My s****r in Law

So, let me start out by saying that fantasy's do come true! I met my wife while living in Virginia. She was not from Virginia, but from Seattle Washington. After several month of dating we flew out to meet her parents and her b*****rs and s****rs, man she has a large f****y, but fun i must say. After meeting her 2 b*****rs and one of her 2 s****rs, i was a bit overwhelmed. I did not think i could meet another person in this f****y and everyone knew that I think, but there was one more person, her older s****r Megan. Megan was a hardcore partier. She was in the d**g scene then and was dating a dipshit. That night, i slept on the couch and Megan and her boyfriend came in. She was fucked up high and felt the need to wake me and introduce herself. "so your the one fucking my s*s" she said, of course i laughed and said yes, which broke the ice. She was so fucking hot, black leather mini skirt with her 32 C tits showing through her fishnet top, really gave me something to get hard about. She then volunteered to tell me her and her boyfriend just got back from a swinger party and they where going to go to bed. I was a bit taken back but I went right back to sl**p. The next night all the bros and s*s went out to a local bar in which Megan started ranting on how much she loved anal sex. At that point she coined the phrase "Spread and Lube".
After a week of her indirectly flirting about sex, we left and back to Virginia we went.
So now you know the girl, let me fast forward to our wedding weekend. We flew everyone to Hawaii for our wedding. Megan showed up single and was really down due to a recent breakup. During that week we had really talked seriously about her life and nothing about sex. So Friday night came around and the girls where going to take my wife out for her bacholette party. Megan claimed she was sick and did not go. Around 1030 that night, i decided to go to the hot tube and loosen up my back. After 30 min, i went up and seen Megan walking from my door. I announced and said "megan, do you need something" she kept walking ignoring me and i ran down to her and turned her around by her arm and asked he was was up. She looked so puzzled and spacy and said "I don't know what I am doing" I said what do you mean, she then said "I came to fuck you" at that time all i could do was lay a powerful kiss on her lips. I then guided her to my room where i slammed her on the wall kissing her up and down. She was in a sun dress and i pulled the straps down to free her tits. As a licked and nibbled on her nipples, she sighed in pleasure. She then went to her knees and freed my cock. I had never had such a great blow job, she started by licking my shaft and rubbing my balls, looking up to me with her doe like eyes, showing me how much she wanted my cock and how she loved every inch. She deep throated my cock until she gagged and would lick the pre cum off the tip, she then removed her dress and layed on the bed. she raised her leg showing me her shaved pussy and invited me in. I inched my cock in her until she begged for more. she then insisted on me fucking her harder and then she squirted all over me. it was so hot! I then made the joke to spread and lube and she looked at me seriously and said, "please". I then rimmed her ass because i had no lube. then i stretched her ass and f***ed my cock in her ass. As i pound it, i then had to cum. she then insisted I cum in her mouth, so i pulled my cock from her mouth and she sucked the cum right out. That night will always be in my mind.
Couple years later we moved out that way and we fuck on the low down all the time. but that night started the greatest sex ever, i don't love her but i love her sex!
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1 year ago
Wow,,one very hot sis in law...just keep her wet and quiet,,,thanks