The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 2 - Justine

Michael rubbed his hand over her inflamed back, the skin already warm, turned a light pink.
"Now that you know what to expect, let's try a more intimate part, Justine. How about if I flog your hanging breasts?" His hands reached down to one, grabbed it in his palm, squeezed it harshly before he moved on to her nipple, pulled and yanked until it began to harden, not sure if it was pleasure or pain that brought it about, Michael had not really cared, just wanted to give himself a bigger target to abuse.
"You can't hit a girl there!" she exclaimed, but knew better. Headmaster Michael enjoyed inflicting pain and she knew that her breasts wouldn't be the only place. He had already threatened to whip her between her legs.
He let the flogger fly, swung side-arm, got enough f***e behind it to slap against her breast flesh, numerous falls tearing at her areola and nipples. He was pleased with the scream that he tore from her lungs. He imagined how it felt, 40 suede falls attacking her breast. He let her feel the pain for a minute, faded to a dull ache before he slashed at it again, aimed lower, put the full f***e of the blow on the tip of her breast, her nipple.
She thought he had ripped her nipple from her breast, the fall hit the hard flesh with a powerful f***e, the second one even more painful than the first. She began to cry, even as he switched sides, Justine turned her head just in time to see the flogger sail through the air and strike her untouched breast. Two more blows, each time harder and faster, her breast bounced around as it suffered the terrible flogging. She couldn't stop screaming, Headmaster Michael moved from one side of her to the other, each time extracted fresh screams from her, each time her breast suffered the terrible sting of the flogger. She panted, her voice hoarse from her screams, sure that her breasts bled.
"What do you think, Justine?" He stood in front of her, stroking her tear stained face. "Did you like that?"
"It hurts so bad, please stop."
"I'll leave your breasts alone-for now. It's time to work on your backside. I'm going to start with the bottom of your legs, moving up until I get to that nice, juicy butt. Then, you're going to have to help me out. I want to flog your tender inner thighs, so you're going to spread your legs for me.
"Never! I'll never do that willingly. You're going to have to f***e them apart!"
"No, I don't think I'll have to do that. I think you will spread your legs quite far for me. But first, let's get those shapely legs warmed up." He moved behind her again, bent down so he could get a good level swing. He struck her on her calves, her clenched legs allowed him to strike both at the same time. She began to dance for him, her feet moved, but she kept her thighs tightly clenched as he moved up and down her calves. He finished with her lower legs, then moved up to the back of her thighs, the tender area between her buttocks and her knees.
It hurt, hurt bad, especially to the back of her legs, the flogger unrelenting as it sought out tender flesh to strike. She screamed again, her feet moved up and down as she suffered under the ruthless flogging. He stopped, his hand rubbed up and down the back of her leg, moved up to her butt, felt her clenching her muscles.
"Just a few blows to get your bottom a little red. Then we will get down to the serious part." He let the flogger fly through the air, hit her sensuous ass with all 40 falls and a resounding thud that shook her body. She was pushed forward into the wood of the pillory by the f***e of the blow.
He followed up with five consecutive blows, her screams continuous, her sobs filled the room. He was sure that the Board was happy with her song of pain. He let his hand run over her bottom, felt her flinch as he touched the hot, red flesh.
"Now it's really going to hurt, Justine. I'm going to whip your tender inner thighs first, then move between your legs and whip your pink pussy. Finally I'm going to let the flogger sting your tiny asshole. It's going to feel like I'm tearing your body apart. But first I want you to look in the mirror and see my little toy. Watch
the floor behind you."
He pressed a button near him. This was not an antique, but a modern invention made to induce girls to willingly spread their legs, even though they knew it would open up their sex to such terrible abuse. The floor opened and rows of sharp tacks, each over an inch long and spaced one inch apart, appeared on the floor running from the pillory, back to over three feet behind her.
"These will pierce your feet if you step on them, so if I were you I'd do anything to avoid them. I'll tell you when I move this or increase the area of the tacks so you can make up your mind if you want to avoid them or suffer the painful stabbing of the sharp tacks into the tender skin on the bottom of your feet. I had one girl who thought she would rather step on the tacks instead of spreading her legs for me. She couldn't walk for over three weeks until the stab marks healed. Her pussy would have only taken a week to heal," he laughed. "And, I still whipped her pussy anyway." He laughed at her discomfort.
Justine could see the sharp tacks glisten in the light, shuffled her feet to the sides, knew that her thighs no longer touched, her feet a couple of inches apart. She saw the reflection in the mirror, her pussy peeked out from between her legs, her buttocks still clenched.
He let the flogger fly through the air, hit the area of her upper thighs and lower buttocks, sure that a few of the longer falls had hit her pussy, her scream a testament to his marksmanship.
"Very good, Justine. Now watch the tacks again, I'm going to make them wider. You're going to have to spread your legs a little more for me. Show me a little more pussy."
It hurt, the flogger found the tender skin of her pussy lips that still protected her inner pussy from the falls. She opened her legs wider, beyond the six inches of tacks, her feet placed on the outside of them, looked into the mirror, the gap between her thighs widened, her pussy now in clear view.
"Not yet, Justine, watch the tacks again." He pushed the button; tacks appeared under her right foot, f***ed her to move it forward at least another four inches. Tacks under her left foot were the opposite, f***ed her to move it back at least four inches, as well.
She had figured out the purpose, her tender thighs were exposed, each inner thigh available to the flogger. She braced herself for the pain, the sting instantaneous, Headmaster Michael grew impatient. He slapped at her thighs, the falls wrapped around her white inner flesh, then moved on to the other side. Eight continuous, alternating blows followed, Justine lifted her leg, danced, watched so she didn't place her tender feet down on the tacks. It hurt so bad, screams as she suffered the cruel flogging.
"You're doing well, Justine. Now watch the tacks again. First they are going to fill in the area in front of you, so you are going to have to move both feet back." The button made the tacks come out of the floor, Justine shuffled her feet backward, her body stretched out, her bottom had no other alternative except to rise up. Her legs stretched far out behind her. He turned a crank, the pillory held her head as her arms began to move down, Justine f***ed to follow, bend over farther, her head below her waist.
"That sticks your bottom out nice for me, Justine." His hand roamed over her bottom, her cheeks already parted, her pussy peeked out from between her legs.
"Just one more thing now, Justine, watch the center this time. It's going to get wider, so I'm afraid you're going to have to spread your legs for me now."
He had been right, he had f***ed her to spread her own legs, the gap between them widened to over two feet before she stopped moving to avoid the sharp tips. She looked at herself in the mirror, her pussy spread open, the cheeks between her butt still clenched, hid her anus, but she knew she could not hold them that tight for much longer. She braced herself for the pain.
Michael swung the flogger sideways across her lower buttocks, struck her upper thighs and lower buttocks, stray falls attacked her pussy as it peeked out.
She jumped, the pain raced through her groin, her head banged against the pillory as she tried to escape the cruel flogger. But it was no use, Headmaster Michael had done an efficient job of presenting her body so that it was at its most vulnerable. At least for the moment. He moved to the other side, another backhand across her bottom and the screams rang out again. Ten times she bore the brunt of the flogger on her naked flesh, the falls sought out and found the deep recesses between her legs to sting with the bite of a bee.
He stroked her flesh with the flogger, let her feel the instrument of her punishment.
"You know what I want now, don't you, Justine? I want you to tell me what you'll do now."
She sobbed, her lower body a mass of pain, her skin felt like it was red hot, his touch ignited the beaten flesh. She knew what she must say.
"You want me to spread my legs wider for you," she sobbed.
"Yes, Justine, such a good girl. The area of tacks between your legs is going to get bigger. Significantly bigger. About four feet, so you're going to have to go very wide. Can you do that for me, Justine?"
She had already moved her legs wider as the tacks began to appear. At first she hadn't judge the distance enough, a tack stabbed into the side of her foot and motivated her to spread her legs wider. She looked into the mirror, her pussy completely exposed, even her pink pussy inside her lips were unveiled. She unclenched her cheeks, her anus now unprotected, her muscles no longer able to defend the tiny hole.
Michael moved behind her, pleased at the way she was presented to him as well as to the Board behind the mirror. His fingers roamed from the top of her thighs, trailed lightly over her pussy, felt her jump with the unexpected touch of his hand before he let them play up and down the crack of her bottom, to rub her small anus.
The first slash struck on the top of her buttocks then trailed painfully down the crease in her butt, suede falls tore at her anus and ripped an ear piercing scream from her, but it was nothing compared to the second scream wretched from her lips. Michael had let the flogger rise up from the floor to travel between her legs before it struck at the juncture, hard into the vee, squarely on her sex. The f***e of the blow made her body rise up, fear of stabbing her feet on the tacks the only thing stopping her from rising with it.
"Now I know that hurt, didn't it Justine?" He teased her for a minute, let his hand rub over her pussy, felt her flinch from the pain before he swung the flogger again. He heard her sharp intake of breath just seconds before it landed, straight up again, the varying lengths of the falls found the deep recesses between the lips of her pussy, some even smacked harshly against her vagina. Another shrill scream, her body unable to comprehend the pain he was inflicting on her. Two more quick ones, then one to her asshole turned her into a complete blubbering girl.
He rubbed her flesh again.
"Please," she sobbed, "no more."
"Almost, Justine, almost. But I think you can do a little more for me in posing and exposing your body for the flogger." Watch the floor again, you're going to have to spread your legs a little wider. I know it will begin to hurt, as if it's splitting you up the middle. But you will soon forget that pain when the flogger splits your pussy."
She couldn't take this much longer, afraid her pussy and asshole were ruined, as if he had torn them to ribbons. Little did she know or realize that a girl's sex was not that delicate, able to take a severe whipping and still be serviceable for fucking. Michael would soon test that theory out.
Her legs spread obscenely wide just in time before the tacks appeared. Her legs were over five feet apart, her thighs ached from the strain.
"I like that, Justine, now just one more thing. You're going to have to get on your toes; the area where your heel is will soon have tacks coming out." He watched as she jumped up on her toes, regardless of the promised pain of the lash, afraid of the tacks, she knew what they felt like. He let the pillory fall toward the floor again, her head moved down, her bottom rose up. He moved behind her, pleased at how she was presented. He patted her between the legs, spanking her pussy softly, smiled at the people behind the mirror.
"Bravo Michael, Bravo," they cheered him, the Board pleased at how the chastisement of Justine proceeded. Their cocks swollen with lust at the sight she presented. Her head was bent far down in submission, her bottom arched high, her legs spread an exaggerated distance, the muscles in her legs tight, her bottom cheeks taut as she balanced on her toes, her pussy and asshole open, submitted for the lash of the flogger.
Michael let his fingers run up and down her slit. Even though she was being whipped, it was surprising how wet her pussy was. Once again, he was not sure if it was a natural reaction to the pain or if she was submitting to the punishment and aroused by it. He moved to her asshole, felt her try to move away, but her position of servitude had not allowed any movement.
She felt him touch her intimately again, scared when he touched her anus, circled the crinkled opening, a dark brown circle in a sea of white buttocks. She wagged her bottom in protest as his finger pushed inside and played with her sphincter.
"Four strokes to your pussy and two to your bottom. I'm going to enjoy this, Justine."
She cringed when she heard his voice. God, how would she be able to survive it? Her legs already ached from the severe stretch she had been f***ed into, her toes cramped. Her crotch hurt, not just from the flogging, but from the wide stance of her legs. Her only salvation would be to get it over quickly.
"Hurry, get it over in a hurry."
Michael liked that, her surrender to the punishment. He stroked her flanks one more time as he would a favored dog.
"Good girl, Justine, now arch your beautiful bottom up for me, I like how the position spreads your pussy out for the flogger," smiled at she strain to please him. He tapped her pussy from behind, loving the sound that his hand made on her flesh.
He swung the flogger up from the floor, watched her tense as she heard its swoosh, struck her between the legs with a powerful f***e that drove her body upward, the forty falls spread out like a fan, beat a path from the insides of her tender thighs to her spread pussy lips, the individual falls sought out the most tender part of her body, the harsh sting of the suede rushed to all her senses almost immediately.
She screamed in pain, her legs wanted to move together to protect her sex from the cruel flogger, but the tacks effectively enf***ed her submission, her body trembled in pain. Three more to her pussy. God, could she stand it? She heard the whoosh again, the sharp thud as the flogger struck her, harder this time. Headmaster Michael had swung from above, his strength greater this way, hit her on her spread bottom cheeks, beat straight down the center of her cheeks.
She thought her asshole was torn open, the falls smashed all around her tiny anus, inflamed the skin.
"Not so hard," she shrieked at the top of her lungs.
Michael smiled as he saw her delicate skin turn red, blistered by the beat of the flogger. Her legs trembled, her toes strained to keep off the tacks. He would have to hurry, not sure if she would be able to retain the submissive position much longer. A quick cut up her pussy, made sure the brunt of the falls hit between her pussy lips, smashed into the tender inner flesh with a resounding crack, certain that many falls breached her lips to attack her vulnerable vagina. He wanted to make sure that it was inflamed by the time he finished, make her a better fuck, give him more enjoyment, her body f***ed to tighten up in response to the new pain. Another cut down onto her asshole, the pink, wrinkled opening a bright red, inflamed and pulsating.
She screamed continually, Headmaster Michael didn't allow her to absorb the pain before the flogger returned again to tear the flesh. Her pussy burned, the skin so tender, the flogger returned again and again to the same spot. It felt like the falls f***ed their way into her vagina, pushed her hole open. One final bl**d curdling scream wrenched from her voice, Headmaster Michael made the most of his powerful strength to slap the flogger between her widely spaced thighs for the final blow. Her pussy, swollen and inflamed suffered the painful slaps of the falls, each felt like they sought out her most intimate parts, one long fall struck upward to slam painfully into her clit. She trembled in pain, puffed from the exhaustion of the terrible beating that Headmaster Michael inflicted on her, her body a mixture of confusing signs, her muscles
ached, her skin burned, her sex abused.
Meredith looked at the Board members, their eyes glued to the sight of Justine still in the degrading position Michael had put her in, her skin now a bright red, especially her pussy and asshole. The flogger had extracted a painful price from her body, sex would be painful to her for a while, a thought that further excited them.
"Did our new Headmaster do an excellent job in punishing her?" She saw them all nod.
"Is he going to continue?"
"Yes, but from the look of the bulge in his pants and the way Justine is positioned, I think he will first be taking advantage of that lovely and beaten pussy to sheath his cock. I think Justine will be more than willing to perform and give Michael the fuck of his life to avoid additional time with the flogger. The pain she'll feel when he fucks her will send her pussy to spasms, massaging his cock."
"And after that, what next?"
"He has some more surprises for Justine. I think her delicate body parts will feel the pinch and bite of some of the more nasty and painful instruments. It should prove very entertaining, and I'm sure Justine's body will be put into a very interesting compromising position to afford you all an excellent view."
Michael gazed at her upturned bottom, her pussy still pushed back, spread wide. He loved how the flogger turned her white, delicate flesh a shocking red. Even the pink insides of her pussy lips were a deep and dark red, her lips swollen, her puckered anus raw.
She looked back at him just in time to see him unzip his pants and take out a large cock, the head massive, a light red, with a dark brown ring running around it.
"Can you take the tacks away so I can move?" She watched him move toward the controls, relieved.
Michael allowed the tacks at her heels to recede.
"Put your feet flat on the ground and relax, I imagine they must be beginning to cramp."
She sank down, her toes cracked as they did, almost falling as her heel had begun to tingle, falling asl**p. "Let me put my legs together, please," she begged.
"Soon, Justine, but first you're going to have to fuck me. Your flogging made my cock hard so you're going to have to service it with your pussy. I like the position you are in, you'll be able to provide me with a good fuck. I expect you to fuck your hips back and forth and your pussy to squeeze my cock. Can you do that for me, Justine?" His hands rested on her hips, his hard, hot cock touched her ass cheeks, watched her jump when she felt it.
It almost felt like it was burning her flesh. She felt his cock touch her bottom, frightened at the thought of something that big inside her, especially the condition her sex was in. She couldn't see it very well, the mirror only gave her a glimpse, but she knew that it must be swollen. She knew she would be f***ed to maintain the position he put her in, her ass thrust out, her pussy looking like it begged to be fucked, a humiliating position to be in. But she had no choice.
"I hurt too much," she sobbed.
"I can either fuck you or spend the time using the flogger on you some more. I'm just not sure how much that nice little pussy can take. Would you rather I beat your pussy with the flogger ten or twenty times more?" He smiled, he knew that it was not a choice she would accept.
Anything would be better than the flogger, little did she know the torture she would have to suffer once he finished cumming in her hot little box.
He was right, she could not take any more of the flogger, her flesh so tender. She wasn't even sure how she would be able to stand him fucking her.
"Fuck me."
"I think you're going to have to get wet for me first, Justine. Can you be a good little girl? I'll masturbate you a bit but I need you to make your pussy cream for me. I know your pussy hurts, but try real hard." He teased her, wanted her to f***e herself to accept it, get wet after being beaten, getting her pussy lubricated for his big cock.
She could only nod her head, humiliated at the thought of having to get sexually aroused after he had beaten her so severely, get wet so that he could f***e himself on her and fuck her. Fuck her until he deposited his dirty semen inside her. She felt the bulbous head of his cock rub up and down her pussy slit, between her lips, push them ruthlessly aside. She felt the wetness, his cum drip out and rub up and down her slit. He pushed it against her vagina, so huge compared to her tiny opening. She was no longer a virgin, had been fucked before, but not very many times and that boy was small compared to Headmaster Michael.
His hands slipped underneath her, his fingers found her bush and sought out her clit. He found it, his fingers pushed along the edges, pushed the clit hood out of the way, his two fingers squeezed it below the head. She jerked up when he touched it, pushed onto his hard cock, felt her vagina stretch open before she pushed back again, pushed her clit into his hand.
"Yes, see you're starting to hump me already," laughing at her discomfort. "You really want my hard cock to fuck your tight pussy. Maybe I should flog you anytime I want to fuck you to get you into the mood," his voice cheerful as he continued to tease.
"No, I hated it," she blurted out. His other hand moved down to her vagina, one finger pushed in, the skin tender from the flogger. "Careful, that hurts."
"I know, your pain makes my cock hard. What a nice, hot tight pussy, Justine. Yes, that's the way, your pussy is sucking my finger inside." He felt her pussy clench on his finger, her pussy already wet.
"Your pussy is already moist for me, Justine," his other hand rubbed her clit back and forth, felt it swell. He pulled his finger from her pussy, too anxious to wait any longer, fisted his cock and placed it against the tiny opening of her vagina. It would take a lot of f***e to push it inside, but with her legs spread so wide, unable to move because of the tacks, she would willingly help to make it fit.
"Oh God, it's too big, it'll never fit!" she began to cry as his cock head began to push in, feeling her vagina stretch. She planted her feet firmly, pushed back on her bottom, not wanting to move her feet and feel the pain of the tacks. Not after all she suffered to avoid the painful puncture of her feet. It was so cruel of Headmaster Michael, he flogged her, and made her participate in her own debasement, now she had to help him by pushing back on his cock so he could drive his massive cock into her tiny vagina.
"Oh that's so good, Justine, push that sweet little pussy onto my cock and then you can give me a good ride." He grabbed her hips, rotated them, made his cock enlarge the opening as it slowly and painfully pushed into her pussy.
"Just a little more and you will have the head, Justine, fuck back and let it inside you."
She grit her teeth and pushed, the cock slid painfully inside her vagina, she gripped the large head as it twitched inside her. It was huge, and he would expect her to take the length now that she accepted the girth. "Hold still, please, let me get use to it," she begged him.
He rotated her hips again, moved them up and down, his head pulled out then pushed back in, it felt like it was caught in a giant vice.
"That feels so good, Justine. Now take a little more inside your tight little pussy. I have over eight inches of steel cock to feed you." He heard her moans of pain but her bottom arched backward, her anus puckered out as she did, Michael pleased at how she was displayed. The tiny wrinkled opening of her anus would feel his finger soon, but first he wanted his cock sheathed inside her pussy. He couldn't believe how tight she was. Young girls always delighted him, their barely used pussies a waste, Headmaster Michael more than
willing to take advantage of their lack of experience, always willing to teach them how to perform for him.
Justine pushed back on the rigid cock pressed inside her pussy, felt the head rub hard along her pussy walls as it was f***ed in her. Back out again, his cock moved more easily, her pussy got wetter. Back in, deeper, his cock rubbed new spots inside her, filled her completely with his pulsating flesh. She felt him flex his cock, made it jump inside her, teased her. Out again, she clamped on the head as it pulled out, afraid it would slip out, make him mad or make it take longer. Her bottom arched backward, drove her pussy on his cock as he patiently stood behind her, buried in her tight pussy while she rocked back and forth on it.
Michael loved the way she performed for him, her hips pushed back and forth, pushed his cock in deeper and deeper as she moaned in pain as he filled her pussy.
"You got half now, Justine. Such a good girl you are, fucking so nicely on my cock. I need you to take it deeper, I want it buried inside your cunt." He used that word again, knowing that most women didn't like to
have it called that, knowing that he degraded her further by referring to it as a cunt. He reached around her bent-over body, almost lying on her back, his cock half buried in the tightest pussy he had fucked in a while. His hand slid under her, cupped her sex with his hand, felt his rigid member stick out of her pussy. He traced his fingers around her pussy, felt her hole wrapped tightly around his cock, like a band that ran up and down his shaft as his cock moved in and out.
"I'm going to play with your clit. I want my cock buried in your pussy in the next three strokes or I'm going to pinch it off. If you obey, I will rub it nice and make you cum with me."
She knew that he would do it; the flogging convinced her of his desire to hurt her and sexually abuse her. "God!" She pushed back, buried almost all of his cock inside her, the massive weapon pushed aside all resistance, tore its way deep inside her. She felt his hand rub her pussy lips, felt his cock as she made it slip in and out. One final plunge, his cock banged against her cervix as she finally fully engulfed the hard cock. Thank goodness her legs were spread so wide, her pussy felt so full. She rested for a minute while it twitched inside her; her pussy clenching in spasms on it in return. She felt his fingers find her clit and gently rub as opposed to the pain he had only just caused her.
"Now I want you to fuck back and forth, harder and faster each time. I want you to fuck me like a street whore and squeeze my cock with your tight pussy. And I want it hard, men love to fuck girls like you hard, make you squeal in pain. Please me or it's the flogger between your lovely thighs, again."
She pushed back, grunted, wanting to please him to get it over with. His cock felt huge inside her, she was not used to anything that big. She felt it slowly push inside her, her pussy walls stretched to accept it, felt every bump and ridge on his cock as it pressed forward. It banged hard inside her, pulled back out, gripped it with her muscles as she did, the bulbous head pinched tightly. Back in again, harder, bruised as she was punched from the inside. She felt it twitch and jerk inside her.
Headmaster Michael was pleased with the way she was fucking. He was almost ready to cum.
But first he wanted to drag the maximum amount of pleasure from her inexperienced body. He had found through his years of experience that a pussy would tighten in response to pain, so he used this ploy as often as possible. She would not cum this time, this fucking was for his enjoyment only. He grabbed her hips tightly in one hand, pushed a button near him that controlled the tacks beneath her heels.
"Rise up quickly on your toes, Justine, or the tacks will puncture your heels," he ordered, enjoying the look of distress on her face as she stared back at him. But her hips raised instantly, her pussy clamped down on his cock. He knew that her thighs would tighten, exhausted from her previous stance, yet f***ed to tighten on his cock.
"Continue fucking me back, Justine. Hard!" Her hips moved back and forth, his cock gripped as it pushed and pulled inside her hot, little pussy.
She stretched up so high, her bottom arched backwards, tired from the brutal fucking he f***ed upon her. Her pussy sandpapered by his cock, her muscles involuntarily gripped it tighter increasing her pain. She knew that he did this on purpose, forcing her to add to her discomfort to increase his pleasure.
"Good girl, Justine, you're performing well for me. I'm ready to cum in that sweet little box of yours. One more thing first to make you tighten up even more," his finger moved up to her asshole, the puckered opening danced from the obscene fucking he made her perform, opened and closed in time with her pussy muscles.
"NO! NO!" She begged him, but she knew it would do no good, gritting her teeth, bracing her body for what she knew to be inevitable. She did not have to wait long, his finger found the spot, waited for it to open, plunged inside in one brutal thrust that knocked the air from her lungs. He had played with it before, but his finger had never moved so deep in her rectum, turned and twisted like a snake inside her as she bucked up and down.
"Ah! That hurts! Too dry!" she screamed as her asshole burned from his finger.
He didn't think he would be able to push his cock inside her pussy again, her muscles clenched so tight that he had to help her, shoved his hips forward in a brutal thrust that propelled aside all resistance until the head of his cock banged painfully into her cervix. That was all he needed, the first load of cum shot up from his balls, his cock swelled as her pussy clenched and unclenched, felt his finger along side the thin wall of her asshole.
Her pussy was drenched with his hot juices, sprayed deep inside her filling her passage with his abundant semen. It stung, the salty fluid bathed her walls, already tender and sore from the fucking his cock inflicted on her. No, please not that!, His finger found her clit, twisted it, slapped it back and forth. No she couldn't, not when it hurt so much, she couldn't cum from the
fucking he had f***ed her to perform. But it was too late, her body just too exhausted to stop the feelings, an orgasm hit her like none she had ever felt before. She fucked her hips back and forth with lightening speed, his stomach slapped painfully on her ass from behind, his balls swung up from below to hit her pussy.
Headmaster Michael couldn't believe it, his finger rubbed her pussy just to f***e her to drive back on his cock, he had not expected her to cum from it. But that was what was happening, her hips blindly fucked back and forth, her asshole clenched onto his finger, her sphincter gripped it so tight he could hardly move it. And she came, her juices bathed his cock as their cum mixed inside her. They came together what seemed like long minutes, even though it was probably shorter than that. Each enjoyed the other's orgasm, the feeling of each other's organs brought each pleasure.
Headmaster Michael finally pulled his cock from her pussy, a loud pop and a river of cum ran down her thighs as a testament to the pleasure they had both enjoyed. He made the tacks recede, released her from the pillory, Justine fell to the ground and curled up into a ball, her hand between her legs, her pussy still bringing her pleasure.
"You seemed to like being fucked hard, Justine. Your pussy likes the pain," she shuddered and turned red in humiliation at how her body betrayed her.
The Board looked at Meredith.
"I just love how he makes them give him so much pleasure. He made Justine rise up on her toes, I'm sure her pussy must have gripped his cock so hard. Then the finger in her asshole was priceless, the look on her face as she was pierced. But, I think Michael was actually surprised that she had cum with him, not expecting or even trying to make her cum. It just shows you how well he can train these girls to do degrading things and make them enjoy it." Meredith smiled at the Board, pleased at the success of her having hired Michael.
"We are very pleased at how good he is in training the girls. We are going to have to take advantage of that soon. We would like to see how well they will perform for complete strangers, mainly us."
"Michael would be glad to, but I think he still has more planned for Justine. You did say severe punishment. I think he is going to being very meticulous about making sure she feels the pain, severe pain. I know he picked out some very nice torture tools to use on her lovely body. Let's sit back and enjoy."
"Get up, Justine. Take a quick shower. Clean yourself for me." He pulled her up by her arm, moved her over to the shower in the corner of the room.
"Leave the curtain open, I like to look at your naked body," enjoying seeing her humiliate herself in front of him.
Justine begrudgingly got into the shower, her body already tired from the ordeal he had put her through, not sure what would happen next, afraid to ask. The shower refreshed her. She ignored Headmaster Michael, didn't want to see him watch her as she washed her pussy with the soap cleaning his cum from her body. She bowed her legs out, took the shower handle and shot it up her pussy, the spray too hard, it hurt as she did it, but she was eager to get rid of him from her body. She toweled herself off, wrapped the towel around her body. She moved toward Headmaster Michael, the towel just barely able to cover her sex.
"Refreshed, I hope?"
"May I go now Headmaster Michael?" she asked, hopeful, the smile on his face answered her.
"Almost Justine, we just have one more task to accomplish."
"Please, no more," she cried, not sure she could take being abused again sexually.
"Over here," his cock already hard again, her crying made it jerk in pleasure. He pushed her over to a strange looking device he had found. Not sure what it was called, another antique, so he had named it himself.
"This is a Maiden's Chair, Justine."
"What's it for?" though she knew she shouldn't ask or have to, she knew whatever it was, it was for her body.
"I think you'll be comfortable in it." He pushed her to the chair, a large wood and iron structure.
The back of the chair had rungs about every eight inches, evenly spaced to allow varying heights to secure the victim. There was no seat in the chair, just iron rings out to the side in a semi-circle pattern, one on each side. The rings had small round circles, big enough for chains or rope to be placed in them all along the length, again to secure the victims limbs in whatever position was desire. At the top of the back was a large contraption that he'd had trouble figuring out, finally determined that it would slide down to the shoulders of the victim, the rest fitting tightly around the head, securing it with various rings of iron with screws to make them tighter or looser.
"Crouch down with your back to the rungs, Justine. Hurry now, I don't have time to waste with you." She complied willingly, resigned with the control he had over her. Her knees bent her bottom about two feet from the floor, as if she was sitting, but with no chair under her.
"Put your arms up," he ordered, did not wait for her, pulled them up, pushed them through one of the rungs in
the ladder. He bent them at the elbow until her wrists met the clamps inside, her wrists almost fit inside the clamps perfectly. Obviously, the chair was built for females. Her arms were pulled up and bent back, secured in the back. With the way she was positioned, she wouldn't be able to rise up or she would risk breaking her elbows or wrists, a creative idea by the inventor. This left her butt and sex completely exposed, as well as her breasts thrust out for him. Her body would be so readily available to him.
Fear returned, the position she was in-while not uncomfortable-did leave her unable to protect herself, as if it were possible to protect herself against Headmaster Michael. She didn't like the way her breasts were thrust out. While her knees were together protecting her sex, the strange iron bar that ran in a semi-circle to the sides of her legs scared her, the round circles looked like a way to secure ropes or chains. A large pile of rope was a short distance from where she was crouched did not dampen her fear.
Headmaster Michael looked at her. She was already beginning to sweat in fear. She had reason to, he would enjoy the pain he inflicted on her, make sure that all of her body would be available to the instruments of torture he had found. He rose up and slid the head band down the ladder, Justine's eyes tried to catch a glimpse of it. He saw the panic in her eyes as it slid down her head, one heavy ring slipped down under her chin, the other banded around her forehead. Side pieces of heavy metal were only inches from her temples. All of them had iron screws, many rusted from years of inactivity.
"Whhaat's that?" the panic rose in her voice.
"It's only to keep your head in place. I wouldn't want you to get hurt," he lied. He began to tighten the lower band, tighter and tighter until it fit snuggly around her neck, with more than enough room to breathe. It was not meant to asphyxiate her only to keep her head pointed straight ahead. He had plans for her. The head band was next, this one made tight, the metal band left an indent in her skin, her protests vocal. The side pieces were next, Michael tightened them; he wanted her to feel them.
"It feels like you're squeezing my head," she sobbed, the side pieces pushed in hard, her head pounded. She was scared, her head immobile, her arms bound. It had gone from bad to terrible.
"It's nothing, Justine. I'll take your mind off of it in a minute," laughing at her obvious discomfort. Her face framed by the black iron, her distressed look pleasing him. He looked down at her legs, barely made out her pussy between her tightly clenched legs, more than enough time to get them spread.
"Such pretty hair, Justine," he reached down and wrapped his hands around a large clump and yanked hard, feeling some of it rip from her head, the rest stretched painfully out. Her howl of pain pleased him. He released it, grabbed another chunk, repeated the process, her eyes wide opened in terror, tears in her eyes.
She couldn't understand why he was doing this. The pain was excruciating, chunks of her hair pulled out, her scalp burned in pain. Her head f***ed still by the iron bands,
"Why?" she screamed in pain. She felt him stop and grab another bunch, the pain quickly returned.
Headmaster Michael moved to her ears, grabbed one in each hand, pulled them out, twisted them painfully, enjoying the way she suffered. He moved his hands to her face, one large hand completely engulfed her face, pushed in and moved about, fingers pushed painfully into her eyes, smashed her nose back and forth on her face, fingers searched out her lips, jammed into the corners and pulled them pulled wide, unable to scream as his fingers pinched her facial tissue. He put two fingers into her nose, his thick fingers jammed hard inside almost up to the knuckle, pulled upward, watched as her nose contorted, the holes pointed upward.
"I love to play with your pretty face Justine," her nose ran, saliva hung from her lips. He jammed two fingers into her mouth, her teeth clasped tight, banged into them until she opened, his fingers spread her jaw wide open. Three fingers inside her mouth now, pushed her tongue aside, went deeper, banged against her cheeks.
"Such a nice mouth Justine." He pushed four fingers in her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around his hand as he twisted and turned them, rubbed the insides of her cheeks.
"You can take more," folded his thumb in and pushed all five fingers in her mouth. She began to choke, his long fingers reached to her throat, her gag made it easier to slide them down. He pulled them out only long enough to make them into a fist, her cheeks bulge out like a squirrel with a mouthful of nuts.
Her face hurt, his hand smashed and pulled. Her nose hurt so bad, running as his fingers pushed into her sinus cavity, unable to push her head up, her nose felt like it was going to break. The worst was when he put his fingers in her mouth. His dirty fingers f***ed apart all her resistance, her tongue crushed beneath then. She thought she would throw up when he pushed into her throat, gagged as his fat fingers tickled her throat. His fist was the worst, filled her mouth beyond capacity, afraid her lips would tear in the corners, her nose dripped constantly, her eyes clouded in tears. He twisted and turned in her mouth, his knuckles banged
into anything that got into his way.
"You look so pretty with your mouth full, Justine, don't you have anything to say?" only unintelligible gibberish came out. He pulled his fist out painfully, let her lips stretch to allow it.
Before it was all the way out he grabbed her tongue with two strong fingers, squeezed tight and pulled, yanked it, stretched it out. He spit on her tongue, yanked it painfully before allowing her to pull it back into her mouth, her mouth filled with his spit.
Headmaster Michael picked up the Japanese Nose clamp. It consisted of a double hook connected with thick rubber elastic and a band to wrap around the head. Before Justine could do anything but choke and cough he hooked the clamp inside her nose holes, pulled it up over her head, yanked back on it until it pulled tightly behind her head. He looked, pleased at the sight, her nose pulled almost flat on her face, her nose holes like pig nostrils, large and black in the center of her face. He took out the dentist mouth clamp next, a shiny metal contraption. He pushed into her mouth, slid it inside her lips until it pushed behind her teeth. Once seated
properly he began to turn the knobs on each side, watched as her mouth opened wider and wider. Her tear-stained face contorted by the cruel nose clamp, her mouth f***ed open wide.
"Real wide, Justine, open your mouth wide," he teased her with his words, knowing that she had no control as the dental clamp f***efully opened her mouth into a big oval, over threeinches high. Her lips stretched wide, the corners almost tearing, he stopped, and picked up two bamboo chopsticks-like sticks, connected by tiny clamps near each end He stuck his fingers in her gaping mouth hole and grabbed her tongue, pulled it painfully out, again. When it was fully extended, he slid her tongue between the bamboo sticks until they reached the corners of her stretched mouth. A few quick turns and the bamboo sticks compressed her tongue between them. He released the sticks, her tongue now sticking obscenely out, almost like a small cock, only able to wag up and down like a dog. Saliva fell from her lips, dripped down to fall on her naked breasts.
Justine thought her face was being torn from her. Her head already ached from the brace that felt like it squeezed her brains, her nose hurt terribly, dripped down into the hole that was once her pretty mouth as it was pulled up and flattened on her face, tasted the foul fluid, unable to prevent it. She saw Headmaster Michael through her glazed over eyes, tears filled them, her tears of pain, his smile said everything.
She felt him take a tiny piece of straw, pushed it in and out her ear, tickling the insides, Justine unable to stop him or even move her head, she was going crazy. But it was worse when he moved onto her nose, the straw tickled the hairs on the inside, she twitched, created more pain as it pushed against the nose clamp. She cringed when he brought out a long stick like one used on a xylophone. He moved it to her mouth, let it play along her tongue, picked up some of her spit, moved into her mouth to run around the insides of her cheeks, bulging them out. Then he did what she feared, she felt it move along her tongue to the back of her mouth. When he reached her tonsils, he tickled it up and down until she began to choke, her tongue felt like it would tear, the bamboo stick held it secure. She gagged again, Headmaster Michael enjoyed playing with her throat. Each time she thought he was finished, he pulled out and started again.
She tasted the bile coming up from her stomach, unable to stop the gagging and choking, Headmaster Michael obviously enjoyed her discomfort. He finally stopped, pleased with what he was doing to her.
"Are you enjoying yourself, Justine? I hope so, because we are going to leave you like that for a while. But I want to play with your tits first." His hands roamed the flesh of her breasts, his fingers played between her cleavage, lightly touched her skin, he felt her tense as she waited for the pain. But no, he delayed, his finger ran around her nipples, made the pink flesh harden in response, hard for the torture he had planned for them.
"The Japanese were very good with bondage, especially with females, Justine." He brought out two long bamboo poles, larger sizes of the ones used on her tongue.
"You know where these are going, don't you?" Her eyes followed his hands as he pushed her breasts between the twin poles, fed them into it until they hit her chest, her breasts hung between them.
"Now to tighten them up a little, let's see if we can make your tits balloon up." He turned the large screws on the pole, one in the middle, one on each side. As he turned them, her breasts were compressed between the bamboo poles, the nipples enlarged, her breasts turned red as bl**d was f***ed to the tips. Tighter, her face
strained, saliva still dripped from her mouth, the pain showed as her tits were being crushed.
They stood out like giant melons. He pulled out two small clamps about an inch long and inch wide. Tiny screws on the ends would compress them.
Justine screamed silently, her breasts already hurt, the clamps looked even more evil. Her nipples hardened as the cold metal circled them, she felt his fingers push on her nipple, tucked it beneath the cold, hard steel. When he had them in place, she began to feel the pressure as he fumbled with the screws. Tighter and tighter they went, her nipples had no place to go, the metal clamp unyielding, crushed the pink rubbery flesh. She thought she would pass out, wished she would, but he stopped just before, playing with the clamp, slapping it up and down, her body jerked as the sharp pain returned each time. Then, he repeated the process on her other nipple.
"See how much I can hurt you, Justine? From now on I expect you to obey me no matter what. But first let's play with your pussy a little. I bet I can make it hurt real bad."
Her legs were bound by the ropes. Headmaster Michael used the short strand to tie her ankles first, then her knees, then higher up on her thighs, each time secured the other end through the metal rings in the bar. He began to pull, Justine unable to stop him from spreading her open.
First her ankles pulled wide, touching the bar, her legs spread wide, her pussy exposed. Then he worked on her knees, forcing her legs not only open, but bowed them out, her pussy f***ed to open even wider. He finished with the painful part, the ropes high on her thighs, pulled them out, as if her crotch was going to split up the middle. She was positioned with her legs almost spread out at a right angle in the shape of a C, conforming to the shape of the iron bar.
More clamps followed, first her pussy lips were clamped in two large metal clamps each with three points of contact, ran from the top of her pussy lips to the bottom. He stopped only when he thought she would pass out from the pain. Small strings to the iron bar pulled her pussy lips outward, felt as if her lips would tear from her flesh before he stopped. She saw her lips pulled out wide, her pink pussy completely exposed. She screamed again as the tiny clamp was placed right below the tip of her clit, his fingers fumbled to tighten the tiny clamp, succeeded in crushing it until the head of her clit was so engorged with bl**d she thought it would pop.
Michael was pleased with how she looked. He began to play with her, first the wooden ball returned to her mouth, choking and gagging relived the painful lesson of how much control he had over her. He began to finger fuck her, four fingers in her stretched pussy, twisted and turned inside her, reinf***ed the power he had over her. Finally she suffered the painful fingering of her asshole, two fingers f***ed into her dry hole while she bucked under his command. He finally grew tired of her, released her from her bondage, her body white where the bl**d was pushed from her body under the clamps and poles that held her so tight.
"Take a shower," he ordered her again.
Justine was bound on the bed for the night, her arms pulled up to the metal headboard, and handcuffs held her wrists to the metal bar. Her legs, bent at the knees, pulled back and tied parallel to the bed, her crotch still ached. She suffered during the night, unable to sl**p, the pain in her body too powerful. The only relief she felt was when Headmaster Michael returned to her bed, stripped off his clothes and took her as she was bound. He f***ed himself into her pussy, pumped his hips back and forth, his cock driven deep into her body as she bounced on the bed. But he was not satisfied with just that, while she suffered beneath him, he stuffed his hard cock up her asshole, her screams brought such delight to him. It burned, hurt as her stomach cramped from the fullness of the hard flesh stuffed into her asshole.
Michael pumped her tight asshole, feeling her sphincter fight his cruel intrusion into her rectal passage. He buried himself deep in her colon, reveled in her spasms as she was f***ed to accept the unnatural act of sodomy on her young body. He pumped in and out as she shook her head back and forth in pain, his hands ran over her breasts as they bounced from the terrible pounding her asshole took, enjoying the sounds he tore from her lips. He finally came, filled her colon with his hot cum, dumping what he was sure felt like a gallon of cum, sloshing around in her belly.
The next day she suffered again under his torment, but this time she came. He f***ed her to cum three times, twice bound and spread before the mirror, the Board eagerly watched her debasement as she succumbed to his skills in keeping her sexually aroused, alternating between the pain and the pleasure. She was f***ed to take his cock in her pussy and also up her asshole again, fought the sodomy with the same vigor as the night before. The third time he lay next to her, her hands stroked his cock as he gently masturbated her. Her head was close to his cock.
"You are going to learn to suck my cock, Justine."
"Yes, Headmaster Michael," nodding as her hands played with his big cock, afraid to take it in her mouth, especially to have him cum in her mouth. But she knew that she would learn, then spread her legs wider so he could have better access to her pussy, his fingers pushed in and out, slid along her juices.
"Can I cum, now, Headmaster Michael?" Michael made her wait until he gave her permission.
"Yes, Justine, such a good girl you've become." His cock shot out, his cum all over her hands as she continued to masturbate him, her pussy capitulated under his expert masturbation.
When she was finally released, her submission was complete. She would succumb to whatever he wished of her and he would test that in the days to come, the Board members eager to enslave and debase her for their own pleasure.
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Your stories just keep getting better all the time Catherine