Size Matters but Endurance matters more.

My best friend Kalpana got married before me and a few months later I could not resist finding a man.I decided to go and visit her with my hubby and we had a very great time together. Kalpana and myself like to do wrestling and in the course of our wrestling match we get wet and the winner then fucks the loser.

Though I am 2 inches taller than kalpana she always defeat me and with a dildo attached to her waist she fucks me until exhaustion. I feel so good and so dominated.

On the day that we visit her, she told me how her hubby fancies my height and beauty. She even told me that his dick stretches to 6 inches when fully erect though his height is 5 feet 7 inches only. i know that my hubby stands on 6 feet 7 inches and he dwarfs Kalpana;s husband in body and muscles. When limp his dick is nearly 5 inches. I thought that as a couple we are superior than kalpana and her hubby Sammy.

By coincidence both our hubbies like to watch female wrestlings. After a few drinks we decided to organise the match. The condition was tthat whoever loses will be fucked by the winner's hubby and the winner may allow the loser's hubby to fuck her if she thinks that he is superior and more hulky than her own hubby.
I thought that Bod was too handsome for kalpana not to take the chance if I lose again.

Kalpana's hubby likes sexy soles and high heels. He wants both of us to wear 6 inches mules and whoever lets her mules fall off her feet lose points.He also like huge buns. Both hubbies agreed on these things.

Wearing jst bras and pants with high heels, we started the match. Kalpana throws me on the floor ,climbs on me, unhook my bra but I also manged to unhook hers. So we were bare breasted. My hubby sighed at the sight of our boobs. Kalpan'as boobs are bigger than mine. I tried to overturn her but my mules come off and heard Kalpana's hubby sighing Aaah Rob! How pink are your wife's soles i want to lick them. kalpan laughed when hearing that comment.My hubby told her hubby i am waiting to eat the apples of your wife my mate. Kalpana's hubby said that if your dick is better than mine you will have it perhaps, mine is medium sized but of long endurance. What about yours,Rob? Rob said wait and and your wife will fondle it to 9 inches long.

My match continued. Kalpana pull of pants but I tear hers and bothe hubbies could see our complete naked bodies. Kalpan woke up and grabbed me and by judo tricks threw me on the floor, climbed on my back and hooked my neck. I was sweating but also very horny.

I eyed the two men and could see a bulge in the trousers of Sammy. He was horny and signalled me to get ready for a good experience in front of Rob. Rob laughed.

Finally, Kalpana sucked my nipples and made me moaned with pleasure and I conceded defeat. Her hubby came up and fondled my small breats saying that Kalpana has bigger ones but your height and sexy soles arouse me too much. He took my hand and made me felt his hard dick. I can see the difference between the huge but limp dick of Rob and Sammy's superior one.

My hubby took out his dick and started to fondle it to erection but he is impotent. I blushed crimson. Sammy put me down on the carpet , raised my legs up and onserted his hard 6 inches dick inside my juicy cunt. It is the first time that I felt a manly dick inside me in spite of having 22 boyfriends who ejacualed with 50 seconds in most cases.Rob is worse than them.

Sammy churned his dick inside me giving me unprecendented muliti-orgasms. I could hear Rob saying to Kalpana you are a lucky wife. My size is really
nothing compared to your sexually-endowed medium sized dick hubby.

I know that Kalpana is also very horny. She tolf my hubby " Do I wank you and see if you can get a minor erection?" My hubby said"Please, try it".

Seeing my huge circumcised cock ok of Rob, she grabbed it and said how beautiful is your dick compared to the uncircumcised puny one that my hubby has got but it is a dead piece of meat. Kalpana masturbated him and sucked his pink knob but Rob remained limp. By that time Sammy told Kalpana to stop becuase he can see her sucking the knob of Rob. He gave me five deep thrusts and I screamed with pleasure. He pulled his dick out , went up to kalpana, threw her on the carpet, opened and raised her legs up starting to fuck her. Kalpana is very noisy and she expressed her pleasure and praised her hubby for his feat and for giving her the chance to fondle another cock which is beautiful.

After fucking Kalpana, he gazed at Rob and told Rob to bend on his back. He took his dick and insert it in the arse hole of Rob. he fucked him up though Rob said that it was not part of the wrestling condition. Sammy told Rob that I have to fuck you as well because my wife sucked your pink knob.

It was so exciting to see Sammy fucking Rob. My huby Rob moaned and said "Oh Sammy I feel so god with your horny flesh inside me. Please, fuck both my wife and myself more often".

Sammy gave me a final fuck and some more orgasms. Since then both couples have been meeting only for these sessions. Sammy fucks all of us.

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wow, surprise ending