my first bbc

my very first was one extremely eye opening experience, we were at a club (my hubby and a girlfriend),with plans to have a night out and then all back to ours for a night of playing, all was well with excitemnt building towards later on when my friend had noticed someone and began chatting to him, she soon brought him to the table and introduced us ,he was a really nice fella and we all got on ,my hubby spotted an old friend and left the table ,soon, because of the mood we were already in the conversation turned flirty and before i knew it we were being shown the outline of his cock through his trousers which made me...,well my friend quickly arranged a visit to the bathrooms with him and invited me aswell ,so i nervously and quickly lol mentioned what had gone on to my hubby ,who told me "well ,i cant say no when you never stop me and your friends fucking "

So i found myself next to my friend on our knees in a club bathroom with a gorgeous big black cock in front of our faces, we found ourseves teasing and taking turns on this guy (sure i heard a camera clicking aswell) and after a little while he sarted to jerk and unleashed a huge shot of cum into our open mouths ,we kissed and licked each others faces ,slowly cleaned him off and were soon back downstairs drinking and telling my hubby what had happened ,and that was the beggining of a great night xx
84% (8/2)
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2 years ago
Wow, sucked him up!
3 years ago
would love to hear the rest of that night !