How I Turned My Wife Into A Slut

Starting at 18 she never wore a bra. Miniskirts and no panties! Shaving her pussy. That was her "dress code". Then I started taking her out in cut-off shorts that showed well her ass cheecks. I made them for her. When she pumped gas and bent over, her pussy would stick out out both sides of her shorts crouch, very exposed. She was approched everytime by some man, mainly black men. Then I started taking her out to get gas at stations where THEY pump the gas and wash the windsheild. I would go to the bathroom or inside and watch. She would wear a see thru blouse, no bra, her miniskirt would be hiked up till her whole pussy was exposed, her legs wide apart and she would sit there and read her book while the guys would wear the windsheild out washing it while looking at her fully exposed pussy and tits!! Sometimes 2 guys would come out and wash it!She had a great body, big tits and a beautifull shved pussy. Then I would send her by herself, dressed like that by herself and would follow her and watch. She was always approched by black guys, nothing was much left to the imagination and everybody saw what they wanted. No matter where I took her, dinner, parties,stores, her pussy could be exposed and usually was with her miniskirts and minidress'. I would also take poliroids (pictures) of her and leave in bars and public toilets all over the city of her naked, fucking and sucking. I even made her give a bunch to a black guy at a gas station a stand there while he looked at them. That started the NEW adventure, FUCKING BLACK MEN! She now has fucked a hundred at least. I told her to never say "no" to a black man and she never has,except anal. They have fucked her with VERY big cocks, loaded her with cum,fucked her throat and made her eat lots of cum! My cock is way to inadequate now as they made her a whole new pussy. It is still great for black guys with large cocks, but not so good for me. And she needs large cocks to get off now! She has fucked white men too. They all take pics and sometimes video's for their freinds. They have sent her home with bruised thighs and bruised pussy from slam fucking and pile driving her. She is still fucking in DesMoines Iowa if interested, 55 now and a BBW . If interested contact me at Jaxs[image][/image]
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8 months ago
If I was her hubby I would recruit groups to full her with cum in front of me so I can clean her up
1 year ago
Good story. I found when I dressed my wife to show, it makes life interesting.
2 years ago
Great story!!!