Tuesday night suprise

Hi a true story my wife went over to her best friends house tonight,her best friend that I have wanted to fuck for years and have even masterbated thinking of her on more then one occasion, that's nothing new or anything. But as soon as she got home she grabbed me and pulled me in the bedroom she pulled off her pants and undies and lay on the bed. I am like holy crap and start pulling off my shorts yes its nov. and I am still wearing shorts. Any way she stops me and tells me to lick it. As soon as I go down I can see the cum in her and I wonder who she was with, but what the hell. I start to clean her pussy up and she ask me "how John's cum taste?" Hmmm John is her best friends husband and we had talked about his dick and from what Tammy said he is 9 1/2 and big around as a soda can. ( and for the record I have never seen so much cum in her and she a threeway with both guys cumming in her) what started this was they were ( my wife and Tammy) talking about his cock and he walked in behind her so she didn't know he was there and told Tammy that she didn't belive he was that big. Well John speaks up at that moment asking her if she wants to see. Of course but as she said he was not quite five inches. Well Tammy said he's not hard why not help him get it up, so of course she did as I was licking her well lubed pussy she tells me how cool it was to feel him grow twice the size in her mouth. Well now that she had him hard it appeared that Tammy was not exagerating but they did have a new problem As Tammy said it would take moe then a mouth to releive him and since my wife wanted to see it and got him hard she would have to take care of it, All john said was "condom?" she told me he had some problems getting in at first. By the time she was done telling me about her getting fucked I had finished cleaning her up she said she really loved me and the time she had and was glad that I allowed her to experiance new things like this. She stared to kiss me longer and harder then ever before as we broke apart she asked me hows tammys cum tasted. Long story short while while John fucked her doggie Tammy slid under her shaved cunt for my wife to please and said since you are fucking my hubby I think yiu should tank me properly. It was then I started to cum in my hand witch she made me clean up too.
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2 years ago
good story and your a good cuck for cleaning up.
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
3 years ago
That was very nice of your wife to bring you some dessert.