My Wife was Gang Banged

My wife Shere is 36, has pouty lips that beg to be kissed, is 5 foot 5 inches tall, and has a 34DD - 27 - 35 figure and I have yet to see her go anywhere without at least 3 or 4 men turn to watch her walk by. Her hips sway and her heavy tits bounce like water balloons, and she likes it.

We have a good sex life and have always been true to each other but she has always confessed to me that she wanted to be gang banged. I admitted to her that the thought of her being fucked by a group of men to be very exciting, but only if I could be there. Every so often we would try to set something up but could never find the right partners. On her 35th birthday she said that all she wanted for her next birthday was to be gangbanged by at least eight men and that she wanted it to go on for hours. OK, I said, let's do it. Finding eight guys that would be willing to fuck Shere is easy, but finding eight guys who are safe and won't kiss and tell is something else altogether.

I finally found them though, a few co-workers, friends, even a delivery man. Four weeks before Shere's birthday they began calling me continuously, wanting the details, man they were primed for this. Shere was going to get the fucking of her life, and I was going to document every minute with a digital camcorder. The men and I met at a restaurant the week before and we went over the rules, I didn't let Shere come because I wanted her and the men to be teased and ready. I laid out the rules:

1. No cumming for this whole week, you need to save up your cum for Shere

2. Absolutely no telling, before or after

3. If Shere says the safe word everything shuts down, no questions asked

4. She wants to be treated like a slut, she wants it depraved and rough, but not too rough

5. Everyone starts taking these cum increasing pills and takes a viagra pill that morning

6. No calls to Shere afterwards

They all agreed.

I rented a large hotel suite with two separate rooms and Shere and I got there early, the men would arrive at 2pm. She was nervous but very excited, before coming to the hotel she had to change into a dress because her jeans kept wetting through because her cunt was so wet. She hadn't cum for over a week and was going crazy with desire. "Are you sure this is ok? I can't believe its happening, do you think they'll like me?" she asked.

"Don't worry, they'll like you." I answered.

She closed her eyes, "Ohh, God it's going to be so good."

She wore a sexy halter dress with a built in bra that emphasized her already huge tits, her nipples were so hard and stiff that there was no way to conceal them. She was so wet that her cunt juice was running down her legs. Her breathing was labored and the men hadn't even got there yet. When there was a knock on the door she jumped. "Oh God!" she said. I ushered her into the inner room and answered the door. All the men were there and I brought them in. "Just stay in this room and keep your clothes on." I told them. I set a chair in the middle of the room and laid out some water and bottles of olive oil on a table. I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and locked it, then I went into the inner room to get Shere. She was sitting on the edge of the bed wringing her hands together; face flushed a deep red, her lips full and parted. "It's time," I said. She got up, her inner legs were wet and glistening and her heavy tits and nipples were so pronounced that it was obscene. I opened the door to the other room, "Go sit in that chair," I told her. As she saw all the men I could her say, "Ohh Jesus,". She walked across the room and I could see tents forming in the men's pants as their cocks hardened when they saw the condition she was in. It was obvious that she was turned on like crazy and in desperate need of fucking and would do anything to cum.

She sat in the chair and looked from man to man, her breathing heavy, the men gathered in front of her and undressed, her mouth opened as she watched their clothes come off. As the last cock came free she could smell the musky man scent of so many turned on males, it was heavy in the air.

They slowly came toward her and gently started caressing her hair, her face, and then dropped toward her tits. As hands brushed her nipples she cried out and when they started stroking her bare legs she jumped. Hands were everywhere, on her face, on her tits, running up her thighs, she just kept saying, "Oh, Oh, yes, please touch me!"

Her eyelids grew heavy as sensations of pleasure took over her body and she watched the eight cocks, they were huge and a purplish red with large mushroom heads that throbbed with every heartbeat, her hands reached out and touched them, as she touched one it would thrust forward, toward her, soon she was buried in thrusting bodies, each cock trying to make contact with her body.

"Please," she breathed through the thrusting cocks, "I need to cum, make me cum," she begged. Soon hands ripped the dress from her and instantly mouths were fastened onto her nipples, and she gasped as her tits were sucked hard, making her already huge nipples swell up even more, sending electric shocks of pleasure straight to her cunt. Shere cried out as her legs were shoved open and two mouths started licking the cunt juice from her thighs and a mouth glued itself to her cunt. As the tongue reached her clit she opened her mouth and started moaning "Please make me cum, I need to cum....oh please don't stop!".

Looking down at what was happening to her, she saw her body sitting on the chair with two men sucking her tits, making them bounce with the fury of their sucking, she saw a mans head buried between her legs and saw her hips thrusting into the mans face, God it felt so good, she had no shame, she was a depraved slut begging for these men to make her cum. She knew what was going to happen, that she was going to get gang banged, and it was going to be rough, that they were going to take her like she was a piece of meat, she was going to be used hard, and she wanted it, she wanted to be fucked by these men, God she was a cum slut.

More mouths and tongues were licking every part of her body, she saw cocks, big and hard with veins pulsing rubbing against her. It was so, so good. Then it happened, that feeling, oh God that feeling, she needed it, it was coming, she saw her body begin to shake and her mouth opened wide and spit flew out of her mouth as she heard herself start to scream. Everything started to spasm, her hips, her tits, "Cum .... Cum... Oh, Oh, I'm cuuuummming, uhh, God Jesus guhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, don't stop, oh please don't let it stop."

I couldn't believe how hard Shere was cumming, her body was spasming and she was screaming and grunting like some kind of a****l, and the men didn't stop, they kept on her, kept her orgasm going until I thought she would pass out, she threw her head back and drool was flying from her mouth. I don't know when she stopped cumming because as her mouth opened to scream it was filled with thick cocks. Her body hadn't stopped shaking when she was pulled to the floor and piled on by men needing release from what they had just seen, hips started thrusting violently between her legs as she was filled with cock, the men couldn't hold it anymore and thick gooey cum started flying as cock heads swelled and then started pumping as men groaned, their cum coating her body. Those cum pills must have worked because the cum was thick, pumping out in seemingly endless long streamers, and the viagra was keeping the cocks hard after they came so cum was constantly spewing onto Shere's mouth, face, and tits.

I could hear Shere moaning and panting as she was fucked and fucked and fucked, the smell of man sweat and her cunt filled the room, she was soaked from head to toe in cunt juice, sweat, and cum. As soon as one man filled her cunt another took his place pounding her as hard as he could, desperate for that release. As each man started cumming in her cunt Shere's eyes would widen and she would moan through the cock in her mouth and clamp her legs around the man, keeping him in her cunt. Cum was running out of her cunt in rivers, hands scooped it up and plastered it over her face and tits, Shere's hips were constantly spasming as if she couldn't stop cumming.

There was a knock at the door, nobody heard it but me and I tried to conceal my hard cock as I opened the door. A hotel doorman was there and as he looked in and saw the group of men balling Shere he said "What the hell, My God!" His cock instantly sprang hard pushing against his pants. "Hurry, come in," I said "You can't tell anyone!"

"Let me fuck her, and I won't tell." he answered. I nodded and he started taking off his clothes. Shere barely noticed as the doorman took his place between her legs. He looked down at her cum covered face, at the bouncing tits slick with sweat and cum, at her fat cunt with it's cunthair plastered thick with cum. He entered her violently and started pounding her hard and she opened her mouth and cried out "ohh, ohhh, ohhh! Not again, not again, do it! Do it! Do me!" It didn't take long and Shere bit her lower lip and grunted as the doorman's cock started spurting and Shere's hips started to spasm in orgasm yet again. As the doorman rolled off a viagra pumped cock took his place and Shere's tits started bouncing again to the rhythm of a hard fucking. She was getting the fucking of her life and her swollen face and lips showed it.

One of the men turned her over and got underneath her, shoving his cock up into her cunt, and pushing her ass into the air while another man got on her and slowly filled her from behind. Shere opened her swollen lips and clamped her eye's shut and just groaned as she was double fucked, one mans hands on her shoulders and the other mans hands grabbed her tits as they fucked her mercilessly, "Ahhh, ahhhh, two, two at one time, oh no, no, please, guuh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" she said over and over again. As the men started cumming both at once she collapsed onto the bottom mans chest, her tits flattening out and she just lay there and moaned as she was filled with two loads of thick cum.

When the two men were finished two more took their place and Sheres body took another hard double fucking. Her mouth drooled as she panted and tried to catch her breath. One man grabbed her hair and as her head moved back and forth with the hard fucking he pulled her swollen lips onto his cock "Do you like this bitch? Do you want us to stop?"

"Uhh, uhh, no, please, uhh I love it, love it, don't uhh, stop, fuck me, fuck me, please, plea......" Sheres answer was interrupted as she was pounded by the two men and her mouth was roughly pulled onto the mans cock and he started fucking her face. The three men really started going at her and you could hear her moaning and screaming over the grunts of the men. Soon all three men shoved into her deep and froze and cum started flowing from her mouth and her cunt at the same time and her body started to quiver as it was torn with another orgasm. Afterwards the men lifted her up and laid her on the bed. Her hands were handcuffed to the head board and she lay there almost u*********s, her body was coated with sweat and cum, she slowly thrust her hips in the air and her body would go into spasms, soft moans came from her mouth. "Look at her hips" one of the men said. "She doesn't even need us to cum."

"She's ready, get the gspot vibrator." A long curved vibrator was brought out and two men pulled Sheres legs apart. The vibrator hummed as it was turned on and when they shoved it in Sheres cunt she thrust her hips up and threw her head back, "Ohh God, oh God, oh God, what are you doing?"

The vibrator slowly tortured her gspot as she looked down at what was being done to her, her breath came in pants and her eyes were half closed. After five minutes she started to moan and move her head back and forth, her hips were dancing and thrusting in every direction. Her hands struggled at the cuffs, "oh please, stop, stop, I can't take this, oh oh please God."

Soft cries came from her opened mouth and her body was half raised into the air, two more men fastened themselves onto her swollen nipples as the vibrator kept on her gspot. She couldn't control herself, she was thrashing around and begging the men to stop, her cum soaked hair was flying wildly. More men grabbed her legs and held them apart, giving the vibrator access to her cunt, and it didn't stop, it kept on her gspot, the men kept on her nipples, she begged them to stop but they were lust mad, they wanted to see her cum, and cum hard. Sweat was pouring off her and she was raising herself completely off the bed, and then Shere suddenly thrust her hips up and froze as a look of pain, surprise and pleasure overtook her face, she gave a long scream and started shaking and spasming so hard that the men couldn't keep on her tits. "ahhhh, God, guuhhh, spuuuufuck, fuck, oh God fuck, oh Jesus please fuck, ooohhhh." she was cumming harder than ever and it lasted for minutes, she just wouldn't stop, her body was shaking and sweat was dripping and cunt juice was squirting from her cunt in gushers. Slowly her body collapsed onto the bed and she slipped into u*********sness. The men who hadn't had enough climbed onto her and fucked her while she was passed out.

When the men had all left I looked down at her ravaged cum covered body, her puffy lips, cum caked hair, swollen red nipples. Each man had cum about five times; Shere had taken around 45 loads of hot thick cum and I had lost track of how many times she had orgasmed. As she slowly awoke I asked "Was it all that you wanted?"

"Uummm yes, oh yes, it was so good, I loved it, thank you for this day." she answered as a satisfied smile came to her lips. "Can you please take the cuffs off?"

"No," I said, "Because you're not done yet." and I took my cock out. I penetrated her cunt roughly and as she looked at me through half conscious fuck swollen eyes I listened to her cries and moans as I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her.
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2 months ago
I would love to see my wife fucked like this.
9 months ago
Wow! That made me cum ....imagined i was in her place!
9 months ago
Awesome :)
1 year ago
Wow, that was an amazing story. Just the treatment my big titted wife could need.