her with little effort.
"It's time for your legs, now. It must be uncomfortable hanging off the edge like that. I have just the thing for you. But first, I think we need to strip you naked."
She closed her eyes again, knew that it would do no good to protest. He would have her naked in a matter of minutes and that's what she feared the most. She didn't know how he would bind her legs, but was sure that they would be spread apart, her pussy left open and unprotected.
She felt his hands on her skirt, unbutton the single button, the sound of the zipper, and then a whoosh, as it slid down her legs, fell to the floor.
"Step out of them," he ordered her, Ashley obeyed his command immediately. He ran his hands down her sleek flanks, felt her flinch at his touch. He looked at the thin panties, her pussy lips molded to the front panel, moisture glued the silky fabric to her flesh. He reached behind her, pulled her body out, his hands grasped her toned cheeks, squeezed them, felt her push her hips out to escape his relentless fondling.
"Now, the panties, Ashley. I want to see that lovely pink pussy," her eyes still clenched tight, her face and chest turned red in shame at the f***ed stripping of her body.
She felt the panties slide over her hips, the material brushed across her closely cropped bush, sending shivers down her spine as her pussy began to cream at the thought of Headmaster Michael seeing her naked pussy. She felt them slide down, her eyes still clenched tight, her imagination brought more vivid pictures than the reality. Was Brandy right, could the thrill of being taken by an older man excite her? She stepped out of them, the last of her clothes gone, naked. She felt Headmaster Michael grab one leg, move it up high to rest on a platform similar to the one her back was on. She felt another shackle placed on her ankle, then heard the crank of the chains. She opened her eyes, her imagination had gotten the best of her, thoughts that it couldn't be that bad. But she was wrong. She saw the two other beams were pushed to one
side, now separated. Her left leg was attached to one, Headmaster Michael turned the windlass, her foot gradually pulled down, her body stretched out. He moved and attached a shackle to her other ankle, a long expanse of chain dragged behind it to go to the other beam. But this one was completely on the other side, jutted out from the main beam at a 45-degree angle. Both of the smaller beams secured her legs in a wide open position. Obscenely wide.
Headmaster Michael began to crank the windlass, Ashley's legs pulled toward it, moved up into the air as the chain shortened. Her pussy began to spread open, his eyes glued to her slit, a sheen glistened on the lips. Could she be getting wet at being taken by him? He would find out as soon as he had her spread open.
Her legs were pulled up onto the other smaller beam, the chain still clanged until she was stretched out. Her crotch began to ache, as if Headmaster Michael tried to split her up the middle. She could stare only at the ceiling, felt how exposed she was, felt the cool air of the room blew on her wet inner lips, her labia pulled apart.
Headmaster Michael dragged a large mirror over between her legs and aimed it downward.
"Now, you can see what is happening to your sweet pussy." He nodded his approval as she stared in the mirror, turned crimson at how exposed she was.
"Yes, you're quite open. You can almost see inside your cunt." He moved to her side, his fingers reached up and slapped at her nipple rings, heard her gasp in pain, the swollen tips acutely sensitive. "Hurts to touch them, doesn't it? I like that. Now, let's see if your pussy is wet," he glanced at her face, saw the answer
in her eyes. She was. He ran his finger up and down her slit, quickly soaked in her juices. She squirmed, but her movement was severely limited by the chains that kept her spread open for him. He grinned at her moan of pleasure, her eyes focused on his fingers as they played with her lips. He flicked her nipples again, a gasp, his other finger moved up to her clit.
She watched him pick up a ball like the nipple pump, this one smaller and longer. The bulb was the same size and she shivered when she his fingers fumbled with the tiny rubber band, taking three times to secure it to the nipple pump. But she knew her nipple was not where he was going to use it, watched as he moved it down to her pussy, the air blew on her superheated sex as he pumped the ball and slipped it over her clit. "Aaaahhh!" she screamed in pain and pleasure as her clit was pulled out from her body, sucked up into the plastic bulb and stretched out.
"Oww!" she screamed, her clit cinched tightly, the cruel band dug into the root of her clit and trapped it. A quiet whoosh, her clit released, throbbed as if her heart was contained in it.
"Do you want to cum for me, Ashley? Let Chancellor Meredith and your best friend, Brandy, see you cum all over my fingers?" He slapped at her nipples, the pain shot straight between her legs. She gritted her teeth as he snapped her clit, the unbearable pain flooded her body.
"No more!" she cried.
"Tell me, Ashley. Tell me what you want."
She hated herself for saying it, but she had to. "Make me cum."
Headmaster Michael impaled Ashley's pussy with three fat fingers, slid easily on the overabundance of cream that her body put out in arousal. He felt her pussy clench on them, her cunt so hot and tight. How he loved young girls, their pussies so tight, their gasps as they were impaled always made his cock harder. He twisted his fingers inside her, slid them in and out, the noisy sound of his fingers as they sloshed around in her juices unmistakable in the room.
He was brutal, pressed deep inside her, not even giving her a chance to get used to the thick fingers before they began to finger fuck her, hard and fast.
"Aahhhh!" she screamed, his fingers tapped her trapped clit, the masochistic thrill of the pain mixed with the helplessness of her situation made her shudder in pleasure How could this be happening to her? Yes, Brandy acted like this, but she didn't. Yet, she could not deny the way his fingers extracted so much pain and
pleasure in her body, mixed together into one glorious feeling. His fingers tapped on her nipples, then moved quickly to her clit, three times his finger snapped at it, painfully, four fingers twisted and turned inside her pussy.
Her cunt felt like a furnace, her muscles clamped down on his fingers, tried not to expel them, but to massage them as if they were a cock to be made to cum.
"Yes, Ashley, cum now for us. Let us hear your screams of pleasure as I masturbate you."
She needed no encouragement, his fingers were enough. She screamed as she came, she always did-she had to muffle her mouth in her pillow to keep the others at school from hearing her.
Her cum soaked his hand, she squirted when she came. His fingers slid in and out faster, aided by the abundance of her juices as they splashed around inside her. Another scream when his fingers grabbed her clit and pulled, squeezed the swollen, bl**d-engorged bud tightly. She thought he was trying to tear it off, as he twisted, his fat fingers stretched her tight pussy to accept them. One last cum, her juices ran down the inside of her thighs, her chest heaved, her nipples ached from the movement.

Brandy fared no better than Ashley. She had wanted Headmaster Michael, but got Chancellor Meredith. Brandy had never been with another girl, had not even thought of nor could fathom the idea of girl sex But the chains that kept her arms pinned high above her head and the leather belt around her waist prevented her from doing anything but submit to it. As soon as Headmaster Michael began to play with Ashley's naked tits, the Chancellor began to get interested in Brandy.
Meredith ran her hands over Brandy's face, brushed her long blonde hair from her face, wanted to see the fear in her green eyes. She looked down at her breasts, pert little titties with hard nipples that pushed out her too-tight blouse. Her hand moved down Brandy's neck, slowly caressed her, felt her body shake beneath her fingertips.
"Another woman can bring so much more pleasure to a young body like yours, Brandy. But, she also knows the secrets to bring about so much pain. You saw what Headmaster Michael did to Ashley's lovely nipples. That is nothing what I am going to do to yours." Her hand moved down until one palm lightly cupped her left breast, slowly engulfed it, squeezed it gently, felt the firm flesh in her hand.
"Not very big, but I can feel a very large, hard nipple beneath your blouse, Brandy." Her fingers sought out
the hard tip, easily found it, two fingers tightened on the rubbery flesh, a groan from Brandy as it was squeezed hard.
"You like your nipples pinched." It was a statement, not a question as Meredith increased the pressure, Brandy's back tried to arch, tried to f***e more of her breast flesh in Meredith's fingers.
It felt strange, the soft touch of a woman's hand on her flesh, gently caressing her silky skin.
She trembled as the hand moved down the front of her blouse, felt her nipples pushed hard against her bra, eagerly seeking out the hand that moved towards it. She forgot she was bound, one leg raised up high, her short skirt pushed aside, her naked thigh exposed all the way up to her thin panties. She noticed the Headmaster eye her body as he played with her best friend, watched Ashley spread naked in front of her, shuddering as the Headmaster f***ed her to cum for him as if she were his trained dog. Is that what the Chancellor was going to do to her, humiliate her and f***e her to cum in front of the others? She moaned as the Chancellor's hand demanded more, sought out her hardened nipple, fingers closed over it, squeezing the flesh beneath her fingertips. She didn't even try to resist, in fact Brandy eagerly sought out the hand, a pinch of her nipples had always made her pussy cream. She had sought out boys who would help her fulfill her desires, but they were always so eager to put their cocks in her pussy and fuck her for two minutes before they collapsed on top of her, satisfied with no desire left to please her nor did they even understand what her body demanded. But a woman doing this to her, that was incomprehensible, her brain not willing to easily accept it.
"No, you can't do this to me, I'm a girl," Brandy protested the treatment even while her body sought it.
"Nonsense c***d, you will be surprised what you will be willing to do. You are going to be punished for thinking that you can control the Headmaster. Punished severely. And, you will be more than willing to indulge in a little pleasure with me in order to spare the pain of further punishment. Now, let's take a look at these lovely little titties," her hands moved quickly down the buttons of Brandy's blouse, pulled back the sides to reveal the tanned flesh beneath it.
Meredith pulled the blouse from her skirt, her hands returned to the bra-encased breasts to once again squeeze and probe the firm flesh. Meredith pinched the nipples, squeezed harder this time, the pain showed in Brandy's eyes.
Brandy watched in terror as the Chancellor picked up a knife, felt her blouse quickly stripped from her body, her stomach drawn in tight as she felt the prick of the sharp blade between her bra, a quick snap up of the knife cut the lacey bra in two, the twin cups parted to the sides.
Another quick snap of her bra straps by the sharp knife left her bra on the floor in pieces, as her naked breasts heaved up and down. Her nipples felt so tender, the cold air of the room snapped them to attention, the large pink nipples surrounded by her dark brown areolas, covered with tiny goose bumps.
"No, be careful," she begged as the Chancellor let the sharp point of the knife slide up and down her cleavage, tiny sharp pricks cut her tender flesh. She felt the knife point slowly dragged to her areola, the tiny goose bumps pricked with the sharp tip before the Chancellor let the tip of the knife press below one of her hard nipples. She tried to arch her back up as the knife pushed higher, her nipple f***ed to move upward or be impaled on the gleaming, sharp tip.
"Do you like the feel of the knife, Brandy? Just a slight twist and I will cut your nipple. Hold real still," Meredith let the point of the knife run over the nipple, watched it get bigger and bigger, stick out over an inch and a half. She wanted them real big. She had so much more pain for poor Brandy's nipples.
Brandy's eyes went wide open in fear when she saw the Chancellor pick up a strange looking device. She wasn't sure exactly how it worked, but she knew that the two evil looking clamps were destined for her aroused nipples.
"Wha... what is that?"
"You must lead a sheltered life, Brandy. Don't the boys you date have any imagination? Or is it that they just want to dump their cum in your hot little box? This, my dear, is called the Tower of Pain, appropriately named, as you will soon find out. It's really quite an efficient torture device for your nipples. I'm sure you noticed the clover clamps. As they pull, they squeeze tighter. Attached to your nipples they will bring about such a delicious pain. The breast plate goes between your cleavage. The clover clamps are attached to a bar. In the middle of the bar is a pole with a knob at the top of the pole. When I turn the knob, it causes the bar to rise up higher. This results in the clover clamps moving farther away from your chest, pulling your
nipples painfully with it and, at the same time, the clamps get tighter. The farther away the clamps, the more they will crush your hard, pink nipples. No amount of movement by you will let you escape the crush of the clamps, unlike tying the clamps to some other object.
Brandy gritted her teeth when the first clamp bit into her right nipple. She felt the shooting pain in her breast, afraid to scream. After a minute the sharp pain changed to a dull ache, afraid to breathe, each time her chest heaved, the clamp would ignite a new pain in her nipple. She could contain herself no longer when the second clamp attached to her other nipple, her body a mass of pain, as if her nipples were being ripped from her. How could a woman do this to another, knowing the pain she inflicted on her delicate nipples? She looked down, the strange contraption pulled her nipples out at least an inch. She held her breath as the Chancellor turned the knob, the pain began anew, the jerky movement of the Chancellor's hand sent shockwaves of pain to her nipples. Finally, the Chancellor stopped, Brandy's nipples stretched two inches,
the tips trapped painfully in the evil grip of the clamp.
"Please, take them off, they're too tight," she begged, tears ran down her face, her body had never been subjected to such sexual abuse, Brandy had always been easily able to control the boys she dated, usually leaving them frustrated and unfulfilled.
"Now let's see if we can bring some pleasure to mix with that pain, Brandy. You will be surprised how much pain you will endure if you are kept sexually aroused." The Chancellor moved her hands down to the legs that were drawn up high and bound, Brandy's sexy tanned thighs exposed, her short skirt unable to cover her panties.
"Yes, such smooth sexy skin," the Chancellor let her hand roam up and down her thigh, moved up towards Brandy's pussy mound so prominently displayed by her tight panties, her vulva pushed out the front, her labia sharply outlined, the material already pushed between the pronounced lips. Her hands reached
around, able to grasp her bottom cheeks, felt the tight, firm flesh as Brandy struggled to escape the hands, but bound by one foot gave her little freedom of movement. The Chancellor turned the knob, a moan of pain from Brandy's lip as her nipples stretched tighter.
"Yes, hurts doesn't it? Let's slip that skirt off of you," the knife quickly shred the garment, the pieces fell to the floor at Brandy's feet. Such lovely, long legs, Brandy. I'm going to enjoy them spread wide for me."
Brandy shivered, more in fear than the cold as she was quickly stripped naked by the Chancellor, Headmaster Michael watched as her body was exposed. This is what I wanted, but not with the Chancellor, with Headmaster Michael!

Headmaster Michael moved towards Ashley. He reached down, his hand gently turned her head to the side, towards him.
As she was turned, she was shocked to see Headmaster's hard cock bob just inches from her mouth.
"No, please don't make me do that!" She knew what he wanted when his fingers urged her head towards him, her lips clamped tightly. She felt a hand grip her nipple tightly, fingernails dug painfully into the tip until she felt it almost burst, felt wetness, knew that he had drawn bl**d. She screamed in pain, Headmaster Michael quickly moved his hips forward, his hard cock placed on her lips before she could even comprehend what had happened, the pain in her nipple overpowered her brain.
"That's a good girl, Ashley. Now wrap those sweet little lips around my cock. It's time to learn how to please me with your hot mouth. You ever suck a cock before, Ashley?" His fingers were poised on her bleeding nipple, ready to give her sufficient reason to answer him. He saw her shake her head, his cock jumped as her lips ran back and forth over the head.
"Don't worry, I'll teach you to be a good little cocksucker. Yes, like that," felt her tighten her lips around the girth of his cock, her small mouth stretched wide to take it all. "Now your tongue, let it play over the tip of my cock. I'll feed you a little more," a push with his hips, his hand on the back of her head, not giving her any choice but to swallow his hard cock.
It tasted salty, a thick drop of fluid leaked onto her tongue, mixed with her saliva to fill her mouth with the dreadful taste. So, that is what it tasted like, nothing like her own juices. She had often put her fingers in her mouth after cumming from masturbating, her juices less salty and not as thick. It wasn't as if she had a choice, his hand on the back of her head enf***ed her obedience. She felt the ridge around the head of his cock with her tongue, ran it down farther, felt the thick vein along the length of it. Was he going to cum in her mouth? Ashley was not sure she would be able to stop from choking if he did. She felt him push his hips back and forth, the hard cock moved out, then back in, each time pushed deeper into the hot confines of her
mouth. She couldn't stop him if he tried to shove it down her throat, afraid of being unable to breathe.
"Now I want you to do the work, Ashley. Bob your head up and down on my cock and keep your tongue moving. I want to watch the Chancellor work on Brandy. In a while I'm going to fuck you Ashley. I want to feel that hot, tight pussy wrapped around my cock. But in the meantime, keep me hard with your mouth. Show me what a good cocksucker you can become."
Headmaster Michael's eyes went back to Meredith and Brandy, Ashley enthusiastically sucked his cock now, her mouth and tongue blowing him better than a whore.

Brandy felt her panties torn from her body, naked now, the Chancellor pulled Brandy's leg up higher, her crotch ached from the terrible split she was placed in. She regretted trying to kick the Chancellor, her sex now so grossly exposed, unable to stop her from doing anything to her.
She saw Ashley suck Headmaster Michael's cock, not sure where Ashley had learned such a thing, her head moved up and down, her cheeks bulged as her tongue moved swiftly around inside her mouth, Brandy certain that her friend was bathing the Headmaster's cock so pleasurably. Suddenly, she had no time to think about Ashley and the Headmaster as the Chancellor's hand moved down her thighs, this time nothing to stop her from reaching her naked sex, the smooth, soft hands of another female felt so strange on her sex. It felt strange, as if they were her own, unable to control where they were going, unable to control whether they
were tender or cruel. Her labia were grabbed, the puffy flesh pinched between powerful fingers, Brandy moaned with pain. The other hand moved up to her breasts, the knob turned painfully again, her nipples felt like they were torn from her body.
"Nooo more..." Brandy begged, the Chancellor's fingers pushed apart her lips, found wetness, Brandy ashamed at how aroused she was becoming.
"See, I told you, pain can bring so much pleasure. Your cunt is drenched." She pushed two fingers into her, Brandy arched up on her toes, one leg stretched up high as the girl tried to prevent her fingers from entering so deeply inside. She felt Brandy finally give up, move her legs back down, the pussy now welcomed the unfamiliar fingers inside her, pushed her pussy down on them, f***ed them deep inside her.
"Yes, I like how you accept it Brandy," she finger fucked Brandy, watched her hips move back and forth. "Not yet, Brandy, I have more pain for you, first. Do you like antiques, Brandy? This is an antique. It's called a Pear, named for its shape as you can see. See the strange stem on it? It's really a screw. The Pear goes inside you Brandy, either your vagina or your asshole. Once fully embedded inside you, the stem will stick out. When I turn it, the Pear will expand inside you. First, it will merely feel uncomfortable, stretch you from the inside. Then, oh then, it will become much more painful."
Brandy tried to bow her legs out more, hoped to accommodate the thick metal Pear that the Chancellor began to insert inside her vagina. She knew it was no use to beg, they obviously enjoyed the pain they inflicted on her and nothing could make them change their minds. She felt like she was being torn, her tiny vagina not used to anything that big, especially that hard and rigid, metal Pear not giving, her vagina f***ed to expand painfully. Luckily, she was wet, the Chancellor pushed hard, felt the sudden shock as it pushed inside her, her vagina closed over the cruel metal instrument, trapped inside. She felt full, not flesh like if it were a cock, but this cold unyielding metal.
"How do you like the toys, Brandy? Try to relax and don't fight it. You are going to have to stretch wide. It will hurt, I will make sure of that," the Chancellor laughed at the look of discomfort on Brandy's face. "Soon it will turn to complete pain. Only then will you be f***ed to cum," Meredith's expert fingers were quite able to masturbate her to a powerful orgasm as the pain and the pleasure mixed.
It felt like she was giving birth, not really knowing, but she had heard enough of the experience to know that her vagina was being painfully spread apart as the Chancellor turned the screw on the Pear, each time it grew larger inside her young, tight pussy. The Chancellor's fingers moved from her nipples to the Pear and each time inflicted greater pain, each time Brandy's groans of pain only ignited further abuse of her nipples and sex.
The Chancellor gripped Brandy's vulva, felt it push out, the pear inside stretched her wide. She looked at her nipples, the tips white, stretched out over three inches, pulled taut, her beautiful tiny breasts elongated, the Tower of Power did an effective job of torturing the young firm flesh.
The Chancellor's fingers moved up Brandy's slit, searched out her clit. She found it, exposed and hard, the Pear peeled back her labia and clit hood, left it exposed and vulnerable.
"God, you're tearing me apart!" Brandy couldn't believe the pain. Her body was in constant pain, the Chancellor made sure of that, each time the clamps tightened or the Pear increased in size, the pain began anew. Brandy cried out, the finger on her clit startled her, unable to comprehend the feeling, scared that the Chancellor was going to inflict pain on her pleasure button.
"Please, no more, my vagina feels like you are tearing it open." Again, she tried to bow her legs out, anything to decrease the tremendous pressure inside her.
Meredith loved how Brandy looked, her once proud breasts and nipples now encased in a torture device, the tips stretched painfully long, pinched tight. Her pussy stuffed full of the cold, metal Pear, the unyielding metal stretched her tender passage, kept her spread wide from the inside.
"How about a little more, Brandy? Just to remind you of who is in charge. Brandy screamed, her nipples felt like they were being torn from her body, her sex so full of hard metal, her tight pussy expanded, prayed that it would not ruin her forever. She had to stop the pain.
"You're in charge, Chancellor. Just please stop hurting me."
Meredith moved closer to Brandy's face. "Are you sure?"
"Yes, please, no more," her lips tightened as the Chancellor tapped at the screw that stuck out of the Pear and sent painful jolts inside Brandy's pussy.
"We'll see," she leaned in closer, her lips touched Brandy's. She felt her pull her head away, Meredith's fingers quickly moved down to the Pear, gave it a harsh twist, a scream torn from Brandy's lips.
She was going to kiss me! Brandy had moved her head away, rewarded with another burst of pain from between her open legs. She screamed, the Chancellor simply smiled at her pain.
"Shall we try this again, Brandy?" She leaned in again, this time Brandy's lips did not move as Meredith let her tongue slip into the hot mouth.
"Mmm," she moaned, her tongue searched out and found Brandy's, lapped at it as she felt Brandy shake beneath her touch. Her hands, not idle, slid over Brandy's tight bottom, molded her flesh beneath her fingertips. She pulled away, "put your tongue in my mouth, Brandy, like a good girl." She pressed their lips together again, this time Brandy eagerly sought out her mouth with her tongue, pressed inside to run around the edges. She learns quickly. She's going to be a nice girl-fuck toy. The Board will love seeing her perform with one of the other unwilling girls. They kissed for a long time, Meredith loved Brandy's surrender. She finally pulled away, Brandy breathed heavily, her lips covered in their saliva.
"Are you ready to cooperate, Brandy?"
"What do you want, Chancellor Meredith?" Brandy was scared of the answer, but she had to stop the brutal pain in her sex and her nipples. She was afraid if the Chancellor turned the Pear one more time her vagina would be torn, ruined forever. She had to stop it now.
"I have a nice big black strap-on that I want to fuck you with. It's going to make you cum. Headmaster and Ashley want to see you have girl sex with me." Meredith went to the table, picked up the strap-on, reveled in the look of terror in Brandy's eyes.
Even with the way the Pear had stretched her pussy open, there was no way that she was going to take that monster in, let alone get fucked by it. It had to be over nine inches long, over two inches wide, the dome almost three inches. It was jet black, long raised veins ran down the shaft, with raised ribs that encircled it, adding another half inch to the girth, each one about a quarter inch wide, a total of five in all, spaced randomly along the shaft. She could only imagine how they would feel as they ran up and down inside her, sc****d her insides painfully. A pair of large, black balls hung down at the end. The domed head was built for pain. At least twenty hard plastic finger-like ticklers encircled the bulbous head, some sticking straight out, meant to directly attack the cervix when deeply embedded inside her. They were not the soft rubber
ticklers of regular vibrators, but heavy rigid plastic fingers that would painfully sc**** and expand the walls of her vagina. She started to beg, anything was better than getting fucked with that monster.
"I can't take that thing inside me, please, I'll do anything else! Anything!" tears fell from her eyes as she realized how painful this would be.
"Would you eat my pussy with your tongue? And, my asshole?"
She hadn't even thought of that, though she should have. How could she do that, put her tongue inside another girl's sex? She liked it when boys did it to her, but she even refused to put a cock inside her mouth, she used her hand on their cocks if necessary. She couldn't do it, it was too horrible to even think about.
"Not that, anything else."
"Headmaster, will you give me a hand with Brandy. I want to get her in a better position to fuck her. I thought the slanted bench would be appropriate. I can strap her to it, leaving her bottom to hang over the edge, her legs free for me to spread and tie high up in the air. First let me get the Pear out of her." Her fingers turned the screw, felt Brandy shudder in relief as her pussy was allowed to shrink back down. It still came out hard, popped noisily out of her clenched vagina. The first scream was priceless. Brandy hoped for relief when the nipple clamps were removed, unaware of the intense pain that followed as the bl**d rushed back in again. She hyperventilated, her eyes searched the Chancellor's, knew the other one would be just as painful, almost willing to plead for her to leave it on. Another gut wrenching scream signaled the removal of the clips, Meredith rubbed the tips, got the feeling back in the crushed nipples.
They both made quick work of Brandy. It took some time for her to get the feeling back in her arms and legs, the tight bondage cut off circulation. By time she recovered, they had already dragged her over to the inclined bench, a large wooden structure, one giant beam shooting up from the floor to over six feet high, the wooden beam over eight inches of solid wood. A long plank jutted out from the taller beam, about two feet from the top and proceeded at a thirty degree angle until it met up with a shorter beam that rose from the floor to about two feet high. Heavy iron plates and bolts secured the beams together, decades of age and wear doing little to hinder the strength of the joints. Another, shorter plank was secured to the sloped
beam at a right angle, a four by four piece of wood about three feet wide, the purpose to secure the arms of the victim. Numerous iron rings were bolted into the beams at various heights and locations.
Brandy found herself securely bound to the structure. She was on her back at a sharp downward angle. Her arms were pulled downward behind the shorter plank, rope secured her upper arms to the beam, her wrists pulled down to the bottom, a pair of cast iron cuffs at the base securely held her wrists pinned to the beam. She struggled to hold her head up. A heavy leather strap cinched around her waist held her securely. She struggled to no avail as they worked on her legs, Brandy unable to give further resistance. Long chains were secured to the walls on either side of her, at a right angle from her body. Each of her ankles were secured in
iron cuffs, Headmaster Michael and Chancellor Meredith each worked a windlass that gradually pulled her legs up and outward towards the wall. When they had finished, Brandy found her legs pulled up high, almost as high as her head, pulled out obscenely wide, her toes pointed, her thighs ached from the wide stretch. There was no support under her butt, the strap around her waist kept her from slipping, her spread legs kept her butt from sinking down. Her sex, all the way from her clit to her tiny anus was open and exposed.
Meredith began to undress slowly, not sure if she teased Brandy or Michael, both of their eyes glued to her as she took her off suit, stood before them clad only in bra and panties, a pair of stockings held up by a garter belt.
"You like, Headmaster Michael?"
"Very delightful body, Chancellor," his cock felt like it was going to tear through his pants.
"Maybe you would like to stick that nice cock up my asshole while I fuck Brandy?"
"The same thought came to my mind also, but with Ashley's hot mouth doing such a wonderful job, I think she deserves to have it fucked into the nice tight pussy. I wouldn't want to disappoint her." He looked down at Ashley, his hand rubbed her bulged cheek as he pumped his hard cock in and out her mouth, enjoyed an occasional gag when he pushed too far, tears ran down her cheeks as she fellated him.
"You want me to fuck you, don't you, Ashley?" gave his hips an extra hard shove, the dome of his cock pushed into the back of her mouth and tried to f***e entry to her throat. He was rewarded with a loud gagging sound, her throat bobbed up and down, tears poured from her wide open eyes as she suddenly found her throat filled with hard, pulsating cock flesh. He held her head tightly until she stopped struggling, her throat filled with his cock. He relented, pulled his cock from her throat, heard her breathe deeply,
rewarded with the sight of her breasts heaved up and down as she filled her lungs with the precious air.
"Do you want me to fuck you, Ashley?"
She could only nod her head, her lips stretched tightly around his cock, her tongue busy trying to please him, not wanting a repeat of his cock jammed down her throat. She thought she was going to die, her air cut off, as she gagged and choked on the thick cock that slid painfully down her throat, still sore from the f***ed entry. Damn, why did she always have to follow Brandy?
Maybe she would get what she deserved, not wanting to be fucked with that perverse strap-on that Chancellor was now securing around her waist. God, it looked like it could kill.

Michael almost regretted his decision when he saw Meredith naked. Her body would rival most of these young girls, but Meredith knew how to use it, though he was not sure how two dominant personalities would respond together. Ashley's renewed vigor in sucking his cock was a pleasant surprise. Her tongue was busy, her lips suctioned his cock as he pumped it in and out of her mouth. The throat fuck seemed to spur her efforts on.
"Good girl," he pet Ashley the way one would do to their dog, saw her eyes brighten as she responded to his praise. I think the Board might like to see Brandy and Ashley fuck each other with a double dildo. Then
Board could fuck their tight assholes, both of their hot, tight holes filled to capacity as they bucked up and down, f***ed into cumming. His cock hardened even more.
Meredith bent down between Brandy's legs, her face only inches from her pussy, inhaled the scent of her fear and arousal.
"Just to make sure you are wet enough. This will split you enough when you're wet, it would kill you dry." She stuck her tongue out, felt Brandy jerk at the sudden invasion of her pussy by the rough tongue that lapped up and down between her lips, tasted Brandy's juices-a slightly salty mixture of sweat mixed with the fluids that young aroused bodies produced. She felt Brandy's shudder as her fingers pulled back her clit hood, exposed the hard bud to her tongue, lapped at it, felt the body beneath her quiver in excitement. Two of her fingers moved down and slowly began to enter her vagina, pushed aside all resistance, her widely spread legs doing little to hinder her progress. She felt the muscles clench on her digits, as they slid effortlessly back and forth as her tongue continued to play across Brandy's clit. She wrapped her lips around it, drew it into her mouth, stretched it out as her tongue continued to lap back and forth over the tip.
If only the boys knew how to do it like the Chancellor. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as I thought. Brandy, wished she could raise her hips up and down, wished she could fuck the Chancellor's hot mouth. She was disappointed when the Chancellor abruptly stopped her oral ministrations of her sex, but not before she let her tongue lap at her tiny anus, sent delicious shivers through her body from the forbidden thrill of being rimmed. The Chancellor stood, Brandy smiled at the shine of her juices on the Chancellor's lips, as the older woman's tongue moved out to lick up the excess juices into her mouth.
The Chancellor gathered up some of Brandy's juices, rubbed it over the head of the dildo, moved between her legs, lined up the huge dildo to the young pussy. It was a sharp contrast, the evil black rubber dildo highlighted against the white skin and pink pussy. She hefted the instrument, let it slide up and down her slit, paid special attention to the clit, as she kept the young girl aroused. She would need all the juice she can produce, the fuck to be long and painful, the dildo built for pain, not pleasure. But she knew that somehow Brandy would cum, the mixture of pain and pleasure would drive her over the edge. They always surrendered to the deepest perversions performed on their bodies. She lined the thick head up to the vagina,
almost laughed at how small Brandy was and how much she would have to stretch to take it all inside her. She began to push, a slow gradual shove of her hips, grunted as Brandy's vagina fought the painful intrusion, watched as her tiny hole was slowly stretched open, enjoyed the surprised look on Brandy's face as she now realized how painful the fucking was going to be.
"Nooo, I can't take it!" Brandy felt her vagina stretched open, almost tearing as the unyielding rubber dildo continued to invade her body. The pear had been bad enough, but this was worse.
She shuddered and shook, unable to defend herself, her bound and spread body at the mercy of the Chancellor and her cruel strap-on. It began to burn, her vagina slowly f***ed to endure the dome of the dildo as it slowly entered her tight passage, her vagina stretched tightly around the three-inch head. She grunted in pain as the Chancellor continued the entry, pushed harder, felt the hard rubber fingers on the head rub painfully over her inner passage as it continued to drive deeper into her body. Her relief was short lived as the head was finally engulfed in her pussy, her lips able to slightly shrink down and grip the dome head under the lip. The Chancellor stopped, Brandy able to take a deep breath, the tightness between her legs, the
feeling of being so stuffed was difficult to breath.
"Noooo Mmm ... more!" she screamed in pain as the Chancellor began again, her powerful hips pushed relentlessly forward, the thick dildo thrust painfully in her vagina. Her pussy began to spasm in pain as the rubber fingers rubbed harshly along her inner walls, her vagina stretched again as the first of many ribs slowly entered, the thickness increased as it plunged in. She felt the Chancellor stop, her relief brief as the Chancellor pulled the shaft partly out, then fucked back in again, Brandy f***ed to relive the first rib as it moved back and forth over her widestretched vagina. God, it hurt so bad and not even half of it was inside her. She felt the Chancellor grow impatient, her hips more f***eful, the dildo slid in and out with greater speed, her vagina constantly irritated by the ribs that randomly stretched and shrunk her opening
around the shaft. Her insides burned, as they were continually rubbed raw by the plastic fingers, her passage f***ed into painful spasms as it tried to cope with the unevenness of the black dildo.
The Chancellor could wait no longer, Brandy's screams of pain made her wetter, her hips began to make longer strokes, make Brandy take almost the entire shaft inside her, knew what it was doing to her insides, the fingers and ribbed fingers painfully rubbed her raw. She pulled until it was almost all the way out, only the head gripped tightly by her vagina, wrapped so tightly around it, stretched painfully wide. Over seven inches of black dildo was outside, waiting for reentry. Meredith thrust her hips forward, mustered all her strength to shove the dildo inside Brandy until it was buried deep into her body, sure that it reached places never touched before, the thick rubber fingers on the end shoved painfully into her cervix. The scream from Brandy
was ear-splitting, her face contoured in pain as she shook and shuddered on the bench.

Meredith reached down, pushed the sweat drenched hair from Brandy's face. "Are you ready to get fucked now, Brandy? Maybe next time you won't be such a bad girl. Bad girls get fucked hard."
Brandy could say nothing, her voice hoarse from hers screams, her body pain-racked from the brutal fucking that the Chancellor inflicted on her. She felt the dildo pull out, then back in again, the descent just as painful as her inner walls were abraded by the ribs and fingers, tightened in pain. The fucking continued for a long time, each minute like hours, her pussy used mercilessly.
She looked through her tear-filled eyes at the Headmaster, he grinned at her shame and pain, his cock still filled Ashley's eagerly sucking mouth. The pain finally became numbness, the Chancellor moved forward, dragged the uneven dildo up and down her clit, her fingers trapped it over the rubber dildo. The pain seemed to diminish with time, her pussy still stuffed, the dildo shafted back and forth, but her clit seemed to get bigger and more sensitive. The down strokes were the most painful, the rubber fingers pushed against her cervix each time, as if the dildo tried to drive inside her.
Meredith touched Brandy's clitoris, it was time to make her cum. The dildo had aroused it, made it swollen and sensitive, Meredith's fingers rubbed the tip back and forth, let a fingernail rub painfully over the tip, anything to keep Brandy on the edge of pain and pleasure. It worked, the pain not etched in her face any longer, her hips tried to move up to greet the dildo, the tight bondage gave her little room. She let her get almost to the edge, then she would slow down her fingers, or give her a more powerful fuck to bring back the pain, anything to stop the orgasm. After three times, Brandy was almost driven over the edge, her body wanted so badly to cum.
"Please," Brandy begged, almost afraid to admit it, her voice so soft.
"What did you say, Brandy?"
"Please, Chancellor Meredith?"
"What do you want me to do?" She drove the dildo into Brandy, made her feel the full measurement of the thick rubber dildo, every bump, rib and finger rubbed along inside her tender pussy.
"Aaah," she moaned from the powerful thrust. "Make me cum. Please make me cum."
"Of course, Brandy, but you must promise me one thing first."
"What?" She was almost afraid to ask.
"You'll have to do the same for me. Make me cum. Will you do that, or should I fuck you with the hard, rubber dildo for another half hour?" She punched the dildo in again, changed the angle, found new parts of her pussy that had not received the painful abrasion of all the painful bumps on the dildo.
"How?" She knew the answer, hoped it was not what she thought it would be.
"With your lovely mouth and tongue, Brandy. You are going to have to eat my pussy until I cum on your pretty face. Can you do that, or maybe I should pull the dildo out of your pussy and shove it up your tight, virgin asshole?"
God, it could get worse. Now if she didn't comply, she would be sodomized by the evil dildo. It couldn't be all that bad to eat her pussy, after all, she had licked her own fingers after masturbating, delighted in the taste of her juices. Anything to stop the unrelenting dildo that continued to drive in and out of her pussy, Chancellor Meredith each time kept her from had the orgasm she so desperately needed.
"Yes, I will eat your pussy," knew that the Chancellor would make her say the whole thing, the Chancellor liked the humiliation of saying what perversion she agreed to.
"Good girl, now cum for me," her fingers reached down for her clit again, this time ready to make her cum, wanted to enjoy the innocent face of Brandy between her legs, her tongue licking up and down her slit until she came all over her face. This young girl would soon find out what it was like to eat a woman who was a squirter, smiled at the thought of her juices shooting out all over, almost like a man cumming on her face.

Michael could wait no longer, Ashley's new found vigor in oral copulation continually drove him to the edge of orgasms, he f***ed her to stop, wanting to cum inside her pussy.
"Do you want me to fuck you now, Ashley?"
Even though she had already cum, she felt the arousal come back in her body. She was humiliated at how easily Headmaster Michael had made her cum before, even when he inflicted pain on her body, unable to stop him from forcing a powerful orgasm from her body. She wasn't sure why she was aroused, but she thought it might be because he f***ed her to suck his cock, unable to stop him from shoving his thick cock into her mouth and down her throat while she choked and gagged on the thick man-meat. f***ed to service him sexually, as though she was a sex slave. Bound, that was all she was: a convenient sexual outlet for all of his perversities.
But she did want him to fuck her, wanted to experience what it felt like to be truly taken as a sex object, her only purpose to pleasure him and his cock.
"Yes," she quietly admitted.
"Have you ever had anyone dump a load of hot cum inside you, Ashley? Or do all the boys wear condoms?"
"I've only had sex four times, all of them used condoms. None of them ever made me cum," she admitted, not sure why, but hoped that Headmaster would make her cum, wanted to experience an orgasm while being vaginally penetrated. f***ed to cum while being fucked.
"I don't wear condoms, Ashley. I'm going to bathe your pussy with my hot cum, filling you to overflowing. I expect you to squeeze my cock with your pussy when I fuck you. Do it when I pull out, relax your muscles when I push in. Do a good job of fucking me or I will stick three fingers up your hot, tight asshole and drive your pussy up and down my cock. Do you understand?" He moved back between her legs again, her pussy already glistened with her juices. He peeled back her lips, her pink insides very wet. He rubbed his cock along her slit, back and forth as she shuddered beneath him.
"Yes, Headmaster Michael. I will be a good fuck for you," ashamed at her words, even more humiliated that she would perform it. Her head shot back and suddenly she was filled with a thick, hard cock, Headmaster Michael had not given her a chance to get used to its girth, impaled her on the full measure of it in three powerful strokes, each time going deeper inside her body, finally banged hard against her cervix, his cock jerked around inside her, her muscles involuntarily clenched on the hard flesh in response to the sudden **** of her body.
Michael loved to take them hard, make them feel the power he had over their bodies, the tight bondage left them helpless to do anything but scream in pain, the sound of which always made his cock jerk in appreciation. He gripped her hips hard, his fingers dug into the flesh as he pumped her with his cock. She was so tight, sweat beaded on his forehead as he used his powerful hips to drive his cock in and out her tight opening. It felt like a tight glove gripped his cock, her vaginal opening would spasm up and down his shaft as a hand would do, gripped his cock, brought such pleasure to him. His fingers found her clit, the swollen bud hard, a dark red from his prior abuse, and manipulated it, his fingertip slapped, dragged tortuously, made her
feel the broken nail on his index finger run over it, sc****d it painfully.
He looked over to see Meredith slam in and out of Brandy, the girl's head thrown back as she came, came all over the evil black dildo that seemed transformed from an instrument of pain to an instrument of rapture. Her screams of pleasure drove Ashley, her pussy felt like a leather glove that gripped his cock as he fucked her, slid up and down his shaft, squeezed so tight, gave him so much pleasure. He continued to rut into Ashley, her young body learned quickly to give him so much pleasure. The Board would love her, love her tight body.
Brandy could just barely stand when she was released from the bondage, but the Chancellor didn't want her limbs, she only wanted her mouth and tongue. She dragged her over to the chair, made her kneel before it, Meredith sat down, her legs spread wide, her hips pushed forward, her sex exposed. She grabbed Brandy's head, each hand gripped tightly around the ears, pulled her forward, pulled Brandy's face onto her sex.
"Eat my pussy, Brandy." She saw the tongue come out, pushed Brandy's lips tightly against her slit, arched her bottom up as the tongue came in contact with her over-heated pussy, moaned softly with pleasure.
"Lick up and down my slit, use your fingers to spread me apart. Mmmm," she moaned again, "yes, such a good cunt licker you are, Brandy. I think you will spend a lot of time under my desk servicing my pussy with your tongue. Would you like that, Brandy, eating my pussy every day?“
Brandy didn't want to think any further then the moment, her pussy sated, she now had to please the Chancellor. The Chancellor's juices were almost sweet, her nectar abundant, filled her mouth with her taste. Her fingers pulled the lips back, big puffy lips that were easy to grip, pulled harder than necessary, felt a bit of power over the Chancellor as she ate her pussy.
"Such a good girl, now make your tongue hard and push it into my vagina. Tongue-fuck me. Oh God, it feels like a little cock inside me," Brandy eagerly tried to please her. "Up and down my slit. Don't forget to go all the way back to my asshole. I want you to rim me, push that thick hard tongue up my asshole. Keep your fingers busy as you do."
She no longer cared what she was doing or how distasteful it was, her only desire was to please the Chancellor. The word Mistress suddenly came to mind. Did she suddenly become the sex slave of the Chancellor, was the woman now her Mistress? Her fingers slid down to the pussy, played with the slit again, up and down the wet lips, the thought of what she was doing aroused her again. She curled her tongue, made it rigid and pushed hard on the Chancellor's anus, f***ed her tongue inside the rectum, felt the heat, tasted the slightly murky flavor, drove the thought of where her tongue was from her mind, her only thought to please her Mistress.
The Chancellor saw Brandy masturbate herself again, even after just cumming. Her tongue seemed to come alive, drove such pleasures from her body, surprised at how eagerly she began to rim her, afraid that she might have to be f***ed to provide such sexual services. She stroked her head, "You are such a good girl, Brandy. I think I will keep you around as my little sex toy. Would you like that, Brandy? Servicing me with your tongue and hands whenever I desire you. You know it excites me to hurt you sexually. Will you submit to me?"
Brandy looked up, her eyes wide, heard what would be required of her. She could only nod her head, her face moved back down to service her Mistress with her tongue and fingers, hoped to please her.
The room almost shook noisily as they all came. First Ashley, her pussy filled for the first time with hot cum, the fluids shot into her like a fire hose, his semen bathed her insides. She clamped down on his cock, pulled his cum from his balls as he came inside her, his fingers drove an orgasm from her body, pinched and twisted her nipples and clit hard. She looked over to see the look of ecstasy on the Chancellor's face as her best friend so intently buried her face into the older woman's pussy, sure that her tongue visited every nook and cranny in her body. She was surprised to see Brandy so openly masturbate, cumming at the same time, oblivious to those around her. For someone who was used to always being in charge, she certainly took to the submissive role that the Headmaster and the Chancellor had put them into.
Ashley was finally released from the bondage furniture, her body drained of all strength, the Headmaster held her tightly against his naked body as though she was a little girl until she regained enough strength to stand. Brandy was involved in a deep, passion kiss with the Chancellor, their tongues mixed into each other's mouths, the Chancellor's juices moved back and forth between them.
"On Friday I want both of you to report to my office. A few members of the Board would like to avail themselves of your bodies. You will be required to engage in girl sex while the members watch and then they will want to take you sexually, it will be their decision as to which orifice they will visit with their cocks. I expect you to perform for them and avail them of everything your young bodies have to offer. If not you will suffer punishment under the Chancellor and myself. Do I make myself clear?“
They both nodded as they dressed, unable to stop the Headmaster any longer, resigned to be used sexually at his whim.
"I will teach you Ashley, I will teach you how to eat pussy," Brandy whispered.

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Brilliant read a talented young lady for sure with a very emotional mind