How it all started Part 2

I made it thur the day at work, and headed home, to see what was going on there, walked thru the door and called out to announce that i was home , but there was no response, wondering thru the house, i could finally hear the sound of Mindy being fucked, and they were outside in the back yard, I made my way to the kitchen window to have a look and there they were, Rick on his back and Mindy stradling him on a lawn chair , and from what i could see she had him buried, to the balls, i couldnt beleive she had finally got all that cock in her, and she was loving it, head thrown backand grinding on his cock, i wasnt sure how long they had been at, but it wasnt long before Rick was filling her cunt again with his cum. My cock was so hard ,it ached. I let them catch there breath, and went to join them in the back yard, she hadnt let go of his cock yet, but when she seen me coming she finally with drew his cock from her pussy, and i seen a huge drop of cum drip from her gaping fuck hole, her ass was cherry red, from being spanked, , her hair was a mess, and she looked like she had been fucked sents less. They both looked at me for some kind of reaction, and i finally broke the silence, and said ,looks like you 2 have been busy! We made small talk , about my day and theres , and Mindy excussed herself to go and get cleaned up, Rick and I sat and chatted, but we never spoke about the happens over the past days events, making small talk about work, and when he was to report to his new job. I excussed myself to go and fix us a couple of drinks, and headed to the house, and took the opprotunity , to see Mindy, she had finshed her shower and was in the bedroom laying on the bed, as i entered the room she looked up and smiled, and said that she was sorry, and shesaid that she could help herself , she was addicted to his cock, and then said come and lick this cum filled pussy, which i did, her pussy was so red and swollen from being fucked, i commented on how it looked, and she said no shit you seen how big it is , and nodded, and then she told me that his cock was 13" long, and 5and half inchs round, and she loved being buried in her, i continued to clean up her pussy and my cock was so hard, i asked if i could fuck her , but she said she was to sore, and promised to make it up to me later, so i went back to eating her well used cunt, and brought her off in my mouth. kissed and hugged her , told her that i loved her so much, and left to head out with the drinks i had for Rick and I.when i returned to the back yard Rick wasnt there, so i assumed that he had went to get cleaned up as well. so i headed into the house, and wait for Mindy to finsh up getting dress,once back inside i could here the shower running so i assumed it was Rick. I sat down in the living room, turned on the TV and watched some sports,I heard the shower stop. Mindy still hadnt joined me yet so i figured she had fallen asl**p, so i waited for rick to join me, but that didnt happen either, were they both sl**ping, my mind started to race again, i went to investagate , and our bedroom door was closed, but i could hear little moans coming from in our bedroom , they were at it again, I stood and listened , not being able to watch, as the action and noise picked up i could hear them begin to fuck 1 another, my still aching cock, was so hard i took it out and stroked it while listening to there coupling, Mindy was begging, for all his cock, and im sure she was getting it all, i couldnt believe she was fucking him again, after she had turned me down, anyway i needed to release, and i jerked myself off, cleaned myself up and went back to my couch , and waited for them to join me, they contiued for almost an hour, and then finally joined me in the living room, Rick and Mindy on the loveseat, she had on a sheer nighty no pants, and Rick in a pair of sweats, we all made small talk, nothing said about all the sex they were have , talked about the game , and made some plans for dinner, and i got up to fix myself a drink and made fresh 1 for Rick and Mindy had a glass of wine, when i return to the room they were locked in a embrass kissing and fondling each other, i took up my spot on the couch and settle in for the show in front of me, they could keep there hands off each other, Mindy legs were spread, and her pussy was there in front of me leaking ricks cum, down the crack of her ass, rick made a move towards it, with his and but when he reach her pussy and felt his cum he pull it back, Mindy broke there kiss long enough to tell me to get over there and clean this mess up, embarassed, i did as i was told, but deep down i wanted to suck it all out, i lick her from asshole to clit and as deep as i could get , untilit was all clean, bit wasnt albe to get her off this time , sshe must have gotten frusterated , cause she pushed me awaystood up and pull ricks sweats off and mounted him right in front of me, they fucked like a couple of teenagers, wild and crazy her taking him to the root, grunting groaning, skin smacking, and her orgasming , Rick pick her up and laid her down on her back and drove it into her with such f***e i was sure she was going to break, but she just begged for more , and thats just what she got, rick dumped another huge load, im not sure where it was all coming from , she must have climaxed 5 times in the last few minutes, totally amazing. they composed themselves, uncoupled , and i seen that cum leaking out again. Nothing was said again , Rick got up and headed to the bathroom , Mindy sat up and smiled , asked me did you like that, and i nodded and stood up to show her my hard cock. She laughted , got up to kiss me , and continued to the kitchen to fix us all supper.rick must have laid down exhausted from the workout my girlfriend was giving him. About an hour later mindy annouced that dinner was ready , and i headed to the table, but rick didnt come , so Mindy went to get him , she was gone for sometime , before they both return , Im sure she sucked him off or something , but they did come and join me , we finshed dinner , and we all cleared the table,putting the dish in the sink, and retiring to the living room again, all in the same seating arrangment as before , it wasnt long before Mindy announced sheand rick were going out for the night , and she wanted me to clean the dishes, and make everyones beds , and she and rick got up and went to clean up and dress up to go out for the night, i thought what the hell is going on here, but siad wasnt long before Mindy came down looking hot as hell short little mini , tight tube top, and her long flowing hair, just stunning, give me a kiss, and my cock a little squeeze, and whispered in my ear, you sl**p in the guest room tonight, I want some room to fuck tonight, all i could say was yes Mindy, and then she said , I will make it up to dear, promise!not long after rick came in and they said there goodbyes to me and they were off.My mind racing , i went off to do my tasks , cleaning up, this was going to be a long night,i was still not sure what was going on between me and Mindy , all i did know is that she had me horny as fuck.
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cool hope there is more:)