Flat tyre cuck

Original wrote this for a cuck couple who are friends... thought I would throw it out, see what peolpe think...I am in real life a truck driver and have over the years had a few..adventures???

The scenario is prety straight forward, its late in the evening, your on a garage forecourt, the garage closed some hours ago, you've got a flat tyre, your wife is, to say the least, less than impressed with your attempts to change the wheel, its dark, getting colder, she is pissed off with you , and you aint got a clue what to do next... I climb down from my truck (an over night sl**per cab) which is parked nearby, I am parked up for the night and totally laughing at your pathetic attempts to change a wheel, so I offer to help, I reassure your wife this will only take 2 minutes to do and would she like to wait in my truck which is at least comfortable and warm. She accepts the offer with a little smile, I give a little sly wink as she moves away,... yeah.. she know's the score...

I have assessed the situation...your fuckin useless,... I am gonna change this wheel , go back to my truck and fuck your wife.... and I dont particulally give a shit what you think....and worst off all, you know what I'm thinking,... you look at me, I'm maybe not as tall as you, but I am built like a brick shithouse, big shoulders, big arm muscles, big hands, and a face that tells you I have lived a life....the wheel is changed quickly.....I walk back to my truck leaving you to stow away the jack and the flat in your car, you mumble about cleaning your hands, I dont even turn round to acknowledge that you've spoken.

Climbing into my cab, I see your wife has made herself at home, removed her coat and her shoes and has helped herself to a beer, we have a very brief chat, she is happy to confirm your totally surplus to her sexual needs, and that she has removed her panties which are now on my dash board...like I told you...I am gonna ....FUCK YOUR WIFE...we both climb onto the bunk, I hitch up her skirt sure enough her panties have gone, I'm running my hands all over her cunt which hot and soaking wet, kissing her mouth, putting my tounge in her mouth,, squeezing her tits hard...I unzip my trousers and expose my cock, she likes the look of it, hard and veiny, with a big puple head, I grab a handful of her hair and guide her mouth to my cock, she opens her mouth wide and slides as much down her throat as she can....I look over my shoulder, out of the window in the darkness I see you standing there looking at us, a look of lost bewilderment on your face, we havent even turned the cab interior lights off, you can see everything, my cock is now at the back of your wife's throat, I tell her your watching, she calls you a fuckin sissy...I tell her I want to mouth fuck her, she holds her head still, purses her lips so there nice and tight , and I begin to fuck her mouth, with every 5 or 6 strokes pushing my cock further into her mouth and as I'm doing this I'm squezzing her nipples, the pain of which, seems to be turning her on even more...she gives excellent head, and I'm not going to last much longer, I tell her this, she pulls her head away and spreads her legs, she wants my cum inside her, I dont need a second invitiation, I slide my cock deep into her cunt and begin to fuck her furiously,within a few minutes I fire my cum deep inside your wifes hot cunt, we are both panting the cab windows are starting to steam up I stay inside her for a while but I can feel my cum begining to drip from her well fucked cunt....I open the cab door and call you over, you come like a little boy lost, silently taking the scene in, she is laying on the bunk her legs spread wide open with my cum dripping out of her hole, I reach over and grab her panties of the dash and throw them to you, I look you straight in the eye tell you to clean up your wife's cunt...you hop to the task dabbing here and there cleaning away....I tell you that I 've got 2 things for you to do... you meekly ask what they are .... I tell you to write down your home number and next time I'm in town me and your wife WILL meet up and fuck again..... and the second thing is to take these cum stained panties , put them in your pocket and fuck off out of my cab and dont come back till the morning because me and this slut have a long night ahead of us....your wife sneers at you as you back out of the cab ...as I slip a finger into her cunt she eases up on to an elbow and looks out the window, your standing in the darkness watching again, holding the panties tightly....fuckin sissy she murmurs..........

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1 year ago
Great story?
Or is there at least a 'hint' of truth in there?
1 year ago
great story,loved it,i'm a truckie to,i have had and heard some experiances,that if you tell people they look at you,as if your mad,but the stories are true.
1 year ago
Horny story, you have a good imagination,