My Fall Into Submission

I will admit, I would never have dreamed of going that far even a few months ago. Last holiday season, I found a card in my husband’s pants pocket while sorting laundry for a massage and personal trainer. I never thought anything of it, since he leaves a card a week in his clothes. The last few months have opened my eyes to the fact that I still have desires that need to be fulfilled.
The other nurses, and our only female doctor, all convinced me, and each other, that after patience’s were out for the night on Thursdays, we would all enjoy the last of our day as Braless Thursday. The first time was pretty nervous for me, but I really enjoyed the extra look our young good looking doctor gave me. I know he was busy checking out the other girls more than me, but it still got me excited. Even the older doctor checked me out, and of course us women teased each other too.
Then he walked in on me one night while I was changing to go out to an event. Standing in my office, wearing stocking and panties, my back to the door, he got a great look at me. I know he didn’t see anything I wouldn’t have shown at a beach, but it excited me none the less.
A few weeks ago, I ended up closing on the Friday night with just our young doctor still in the office with files. At first, I was confused as to why he was bringing each file separately, but I clued in as I noticed his gaze searching to see down my top. I asked him to call me for his last file, and when he finally did, I took the first step in losing control. I stripped to my bra and panty, and walked to his office to collect the file. He seemed to take forever to hand it to me, but I knew he was just enjoying the view. I know I was enjoying standing before him like that, as my nipples grew hard, and I got wet. It was all I could do to walk out, and not run for my clothes. Since then I have made sure I wear matching bra and panties to work. Especially on days I get to close, which are no longer the drag they used to be.
Last Friday I couldn’t take the frustration any longer, and when I found the card by the dryer, I thought to myself that it would be wonderful to treat myself. I could even afford the quoted price on the card, so I booked a session with the text line provided for Tuesday. Since I usually go out with my friends on Tuesdays while the f****y are all busy, I figured I would just change there and meet up for dinner.
It was in the basement of a strip mall, so I really didn’t think much of it until I opened the door. Ok, I am just that naive that I didn’t know until the hostess walked out. That dress was never made to exercise in, and her heels would break an ankle! But when she asked if I was there for my personal training session, I meekly replied yes instead of turning around and leaving. I’m so glad I did!
She led me to a private room, with told me to have a shower and get comfortable and she would be back, and quietly took my envelope and smiled. I took a shower, and lay on the massage table, covered as best I could with the towel. She barely made a noise when she came in, or I was just about asl**p, but her voice was calmer than I was when her hands touched me. I will admit, the massage was amazing, even if I was stunned when I turned over to see she was as naked as I was. Her hands were so professional, and yet I was as turned on as I had ever been. I was so close to an orgasm, I knew I should have been ashamed of how I was moving to her touch, but I wanted it so bad.
That’s when she stopped and told me it was time for my training. I obeyed when she told me to stand, frustrated and horny and excited all at once. She had noticed the dress and heels I had taken out of my bag and exchanged for my work clothes, and slid my heels in front of me. Once again, I did as she told me and put my heels on as she dressed, then stood in front of her again. I could clearly see her hardened nipples through what could be called a dress, and her heels were easily twice the height of mine, which put us eye level to each other. While I had never seen one in person, the ball gag she held up was instantly recognizable, and I opened my mouth to receive it. She then took a collar and slowly put it around my neck, as if daring me to stop her. Next was a set of handcuffs, my hands now pinned behind me. She attached the leash to my collar next, and I could feel my wetness starting to run down my legs as she brought up the blindfold.
I couldn’t tell you anything she said to me, it’s all an incredible blur, but I know she told me I was completely safe, even at her mercy as I was. And then she led me out to the hall I had walked down not so long ago. Only this time, I was bound, gagged, blindfolded and naked! I could hear voices coming, and yet she held me in place. My heart was pounding so hard I couldn’t really hear what was being said, and then my hard nipples were engulfed. It felt so good, and it took a moment to realise that there were two mouths upon me. I was naked before three people! So close, and she stole it away.
How long she dragged me about, and to where, I might never know. But when she whispered in my ear if I was willing to earn my orgasm, I nodded so hard and fast she giggled at me. She pushed me against a massage table, and then un-cuffed my hands while she stood behind me. She then guided my hands around a very hard cock, and as her hands moved back up my arms and then to my swollen nipples, another set of hands started to guide me to stroking that hard cock. Her whispers asking me if it was my husband, my boss, my friend’s husbands, while I stroked that amazingly hard muscle had me dripping.
Being naked before a stranger I was rubbing off, another whom was guiding my hands, while a woman I had met just a short time ago dry humped me against a table had me wound up beyond anything I can remember, yet when he exploded in my hands, she wouldn’t let me rub myself to finish with him. She basically dragged me away, and I soon found myself standing back in the room I started in, as I found out when she removed the blindfold and traded it for a mask.
As soon as she pulled the gag from my mouth, I was pleading for an orgasm. Wanton, lustful, I promised I would do anything for one, and she smiled as she handcuffed me again, and then turned me and bent me over the table. I was still looking right at the open door moments later, when as a man in a mask and a woman whom obviously worked there judging by the outfit walked up to the open door, and watched as she pushed into my soaking treasure with the toy she was now wearing. I moaned in ecstasy while she pounded into me, displaying me in front of the man I had to have just stroked off, as he was led away. Over and over she continued to drive that toy deep into me, and soon I opened my eyes to find three other women watching me.
One was just in the open doorway, smiling and listening. One was sitting in a chair rubbing herself as she watched me get taken. The third walked up with another toy strapped to her waist, and she slowly fed it into my open mouth. While I have often dreamed of being taken by more than one person, never had I thought it would be two women, and I was moaning as they drove me to orgasm after orgasm until I finally passed out from excitement.
I awoke to the door closing, and my hostess smiled as I tried to get up. She helped me to the shower, and joined me as my trembling legs could not have supported me, and gave me one more satisfying orgasm while she washed me from head to toe. As we dried off, and she fixed the room while I dressed, she asked me how I found my training session, and I told her it had been fantastic. Then she asked how I had found her service, and I told her I had found her card in my husband’s pocket.
As she e****ted me to the exit, she wished me well, and invited me to come back. Then with a knowing smile, she told me that next time she would push my boundaries farther, and maybe I would be lucky enough to have my husband in attendance to help.
I can never take back the words I spoke next, so I proudly admit I told her that whether my husband was there or not, I would do everything she told me on my next visit. I can’t wait for next month when I can afford to go again. And I can’t wait to find out what I will be commanded to do! And for whom!

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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
very sexy
2 years ago
loved it hope there is a next month
2 years ago
let me command you
2 years ago
very erotic. I like it. way to lose control and just go with it.