Lipstick Look,,.. a very short story

I know when my wife has got another date, never a word spoken, or the fact that she is wearing stockings and heels, with skirt a couple of inch'es to short, hair done, nails painted, perfumed,... its the look ,...its the look as she stares in the mirror applying her dark red lipstick, her eyes glance back to see me staring at her, wanting her, the most wicked of smiles play around those dark red lips.
She applies the lipstick knowing I'm wathching her. looking at her, knowing within an hour she will be another mans slut.
She stands, straightens her clothing, turns on her heels and makes her way to the door, no talk, no goodbye's, she's gone, I smell her ligering perfume, and remember the lipstick look, and forgive her everything.
100% (6/0)
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2 years ago
You know it Bitch !
3 years ago
If I had continued the story the second part would have had me sitting in a car outside of a bar/nightclub watching her as she leaves with a man, the third part would have been me sitting outside the mans flat in the early morning, the focal point being me taking her home, the interaction between us, and her not giving a fuck for my feelings/needs.
3 years ago
and what happens when she gets home?