My first real blow job

Over the years, I've become such a greedy whore for sex of almost every kind, and being blessed with a vivid imagination and curiosity I'm always ready to try just about anything....

I'm such a greedy bitch for pussy juice for example and I've always taken an enormous pleasure in offering a Ggirl many a long cunnilingus - Hearing her moan in ecstacy under the assaults of my feverish but sensitive tongue has always been an immense pleasure for me as well as for her and when she finally CUMs shooting great spurts of LUV juice all over my face as she screams in orgasmic yelling and swearing, it always gives me a particular thrill....

But up until my thirties, even though I had always taken enormous pleasure in dressing in slutty outfits and stiletto heels, it was always an intensely private pleasure that I kept to myself, well hidden inside a closet of guilt - So it was the actuall wearing of tarty female clothes and CFM hi-heels that I really got off on, rather than a desire or a fantasy to share this with someone else.....

And so it was that I was convinced that I was completely a "normal" hetero and without wishing for any special desire for same-sex sex - At this period of my life I was working in the theatre and it is no great secret that in this domain, there are far more "queers", homos, "dykes" and lesbians than there are in, say, coal mining !! - Almost as many as "normal" heteros in fact.....

One evening I'd been invited to a birthday party of one of our colleagues and as you can imagine the ambiance was very mixed, with gays, bis, lezzies and heteros in almost equal numbers - It was here that I met a young man, very boyish still, but very effeminate in his gestures and mannerisms - And I had to admit that as the evening wore on, I became very attracted to this beautiful creature - This troubled me somewhat, but there was no denying it - I knew deep down in my inner intimate self that this beautiful ephebe was having a profound effect on me - And what is more I really liked the incredible deep sensations that this gorgeous Adonnis was having on me - I didn't have to wait very long, however, for the proof of my feelings, as this beautiful boy was not exactly backward in being forward - He suddenly kissed me long and passsionately on my mouth - A kissing which quickly became a deep throat "french kissing" as he f***ed his tongue deep into my mouth and I responded likewise holding him tightly in my arms and, trembling with excitement and desire, I could feel my cock getting very hard in my pants and almost ready to explode an intense ejaculation....

For reasons that I no longer remember we didn't go any further than that that evening and I returned home full of excitement, but wracked also by an extreme guilt at the intense feelings I had enjoyed so much - However several days later I was working in the theatre and it was my turn to "shut up shop" that evening after the performance had finished and all the actors had gone - All of them, that is, except one......

Yes you've guessed it, the adorable Adonnis from the party a few nights before - I'd already turned out most of the lights and as I went into one of the dressing rooms to turn out the other, this gorgeous ephebe followed me in there and started to kiss me passionately as he had done previously - His tongue f***ed its way down my throat and I responded in like manner as we groped and fondled each other feverishly, with me trembling with an excitement I had never known until now - He had obviously sensed the heat and hardness of my cock rubbing up against his and he broke away to take down my trousers, so releasing my rock-hard ramrod fuck-pole that had never been so hard as it was now - He wasted no time in taking it into his mouth and sucked on it so furiously like there was no tomorrow - He was very experienced in this and gave me the most amazing blow job I had ever experiencesd - Running his tongue all along the length of my dick - Taking my swollen testicles into his mouth and sucking on them and licking them as he gently finger fucked my ass - Oooooooohh my - I was in seventh heaven......

But it was while he was doing that that my eyes took in the costumes in the dressing room - We had been doing a production of the "The Maids" by the French playwright Jean Genet and we had decided to perform it with male actors dressed as the all women cast - This gorgeous creature had been one of them - I blurted out to "him" that I wanted to dress up the way "he" had been and that we should continue our horny antics on the stage as if we were doing a perfomance - He/she readily agreed and we quickly changed into the dresses of the bourgeoise maitress of the house (me) and her maid (he/she) - I was already enraptured as I gently slid my LUVly naturally smooth legs into the stockings and almost fainted in rapture as I slid my dainty feet into the hi-heeled stilettoed court shoes (pumps) whilst my "servant" had slipped into the maid's costume and slipped "his" equally dainty feet into a pair of hi-heeled stilettoed sandals - He/she was so naturally feminine and had a beautifly soft skin - Ooooooooh how divine it was to fondle each other dressed as utterly depraved sluts in a bourgeois household......

We soon got down to licking out each other's ass-pussies and sucking off each other's she-cocks like the demented sex-crazed whores that we'd become - This was the first time I'd had a cock in my mouth and I was finding it more and more agreable - It was absolutely divine to lie along side each other gagging on our hot horny-whore throbbing she-cock fuck-poles as we finger-fucked our ass-pussies - I adored licking "her" nyloned feet through the sandals fondling and caressinbg the pointy hi-heels as I did so - Finally my "maid" slut said to me : "C'mon mistress I need to feel that hot hard throbbing thick fuck-pole of yours inside me - Please mistress - Fuck me - Fuck me senseless" - "Too right you horny whore", I said - "But first you need a good spanking like all maids do" - And with that I put her aross my knee and spanked the cheeks of her ass for all I was worth - The fact that she cried and whimpered made me even more excited and sadistic as I spanked her even harder - Then I threw her on her back and with her legs in the air rammed my rigid ramrod reamer of my hot hard she-cock fuck-pole deep deep deep into her ass-pussy and shagged her senseles like the demented demonic whore-bitch that I'd become......

It was fantastic to have her stilettoed nyloned feet either side of my head as I slavered over and licked each one in turn as I ramrod fucked her like crazy - "Ooooooohh !!! - OOOOOOoo !!! - That's SOOOOOoooooo fucking good mistress", she yelled - "Harder please - HARDER !!!" - I was jacking off her hot horny she-cock as I fucked her hot 'n hard and I could tell she wasn't far off CUMming - She was soon shooting out gushing geishers of hot steaming spunky spurts of juicy creamy nectar all over my hand - "Lick it BITCH", I commanded - And as she did so I fell forward on to her so as to deep throat kiss her and share the salty taste of her LUV juice - "Now dig your heels into my ass cheeks, whore !!" - And as she did so the feel of the spiky points of her stilettos piercing my ass flesh was just SOOOOOoo fantastic - I increased the intensity of my fuck rhythm and I screamed in ecstacy as I shot gallons and gallons of hot juicy jism deep deep deep into the very depths of her ass-pussy - As wave upon wave of hot spunky sperm smashed up against the rear walls of her rectum she let out screams of orgasmic pleasure and I smothered them with crazed deep throat kissing, forcing my feverish tongue deep into her throat -

Oh my !! - Was that SOOOOooooo fucking good !! - We lay there a long time afterwards, deliriously happy and so content to gently kiss and caress each other with such a warm tender sensuality of which only girls are really capable....

I now realised that I was no longer a "normal" hetero, but something much more complex, with a real femininity deep down there inside me - I now realised that this powerful feminine presence deep within me would have to live - would have to be given life......

But it was to be some years yet - too many years - before the Carole that you see here at xHamster was to assume her full personality and accept the woman deep inside her that she has now become....

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2 years ago
What a way to find girl girl sex is best! Great !!
3 years ago
Sow i'd love to do that some time thanks Candi
3 years ago
Wow Carol you have all the fun thanks
3 years ago
very good,very interesting,and makes me hard
4 years ago
A wonderful realistic description of this premiere with all apsects of LUV
Kisses Sara
4 years ago
such a sexy and exciting story,very well written.
4 years ago
mmmmmmm Regina Hunni I'd have LUVed you to do that to me too - kiss
4 years ago
Wish I had been there. Would have loved to suck your gurl goo out of her pussy ass and then feed it to you!