Our Fantasy


Once I had got the room set with low lights, candles lit, wine on ice, and me laying naked on the bed…resting again the head board…..I called your name. You came through the door way with your long dark hair all curly and down…and dressed in only a black see through teddy, where I could clearly see your hard erect nipples through the material and the dark hair covering your pussy.

My eyes were a gazed on your gorgeous body and beautiful eyes. My hard cock got a quick tingling feeling and a small drop arouse from the tip on my head that was up against my stomach. You walked slowly towards me with a sexy smile on your face. No words were said…just plain eye contact.

My heart was beating faster….my cock was aching, and I started to feel sweat on my forehead. You crawled on the bed and towards me, every now and then taking a look at my cock and smiling even a bigger smile. I held my breath for a moment until your hand touch the tip of my cock where my pre-cum was and you ran your finger tip over it and drew your finger back to your mouth, and let out a hearty mmmmmm. My heart skipped a beat at that very moment. I was full of excite and enthrallment. You turned your body sideways, grabbed my now purple hard cock with your hand and lowered your head towards it. You took your tongue and run it up the shaft off my cock and licked around it circles once you got to the top of my head. I felt like I was having a heart attack.

I grabbed the top of your head and ran my fingers lightly and softly through your long and curly hair. My other hand ran softly down your back, along you spin and towards you nice soft ass, all the while still look at you. My hands were trembling with excite once I was now caressing your nice soft ass checks. They were warm to the touch and soft to the caress.

Your hand left my hard cock and was running up and down my now hot and sweaty chest and your mouth was moving up and down a little fast now which is all ready wet, from your saliva and my cum. My hand and fingers were running up and down your now wet and dripping pussy. I pulled my hand back to taste my fingers, and you let out a soft sigh of excitement. You tasted like nothing I have ever tasted in my life. I put my hand back to your pussy and slowly inserted my finger into your pussy, just to feel the heat, warmth, and wetness of your pussy. You let out a moan and you started sucking faster on my hard cock.

While my finger was inside you, I used my other fingers and started rubbing your clit, which, by now was hard and erect. The wetness was now building up around my fingers and hand, and I could feel the contraction from your pussy around my fingers. You moved your hand down my chest and started to slowly tickle and caress my hard and aching balls lightly tickling them at the same time. I moved my other and way, sucked on my finger for a second, and drew it towards your asshole.

I was lightly circling your sweet hole with my finger….you froze for a moment, I felt another contraction around my finger and felt even more wetness coming from you and I could hear like a sucking sound coming from your drenched pussy. I took some of your juices, spread them over your ass and slowly and tenderly inserted my index finger into your other waiting hole.

Your body tensed right up, you grab of my cock with your mouth hard, stopped sucking and let out a loud moan. I thought I was going to cum right there. Now I was finger both your holes with a steady pace and you started again sucking on my hard cock at the same steady pace. We were doing it together and in synch.

You and I were building up like a volcano. You stopped sucking my hard cock, looked at me and kissing me a long hard deep kiss. I could taste my own cum in your mouth and on your tongue. I with drew my fingers from you and tasted you after we stop kissing. I took off your teddy and was amazed at how lovely your gorgeous breasts were. You got up, grabbed hold of my cock and slowly guide my cock into your tight and waiting pussy. My head went backwards and I sighed with satisfaction. I couldn’t believe how wonderful your wet and tight pussy felt on my now ragging hard cock.

I look back at you and took hold of your gorgeous tits, kissed and suck on both nipples all the while you where going up and down on my cock with a slow pace grabbing the head board for support. You tasted beautifully. I was licking your nipples and going around in circles lightly with my soft tongue. Your heart was beating fast and I could fell the warmth coming from your whole body. I saw some sweat running down your neck between your breast while you were moving up and down on my cock and I took my tongue and licked upwards towards your neck and throat.

My hard cock felt like it was on fire. I have never felt anything like this before. I was kissing and suck on your neck and nibbling on your ears while running my hands up and down your back and grabbing your ass and fingering your ass. Soon I could feel more wetness encompass my cock, your pussy and your asshole and I could smell the aroma of sex in the air and I could feel your hips smacking against mine faster and faster all the while you and I are both moaning and moving in rhythm.

You stopped slowly and looked at me, with sweat on your forehead and face, dripping onto my chest, with a smile of excitement. You kissed my long and hard and I could taste both you and me. You put your hands on my chest, ran your hands up and down and lifted your self off me. We were both wet with cum and sweat. You came beside me, put your hands on the head board and stayed on your knees with a big smile on your face. My cock jumped with excitement and I knew what was coming next.

I got up on my knees and got behind you. I saw how hard I was and how wet you were. You had my cum and your cum around your ass, thighs and running down your legs, all the while my hard cock was still purple, throbbing and dripping cum onto the bed slowly with anticipation. You looked back at me over your shoulder, ran your tongue across your lips, moaned loudly and arched your back.

I lowered my head, and I could smell your excitement and wetness. I grabbed hold of ass and I ran my tongue up and down your wet pussy lips. Our cum was dripping from your lips and hairy pussy onto my tongue and onto the bed sheets. I was licking fast to try and catch everything on my tongue and into my mouth. I could feel your pussy lips contract around my tongue and suck it into you. You reached back with one hand and started rubbing your clit furiously while I was licking and I could see and feel more juices running out off you and into my waiting mouth. You tasted sweet. I didn’t want to lose one single drop, and I was licking as fast as possible.

After a moment, you moved your hand away and I started to lick your asshole, which was always still wet from before. I poke and licked my tongue around and slightly inwards in your ass and I felt your whole body shutter and shake and your ass clench under my tongue.

You again looked back at me and saw my face and tongue buried in your ass and pussy. You were breathing harder, faster and sweating. Your face was red and full of excitement.

When we made eye contact, I stopped, licked my lips, raised myself up and grabbed you by your gorgeous thighs and placed myself right behind your wet ass and pussy. My cock was rock hard and you turned your head back towards the head board once you saw with a deep smile on your face.

I took my cock in hand and guided slowly towards your wet and dripping pussy. My cock and my hand were shaking with excitement. Once I touched your lips with the head of my cock, I saw you drop your head down and moan and sigh with excitement as well and your hands clenched the head board so hard that your hands starting turning red.

When I started to enter you, I never had felt such, wetness, heat, tightness or joy in my life. I then grabbed hold of your hips with both hands and starting back and forth with a slow pace, just to tease you and feel the tightness that was grabbing and gripping my hard wet cock. Once we got a slow rhythm going, I looked down and could see my hard cock going in and out of you and all the juices that were flowing from you and we down both of our thighs and making a sucking noise from all the wetness between us.

My cock felt like it was going to erupt and I could feel your pussy grabbing a hold of my cock and your pussy kept on pulling me into you on every thrust. As our rhythm was getting faster, the bed was moving, the head board was hitting the wall and our moans and sighs were echoing throughout the room. Your back was covered in sweat, my chest was covered in sweat....our bodies were acting as one.

You released the head board, arched your back and pushed your body back towards my chest. I will still fucking your wet pussy, grabbed a hold of you around your waist and your chest. You turned your head towards my face and we kissed passionately while we were still moving up and down together. I was running my hands up and town your chest, stomach, and I started running my hand towards your clit again. You let out a soft moan in my mouth while we kissed and tongue each other, all the while your hands were above your head embracing my head by my ears.

I could feel your soft, sweaty body against mine and the warmth and heat coming from both of us could have started a fire while we were still bouncing and fucking up and down.

You and I could both feel that we were both ready to erupt and we didn’t want this feeling and pleasure to end. You released our kiss, you smiled and wink at me, and leaned forward back to the head board, and turned your head, over your shoulder and facing me. I knew you were ready, and so was I. I grabbed you by the waist again, looked at your gorgeous face and eyes and was fucking you as fast as I could, all the while still hearing the wetness between your pussy and my hard cock. I could feel your pussy grab hold of my cock, your back arched again, and you stiffened up under my touch. I know you’re ready to cum again and I was ready also. Once I saw your cum coming out of you and over my hard cock, I started thrusting as fast as I could. I felt your orgasm hit me and my cock just erupting and exploded into your tight pussy with all its might. You couldn’t stop contracting and I couldn’t stop exploding inside of you.

Once the wave subsided after a moment or two, we collapsed together, side by side, me still inside you, grabbing a hold of your gorgeous body, pressing it against mine, all the while still kissing each other deeply, waiting for the next time.


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