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[Story] A walk in the woods.....

I was lounging around the house, like a lady of leisure, wearing an elegant robe in black lace with a pair of sensual seamed stockings held up by a six-strap suspender belt and of course a pair of my favourite spiky pointed hi-heels that are so comfortable to wear round the house. I'd put on one of my favourite bras and placed a nice pair of natural looking silicone titties inside - the whole ensemble topped of with some nice jewellery. The perfect femme fatale bourgeoise SLUT that I LUV to be. I'd just renewed my lipstick and was feeling very femme, VERY slutty and as HORNY as hell when the p... Continue»
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[Story] Nancy finds out...

However, Nancy’s stay with us that summer was going to prove even more eventful than ever I could have imagined. Even after having been caught wearing her things by the neighbour’s son, Lesley, which led to a whole new dimension in our friendship, as you’ll know if you’ve read “Caught in the Act…”

Once again I found myself alone in the house. Dad was at work and Mom had gone to her Bridge Club and wouldn’t be back for ages. As you’ll know if you’ve read “Caught in the Act…” Nancy was really hot stuff and didn’t care who knew it. At 18 she’s a couple of years older than me, in the full bloom... Continue»
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[Story] Caught in the Act....

One summer, my cousin Nancy came to stay with us for a while, as her parents had gone away on a cruise trip. At 18 years old, she was a couple of years older than me and in the full bloom of her young womanhood, so to speak. She knew it, too, and it was obvious that she had no problem at all in pulling any guy she wanted. Not only did she look good, but always dressed very sexy, just to make sure…

She was another of these girls I adored during my adolescent years, who LUVed to teeter around perched on very fine pointy hi-heel stilettos, and when she walked, her butt swayed from side to side... Continue»
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[Story] My first real blow job

Over the years, I've become such a greedy whore for sex of almost every kind, and being blessed with a vivid imagination and curiosity I'm always ready to try just about anything....

I'm such a greedy bitch for pussy juice for example and I've always taken an enormous pleasure in offering a Ggirl many a long cunnilingus - Hearing her moan in ecstacy under the assaults of my feverish but sensitive tongue has always been an immense pleasure for me as well as for her and when she finally CUMs shooting great spurts of LUV juice all over my face as she screams in orgasmic yelling and swearing, i... Continue»
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[Story] Ma première pipe

Je suis gourmande......

De sexes ! – Notez chères Amies, que je ne parle pas de l'acte ou de l’activité sexuelle, mais de sexes au pluriel – De l'engin entre les jambes, ce machin-truc-bidule dessous la taille - Qu'il s'agit d'un vagin pour des Ggirls ou d’une belle she-cock girlie-bite pour des Tgirls - J'ai toujours eu un gourmandise prononcée pour le premier - J'adore donner des long long cunnilingus aux Ggirls - Je trouve leurs gémissements incroyablement excitants et leur cyprine coulant à flots particulièrement délicieuse, pendant que je m’y attelle - Entendre une Ggirl hurler de pla... Continue»
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[Story] A slut is born.......

I've always had this magnetic attraction to slender pointy hi-heel stilettos for as long as I can remember. Even when I was just a little k** of around five years old, I used to get these stange feelings between my thighs every time I saw a young teenage girl strutting and teetering around on these fabulously erotic pointy heels - This was the 1950s era. The era "par excellence" for these gorgeous shoes that did so much to excite me but also to trouble me - Because I was only five, I didn't understand these wonderful sensations at all. All I knew was, that it must be "sinful" to have s... Continue»
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[Story] Une salope est née

J'ai été sensible aux talons aiguilles depuis mon tout petit enfance des années 1950, la première époque des talons aiguilles par excellence !! - Chaque fois que je les ai vu, j'ai senti ces étranges sensations entre mes jambes, bien que je n'aie eu que cinq ans à cette époque, là, et je ne comprenais pas de tout, à cinq ans, ces sensations fort agréables, mais en même temps ô si terriblement troublantes - Alors, il a fallu attendre mes 14 ans quand, pour la première fois, j'ai eu l'opportunité d'oser essayer les bas coutures marrons et les escarpins blancs avec ses fins talons aiguilles à 8c... Continue»
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