Hitting The Showers

Hitting The Shower- MM,Bi, oral, exhibition

My wife sends me off on my own for a daring adventure
in a public place. I finally meet The Stud, and am
required to service him in the locker room shower of
the local university. (MM, bi, exh, oral)


Her instructions were straightforward, and I walked
into the dressing room from the outside entrance as
directed. The room was empty, but the sounds of people
in the adjoining gymnasium echoed off the walls. I
stared at the neat rows of benches and lockers, and
listened to the loud squeak of rubber-soled shoes on
the wooden gym floor. Shouted instructions and the
blaring of a whistle mixed with the sound of shoes.

Still somewhat confused about her intentions, I walked
through the room, making a complete inspection. There
were three separate shower rooms attached to the locker
room via large open entranceways with no doors. Each
tile lined shower room included four square posts from
floor to ceiling, spaced equally around the room. There
were four showerheads on each post, one on each side.
Each shower had its own controls on the face of the
post, as well as a small shelf for soap and a hook for
rags. Towel hooks lined the walls.

Looking around the locker room itself, it appeared
about half the lockers were being used. Other than the
door to the outside where I had entered, there was an
exit leading to the gym. There was no door, and privacy
resulted from a right turn in the brief hallway. I
could take a few steps down the short hallway and no
doubt look direct into the gym, which was clearly full
of people, judging from the noise.

It was decision time, and just as quick as that thought
popped into my head, I realized how silly it was. Never
once had I resisted her effectively, and there was no
reason to think I was going to start now. With
resignation I accepted the simple fact that I was going
to follow her instructions and see where they led.

She had picked me up at the soccer fields, where I had
been playing in a pick-up game. When she dropped me
outside the university gym, she had simply smiled and
said she would be back in an hour. I was hot and
sweaty, and assumed the bag in my hand, that she had
given me, held clean, dry clothes. So there was at
least some logic to her plan.

I'm not stupid, and with her love of having me
humiliated by other guys, and the fact that I was
sitting in a men's public locker room and shower at her
instruction, it was easy to assume the direction her
plan was headed. The details were unknown, but her
wanting me naked in a place occupied only by men
certainly established a theme. Sighing deeply, I sat on
a bench and as instructed began to remove my clothing.

I paused to hang the clean things in a deserted locker,
then used the bag to collect my shoes and other items.
Once naked, I picked up the shampoo and soap she had
included and walked to the center shower as directed,
grabbing a clean towel off the shelf on the way. As I
stepped onto the damp tile, I wondered how she knew
there were three shower rooms.

The shower posts were arranged as a diamond, so that
once you entered the room, you came directly to the
first one, with the next two farther into the room and
to the left and right. Out of modesty, I chose the
station to the left, which was not in a direct line of
sight from the locker room, and hung my towel on a
hook. It only took the shower a moment to get warm, and
I adjusted the temperature and stepped under the spray.

I used the shampoo to wash my hair, then started to
soap my body down. It had been a long time since I had
been in college, and I had not been in a public locker
room since.

It seemed odd to be standing naked in such a large,
open space, and my mind went back to old high school
and college phobias, when I used to be terrified of
getting a hard-on in such places for fear of being
thought of as gay. It was interesting how quickly the
old anxieties returned, and I tried to think of non-
sexual things like basketball, which was being played
in the gym judging by the sounds, now muffled by the

It wasn't long before my shower was complete, and I
stood under the spray wondering what to do next. My
wife had been clear. Stay in the shower until it was
time to come out. The time, she said, would be obvious.
I had no idea what to make of her instructions, and I
started in on the shampoo again, thinking it best not
to just be standing around naked under the public

I moved more slowly this time, and had finished the
shampoo and was now soaping up my body again. I
scrubbed behind my ears, and washed my feet carefully,
trying to kill time and figure out what I was supposed
to do. My frustration level was growing when I thought
I heard someone in the locker room.

I tried to be quiet, and then realized how stupid it
was to try to become invisible in a public shower.
Listening intently, I was certain I now heard movement,
and wasn't totally surprised when a young sweaty guy
walked naked into the shower room. He gave me a simple,
courteous nod, and went to the post on the opposite
wall, hanging his towel on a hook.

He selected the showerhead towards the doorway, rather
than the one facing the wall as I had done. In this
position, he was in profile to me as he began to wash,
ignoring me in the simple way that guys do in a public
shower. I realized with some alarm that I was totally
soaped up and should be nearing the completion of my

Without understanding the sign my wife intended to mark
my right to exit the room, I was in a small panic
wondering how to linger in the shower without seeming
inappropriate. The immediate short-term solution was
obvious, and I began shampooing my hair for the third
time as I hoped this guy would quickly move on.

As I washed my hair, I noticed he was doing the same
with his eyes closed, his back to the showerhead and
his head tilted back, arms high. To my inward horror, I
found that I was checking out his youthful form. He was
a big, well-developed guy with little to no fat, taller
than I and broader in the shoulders. His torso tapered
through a flat abdomen to narrow hips. His soft cock
was big and hung nestled between large testicles.

He was a good-looking guy, and I was shocked to be
thinking such thoughts. It had not been very long ago
that I would not have noticed at all, and the change
was alarming. I could feel a familiar twinge in my own
groin, and took a frightened look downward. However,
there were fortunately no outward signs of arousal, and
I quickly tried to think of other things.

'You look different without your panties on.'

The sound of his voice stunned me, more so than what he
said. I had heard it before. Looking back up, he had
turned to face me, and was standing with his hip cocked
to one side, hand resting on hipbone as water ran over
him. The Stud. I was flabbergasted, and it must have
shown because he started laughing.

'I think you're even more shocked than she said you'd
be. She'll like that.'

He was talking about my wife, and doing so with
familiarity. I suppose that shouldn't have been a
surprise, considering how involved he had been in our
personal life in the past months. His blue eyes
penetrated right through me as he smiled. I knew his
body well, but mostly by the sense of touch, and
through a video I had watched many, many times. But it
was even more impressive in person, and it was easy to
see why my wife was attracted to him. For the
thousandth time since that fateful night in the hotel
room, I wondered how she had found him, and how she had
convinced him to join our sex life.

The stark reality of the situation settled in quickly.
There was no doubt she had planned this 'chance'
meeting, and I wondered naively where she intended for
it to lead in a public place such as this. There was
also no doubt that he was a collaborator in the plan,
and he was now staring at me with an air of expectation
that should have easily undermined my naiveté. I had
sucked this guy's dick more than once, and he had
fucked me, but I had always been blindfolded and bound,
and she had been present. I was very uncomfortable as I
let the shower wash over me, rinsing most of the soap
from my hair.

'Come over here.'

I didn't move a muscle, understanding in the back of my
mind where this was heading, and not liking it one bit.
Her ordering me around was one thing, but this guy
doing it without her being present was unsettling.

'She told me you'd be hesitant. But she said you would
eventually do it.'

I almost laughed out loud. She was working me without
even being here. But my humorous thoughts were tempered
by the obvious implication that my wife and The Stud
had held detailed conversations planning this
encounter. They were plotting against me, and it could
only mean it was expected that I would cooperate and
serve, without her present.

Every time we headed off in this direction with our sex
life, I thought about resisting her. In fact, I
typically wanted to resist badly. But I hadn't offered
more than token resistance so far, and I knew I never
would. She owned me, and I was her play toy. And on
occasion her brand of play meant turning me into a
cock-sucking cum-slut. I knew it turned her on, and
every time so far, I also knew it ended up turning me
on. But I had never imagined a scenario where she owned
me so totally that I would service a man in compliance
with her wishes without her being directly involved. I
had never considered letting another man order me

He was waiting patiently, letting me decide. She told
him I would comply, and he obviously believed her. And
why not? She had clearly demonstrated to him on two
previous occasions that she had total control over me.

I looked nervously around the room, and by doing so
unwittingly communicated to him I was thinking about
it. He smiled. I had never so much as looked at another
guy in public, and I was scared. This was a high-risk
setting, and it only took a moment's thought to
understand that was her intent. But even as I
considered doing as she wished, I was paralyzed by

'Let's go.'

The patience was gone. It was an order, and again I
found it offensive for him to tell me what to do. But
nonetheless I felt my feet start to move, my body
betraying my mind, as I slowly stepped out from the
spray and headed across the room. I was vaguely aware
that I could feel swelling in my still soft cock, the
first stirrings of a hard-on starting to well up within

It seemed to take forever to cross the room, and I
stopped a few feet in front of him. He was smiling, his
arms crossed over his muscular chest. I couldn't hold
his gaze, and hung my head down. I realized in
retrospect that it was an act of pure submission.

'She calls you slut, doesn't she?'

I nodded.

'Well slut, we better get on with it. Practice will end

I looked up at that, realizing he meant the practice
session in the gym. The locker room would fill with
people once practice ended. I swallowed hard, my breath
suddenly short. The fear was palpable.

He just smiled and moved out from under the spray.
Stepping to the post, he turned and put his hands on
the tile surface, pushing his ass out.

'If I remember right, your tongue has some special
talents. Why don't we start with that slut?'

If I were to run, now would be the time. It seemed like
the right thing to do. She would probably forgive me.
Taking such risks in a public place could land me in
serious trouble. I had my job and my f****y to think
about. It was time to get the hell out of here, and
quickly. All these thoughts raced through my mind as I
stepped over behind The Stud and dropped to my knees on
the cold tile.

I looked around the room one last time, listening to
the sound of the practice session over the hiss of the
two showers. The room was steamy, but anyone entering
could easily see what was going on. I looked up at The
Stud. He was watching me over his shoulder with a
knowing smile. Once again he was patiently allowing me
to come to terms with the moment, confident of my final
decision, of my willingness to be used. And so he
should be, I reasoned.

In our first encounter, although bound I had resisted
violently. But in the end, under the artful
manipulation of my wife, my resistance had broken down
and I willingly served his needs. I had seen the video
of that night many times, and my ultimate pleasure in
servicing this young man was undeniable. The second
encounter had pretty much the same result, and among
other debased acts I had eagerly sucked his come from
my wife's pussy as he watched. So, as I say, his
confidence was well founded; a humbling thought as I
knelt behind his naked form.

My eyes traced down his muscular back and settled on
his ass. His narrow hips swelled out into muscled
thighs, and I knew my wife would love the view I had
before me. He bent further at his mid-section, pressing
his ass back towards my face, and the action caused his
cheeks to part enough that I could just see his
asshole. My tongue had been in his ass on two previous
occasions, the only male ass I had ever licked, but
this was the first time I had seen it.

The sight was more arousing than I would have expected,
and my cock swelled as my hands slid up his thighs to
caress his firm ass cheeks. All thoughts of escaping
the danger of this bold foray into high-risk sex were
slipping away, the fear being replaced by a desire
totally foreign to me for most of my life.

Using my hands, I spread his cheeks and exposed my
target; his tightly puckered pink asshole. Leaning in,
I extended my tongue and licked all around his opening,
my first voluntary oral contact with his body
electrifying. His response was predictable as he tried
to shift position so my tongue hit his anus, and for a
brief moment I enjoyed being in control. Teasing him
for a few minutes, I finally dove in, driving my tongue
into his tight asshole.

He responded immediately, pushing back against my face
as I tried to spread him open with my hands. Still very
aware of the danger, my mind was actively visualizing
what had to be an incredible scene, as I knelt naked in
a public shower, licking another guy's asshole, with
dozens of people just a short distance away. My own
cock was throbbing by now.

Just like the previous times, I licked his tender anus
with unexpected relish, enjoying the feeling of my
facial cheeks pressed in between his ass cheeks. He
bent over even further, giving me total access, and I
f***ed my tongue as deeply up his ass as it would go. I
brought my left hand down and cupped his balls. With my
right I reached between his legs and found his cock,
now hard. I had sucked it before, but never wrapped my
hand around it, and the size and strength of his
manhood turned me on even more.

I was totally into it now, doing the unimaginable by
tonguing another man's asshole, and may not have
stopped on my own. But he felt the press of time and
abruptly pulled away in the middle of a pleasurable
moan. Turning around, he stepped towards me, his hard
cock at my face.

This was the first cock I had ever sucked, the one that
had led me, albeit reluctantly at first, into a new and
exciting side of my own sexuality. It had been in my
mouth more than once, but I had never seen it.
Confirming what I already knew from oral contact, I saw
that it was long and thick, proudly sticking straight
out from his groin. In it's stiffened state, the
mushroom head was large and purple, and the veins stood
out along its length.

His pubic hair was light brown, matching the blonde
hair on his head, and his testicles hung heavily, the
left one slightly lower than the right. Bringing my
hands up to his hips, I pulled him forward slightly and
paid homage to his magnificent prick with my tongue,
licking up one side and down the other, then all around
the swollen head.

'Better hurry, slut.'

His warning reminded me where we were, but it wasn't
stated with any particular level of alarm. It seemed he
was less worried about being caught than I was, but
then he wasn't the one kneeling on the floor of a
public shower licking another guy's hard cock. I looked
up and made eye contact, then held it as I opened my
mouth and swallowed as much of his manhood as I could.

On the two previous occasions I had serviced The Stud,
I had been bound and blindfolded, f***ed by my wife to
suck his cock. Even though I was here under her
direction, following a plan she had laid out, I was
alone, and not bound or f***ed in any way. I was a
willing participant, blatantly offering my mouth for
his use as I stared him in the eye. He moaned as I
closed around his hard cock, the warmth of it filling
my mouth.

Slowly I let it slide back out between my lips, then
sucked it back in to the back of my throat. I did this
over and over, picking up speed and applying greater
suction as I went. My lips were drawn tight around his
thick manhood, and each time he slid to the back of my
mouth, I felt totally full. I could hear my own
breathing through my nose as I refused to let this
b**st out of my mouth, working the length and applying
suction continuously.

The last time I had sucked The Stud's cock, it had
tasted of my wife's pussy. Now, in the showers, it was
clean, hot flesh. I was thoroughly enjoying the feel of
it in my mouth, and the thought of being used in a
public place was now adding to the thrill. But as I
reached to cup his balls, he suddenly pulled out and
stepped back. The feeling of loss was real, and I
looked up to see if something was wrong.

He just turned and walked away, stopping at the first
shower post near the entrance. He turned on the shower
facing the locker room and adjusted the temperature.
Looking back my way, he ordered, 'Come over here, slut.

My hesitation was only momentary as I admired him
standing there, the water pouring over his muscular
body, his awesome cock standing at attention. The
rational part of my mind was disturbed that I could
find a naked man so arousing, but it was over-powered
by a pure a****l lust that dominated my feelings. I
almost stood, but then his words sank in.

Back down on my knees, I placed my hands on the floor
and started crawling across the tile towards him.
Humiliation had become an aphrodisiac for me, a fact my
wife had learned and was exploiting well, and
apparently sharing with others.

It was intensely humiliating, crawling naked across the
floor of a public shower at the order of another man,
but I wanted to please him, deeply desiring that cock
back in my mouth. Accepting the situation, I put my ass
up high as I crawled, swaying it back and forth,
sending him a not so subtle message that I was his slut
toy to do with as he pleased.

As I came around the post to kneel before The Stud
again, I was suddenly scared. From this location, I
could see out of the shower, straight across the locker
room, and down the short hall to the exit to the
gymnasium. The squeal of sneakers and the shrill
whistles were still going strong, as the workout in the
gym continued. I knew there was no door, and all
someone had to do was take one step from the gym into
the short hall and I would be visible kneeling before
this hard cock. There was no cover at all; I was
totally exposed.

My heart sank as I heard him speak. 'Feeling some
urgency now slut? You better hurry or you may end up
sucking off the whole team.'
Before I could respond, he grabbed my head and brought
his cock and my lips back together. My mind was still
focused on the danger of the high-risk situation I had
allowed myself to be drawn into as his hard cock sank
deep into my mouth. He started a steady pumping action,
and after a few minutes the a****l lust was starting to
take charge once again. My thoughts were back to the
task at hand, servicing The Stud, blocking out the open

I was alert enough to be amazed that the feel of his
cock in my mouth so easily over-powered the fear of
being caught. Here I was, totally naked, my own cock
swollen to the point of bursting, kneeling in a public
shower, before an open doorway, with a large group of
unknown people literally a step away from spotting me,
eagerly servicing another guy with a willing mouth. Was
I prepared to suck off other guys if I got caught? It
was hard to say, but I knew I wanted to finish this one

At my wife's request, and under her supervision, I had
recently been to bed with another guy, an old friend
who confessed to her he had always fantasized about one
on one sex with another man. It was the morning after a
poker game, which had turned into an orgy, with me as
the centerpiece. Starting out with him reluctantly, as
I usually do when she places demands on me, I had been
amazed at how passionate and intense an experience it
turned out to be.

In the end I enjoyed it immensely, particularly since
it was the only time in my life that another guy had
sucked my own cock. But as much as I enjoyed the
experience, it didn't compare to the feeling of simply
being used by another guy, one who saw me as a tool for
pleasure, taking advantage of me with no regard for my
own comfort or pleasure. In short, what turned me on
about sex with another guy, what my wife had learned
and manipulated so skillfully, was being humiliated and

The Stud, having participated in my first two male-on-
male encounters, and being apparently a confidante of
my wife, was most certainly aware of this, and he put
it to practice. Taking a firm grip on either side of my
head, his fingers woven through my hair, palms pressed
over my ears, he started a relentless fucking of my
face. He drove his b**st of a cock in and out of my
mouth, picking up speed as he plunged deeper and
deeper, with no regard for my comfort level.

On each back stroke he almost came clear of my lips,
then he'd drive inward, his big cock probing the depths
as I desperately fought off a gag reflex. I could no
longer hear due to his hands covering my ears, and I
could only look forward at his abdomen moving back and
forth, my peripheral vision cut off by the location of
his arms. The entire team could be pouring into the
locker room right now, and I wouldn't know it.

To combat the panic welling up inside me, I f***ed
myself to relax, hanging limply between his hands as he
****d my mouth. Tears leaked from my eyes as I gagged
on his big cock, but he kept the pace going. I could
tell he was breathing hard from the exertion, but he
wasn't slowing. This was how I liked it. This is what
turned me on. Complete humiliation and abuse at the
hands of another guy. As I closed my right hand around
my rigid cock, he added the verbal element that I love
so much.

Cupping his hands away from my ears, I heard his
labored speech. 'Not a bad deal. To get her delicious
pussy, all I have to do is f***e you to give me a

I opened my eyes wide. He chuckled as he continued to
pummel my mouth. 'That's right. She offered me pussy if
I would make her wimpy husband suck my dick. I come in
you, and then I get to come in her. I'm starting to
like this set-up.'

He shoved his cock as deep as he could, and I tried to
pull back, gagging as my nose pressed into his pubic
hair. He maintained his grip, allowing me no relief for
a brief moment, then slid back out, letting off the
pressure. 'She expects me to fuck you again, too.'

The fear was back. Sucking his cock in this place was
daring enough. Taking his cock in my ass, in a public
shower, with people nearby, was going too far. My
concern must have shown on my face because he just
laughed. 'It was a good fuck. I'm definitely going to
enjoy doing it again.' He let that hang a minute, then
added, 'But that's for another time, slut.'

The relief I felt was humorous, when you consider how
hard I was pumping my own cock. I thought he was
talking about fucking me in the ass in this public
place, and frightened at the prospect, while at the
same time I was masturbating like a wild man. My body
and my mind were not on the same wavelength.

I wondered how long he could last in my mouth as he
changed subjects. 'Did you like letting her suck my

I turned my eyes upwards and tried to nod as he stroked
his cock in and out of my mouth.

'She's better at it than you are.'

It was surprising how disappointed I was to hear that.

'But with her I have to be careful. I have to be nice.
I can't use her like I use you.' I tried to look up at
him and nod, and applied more suction. Anything to let
him know my mouth was there to be used, willing to
serve him.

His hands clamped back down over my ears, and he threw
his head back, clearly enjoying the feeling of my mouth
on his hard cock. The talking was done, and he was
concentrating on getting off. I pulled my hand from my
own cock, and with both hands I made a trail up his
legs to his balls, caressing them gently between my
fingers. My right hand drifted back to his ass, and
then came back forward, my index finger trailing along
his crack. When it passed over his asshole, he jumped
with pleasure.

Thinking back to something I had seen earlier I as
crawled over to him, I dropped my right hand and
started blindly feeling around on the floor. It took a
moment, but I finally found my goal, a bar of soap that
had been dropped. Taking it in my right hand, I spun it
until I had a good lather. Then dropping the bar, my
hand came back to his ass as it pumped back and forth
to the rhythm of his cock in my mouth, and I began
rubbing the slippery soap all around his anus. Body
language made it clear he liked the feeling.

Bringing my index finger to his asshole, I pressed
gently inward, testing his reaction. When he made no
move to stop me, I slipped my soap-covered finger past
his sphincter and deep into his ass. I had done this to
numerous girls, and to myself, but having my finger
deep in another guy's ass for the first time was a
deliciously naughty feeling. He pushed his cock hard
into my mouth and held it there as I felt his anus
contract on my finger over and over.

He was hot inside, and felt silky smooth, and with a
slow motion I started sliding my finger in and out of
him. At the same time, I started sliding my mouth back
and forth on his cock, as he remained stationary. My
left hand continued to work his balls. It was an
incredible feeling, and I realized that I had totally
forgotten our location and how dangerously exposed I

He liked my finger up his ass, and for the second time
I felt as if I were in control. But it didn't last
long. His reaction to having a finger shoved up his ass
in the middle of a blowjob was no different than my
own, when my wife did the same to me. His arousal
peaked and he was quickly on the verge of orgasm. Once
again he grabbed my head and started pounding his cock
into my mouth.

I sank my finger as deep in his ass as I could and held
it there, following the motion of his body with my
hand. I could feel him tense up, then felt his
sphincter clamp down hard on my finger, as he shoved
his cock into my throat and come erupted from the end
of it. I could feel the pulsations of his orgasm on my
finger in his ass, as he pumped come down my throat.
Then he pulled out and sprayed the last of his come on
my face and chest. I took it willingly, offering no

He roughly pushed his cock back into my mouth, reaching
back with his right hand to grab my wrist and pull my
finger from his ass. He seemed almost angry as he
jammed his softening cock in and out of my mouth, and I
concluded that he was unhappy I had found a weakness, a
chink in his armor. I dropped my hands to my own crotch
and sucked his cock gently, knowing a once engorged
cock can be quite sensitive immediately after orgasm. I
could feel his come on my face as I pulled off his cock
and licked at his balls.

Finally he stepped away and walked to his original
showerhead, rinsing off. I stayed where I was, on my
knees, until I realized once again how vulnerable a
spot I was in. Rising to my feet, I walked quickly back
to my original shower, my cock still hard. I was
feeling concern about his angry reaction to coming in
my mouth. I truly liked servicing this stud, and I
didn't want him upset with me.

He turned off the water, grabbed a towel, and headed my
way, his semi-hard cock swinging between his legs. I
stared openly, not caring that the hunger was as
obvious on my face as his come, remembering how good it
felt to have him spewing into my throat. I looked up
when he spoke.

'She said don't come out until you get off.'

With that he wrapped the towel around his waist and
walked out of the shower room. I was startled by his
comment, realizing the whistles and the shoe noises had
stopped, replaced by a single strong voice. I couldn't
make out the words, but I imagined a coach wrapping up
practice with a pep talk, and I knew time was very

Wrapping a hand around my cock, I started stroking,
realizing I needed some way to get rid of this hard-on
anyway. My own large cock felt good in my hand, and
with my back to the doorway, hot water pouring over it,
I felt my knees go weak and bend slightly. My left hand
came up and rubbed The Stud's come into my face and my
chest, and then started pinching my right nipple.

My eyes closed. I was totally naked, jerking off in a
public shower, when I heard the definite sounds of
people entering the locker room, laughing and cutting
up as they do when a hard practice comes to en end. I
resisted the overwhelming urge to open my eyes,
committing to finish the task regardless of the

In the end I was so turned on that I came easily,
shooting string after string of come across the tile
floor. My knees had bent and my pelvis was pushed
forward lewdly as I stroked the come from my cock, and
I knew I must be quite a sight. As soon as I dropped
the last of my come on the floor, my eyes popped open
in panic, the realization of my actions hitting home.

I turned and looked towards the doorway, and to my
great relief saw that no one had entered the room, and
that the line of sight from the locker room was such
that I was not easily seen. Quickly shutting off the
water, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it tightly around
my waist so that it held down my still semi-hard cock.

As I reached the doorway, a group of guys came through,
heading into the shower. My head was down and as I
looked up, my eyes passed over three cocks. The guys
were naked, and I never made eye contact as I passed
them, embarrassed. I knew I needed to dress and leave

The locker room was full, and as I snaked my way
through the crowd to the locker I had chosen, I
couldn't escape the thought that they all somehow knew
what I had been doing. Many of them looked at me with
curiosity. I was a stranger to this locker room, which
piqued their interest, but the guilt I felt led me to
wonder if they stared because they knew I had just
finished sucking a dick.

When I reached my locker, I was nervous about dropping
my towel for fear my still engorged cock would be
obvious. But in the end, I just let it fall and dressed
quickly, not looking around.

I exited through the outside door, and turned towards
the parking lot. My wife was waiting in the car, The
Stud leaning in the window, talking to her.
Embarrassment and humiliation enveloped me as I
approached the car, not wanting to face my wife, even
though she had set things up. But she just smiled as
The Stud turned and walked away, and I climbed in the
passenger's seat.

'Have fun, slut?'


100% (6/0)
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