Miis Jo Answers The Front Door, Only To Open The B

Jo, as instructed, answered the door wearing only a t-shirt and panties. Her adorable short hairdo, a lovely shade of red that he knew to be from the salon, only by more intimate knowledge of her other hair, made her look like a pixie. He stood there, quite a bit taller than her petite 5-foot frame, shifting his weight foot to foot. “Great”, she thought to herself. “I need dominated, and I got a 46-year-old schoolboy. Still, her face shone with expectation and hope. Seeing this, he somehow switched gears directly into f***eful mastery. He strode into her apartment, kicked the door shut with his trailing foot, and grabbed her by her upper arms. “That will bruise tomorrow”, she thought / hoped. She did treasure her trophies of subservience.

He pulled her roughly to his much thicker frame, mashing her lengthwise against him. He f***ed his mouth to hers, and kissed her roughly. His thick, hard cock poked her just over her belly button. Spreading her legs, she rubbed her wet cunt on his muscular thigh. Their fiery kiss lasted a half-minute, then he just as quickly pushed her away to arms length. Gasping out a moan of frustration, she was just as quickly spun around to face the wall. Running his hands down her arms to her wrists, he yanked them out and up, spread-eagling her against the wall. He hunched down, rubbing his prick in the furrow of her ass crack. Bringing her arms together over her head, he held both wrists in one hand, and reached with the other hand to roughly reach into the front of her panties. He fingered her sloppy-wet slit roughly. She was soaked.

Bringing his hand around behind, but staying in her panties, he tugged down the back of her underwear hard enough to rip the elastic around her waist. They were old panties; she had worn them in the hopes that this would happen. Shoving his crotch up to his hand at her ass, he pulled down his zipper, reached into his underwear, and pulled out his fat dick. Grabbing it at the root, he worked the head up and down her ass crack, and under, wetting himself on her flood of pussy juice. After getting sufficiently wet, he brought his bloated cockhead to her tight rosebud, and set his piss slit at the center of her shithole.

With his mouth against her right ear, he growled, "Jo, I want to thank you for that excellent cocksucking the other day after church. Your mouth is very talented. Now, though, I need to lay claim to the other holes, and other parts of you, that I own. I own you, don't I, cunt?”

Silence, except for her gasping. Christ, with her cardiac history, this might turn as ugly as manslaughter by manmeat. With his cockhead seated at her root, he reached up with his right hand, grabbed her right tit, and found her engorged nipple with his calloused thumb and forefinger. He pinched it, hard. “I OWN you, don't I, cunt?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sean!”

“Very nice. No dick, though, baby, until you ask me for it. Ask convincingly.”

“Please fuck me!” she wailed.

“Add, 'Master'. And tell me where you want me to fuck you, my little asswhore.”

“Oh, God, Sean. Please just do it.”

“I can see we need some reinf***ement of your training. I'm going to enjoy this, and you SURE are.” He slowly, inexorably, sunk his very wide cock into her very small asshole. She moaned and bucked, and began cumming immediately. He fucked her asshole with long, slow strokes, not cumming in her ass until he'd fucked it at least 15 minutes, a long time for a girl's first assfuck in many years.
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