Caught my step-mom.........Part II

Well, it was Thanksgiving weekend, and my whole f****y gets together at my step-moms (Irene) place for dinner. The place was backed with all the nieces, nephews, was about 20 of us. We all sat around and drank and ate. We all bring something, kind of like a pot luck so she doesn't have to cook everything. Once we are done eating, my s****rs and myself, clean all the dishes and put them away so there isn't that much of a mess in the morning for my mom.

Of course we were all drinking and with me living the farthest away, I was hoping to get a ride with one of my s****rs back home, but they couldn't do it, so my mom offered to drive me home in the morning. That was a first, cause since my dad passed away, her and I don't get along that well. Close to 70, maybe she has relaxed a bit since my dad has been gone almost 18 years now.....doubt it. was around 11pm when everybody started leaving, and we just finished putting all the leftover in the fridge and freezer when my mom gave me a pillow and blanket for the futon downstairs to sl**p on, and said she would take me home around noon the next day.......I thought, least it was on the small couch upstairs. Everybody said there goodbye's and kissed mom before they left and made sure that Xmas was a foresure for everybody this year.

Once they left we were watching tv and I was having my beer and Mom was finishing her Brown Cow (Kahalua and Milk) when I could tell she was getting tired and so was I. I wanted her to go to bed so I could take my laptop downstairs and jerk off before I hit the hay.

She got up, and went to her room and changed her clothes into her bed attire, while I sipped on my beer and had a smoke. Mom still looks good at 70....small tits but nice hips and ass. I still remember her in her 50's when dad was alive.....always a nice ass. Anyways, she came back out in her robe and made herself another drink and had a smoke before bed same as me.

We chatted a bit and we both finished our drinks and decided to go to bed. I took my stuff downstairs and got the futon ready for bed....and for jerking off. I heard her go to her room....cause the floors creek......and I decided to get ready to watch some porn on my site (Xhamster). I was watching some mature hairy girls getting fucked and was drinking my beer. After about a half hour I went upstairs to have a smoke.....cause there is no smoking in the basement.....only the kitchen by the window.

I went up stairs just in my sweats to have my smoke, when I saw the light still on in her bedroom. It sounded like she was talking, but the phone is in the kitchen. So I wasn't sure what I was hearing. I crept to the hallway, and I was hearing moaning from her TV in her room. She must be watching porn or something. Not surprising, being a widow and all now. I got close to the door and it was slightly open, so I peaked in.....good thing that I did.

On the TV was a black guy fucking a older lady with a big bush from behind and just pounding her, and my mom was lying on the bed with her legs hanging down to the floor with a butt plug up her hairy asshole and a fucking her cunt with a big black dildo and moaning and saying softly to herself, "Oh ya...fuck me with that big hard cock.....fuck me hard.....make me cum you black bull." My cock sprang to life in my sweats and my balls tightened. Seeing my 70 yr old step-mom fucking her hairy ass and pussy with those toys got my so horny and hard, I just stepped out of my sweats and stood there stroking my hard cock watching this show.

I know she has been alone since my dad died, but didn't realize how horny she must have been without having any cock around all these years. I have seen her fucking herself before and her bush was a nice reddish color, now it was more grey, with a little dark hairs around it and it looked every better now then before. She must only trim it slightly but not alot, cause it was trailing past her asshole to the top of her tail bone and I was drooling cause I wanted to lick it and taste it so bad.

She was shoving that black cock into her hairy pussy so hard, I could hear her juices flowing all around it. The butt plug was shoved in deep and didn't even move while she fucked her cunt. She never took her eyes off the TV and was still moaning and pinching her small nipples so hard and I was jerking my cock as fast as she was shoving it into herself. My cock was coated with pre-cum same as her black toy was covered in her juices.....her pussy hair was all covered in her juices as well.

She hadn't cum yet, but she pulled out the dildo, left the butt plug in, got on the bed and faced the TV, spread her legs and grabbed the black dildo and shoved it in again with both hands and really started to go to work on her wet hairy cunt. The volume on the TV was still at a decent sound, so I opened the door a little bit more and crept in to the room right beside the bed and right behind her so she wouldn't see me.....not until i wanted her to see me.

She was fucking that toy for all it was worth with both hands, and her red nipples were so hard they were standing to attention and I could see the sweat all around her forehead and chest....she was so turned on watching that black guy fucking that older lady. My cock was so hard and red....I thought I was going to cum all over her head if I kept on going. I could smell her sex aroma all threw the room and even I was sweating just watching her fuck herself.

I moved closer to her and my cock was inches away from her head, then I touched her hair with my hand and she turned her head and looked at me and said, "Now that is a cock that I need right now son", and she turned her head and moved her mouth over my hard cock and started sucking on the head of it, taking one hand away from her toy and started rubbing my balls and asshole. I grabbed her head softly and help guide her warm wet mouth over my hard cock.

"Enjoying that black cock in your hairy cunt and the toy in your ass?" I asked her. She sucked a few more times and replied, "I haven't enjoyed any cock in my pussy or ass since dad past......I bought these online years ago......I love getting fucked, but I haven't found anybody since dad." She started sucking hard now and shoved a finger in my asshole, while she pounded her pussy. "Glad to see you haven't shaved over the years....I love your hair down there." "So did your father, that is why I never shaved", she replied.

I reached forward and took the black toy out of her pussy and sucked the juices off it and she tasted so sweet. She looked at me with surprise as I shoved the toy in my mouth and licked it clean. "Wow....if you like those juices, come on the bed and taste the real thing." She let go of my cock, and slide further up on the bed and spread her legs wide while holding the butt plug in her ass. "You can taste that one later, now I want you to bury your tongue deep in my hairy cunt, cause I know you want too."

I got between her legs and pushed them as far apart as I could and I started licking all her hair. She was so wet everywhere, she must of been really horny all day. I could taste her all over her bush, and inner thighs and around her butt plug. I started sucking her lips and clit hard and darting my tongue in and out and as deep as I could into her hairy mess. "Oh are just as good as dad.....he loved eating me out all the time before he fucked me good with his big are almost the same size as him.....mmmmmm.....don't stop....keep eating." I grabbed her under her ass and shoved my face and tongue deep into her now. She grabbed my head and pushed me hard into her cunt. Her juices were all over my face and chin....I could feel my saliva and her cum dripping down her to her ass hole and I kept on licking up all of it. She tasted so good for her age. "Dad must have loved fucking you when ever he could....especially with all these sweet pussy juices." She replied, "He always made me cum....just like you are doing.....his cock felt so good when he fucked me.....and I'm sure yours will feel just as good." My cock got even harder now knowing that I will be fucking her hairy cunt....and maybe her asshole too.

I felt her cunt lips quivering and clenching around my tongue and face....I knew she was going to cum soon, so I took two fingers and shoved them deep into her looking for that little button inside while I was sucking on her clit. All of a sudden she said, "Oh god....that's it....make me cum.....i haven't in a while.....keep sucking....shove those fingers deep....right there.....oh god......faster....faster......ahhhhhhhh......i'm cummming........fuck me........ahhhhhhh." She came all over my face and I sucked it all up and swallowed every drop. I licked all around her hairy pussy and asshole so I wouldn't miss a drop.

She lifted her head and said, "Man, you are just like your father...hopefully you cock is the same cause I need a really good fucking now son, in both my holes." My cock was rock hard and leaking all over the bed sheets. I got up, and ripped all the bedding off the bed, grabbed my mom and flipped her over on her hands and knees. She grabbed the head board of the bed and said, "shove that big cock deep in me like on the TV....hard and fast....I'll tell you when to fuck my ass, but fuck my hairy cunt now."

She looked over her shoulder as I took the butt plug out, licked it slow and took all the juices from it and spit it out onto her asshole and watch it drip down her cunt, then leaned forward and licked from her clit to her asshole and sucked up all the juices. Did that a few times and she yelled at me, "Fuck...stop teasing me and shove that cock in my cunt and fuck me already.....i need cock now."

I got behind her and grabbed her big pale hips and aimed my hard cock and her hairy forest and pushed in deep with one thrust. She let out a grunt and said, "God...has been so long since i felt a hard cock in me.......fuck me daddy, oops, sorry....fuck me hard son.....that's sound more naughty....fuck my hairy cunt son.....fuck it hard.....and pinch my nipples too."

I got into a steady rythmn, watching her brown eye asshole wink at me as I pound her hairy cunt, watching her anal juices drip down to her pussy and my hard cock. I leaned forward and grabbed both of her nipples and started rolling them in my fingers and pinching them like she said. They were getting rock hard. I could feel her pushing back on my hard cock. Then she reached between her legs and grabbed my balls and softly started to massage them.....getting the fluids going and getting my cock harder and harder on every thrust into her tight cunt. She was tight....not being fucked for so long.

"God you are so good, just like dad. I should of fucked you years ago when you saw me fucking myself....then I could of had both of you....maybe at the same time." That got me going, and I let go of her nipples and put my hands on her back and really started to pound her pussy good. I could feel all the wetness that we were making together.....dripping on the bed and all around my cock.

I took one finger and slowly pushed it into her asshole and she quivered as I pushed it in. I could feel my cock fucking her pussy threw her asshole....felt great. "A little more fucking in my cunt...then you can have my always likes cumming in my ass and watching it come out." I was so fucking hard, i thought I was going to cum in her cunt....which I didn't want to I wanna cum in her hairy ass.....and fill it good.

"Was dad a big ass man as I am? Cause i love fucking a nice tight ass....and your ass is awesome." She turned her head and smile and said, "Oh ya.....his big cock used to stretch me good.....and his ball sack use to slap my clit really good.......keep fucking....i'm almost ready for you in my ass....keep shoving those fingers deep..........god you feel so good son....."

I didn't know how much more I could take. Hearing her talk about how dad use to fuck her and how she likes it was making it hard not to cum in her cunt......her cunt was squeezing me and leaking all over me, I wanted to cum so bad, but I wanted her hairy ass as well. I kept shoving my finger deep in her tight ass ring, all the way to the knuckles, and getting those juices flowing all around my fingers and around her cunt, I knew I had to fuck her ass soon.

"Ok....take those fingers out and just shove that hard cock deep into me, and i'll turn the toy on and shove it deep in my pussy so you can feel it vibrate all around your cock....that should help you cum deep in my ass." I did as I was told, I pulled out and saw all the juices dripping from my cock and her hairy mess down to the me harder just seeing that. Then I aimed my cock right at her hairy brown eye and without hesitation just shoved it in right to my balls with one hard thrust.

" are big as dad.....fuck me.....feels start fucking me....stretch that hole....has been awhile, so don't stop till you fill that hairy hole okay?" "Yes mom....I won't are so tight....get that black toy and shove it in that hairy cunt of yours.....I wanna feel the vibrating toy all over your insides."

She grabbed it and buried it deep into her cunt. I could feel the toy and her hand brush against my thighs and balls and she inserted it in her. She took her other hand and buried two fingers in my asshole......that gave me a charge to my cock really fast. "Oh ya....finger my ass as I fuck yours......I can feel the vibrations....that feels awesome.....keep fucking my ass with your fingers mom."

"Jesus son, you really know how to fuck.......I should of done this sooner......keep fucking my are a perfect fit for me......harder.....faster.......make my ass cum all over cunt is so wet.........your ass is tight too son, just like dads." Her fingers were working magic on my was making me harder and balls were so tight with that and the vibration from the dildo.....I knew I was going to explode pretty soon with her fingers in my asshole.

"Come on son....I already came more time......then fill my ass will all your cum.....i wanna feel you shoot in me when I cum." I grabbed hold of her hips and said, "You want it, you got it......keep fucking my ass.....i'm cumming soon." She kept on shoving her fingers in me fast and deep as I plowed her hairy ass.........I looked down at my cock going in and out of her ass and see all the juices and that more or less did it for me.

I could feel my balls contract and gripped her ass tight and dug my fingers deep into her flesh and with one good thrust, shot out the biggest load I think I have ever done in my entire life. I could feel her ass gripping my cock and sucking me dry. Her fingers felt great in my ass as I came inside her asshole. I looked down and saw the fluids leaking around my cock from her asshole down to her hairy muff and the toy in her pussy. Her hand was covered from my anal orgasm and from both of our cums.

"Mom, have you always been this dirty and horny?", I asked as I slumped onto her back with my cock still inside her asshole. She removed her fingers from my ass and took the toy out. She brought them to her face and sucked her fingers and the toy clean. She looked over her shoulder and yes, "Yes....once I was with dad, and I saw his cock, I knew I couldn't get enough fucking....his cock felt so good in all of me, I just had to have it every day and in every way."

I laughed and said, "Well, I know he is gone now, but I'm still here........I hope I can be supportive and help out anyway I can." "Oh, I'm sure I can find use for you, your tongue and cock every now and then.....more so now, then", she said. "I won't shave, as long as you come and fuck me when I need it....which is pretty often." I asked her, "What I will do before I leave, I will set up a webcam on your computer, that way, when I am not around, we can still watch each other and still have fun on a daily basis." She smiled and thought that was a great idea. Can't wait till I get home and webcam her.

We lied down on the bed, I grabbed the blankets and covered us up. We snuggled each other....her caressing my cock and me running my fingers threw her hairy pussy, waiting for the morning to have another quick one before she drives me home.

God, I love the holidays..............
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Damn - one hot horny momma
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Great story love to cum play.
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Great story man
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Wow,,mate this is very hot,,yes some bids of her would be awesome,,,thanks