Caught my step-mom.......

I have seen her and my dad having sex many times when I was in my teens back in the late 80' they were sl**ping on a water it was making alot of rocking a boat.....and I was at the door peering in and I saw my dad fucking my mom from behind....and in the 80' step-moms pussy was fairly hairy (red....she is german) and my dad had alot of hair around his cock and balls as well (European).....and I just pulled out my cock at the door and started jerking it hard wishing it was me.....seeing my dad fuck her and see her wetness all over my dads cock and on the didn't take long for me to cum all over the floor in the hallway.

There were times when I was in my room jerking off cause my room was across from there's and I could here them.....I knew what was going on......and I would look at photos of my step-mom while there were fucking and just wishing it was me fucking her pussy.

One time....I came home early from school cause I had the last spare block, so i didn't have a last class like everybody else, and I went to the back door to come in after getting off the bus.......and I went straight to my room and I heard a noise in my parents bedroom and I knew my dad wasn't home (his car wasn't there, but mom's was) and I walked slowly over to my room and my parents door was open....and the radio was I just peeked in and I saw my mom lying on the waterbed......naked.....eyes closed and shoving a dildo hard and fast in her skinny, hairy pussy and I just froze.

I put my books down and my cock was instantly hard as I watched her fucking her pussy hard with that pink dildo. I undid my pants and pulled out my hard cock and started to jerk off right there and then. Seeing her and that hairy pussy got me so horny......I was dripping pre-cum so fast and my balls were getting big fast. After about 5 minutes, I heard her moan and I moaned at the same time seeing her getting wetter and wetter, and I was just focused on her pussy that I didn't realize that she was looking at me at the door of the bedroom, and still pumping hard into her pussy.

When I caught her looking at me, she just kept on fucking her hairy wet pussy faster and faster with her dildo while I was jerking my hard cock. She smiled at me and look at me jerking my hard cock and started going faster and faster as I was jerking faster and faster watching her fucking herself. I just kept watching her fucking her pussy and my cock was getting ready to explode and when she started rubbing her clit and started to cum.....I couldn't hold back any longer and aimed my cock at the floor of her bedroom and shot my cum all over the floor entrance of the bedroom while she was looking at me and fucking herself......I saw her moan and cum all over her dildo and the waterbed.

I watched her relax on the waterbed, then pulled up my pants and went to my room. We never touched or talked about it ever and things in the house never changed......even when I said good night or went to school or had supper......but I have never experienced anything like that every again.....accept hearing or seeing her and my dad having sex until I moved out a few years later. I miss watching that hairy red pussy getting fucked by my dad and her dildo.......
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2 months ago
More plz - great - hot hot hot
1 year ago
very hot
1 year ago
loved this
2 years ago
Great stuff!
2 years ago
Great read.
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2 years ago
You're a lucky guy Carnival.
2 years ago
Great fucking stuff.
2 years ago
very nice keep going
2 years ago
Very hot
2 years ago
unusaul but cool
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
Excellent story. Loved it.