By accident

It all started by accident, the security light in the back garden had blown and I came in the back garden late one evening. As I walked up the garden path in the dark I saw one of the upstairs bedroom lights on and glanced my girlfriends 16 y/o daughter walk into the room wrapped in a towel.

As I looked she dropped the towel and walked around her bedroom naked, I ducked behind one of the bushes in the garden and watched…..hell I thought she has really developed well……at least a ‘D’-cup with huge dark nipples…she walked to the window and closed the curtains. Damn.

A few days later I was sorting out the clothes washing and noticed one of her bras, 38DD, not a bad guess I thought but couldn’t get the picture of her out of my mind.

The following Friday as always her mum was working late, I would have to drop the daughter to her friends place as I always did. About 6pm she announced she was going to get ready and went upstairs. I heard her music getting turned up and knew she was heading for the shower, from the bottom of the stairs I could see she had left the bathroom door slightly ajar.

I climbed the stairs with a sense of both fear and excitement, as I got close I could hear the shower running. I peered between the gap by the hinges of the door and there she was in the shower, damn I thought why did I buy a frosted glass shower cubicle!! I could still make out the shape of her body and fabulous tits, I undid my zip and began to stroke my cock, suddenly the shower stopped and I had to cram myself back into my jeans and get back downstairs quickly.

This carried on for a few weeks, if it was dry I would go into the garden and wank furiously while she walked around her bedroom naked, if not I would try and sneak a look while she was showering.

I nearly got caught by her one day and just got into my bedroom as she walked out of the bathroom, as her bedroom was between mine and the stairs I had to wait for her to close her door, but she didn’t, so I’m stood in my room and I suddenly hear a soft moan, followed shortly afterwards by that unmistakable buzzing sound! 'Fucking hell' I thought 'when did she get a vibrator!!'

Slowly she began to play with herself, the moaning got louder, now I knew why she turned her music up so loud! Suddenly she squealed and it all went quite again. I heard her door being close and I quickly crept downstairs.

She came downstairs about 30 minutes later dressed up to go out and asked me to run her to her mates as usual. This time though I looked at her differently, her top appeared lower than usual and more of her great cleavage was on show. As I sat in the chair she asked ‘do you like my new perfume’ and leant over me so I could smell her neck, fucking hell I wanted to grab those tits that were inches from my face.

So it continued for months every Friday, watching, listening (when I could) and wanking myself silly. That Spring we re-designed her bedroom for her, she was so happy and loved her new room. She wanted a full length mirror so we found her a lovely old antique one. As the evenings got longer I wasn’t able to watch from the garden (she might have seen me) so I had to make do with what I could, when I could.

One night after the usual shower ritual I heard her starting to play with herself, I crept out of my room and noticed her bedroom door was slightly ajar as I walked past, I looked in and there reflected in the mirror I could see her naked on the bed, legs apart, pushing her vibrator into herself and rubbing her tits. This is getting better and better I thought and watched as she made herself come. Wow she looked great.

A few weeks later I noticed the door ajar even further and again she was playing with herself, she was really going to town laying on her back, she then moved about and knelt up on the bed, facing the mirror, fuck I thought, she had seen me, but she didn’t appear to have done so. There she was knelt on the bed facing the mirror, giving me a great view of her bouncy tits and she rode the vibrator, my cock was rock hard and in my hand. She was going mad and lifted one of her tits to suck her own nipple as she did she came hard and so did I, shooting my spunk all over the wall.

She immediately jumped off the bed and walked towards the door, I panicked and dove into the bathroom, worried sick she would see my cum running down the wall.

That was the last time I saw her like that, as a few weeks later me and her mum split up because it turned out her mum was cheating on me every Friday with a workmate.

So that was the end of it………………………………or not.

Three years later I bumped into her again one night when she was out with her mates in a pub in the village I had moved to, we got chatting and at the end of the night asked if I could drop her and her mates off home, I agreed as they were all hot as hell, I got a kiss goodnight and great view of cleavage from each of them as I dropped them off. Finally it was only me and her left as I took her home, as we drove down the road she suddenly said out of the blue ‘I saw your spunk on the wall that night, I knew you were watching me and hoped you liked the show’. I nearly stuffed the car I was so shocked. She just smiled and asked if I liked what I saw, I replied she had seen the result on the wall.

She asked me to pull over just up the road from her mums house and before she got out she leant across and gave me a deep passionate kiss before taking my hand and putting it up her short skirt and between her legs. Just as quickly she said bye, jumped out of the car and leant back through the open window saying ‘see you soon’, she looked around and quickly pulled her top down exposing her tits and nipples before covering up and waving before walking away.

And that was just the beginning……………………

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3 years ago
I love beginnings ...
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Hot story.