Ladyboys: Moving to Thailand and my first Ladyboy

After living in the Netherlands for 33 years I was ready for a big change. I had been toying with
the idea of moving to another country to get away from the stress of it all for a while.
I had girlfriends in the Netherlands. Wives.
I had one nighters and 2 nighters. I wasn't doing bad for myself.
But, there was something missing on the girl side. I love variety. I think I've been with
every kind of girl I COULD be with in the Netherlands. I started thinking about other countries.
Other girls. Other types of girls...
I had seen shemales in Amsterdam. Emphasis on the boy part. And they were black or white.
I was curious... but they were very large. I'm 6 feet and they were all as big or bigger than
Sometimes I'd stop and talk to one that was by herself and by "looks" she'd be ok. Until
she opened her mouth.
The ladyboys in Europe can't hide the deep voice very easily. In fact, I've not met one that
The adam's apples are very large on a 6 foot guy there. They either don't take hormones,
or, if they do - they don't start early enough in life.
The ladyboys in Asia that I'd seen on the internet were so much different than the ones in
the Netherlands. I was so curious what it's really like to be in person with these beautiful
Then, a few months later i got an oppurtunity to go 1 month to Thailand to report the visit of the Dutch Queen to the Thai royals.
I quickly got a hotel on Sukhumvit Road because that is where the expat night life is full
swing here for mongers like myself.
I couldn't sl**p though I'd been awake for over 30 hours.
I immediately walked around Sukhumvit up and down, this way and that. I was asked to
take the most beautiful girls and ladyboys in the WORLD home during the walks that night.
I was a bit scared to be setup for something and so I just smiled at everyone and said, oh,
not tonight... not tonight... until I saw this girl.
This ladyboy. She was small... and shy. She was walking in front of me. I was watching her
from behind and thinking that she was a girl. Absolutely. I love petite women. They're so
feminine to me. I came up behind her and when she saw me - she turned red because I was
looking right at her and smiling.
I talked for a little while and she said nothing. She smiled and gave me the look like I could
take her home if I chose.
Her voice was very quiet. Almost a whisper. I loved that!
Her breasts were like big b cups or small C's and I just had to see her from behind.
I took her hand and we jumped in a cab back to my hotel. I had already asked the hotel -
"OK to bring girl back?" and they said, mai pen rai (no worries mate).
I took her upstairs and in the elevator she starts rubbing the front of my leg on the outside
of my pants.
I was so horny by the time we got to the room... Inside the room I pushed her down to her
knees and freed everything up. I tore open her shirt and groped her like I was just out of
She started the oral magic and I was in total heaven for the next 15 minutes. I didn't even
try to stop it when I was ready, I just let go like a squirrel.
She cleaned me up with her mouth.
That was the most wonderful oral I had ever had in my life. I can still remember that
moment - over 2 years ago now.
She went to shower. I slept. I woke up and she was laying beside me. I woke up because
the bed was moving a bit. I looked at her and her hands were under the sheets.
I got excited again because now I would get to see how sweet she really was. She was shy
about letting me touch her between her legs. I could play with her chest and ass... but
when I wanted to get to the sweet spot - she'd grab my hands and put them on her chest
instead. But, her hands were still down there - and rubbing herself!
I thought - ENOUGH of this... and I wrestled with her to get the sheet off. She was quite
strong, but eventually gave in. Before she gave in she whispered in my ear... "I ladyboy".
I wasn't sure I heard right. And it didn't matter at this point. I thought she was trying to
scare me into getting out of her pants.
When I pulled back the sheet finally I saw a HUGE unit on this little girl.
It was probably MORE huge in my mind because I was shocked to see it.
I had never seen a guy's stuff up that close - except mine.
It took me a minute to adjust.
No, it took me about 25 minutes. I stopped being horny - out of the shock of it all. I asked
her lots of questions about it.
I had NEVER had a bj from a guy before.
She said, "I lady". I said, you have a dick! She pointed to her heart and then her mind and
said, "here lady".
And I looked at her lips - she had put fresh gloss on and they were beautiful blow lips. And I
looked into her eyes - she seemed like lady - EVERYTHING said lady except the monster
between her legs.
After 25 minutes I started playing with her chest again... and her butt...
She blew me some more and I got a raging stiffy. She was telling me to put it in her perfect
browneye. And I couldn't do that yet. Too much for one night - I was still a bit shocked over
everything. So, I told her to wank while I did too - in her mouth and on her face...
I never saw another guy come before. Wow. It shot up all over her chest and she rubbed it
all over as I came all over her beautiful ladyboy face. I was shocked still.
I laid there looking at her licking her lips and eating my seed... I knew this was a dream
that couldn't last.
Well, it lasted... I'm STILL HERE. I wouldn't leave here for ANYTHING.
Asian ladyboys (or as they called here kathoeys) are incredibly interesting girls. They are funny and
unique. They are allways horny, never have their periodes, can not get pregnant, have no problem
with anal and oral sex, dress sexy... maybe you'll come here too!

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8 months ago
In Thailand you'll never be by yourself ;-)
8 months ago
I would love the same.....I am retired and can move there but a little scared to be by myself...
8 months ago
Nice story mister CC!
9 months ago
like it
9 months ago
incredable story
9 months ago
I'd love to go hang out with them! Thanks for sharing!
9 months ago
9 months ago
Thank you for sharing your experience.
9 months ago
Sounds great...i would love to go and try it for myself.