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[Story] Flat tyre cuck

Original wrote this for a cuck couple who are friends... thought I would throw it out, see what peolpe think...I am in real life a truck driver and have over the years had a few..adventures???

The scenario is prety straight forward, its late in the evening, your on a garage forecourt, the garage closed some hours ago, you've got a flat tyre, your wife is, to say the least, less than impressed with your attempts to change the wheel, its dark, getting colder, she is pissed off with you , and you aint got a clue what to do next... I climb down from my truck (an over night sl**per cab) which ... Continue»
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[Story] Lipstick Look,,.. a very short story

I know when my wife has got another date, never a word spoken, or the fact that she is wearing stockings and heels, with skirt a couple of inch'es to short, hair done, nails painted, perfumed,... its the look ,...its the look as she stares in the mirror applying her dark red lipstick, her eyes glance back to see me staring at her, wanting her, the most wicked of smiles play around those dark red lips.
She applies the lipstick knowing I'm wathching her. looking at her, knowing within an hour she will be another mans slut.
She stands, straightens her clothing, turns on her heels and makes her... Continue»
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