A slut is born.......

I've always had this magnetic attraction to slender pointy hi-heel stilettos for as long as I can remember. Even when I was just a little k** of around five years old, I used to get these stange feelings between my thighs every time I saw a young teenage girl strutting and teetering around on these fabulously erotic pointy heels - This was the 1950s era. The era "par excellence" for these gorgeous shoes that did so much to excite me but also to trouble me - Because I was only five, I didn't understand these wonderful sensations at all. All I knew was, that it must be "sinful" to have such sensations in such a deeply intimate part of one's anatomy. "Sinful" perhaps. "Sinful" certainly according to the hypocritical mores of that time. But OH how intensely aggreable.....

As I grew older and discovered that my dick had other uses than that as a conduit for evacuating the yellow fluid for which my body had no futher use, I discovered the delights of masturbation and by now this wonderful creamy substance would come gushing forth when I reached a suitable state of excitement, provoked by the souvenirs of these teenage girls struting their stuff provocatively as they continued to teeter around, perched on these magnificently pointy heels.

One day I found myself alone in the house for a reason that I no longer remember - I must have been about f******n at the time. It was rather a large house and my s****r and I shared the use of one the bathrooms. She tended to have untidy habits and had taken to leaving her stockings and suspenders lying around on the bathroom floor. There they were again - dark brown coffee coloured stockings and a rather nice white lace suspender belt. Only this time she had left a pair of her stilettos with them !! White they were, the heel not that high - around four inches perhaps - But very slender and very pointy - The front part of the shoes were very fine too, very slender and terminated in a fine point just beyond where the toes would stop.

What a temptation and one that I just couldn't resist !! - I bolted the door as a precaution and then, trembling all over, I stripped myself naked. With feverishly trembling hands I now proceeded to my very first try-out of these incredibly sensual items of sublime lingerie and those sensationally sexciting stilettos. And what a sensation it was too - The softness of the nylon caressing my sensitive smooth girly skin. The feeling through those nylons as I rubbed my legs together crossing them, then uncrossing them, then caressing them with my still trembling hands. And now for that moment of pure magic as I daintily slipped my narrow feet into those sexy pointy stilettos.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm OH - oooohhh WOW - did it FEEL so SO good !!! -

I pranced around the bathroom like a slutty little bitch on heat. And what's more I WAS on heat !!! - Horny whore heat !! - I preened myself in front of the mirror and I could see how excited my dick had become. For it was no longer a dick anymore, but a fully erect ramrod rampant rock-hard she-cock - And oh WOW was I excited to see it like that and to FEEL its white-hot whore-heat burning in my hands - I was in seventh heaven. Or more likely, according to the suffocatingly hypocritical mores of the time, at the gates of HELL - And OH girl was I excited at being there !!! I strutted round the room like a slutty little street- whore, jacking myself off like crazy as I watched my horny-whore antics in the mirror. Of course it wasn't long before I gushed fountains after fountains of hot spunky sperm all over the place and finally I sank to the floor in complete exhaustion and sublime ecstasy......

I lay there on the floor like that for a while and then lying on my back I raised my gorgeous girly nylon stockinged legs in the air, crossing them and uncrossing them, rubbing the points of the heels along the side of each shoe - Once more my she-cock was standing to attention and so I started to jack her off all over again in a state of frenzied excitement and once gain my fountains of spunky sperm nectar shot into the air only to CUM back down again spattering my smooth skinned girly body and my face. And for the first time in my life I was able to find out what my sperm tasted like -

And was it good - Mmmmmmmmmmmm - Yummeeee......

So that was the beginning of my long journey towards Tgirl hood if I can put it like that - A journey that has been long and often emotionally painful - often wracked with guilt. But the guilt's all over now - I am what I am - Carole is too strong for me - She has to live - And I'm so happy to be able to let her live and share her with other girls of like-mind here at xHamster......

Lots of LUV Carole xxxxxxx
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3 years ago
You i started dressing off and on when iwas 14 yo wow thanks for bring back some really great memories
3 years ago
I loved the story,very well written......I was 20 years old before I started dressing up in womens clothes and it was my first sex with a woman....I was happy just being gay until then ....Now I dress everyday and love it.
3 years ago
Great story Carole I can relate It is hot to walk around dressed up as a hot tranny girl. You do get so turned on that you do cum more than usual.
3 years ago
What I lovely story and what a lovely slut your are dear.
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
such naughty dirty thoughts. loved the story