Carin's Continuing Adventures: March

The last few months have all about learning how far I was willing to go, so it should have come as no surprise that I learned about being on display. Everyone that has been keeping up with my adventures knows how all the nurses at our clinic have been working very hard to keep our doctors happy, some more than others. I had planned on being a willing participant, if they wanted me. More, Dawn and Darren had gotten me to agree to take a dare a week, and if I didn’t complete the dare, I had to give up any orgasms for a month. At this point, I’m having trouble going a few days without, so I had motivation to complete any dare I figured they would give me, and I have to admit they make completing the dares fun too!
My first dare was to get undressed at the door when I came over to their home, all week. Didn’t matter who might, or might not be there.
So naturally, the first time I was going over, my dud of a husband offered to drop me off. How was I going to pull that off, I wondered the whole drive over. Turns out, it was a waste of energy, as he didn’t even get out of his car and walk me up, but just leaned over for a kiss and drove off. So I walked in, gathered my nerves, and dropped my jeans, shirt, bra and panties at the door. Four times that week I was over, and each time I willingly gave up my clothes. And each time I was so excited that I could have had an orgasm with but a touch as I stood there. Best of all, four times one, or both, of my best friends took me to the most amazing orgasms of my life.
Most of their dares went this way, with me finding myself undressed in strange, and exciting, places. Each dare has brought me closer to my exhibitionist inner self, and I get wet just thinking of where I might be told to get undressed.
All their training has helped me a work too, where I have been working myself up to going farther than I ever dreamed I would have just a year ago. Which came in handy when I had the late shift for the week.
Usually, Dr A isn’t my favourite, but he seemed so nice lately, and had been very complimentary about my being more daring at work. So when he asked on his late night if I would help him with some shopping, I figured I should be nice and help him out. It was my surprise when we were off to a rather upscale lingerie store downtown on Monday evening after the patients were done.
Walking in, it was obvious he was a regular patron, as all three saleswomen called him by name, and the manager came over and gave him a kiss as we got introduced. Wandering around, it was obvious to me that almost everything in the store was out of my price range, even with the bonus monies the doctors had been sharing for us nurses to be naughty.
Soon enough, the sales lady that had been helping Dr. A came over and guided me to the dressing room, even though I hadn’t picked out anything to try on. She came in, carrying an outfit, and stood in the open door waiting for me to undress. Excited beyond reason, I found myself stripping before her silent command, and then letting her wrap me in a corset, then stockings. She led me out into the store, to stand before the mirrors I just realized were not in the dressing rooms. And that’s about when my mind caught up to my excitement, and I found myself standing in an open store with barely anything on, completely on display. Not just for my boss, well one of them, and three saleswomen I had just met, but a couple that were in shopping as well.
When she asked for my shoe size, it took two tries to speak up, and her knowing smile let me know that I was not going anywhere while everyone enjoyed the view. While she went in back, Dr. A whispered in my ear how much he was enjoying my working for him, and my helping him with this special project. My body was betraying me as he whispered however, my wetness starting to leak out, and my nipples proudly on display.
As our saleswoman kneeled in front of me with heels, the other female customer and her man were guided into the other change room, and I was gently brushed by both her and her saleswoman as they passed. Dr. A and the other man were now watching me step into heels, and enjoying my being on display for them. I teetered on the heels, being almost 5 inches tall, and had to lean on my saleswoman as I turned, looking into the mirror rather than at either man watching me turn.
I heard a voice say yes, but it could have been anyone as my ears were listening to my heart pound as my orgasm approached. As I calmed down from quivering ecstasy, she guided me back to my dressing room, and helped me down from my heels and out of my outfit. It was then that I heard the men commenting on the other woman’s outfit, and my saleslady turned to look. I was trying to be subtle and just peak past her, but she was having none of that, and pushed me in front of her, wearing just one stocking at that moment, and bent me at the waist as we watched the other woman show off for her man, the sales crew, and my date for the night.
Watching her wasn’t as exciting as being out in front of everyone, right up until a hand went down my backside and began caressing my still swollen lips as we watched.
I would love to describe the orgasm that followed, but other than knowing I had one of the most earth shattering ones of my life, I couldn’t tell you much of what happened until I came out of my daze as Dr. A drove us back to the clinic so I could get my truck and go home. My excitement was still beyond control, and I soon found myself rubbing as Dr. A drove us into the parkade. Soon enough I had another orgasm with him watching, and it made me want more.
Driving home had me thinking of what I had just done, and I was disappointed with my husband being unable that night to give me more attention then he did. He’s been disappointing me a lot lately, but ignoring my obvious needs that night pretty much guaranteed my being a naughty girl from then on.
Walking in to work the next morning I was directed into the last exam room right away, something that rarely happens unless a patient is in trouble. Dr. A was waiting for me with a bag from the store from last night, and asked if I was willing to continue our adventure. The rest of our conversation was a blur as all I really heard as I stripped for him was my heart pounding yet again.
He stood watching as I put on the merry widow, stockings and all, and then helped me into the heels. Then he told me how I was going to put on a show for the staff, and that I should be willing to pose for anyone that asked while I worked.
All the other nurses took care of our patients while I did the filing, and all the other scut work that I usually hate doing. Course, giving up my scrubs every 20 minutes or so while one of my coworkers leered over my body had me willing to do just about anything. When Dr. A asked for my panties an hour before everyone else was to leave for the day, I handed him my very wet thong with no hesitation. And all the staff got a very good look at my wetness on demand, as each time I was asked to disrobe I got closer to another orgasm.
Patients gone, and my fellow nurses kissing me good night, something new but extremely exciting as well, I walked into his office expecting an opportunity to give him a show again. What I got was an interview with all four of my bosses.
An interview that included me getting undressed, sitting naked but for my stockings and heels, and my giving them all a show of rubbing myself to another pass out orgasm that I really enjoyed.
They smiled, each kissed me good night, and left me to get dressed for home, with me knowing that I was the slut I wanted to be. And that my friends were going to get to enjoy.
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1 year ago
Excellent story. So excited to read about your adventures