foreign tales...

I was a little wary, as I often am when going to meeting someone for the
first time. Especially when they live out in the middle of Bumfuck, Egypt,
and I am trying to find a fucking farmhouse in the dark. But my internet
friend's directions were actually pretty good, and soon I was standing at
the door ringing the bell.

In a moment Ben greeted me. He was tall and powerfully built, as a man who
worked doing physical labor all day ought to be. He was a bit older that I
had pictured, with short grey hair, but a nice looking fellow. He ushered
me in out of the cold and waited while I took off my jacket and hung it by
the door. Then he directed me into the bedroom, mentioning that the two
c***dren upstairs were fast asl**p and shouldn't bother us.

When I inquired about his wife Amanda he said she was taking a shower. The
idea of this whole meeting had been that she wanted to watch her husband
with another guy, and he had hinted that she would probably join in at some
point. But rather than wait for her he began stripping, so I did too.

Ben was broad-shouldered and well muscled, with a flat stomach that belied
his age, probably in the late 50s. His cock was also impressive, already
hard and thick. He sat on the bed and waited for me to join him. When I did
he reached out without a word and began to stroke my own dick to hardness.
It didn't take long, and soon he was bent over me, licking and kissing the
head of my cock. Then he took me into his warm mouth.

That was the point that his wife Amanda came into the room wrapped up in a
towel and using a smaller one to dry her long hair. My first impression
was her youth; Ben had mentioned in our email conversations that his wife
was 20 years his junior, but she looked even younger than that. I had a
mind to card her. As she realized that I was already there and that her
husband had a mouthful of cock, she looked at me and give me the slightest
eye roll. She went to an overstuffed chair and slid it close to the
bed. Then she dropped her towels and sat down.

She was very petite, downright skinny, really, but not unattractive... A
bit on the plain side, with a boyish figure, but her eyes were beautiful
and sparkled with promise of inner passion. She threw one leg over the arm
of the chair and casually began stroking her pussy.

I tried to concentrate on the wonderful blow job I was receiving but the
audience of one made it feel a bit surreal. She gazed intently at my
crotch, watching my thickness disappearing into her husband's mouth over
and over again. I was aware that I needed to put on a show.

Ben's dick looked quite nice, and I suddenly craved the taste of it. So
with some gentle maneuvering I pushed him back into a classic 69 position,
with me crouching over him as I strained to take his long cock into my
mouth while not affecting the terrific thing he was doing to mine. His cock
was very hard and already leaking precum, and I dove down on it with the
same intense attention he was showing to mine.

We remained that way for a long while, both of us enjoying both the feel of
a hot wet mouth on our cocks and the feel of another's hard manhood in our
mouths. Finally Ben stopped and said "Why don't you fuck me?"

I moved between his legs and as I did so, stole a glance at Amanda, who was
now working two fingers across her clit. Her skin glistened in the soft
light, her hair still wet. I shifted Ben onto his side and reached for the
lube while he reached for his Poppers. Once we both had sufficiently
prepared, I slowly worked my dick into his very tight ass channel. After a
moment, I began moving slowly, then more rapidly.

Ben was in heaven, his head lolling back and a blissful smile spreading
over his face. His cock was hard as a board and he stroked it along with my
thrusts into him. As I increased my rhythm so did he, and he finally
exploded a huge load of cum across the comforter. I probably could have cum
too, but I didn't want to yet. I wanted to see if Ben's blushing bride was
ready to make it a threesome, so I pulled out, stood and reached for a
towel to wipe off my cock.

I did that right in front of Amanda, my dick still shiny and slick, hard
and throbbing in front of her. Her eyes were glued to it. I waited for
Amanda to make the first move, but she did nothing. Finally I stepped
closer to her, my rock-hard cock at her face level. With a hand I nudged
her head toward me, and she immediately took my dick into her mouth, again
without a word.

Amanda was as good at sucking dick as her husband. I didn't let it go on
for too long, however, because I wanted to be inside her. With an extended
hand I got her out of the chair and onto her back on the bed. I knelt
between her legs and felt her slit with my fingers. She was very wet, so I
bent to taste the juice that was leaking from her cunt. As I did so, she
groaned. "Not that... Just fuck me... now... please..."

Not one to be a tease, I repositioned myself between her legs and gently
worked the head of my cock across and into the lips of her pussy. She
arched her back and groaned again, but this time a groan of satisfaction
instead of frustration. She was tight but very well lubricated, and I began
pistoning into her like a machine. Ben moved across the bed and positioned
himself beside her head so that he could rub his reviving cock across her
lips. She seemed reluctant to pay it much attention – instead focusing
on the hammer of my dick into her – but finally relented and took his
cock into her mouth. Now she could moan and groan around his stiffening

I was bracing myself with my left hand and had my right on her hip to keep
her from sliding away from me. When I brushed her clit with my thumb she
reacted like I'd tasered her, released her oral grip on Ben's cock and
crying out in release. Her orgasm was long and loud, and I immediately had
a vision of c***dren coming down the stairs to see what was the matter.

Once she had recovered I thought about my own release, which was long
overdue. I flipped her over and took her doggie-style, pounding her pussy
with increasing speed and f***e until I felt my own cum rising. I pulled
out and shot a powerful first stream across her back and onto Ben, who
reached down, scooped up a bit of my cum with his finger and tasted it.

We collapsed into a heap in the middle of the bed and fell asl**p. I woke
at about 3:30, slipped back into my clothes and managed to let myself out
without waking Ben and Amanda. But I'll be back.
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2 years ago
mmmm such a hot story mmmmm