mum torturing me

well one day i saw a video of nettles being used on cocks. so i thought ill give it a go so i cut lots of stinging nettles and put em in my room. mum came home from work and went in my room and found em, she took em to her room and when i got it she called me and told me to get un dressed, so i did. she tied me up to the bed and she pulled the nettles out and said wat am i doing with these. i said i like stinging my cock. but i havent tryed it befor so she thinks i have so my plan work. as she thought i had done it before she stung my cock for half an hour. she had enough and un tied me and i was stroking my cock trying to ease the pain. she then fille up a long glass with pins and cut up coke cans. she told me to put my cock in it. i told her no. she said if you dont obey im gunna sting u again. put it in she said no i say. she wasnt lieing about stinging me i was so horney and wanted to be stung again. so i said fuck of mum. she tied me up put the glass over my cock with evry thing init still. i was in pain so i sed mum your abitch. bad chocie of words she grabbed the nettles and whipped my chest five times. i kept swearing and calling my mum abitch so she stung my checks and nose. she said kiss her buh befor she blind folded me and i went to kiss her with tounge and i was meet with a soft whip with her latex whip. she unblind folded me and she was squating over my face. i got more excited coz i thought i was gunna get sat on. i here her fart. and i see shit coming out her arse it landed on my lips. she wasnt satisfied so she found a way of keeoing my mouth open she squated over my face and started to shit again all most of it landed in my mouth i liked it a bit but wasnt sure untill my mum f***ed my mouth open and shut so i was basicly eatig her shit she said to me dont cum yet . opps to late i jizzed all over my body and she was pissed of. so she whipped my cock with the nettles 10 times hard as well and with gloves on she put the nettles arounf my cock and wanked me off till i cummed again.
so the shit triggered my jizz to cum out.
if anyone wants to shit in my mouth pm me and ill get back to u because i love eating shit all thanks to my mum x
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1 year ago
That is hot. I like getting the shit fucked out of my ass then licking the shit covered cock