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How it all started

This is how i come to realize that i enjoyed watching my girlfriend get fucked! Its the mid eightys , im living with my then girlfriend, Mindy, a hot little blonde, 5'1 ,shoulder lenght blonde hair, 36c-24-28, 105 Lbs .Now i had a old buddy that i used to work with call and ask to stay with me for a week or 2 as he was coming to the area for work, Mindy and Rick had never met so i check with her, and she was ok with it .Rick arrived late friday evening , Mindy and i greeted him , and offered a drink , and showed him to our living room to relax and catch up on some old times. Mindy left the room to go change into something comfy , seeing she had a rough day at work, and we already indulged in a few drinks. as she walked away i watched as Ricks eyes were glued to Mindy as she walked away, out of ear shot he made comment on how hot she was, i smiled and thanked him for the comment.As we sat and chatted i found out that Rick had left the lady he had been living with , and was single for almost a full year.A while later Mindy returned and 3 of us continued to party , and get to know one another , and the topic came around to sex, and Mindy asked why he had been single for a year, seeing he was a handsome gentlemen, and rick kind of blushed, and tried to brush the question off, but Mindy presisted and Rick said its not that women didnt find him desiriable, its that he had a huge cock and most couldnt handle him ! We sat there speachless , until Mindy said bullshit, prove it , Mindy looked at me and so did Rick to see my reaction, lets not forget that we had a lot to drink this evening and my inhabitions were very low , so i just smiled. With a lttle more teasing ,Rick stood and drop his pants down and brought out the largest cock i had ever seen , i was shocked, and Mindy was in awe, it was at least 8" semi erect, Mindy asked how big it gets, and Rick just said thats for her to find out, and we all burst out laughing , but to my shock Mindy just slid off the couch and moved towards his huge cock, Rick just looked at me and smiled, and i sat there , without saying a word, i couldnt believe she was doing this. This had never came up in our past conversations, and it was totally new, but i did want to see how big it got. Mindy had started to jerk him slowly, and started to suck as much as she could fit in her little mouth, as this monster came to life, I later found out that it was a full 13" inches, she worked on his cock and balls for about 10 minute, and Rick had work Mindys top down and exposed her beutiful tits, and i was begining to wonder where it was going to end, little did i know that this was just the begining, as they continued to fondle 1 another, Mindy finally said something to me , it was ,I HAVE TO FUCK THIS COCK !, I was shocked , and she pushed him back further onto the love seat and she drop her spandex, bareing her dripping wet pussy, and stradled his legs ,and Rick guided his monster into her, little by little he work his cock into her and she was going crazy, she had a little more than half ,of his cock in her , and she had her first of many orgasms , they fucked like this for a bit and then Rick stood up holding Mindy and laided her down, so he was in control, he began working that tool into her with great f***e and Mindy was loving it, I couldnt beleive she was taking so much in her tiny little pussy, i would say 10" was buried in her , His cock was covered in her cum, and juices, he continued to fuck away at her until he announced he was going to cum, and looked down at Mindy and asked if she wanted him to pull out, and to my whore , she said dump that cum deep inside me, i couldnt beleive what she had said , what a slut she was being! and then with a grunt he drop his seed deeper than anyone had every been, that really sent her over the edge, and when he pulled out she squirted all over. After she and Rick recovered they both apologized for getting so carried away, and i had to admit i liked there show. A few more drinks into the night , and Mindy was still sitting by Rick, she began playing with Ricks cock again,seeing where this was going , i siad to Mindy she might as well show Rick to his bed, in hopes that she might stay for a bit. Both Rick and Mindy looked at me and smile, and she grabbed his hand , and away they went. I finshed up my drink and headed off to bed myself for some self relief , as i went by the guest room i peaked in thru the crack and seen that Mindy was riding his cock and loving it oh so much, after i watched for a while i headed to our bedroom and striped, so that i would be naked when she came into our bedroom. I listened to them having sex for an hour and masterbated ,making myself cum twice. I fell asl**p sometime after they had finshed, there tryst, Im not sure if Mindy came to check on me and found me asl**p, and then returned for round 3, but they did wake me this time, cause i heard her this time , she was begging for Rick to fuck her hard, and by the sounds of it he was. Each time they had sex it lasted longer and got more vocal, i even heard her ask for his load deep in her again, and they both grunted, signaling the breeding. I managed to stay awake this time and Mindy finally returned to our bed, we talked quietly, and she finally touched my cock and found my rock hard 6" cock, and giggled, saying you like me getting fucked, jerking my cock, she was cuckolding me, she f***ed me to tell her, which i did enjoy, she jerked me off , while touched her well fucked pussy, which was full and leaking Ricks cum. As she stroked me she reach down and took some of there mixed juices from her pussy and brought them to my nose for me to smell, as she teased me again , you like that dont you, i just shock my head in approval. with that she swung her legs over my face and drop her pussy right on my mouth, she took my cock in her mouth, while i cleaned her up, she finshed me off in her mouth and orgasmed in mine, she was clean and gaping. After some more small talk we said our i loves you, i drifted off to sl**p again, until the alarm clock went off at 7:00AM, i rolled over to find that Mindy wasnt there, so i headed to the shower thinking she was up fixing breakfast for us all before i went into work for half a day.Showered and dressed, i headed towards the kitchen, to find that no one was there, my mind racing , thinking that she was up getting fucked again, I went back towards our bedroom , to see if could hear anything , or see if there was a crack to peak thru, nothing, happening so i headed to work.Trying to focus at work was difficult, to say the least, know what might be happening at home. stay tuned theres more to come!

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2 years ago
hot times!