captive cargo (short story)

Christy should have known she could never escape the employ of gang for which she worked. At first it had been exciting, running with a bunch of hardened characters who had plenty of money to flash araound in all the nighttime hotspots.
But in the end, like so many before her, Christy had been reduced to just another possession, like their gold jewelry and fancy cars. She was simply there to service the desires of these men, whether it pleased her or not.
It wasn't until she decided to flee that she discovered thr true nature of her predicament. Even moving to another city hadn't been enough to liberate her. Instead, Christy found herself taken from her own bed, wearing nothing but a few scraps of white lace, bound and blindfolded and spirited away in the night.
With a cloth over her eyes and a gag in her mouth, hands and arms bound cruelly tight behind her, she was f***ed to wait on her knees, listening while they talked about what should be done to punish her disloyalty. The things they discussed made Christy shudder with dread. Clearly, they were going to enjoy making her suffer.
When the blindfold finally came off, along with most of her remaining clothing, Christy saw That she was imprisoned in a dim, cavernous warehouse, the location of of which was totally unknown to her. In any case, there was little chance to excape. Having gotten her to her feet, they had roped her arms high above her head to an iron gate, tying her feet widely apart at the base. An extra rope had been added around her midle and cinched tightly up against her panties, working its way in between her lips in nasty fashion. The nature of the amusements these people had in mind for her was becoming all too obvious.
Laughing and taunting her, they took turns adding to Christy's torments, each in some special, fiendish way. One man seemed to take particular delight in zinging a small, ugly, braided whip back and forth across her nipples until they were achingly sore. Another took advantage of their rawness to intensify the effects of a cleverly devised set of weighted nipple clamps. Christy tried to stay still to keep from jiggling the weights, but the way they tugged at the crotch rope made that all but impossible. She couldn't help adding to her own misery, no matter what she did.
Having abandoned all hope of talking them into letting her go, Christy was reduced to pleading for the tiniest of concession. If they would only take off the clamps and the biting rope between her tights...
They laughingly obliged her, but hardly in a manner Christy would have preferred. The removal of the clamps brought the bl**d throbbing bacj into the tips of Christy's tits agonizingly, and the wetness of the rope from her pussy pussy made for more heartless jeering. Worst of all, they went on to strip her completely naked and turn her to face to face, binding her with rope once more so that she was stretched up onto her toes, her back and behind completely exposed to whatever meanness they had in mind.
They lined up then, one at a time, each taking the whip in hand to deliver ten strokes. They competed to see who could whip the hardest, or make Christy scream the loudest. The one who kept snapping the knotted ends up against her clit from underneath one that distinction.
Finally, the sobbing, shaking Christy was dropped to the fllorand tied on her belly., stretched in a tight bow by the ropes restraining her wrists to her ankles behind her. She could stay there while they went out for a dinner. When they came back, her ordeal would continue. Christy had to escape, but how?
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1 year ago
Hmmm I wonder if Christy found a way to escape or does her torment continue?