I hate shopping

No I fucking detest it, I was already wondering why on earth I had agreed to take Stevie shopping before I’d even picked her up. As she walked up towards my car, she reminded me why, high heels, tied up checked blouse and cut down denim shorts…think Daisy Duke…fuck me she looked hot.

So three hours later the novelty was wearing off, despite the admiring and jealous looks of many guys around the town I was bored shitless, Stevie was after a ball gown, but after about 10 shops I’d had enough. We were walking down through the third town when we bumped into one of my best mates and his wife.

Cass is 6ft4 and built like a brick shithouse, when he was born and his parents named him Cassius (after a well known boxer) they had no idea what a man mountain he was going to become, Sandy looked so small next to him, but she was still 5f10 in heels, very slim, with lovely ‘C’ cups and nipples that could burst balloons!

We got chatting and Sandy said I looked bored, and despite my denying, it was obvious I was. ‘Why don’t I take Stevie around the shops and you boys go and have a beer’ Well that took about zero time to agree. Cass and I went to my car and drove to a nearby riverside pub.

Sandy and Stevie spent the next hour looking around, but still no joy, Sandy then suggested going to an antique clothing shop where she knew the owner, she rang us as it was an hours drive away, we didn’t care, we were by the river, drinking and admiring the talent in the pub and on the river.

The shop is run by a lady called Lizzie, she is in her mid 50’s and still retained her stunning looks and a good figure (think Munroe and Russell), she greeted Sandy & Stevie with her normal flamboyant style, Sandy explained what they were after and Lizzie said she would close the shop so they could concentrate on Stevie uninterrupted.

She handed Sandy a dress and told her to try it on Stevie while she looked for others, Sandy led Stevie into the dressing area where Stevie stripped to her underwear and Sandy helped her into the 1st dress, as she tried on the 3rd one Sandy said that would looked better without a bra on, Stevie slipped her bra off and quickly pulled up the dress covering herself as Sandy zipped it up. As they studied her in the full length mirror Lizzie returned with a couple more, and commented that was the best so far, before leaving and heading back into the shop.

Sandy unzipped the dress and it fell to the floor, instinctively Stevie lifted her arms to cover her breasts, Sandy said not to be shy and Stevie lowered her arms. Sandy was looking over Stevie’s shoulder and looking at her in the mirror, ‘You have beautiful breasts Stevie’, ‘I wish mine were that big’, as she said this she had stepped forward and was right behind Stevie, she bent her head and kissed Stevie’s neck, Stevie froze, Sandy stopped and apologised, ‘Don’t apologise’ said Stevie ‘I’ve just never been kissed by a woman’.

Sandy leant forward and kissed her neck again. They were making eye contact in the mirror and Stevie sighed, Sandy reached her arms around and cupped Stevie’s boobs, ‘Wow they feel great’ she said and Stevie moaned as Sandy tweaked her nipples, this continued for a couple of minutes before Sandy slid one hand down Stevie’s body and into the top of her knickers. Sandy’s fingers found Stevie’s clit and Stevie gasped as she touched it. They turned to face each other and kissed deeply, ‘What about Lizzie?’ asked Stevie, ‘Don’t worry about her’.

Sandy slipped off her top and jeans and stood in front of Stevie naked, Stevie bent her head down and took Sandy’s nipple in her mouth and began to suck and nibble it, Sandy groaned and Stevie slid a finger into her quickly. They stood kissing and fingering each other when Sandy told her to sit on the stool in the corner, as she did Sandy knelt between Stevie’s legs and began to lick her pussy.

Lizzie was returning to the changing rooms when she heard a groan, she peered through the curtain and saw Sandy licking Stevie hard, as she watched she began to touch herself through her dress, she quickly stripped herself and began to rub her own boobs and pussy while she watched the girls. She opened the curtain and Stevie squealed, shocked as she had forgotten about Lizzie who was now completely naked too. Lizzie sat on a stool opposite and told them to carry on, as she watched Lizzie sat opposite on another stool and began fingering herself hard as she watched.

Stevie began to shudder as her orgasm rose inside her body, Sandy sensed this and pushed three fingers deep inside her while licking her clit hard, this was too much for Stevie who screamed as her orgasm shot through her body, opposite Lizzie suddenly yelled ‘Fuck I’m coming’ and came hard on her own hand.

Sandy stood up and told Stevie it was her turn to lick her out and sat on the stool. Lizzie sensed that Stevie was a bit hesitant and knelt beside her as Sandy opened her legs wide. Lizzie put her fingers deep inside Sandy and pulled them out dripping with her juices, she put her fingers to Stevie’s lips who began to lick them clean. Stevie leant down and slowly began to lick Sandy’s wet pussy, as she did Lizzie kissed Sandy before moving down to kiss and lick her tits and nipples.

It wasn’t long before Sandy’s own climax approached and soon she was writhing in pleasure and begging to be finished off, ‘Harder, harder’ she yelled and Stevie plunged her tongue deep inside as Sandy came all over her face. It’s my turn now said Lizzie and she sat parting her legs and pulling her aging pussy lips apart, telling Stevie to push her tongue right inside her, which she did. Sandy knew what Lizzie liked and bit hard on her large nipples and rubbed her clit to another screaming orgasm.

Lizzie said she wanted to lick Stevie as she had never licked such a young pussy, as she stood up she whispered something to Sandy, who walked out of the changing room. Lizzie asked Stevie to lie on the floor and open her legs, as she did Lizzie got onto her hands and knees, knelt between Stevie’s thighs and began to lick and finger her.

A few minutes later Sandy returned, Stevie looked at her and gasped, Lizzie looked at Stevie and smiled, knowing what had made her gasp. Sandy was now wearing a large black strop-on. Lizzie looked at Stevie and said ‘Don’t worry dear, that’s for me’ and went back to licking her pussy. Sandy positioned herself behind Lizzie and pushed it deep inside Lizzie’s gapping pussy and began to fuck her hard. The harder Sandy thrust the harder Lizzie licked Stevie, and very quickly they both came hard again.

The next hour was spent kissing and touching each other before they decided they needed to get back to trying on dresses. They eventually found one and as they left the shop Lizzie kissed Stevie deeply and whispered ‘Come again soon’ and winked.

By the time the girls got back Cass and I were, as Sandy always puts it ‘At that giggling girl stage’ when we are both very very happily slightly d***k and laughing at anything. Obviously I couldn’t drive so Sandy said she will drop us all home.

I sat in the back with Stevie and had a kiss, cuddle and a quick feel through her clothing before we dropped her off, Sandy then took me home, by this time Cass was snoring in the front seat.

Sandy came in with me to use the loo and as she went to leave we had a long lingering kiss, I felt her tits through her top. She then said ‘Bet your gutted you didn’t have any fun today’, I replied yes. Sandy dropped to her knees, took my cock out and gave me a very quick blow job, I came quickly and she swallowed every last drop. She stood and kissed me goodnight, as she was walking out of the door she turned and whispered in my ear, ‘By the way Stevie likes to lick pussy too’ and walked off leaving me stunned on my own doorstep.

As she got back into the car Cass was awake and asked ‘Fuck or suck’, she smiled at him ‘Suck’ she replied ‘Your fucking me when we get home’ as she drove off.

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3 years ago
Nice. Maybe I need to take my GF shopping.
3 years ago
quality as usual. very hot!
3 years ago
Thats my idea of shopping