Saturday night fun.........

It all started when my parents (Irene & Jerry) where going out to a party on a Saturday night and my two s***ers (Dee 19 and Marie 20) were also going out to the bar with there girlfriends, that I was left at home by myself to watch tv or play video games, watch the a****ls.......I was 18 but still in school and didn't work so I couldn't go to the bar and have fun.

Mom and Dad left around 8pm to head to the company i knew the would be gone at least until 1am or 2am. Dee and Marie left in a cab around 9pm to head to the local pub and meet up with there girlfriends to dance and have drinks and so forth.

I was still watching hockey when they left....but when they did all leave.....I went to my room and grabbed my porn DVD's and my vaseline and started to get ready. I had a bunch of anal, mature, hairy pussy and lesbian/dildo ones, so I was trying to figure out which one to start with first. My cock was already getting hard just thinking about those sweet wet pussies and tight assholes.

I made sure both doors were locked and I grabbed a few of my dads beers from the fridge and put them on the end table by the chair I was gonna sit in. We had a big long couch, a love seat and single cushion chair.....and the single chair was a little better to sit in and jerk off while looking at the TV. I decided to play the lesbian/dildo one first......girls on girls always gets me hard.

I sat down and got the remote and starting watching the DVD. The girls are always hot, so it wasn't long before I was naked on the chair and my legs spread and I was grabbing the vaseline and stroking my hard cock and rubbing and grabbing my balls with my other hand. I was drinking my beer and had a cigarette lit and watching 2 girls fucking themselves with a double headed dildo in there asses and my cock was throbbing in my hand, when all of a sudden Dee & Marie walked in the door and into the hallway by the living room where I was sitting. I didn't hear the door unlock because I had the volume up hearing the girls fucking each other.

They both looked at me.....naked, on the chair with my beer, smoke and my hard hairy cock in my hand and pumping hard. They had a look of shock and a smirk like they were going to tell my parents or blackmail me or something like that. Dee was the first to speak, saying "What the hell is this"? and I said right back, "What the hell are you two doing just left a little while ago"?....all the while still jerking my hairy cock watching the TV at the same time.

Dee said, "I forgot my bank card so I had to come back and get it"........they both were looking at my 8 1/2 inch thick hairy cock while I was jerking it and they were only about 10 feet away, so they had a really close look at it. Marie asked, "what are you watching and why is it so loud?"........I said "lesbians fucking each other in there asses with a fat dildo.......see?" Dee and Marie looked at the TV screen and saw the close up scene of the girls fucking themselves with the dildo in there wet assholes and hearing the moans and wetness from the TV.

They both looked at me again and saw how hard my cock was and said "so....are you gonna keep doing this all night long?" I just looked at them and said "you have two choices.....get your bank card and get out of hear or grab the dildos I know you both have and you can join me?". Both Dee and Marie are single and I new that there dildo's were in the dresser drawers.....Dee's was a normal pink one and Marie's was a thick black one.

They both had a shocked look on there faces and went to there bedrooms where, obviously Dee left her bank card. It was a few minutes and I still haven't seen them yet. They both were probably laughing at me in there rooms, so I got up and put the hairy amateur DVD in.....I love hairy pussies....especially seeing them being fucked and nice at wet. I put it in and sat back down and continued jerking my cock.

About 10 minutes went by and on the screen a mature milf was getting fucked hard from behind in her hairy pussy by a big cock and my cock was just oozing pre-cum down around my hand and my cock, when both Dee and Marie came down the hallway in nothing but a bath robe and there dildos in there hands. My cock just jumped as I looked at them and thought to my self.......what the hell is going on.....i grabbed my beer and took a big gulp of it and then asked them, "so.....I guess I'm not the only one feeling horny this saturday night?" They both looked at me and Marie was the first to speak saying "well we can't let you have all the fun at home by your self.....besides why spend the money at the bar and get all worked up when we can just get worked up here".

With that being said, Dee and Marie both sat on the couch and opened there robes and looked at each other, took there dildo's in there hands and looked at the TV seeing the hairy milf being fucked hard by that big cock.

As soon as they opened there robes my eyes shot over to them and I was amazed at what I saw. Dee had small perky tits and her nipples were rock hard and with her being a lite blonde haired girl, her hairy pussy trailed all around her pussy and down to her asshole, and was a mid colored cock just got a little harder. I looked at Marie and her tits are a little bigger and her nipples were rock hard and a darker brown and her hairy pussy was the same as Dee's, but her's was pitch black and thick. I could see both of there hairy pussies and they looked wet and there lips looked thick.

My cock seemed like it was growing harder and harder in my hand while I watched them lick the tips of there dildos and then slowly rubbing there pussies with them before they slowly pushed them into there wet hairy pussies while looking at the TV. Both of my s****rs were playing with there nipples and shoving those dildos into there hairy pussies. I had to get a better view, so I stood up and walked to the couch and stood right in front of them jerking really hard and fast and was looking at there hairy holes getting wetter and wetter. They both looked at me and my hard hairy cock and balls and just smiled. They leaned forward and took there robes off and then leaned back and spread there legs as wide as they could and kept on fucking there hairy pussies while I jerked hard right in front of them.

I was so hard and leaking my pre-cum and watching both of my s****rs fucking there hairy holes and them looking at me jerking my hard hairy cock and playing with my balls, we didn't hear our parents come in the back door. The next thing we heard was, "what the hell is going on here?" my step-mom yelled out before my dad could say anything. I said, standing there in front of Dee and Marie, with dildo's in there hairy pussies, and them playing with there hard nipples and the porno on the TV screen, "We were all feeling horny tonight, so if you and dad wanna join us you are more then welcome too, or we will just go down stairs and continue?". Mom had a strange look on her face.....and dad was just standing there looking at me and my s****rs and I could see he was already getting hard himself watching myself and my s****rs masturbating to the porno on the TV.

He grabbed my mom's arm and they went to there bedroom down the hallway. I still stood there looking at my s****rs fucking there hairy pussies while they watched my jerking my hard cock and playing with my balls.......there juices were flowing all over the dildos and the couch......I had a front row seat and I sat back down in the chair when all off a sudden both my parents came from down the hallway....both naked.

I have seen my dad naked before......hairy just like me but his cock was a lot bigger and so was his balls, and his cock was rock hard and bobbing while he walked........but I have never seen my step-mother naked before. She has reddish hair and is part German, so she is very pale skinned but her hairy pussy was so red....and I could clearly see her lips sticking out of her hairy bush.

Dad said, "well we were coming home early cause we were feeling horny as well, so we might as well join you and watch the porn". Dee and Marie could stop looking at both my parents being naked and they were fucking themselves faster....I think because of seeing dads thick big cock. I was stroking hard too after seeing my step-moms hairy pussy.....just like my s****rs hairy pussies.

Mom and Dad sat in the love seat and they both looked at me first....seeing me stroking hard and fast and then they looked at Dee and Marie pumping there hairy pussies with there dildos and then they saw the action on the TV screen. Pretty soon we were all watching each other step-mom had my dads thick cock in her hand and she was jerking it hard, and dad had 3 fingers buried deep in my step-moms hairy wet pussy and was sucking on her nipples. Pretty soon Dee, Marie and myself were watching my I turned the TV off so we could watch and hear them. I thought to myself, why watch a porno when I can watch my parents fuck each other and jerk off at the same time.

Once I turned the TV off, my parents saw that we were all watching them, so my step-mom got on her knees and starting sucking on my dads thick cock and fingering her hairy pussy while dad just grab her hair and guided her up and down on his thick cock. Dee and Marie started pumping the dildos faster into there hairy wet pussies and now Dee was finger her asshole at the same time while Marie was rubbing her hard clit very fast and hard.

I got up and stood close to see my step-mom sucking my dads cock. My dad looked at me and said, "damn son, your cock is almost as big as mine." I smiled at him while he just leaned back and enjoyed his deep blow job.

I turned to look at Dee and Marie and I saw something I wouldn't off expected.....Marie had her face buried deep in Dee's hairy pussy and was sucking and licking her that Dee was moaning out of control. Dad looked over and smile and I saw his cock go deeper and deeper in my step-moms mouth. I decided then that I wanted some pussy to, so I got behind my step-mom and slid a finger into her hairy wet pussy and finger fucked her. She stopped sucking my dad for a second, turned and saw it was me, smiled and continued sucking my dad. I looked over again at Dee and Marie and Marie now had the dildo in Dee's asshole while she was sucking her hairy pussy. This got me saw hard.....I look at my step-mom's dripping wet hairy pussy and then at my dad.....he just gave me a nod and I got right behind her and slowly grabbed her pale skinny hips and slid my cock into her hairy pussy. She tightened up for a second but didn't stop sucking my dad's cock.

She was so wet and tight.....I was slowly pumping her from behind and I saw her hips going in rhythm with me and I saw her cute little asshole and I wet my finger and slide it into her. She moaned for a second and continued sucking dad.

I looked over my shoulder and now saw Dee on her knees, fucking herself with her dildo and her face pushed deep and hard into Marie's dark hairy pussy while Marie was playing and pinching her hard nipples. This just got me harder. Marie was moaning so much and so was Dee. Dee's moans were muffled by her tongue deep in Marie's wet pussy.

I was still pumping hard into my step mom, when dad said, " turn". I pulled out of her and stood up and walked over to Dee and pulled her dildo out of her and slid my hard cock into her tight wet pussy.....she groaned and kept on suck on Marie. Marie looked at me and just smiled and said. "fuck her good b*o....". I grabbed Dee's hips and was pumping hard into her hairy pussy and then I slid my finger into her wet asshole which has been fucked already by a big fat dildo. She was moaning and pushing back against me on every thrust.

I looked at dad and my had gotten behind her where I had been and was fucking her hairy tight asshole hard and deep.....both his hands on her back and he was fucking her asshole hard while she had 3 fingers stuffed deep in her hairy pussy.....all the juices from her asshole and pussy covering her hand and yelling "deeper....deeper.....harder....harder....." and dad was pushing like a car piston.

I was getting so horny and my cock bigger and bigger, I pulled out of Dee, and grabbed Marie and bend her over. Dee got in front of Marie and spread her hairy pussy and shoved it in Marie's face, while I got behind her and grabbed her hips and shoved my cock deep into her tight wet asshole. She moaned and buried her face in Dee's hairy pussy and started sucking and licking her and at the same time she grabbed the dildo and shove it deep into Dee's asshole. Dee just leaned back and love the sensation all over her body. At the same time I just kept pumping her tight asshole.....feeling my balls getting wet from slapping into her hairy dark pussy. Marie asked me, "are you going to cum in my asshole b*o....?" I just grabbed her tight and said, "no.....i wanna cum on both of your hairy pussies.......just make Dee cum in your mouth and then I will." She then started sucking hard on Dee's pussy and fucking her asshole. I could tell Dee was getting ready to cum as was Marie.....her asshole was really pulling on my cock and her pussy was soaking wet.

I could hear in the back ground my step-mom moan and screaming, "fuck that ass....harder....make me cum all over your hard cock." I turned and looked and dad was moving so fast, all I really saw was his cock going in and out of her asshole and her hairy pussy dripping juices all over my dads balls and the carpet. This spurred me one fucking Marie's asshole and I heard and saw Dee's cum all over Marie's face and the dildo in her asshole, so I quickend my pace and told my dear s****rs that I was about ready to cum. Marie pulled the dildo out of Dee's asshole and moved her face from her hairy soaked pussy and Dee moved over on the couch. I pulled out of Marie's asshole and she moved beside Dee and the both spread there legs....overlapping there legs with one another so I could get both of there pussies. I grabbed my hard soaked cock and started pumping as fast as I could. I could feel my balls tighten up and I could feel the cum coming up my thick cock......I aimed my cock at there pussies and shot out 6 or 7 good shots of cum all over there hairy pussies and I watched as they smeared it all through there thick hairy pussies.....and dipping there fingers in there wet holes.

I was standing and turned my attention to my parents. Dad had my step-mom on her back....legs in the air and was still fucking her hairy red pussy hard and fast.....he grabbed her tits and said he was gonna cum and started going as fast as he could. I saw his balls contract a few times and I new he had cum and filled her pussy with his big load.

Once we all recovered and had a beer and a and dad where sitting in the love seat and dad said, "well that was different and once in a lifetime." I looked at him at said, "I don't regret what happened....what about you two?"....looking at Dee and Marie. They both looked at me and mom and dad and said no.....and were rubbing there hairy pussies at the same time.

My step-mom was looking at the girls and said, "next time, your father and I get taste and sample those hairy pussies and asshole like your b*****r did......" I think Dee and Marie get even wetter just thinking about it. My dad and I just looked at each other and just smiled.

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2 years ago
Your story has a great development - I got more excited with every paragraph and you gotta know that meant my jeans were bursting by the end. Thanks
2 years ago
that was awesome dude!
2 years ago
2 years ago
That has to be your best story Carnival.
2 years ago
wow loved it
2 years ago
i luv this family..adopt me
2 years ago
Wow great story
2 years ago
Great Story!
2 years ago
Excellent. One of the best stories I've read.