Not by accident!

So a few days later I got an email via my website from Stevie asking me to text her, texted her back and forth a few times before she finally asked if I had enjoyed seeing her again the other night.

‘Seeing her or her tits’ I replied jokingly. ‘Both’ she said with a text wink.

She asked me what happened when I got home that night, had I been a dirty old man and wanked while thinking of her tits again. I replied that I had and she said good as she was really wet when she got indoors and had gone straight to her room and rammed herself with her vibrator.

bl**dy hell I thought she sounds right up for some fun with a guy double her age. She asked me what I was doing the following Friday and I said working till 10pm, she said that’s a shame and then asked, if she wasn’t being cheeky could I pick her and her mates up from the pub when I finished work.

Now let me think, pick up a couple of sexy, good looking and d***ken girls or go home, no brainer really. I agreed to meet them outside the pub at about 11pm.

So 11 o’clock Friday I’m sat in the car outside the pub when out walks Stevie, in a micro skirt and a white blouse, stretching to cover her huge breasts. With her are 3 of her mates, Debs, Sarah & Nicky all tarted up and looking hot. As her mates climbed into the back of my car full of giggles I got a couple of flashes of knickers and shockingly a flash of Sarah’s knickerless and bald pussy. She gave me a quick wink as I did a double take.

Stevie got into the front with me and I cursed myself for driving the automatic tonight as when I put it into gear she pushed her thigh against my hand, if I have the manual car I could have spent all night changing gear….and stroking her thigh.

The drive home was full of giggles from the girls and sexually suggestive comments, to which I told them it would take a lot more to make me blush, at which point the three girls told me to look around and they all lifted there tops flashing me there tits and all burst into laughter. bl**dy good thing I was sat at traffic lights and the mini bus full of blokes sat next to us also got an eyeful!

So we dropped of Debs and when we got to Sarah’s she again made sure I got an eyeful of her pussy as she got out, smiling at me as she did. To my horror though Stevie also got out of the car and announced she was staying at Sarah’s and was I ok to drop Nicky off, I could hardly say no.

So now I’m driving to Nicky’s, about 20 miles away and in a foul mood. About halfway home Nicky’s says, you looked really pissed off, I’m guessing you were hoping to get off with Stevie. She told me to tell you sorry but she is on her period, she also told me you like to watch, at which point she unbuttoned her blouse showing me her bra clad tits.

Now Nicky is a great looking girl and a bit chunky, probably a size 18 but with huge tits, 44G I found out later, she sat there in the car as I drove, rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples through her bra, 'Do you want me to take my bra off' she asked, 'Upto you' I said and she slipped it off, letting her huge tits free, considering her size the were still lovely and firm, yes I did cop a quick squeeze.

So the we are driving down the road, she reclined her seat slight, her squeezing her left tit while I squeezed the right (now I was glad I was driving the auto), she began to sigh and slowly parted her legs, I tried to reach down but she stopped me, instead she slid her knickers off and began to rub her clit, slowly at first then she began to speed up and suddenly pushed three fingers into her wetness. She was so close but then suddenly stopped, 'Why did you stop' I asked, 'I had to its embarrassing' she said.

What?,,,,'Well when I come I squirt, well not so much squirt as gush'. I told her not to worry but she said it would go all over the inside of my car. Again I said don’t worry and she said was I sure, as she was very very horny……fuck me so was I!!

So she began to rub herself again, harder and faster, I guessed by her bucking and suddenly pushing her fingers into herself hard and faster she was about to come so I pinched her nipple very hard, she screamed in pain and her orgasm ripped through her, she was squirting hard and must have gone on for about 10 seconds, gushing all over her fingers and my car!

She pulled her fingers out and asked if I would lick them, which I agreed to. We were close to her house and we pulled onto her driveway, when I say driveway, I’ve seen shorter runways, it must have been about a mile long. Halfway up the drive she told me to pull into a little clearing in the trees.

‘Look’ she said, ‘You can’t fuck me, as I have a boyfriend, but you can finger me if you want and I will give you a blowjob!’ Well beggars cant be choosers so I told her to get in the back, I began playing with her boobs as she unzipped me and took my straining cock out, running her tongue along its length she took the head of my knob in her mouth. Slowly she began to take to whole length into her mouth and I felt myself at the back of her throat, she gagged and pulled back, asking me not to move suddenly before taking it deep into her mouth again. All the time I’m squeezing her tits and after a couple of minutes I shot my load into her throat, again she gagged but swallowed every last drop.

She sat back legs apart and I began gently fingering her wet pussy, I moved around and went to go down on her, she stopped me saying I couldn’t because she gushed and her boyfriend refused to do it saying it was dirty. I told her I loved it and asked her just to lay back and enjoy it. I slowly began licking the inside of her thighs before moving to her hard clit, teasing it gently with my tongue then harder until she began to writhe in pleasure, I reached up and pinched her nipple with one hand while sliding three fingers into her wetness and finger fucking her. I felt her body tense again so quickly pulled her fleshy pussy apart and pushed my tongue deep into her as she screamed again and gushed all over my face, three or four hard squirts of warm sweet liquid, I drank what I could, but most ended on my face.

I moved up her body to kiss her and as I did my hardened cock brushed against her pussy, ‘you cant fuck me’ she said, ‘I want you to, but you cant, but just let me feel it inside me quickly’ So I pushed myself into her, she smiled said it felt nice but I had to stop. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me off again. We tidied ourselves and I dropped her to her house, which was more like a fucking mansion. She kissed me goodnight, thanked me for licking her and went indoors.

As I drove home my phone bleeped, it was a text from Stevie saying sorry and she hoped I wasn’t too bored dropping Nicky off.

Woke up the next morning went out for a few hours, then came back in the afternoon, I went to the car that I’d driven the night before and as I opened the door I was met the beautiful smell of pussy and Nicky’s juices from the night before. They hung around in the car for about a week and I smiled to myself each time I drove, wondering if Nicky had told Stevie, or if I was going to get another go.
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3 years ago
Oh, wow. Great job!
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
maybe it was her time, but nicky was your test & i would say you passed it