me with mum

i was at home in my bedroom after taking viagra for the first time to see wat it is like. i had a wank and cummed in my mums panties. when my single mum got home from a long day at work i went down stairs with here panties in my hand for the wash i forgot wat i was holding. she asked me wat i had in my hands. i replyed nothing mum. she said dont lie to me and grabed my hand and i was sweating from fear and she said why are my panties wet. i was speachless all that came out of my mouht was ermmmmm. so she smelt them and shouted YOU HAVE BEEN WANKING IN MY PANTIES! i said quickly im sorry mum. she wasnt taking none of it so she dragged me into her bedroom and said ur gunna be sorry now son of mine. my cock was rock hard. she started stripping and she said your gunna be my bitch. she sed get on ur knees and she started spitting in my face. she sed stand up she started to suck my dick and it turned into biting my dick as hard as she could. my dicked started to bleed, she then got her whip and dildo out and she said to me lay down and she sed every time u dont allow my dildo to go in ur ass im gunna whip you a few times i got whipped buh in the end she was pounding me with her dildo. she started wanking me off and i shouted im gunna cum she said on my face so i shot 8 spurts of cum on her face. then she told me to fuck of

43% (8/10)
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