s****r in law slut

Hello i have been married to my wife for 3 years now but her s****r in law steff has always been a obvious slut, she would walk around the f****y home in the skimpiest outfits and i some times found it hard to hide my huge hardon,
The odd time she would come round to our house when my wife was at work and flirt with me realy bad,
The first time we had our fling was a monday morning my wife was out at work and steff had slept over the sunday night, I was fast asl**p in my bed and was woke by hands running up and down my back, i didnt turn round as i didnt want it to stop so i just shut my eyes and groaped her tits back i knew it wasnt my wife her belly was too flat and her tits was bigger she started sucking my ear sticking her toung in and out and flicking my ear lobe as though she was licking and sucking on a wet pussy, my cock was so hard by now she put her hand in my waist band of my shorts and took a firm grip of my cock "ohh that is a nice size isnt it i think i would like to taste that then feel it pound my arse hole would you like that,is that what you do to my s****r is it?" my cock was throbing by now pulsing like it was going to shoot spurts of cum but i didnt i replyed shakey "no i dont get blowjobs any more and i cant fuck her arse hole my cocks too big it hurts her"
I felt her burry under the covers and felt the wet warmth of her mouth round my bell end sucking up and down only taking about half of it she kept spitting on my cock making the sheets wet and sticky i felt dirty but loved it i moved her round into 69 and felt the warmth of her piss flaps as they lowered onto my face still hiding behind her silk thong, i left the thong on and licked her panties till i could feel everything under them they was wet like she had pissed her self so i took them off and to my delight found a shaven cute little pussy not like my wifes all hairy with big dirty flaps,
"i want u to suck on my arse hole and make it wet im not letting you fuck my pussy your too naughty for that your going straight in my nasty arse hole RIGHT?" i didnt give a fuck i just wanted to blow my load "yes you fucking whore im going to lick your arse hole open your cheeks wide for me"
it was bliss her tight little ring ****d around my toung she was squeeling in pleasure rubbing her clit i knew she was about to cum so i shoved 2 fingers in her juicy wet cunt as she cum gushing on my sheets and hand,
"Right you fucking pervert lay down" as i layed to the bed she tied my wrists to the headboard "im incharge now and its you turn to cum" she said she put her wet thong over my face so i couldnt see i could smell where her wet pussy had been as she placed the gusset over my nose,she spat on my cock lowering what i could tell was her arse onto my cock it was so tight and she let out whimmpers of pain my 9inch cock went all the way in to my balls as she lifted up she clenched her cheeks bringing a big blob of cum,
She started to ride my fast i could hear her cheeks slapping on my thighs i couldnt tell if she was crying with the noises she was making but i didnt care i fucked back thrusting it all up her tight dry arse "Come on you fucking cheat fuck my arse you man whore i hope you think of me next time you fuck my s****rs big saggy cunt, i hope you think of my tight arse hole w****d around your cock"
I couldnt hold any more i shot my load deep into her arse
"ohhh yes fill me up fill my arse up with your hot creamy cum" so i did pump after pump of thick spunk shot into her arse,
When we had finished and she took my thong blindflod off she showed me pictures off me fucking her on her phone "next time i want to fuck we will or i will show my s*s these ok?"
"yes ok"i said still tied to the bed,,she untied me and left i still fuck her now

90% (22/2)
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4 years ago
describe her better details
4 years ago
so hot!!
4 years ago
nice story can i fuck ur sis in law dude
4 years ago
good story, would love to hear more, and maybe a pic would be good to ;)
4 years ago
Lucky you
4 years ago
You have the kernel for good stories and, I think, an inherent ability to write well. However, your spelling, grammar, and punctuation need a great deal or work. As well, give more to developing the story with good dialogue. You have a good start, though.