So after a long day at work and thinking about ass all day I came home got all of my stuff ready for the next day, ate, showered, and talked my wife into going to bed with me. Once there I of course got even more horny, I started to lick her pussy and she just laid there as if she were dead. A bit disappointed I started to pout, determined though I tried again. This time she had rolled over and her fat ass was up in the air, I started to play with it and opened her cheeks. And I started to do one of my favorite things, licking it, after a few minutes of silence and not a single hint of pleasure and quit. I laid back down and thought, this is EXACTLY why I need a hot shemale. Why the hell do that to a guy? I need to be able to do that and get a response or something. I'm getting over pussy fast.
63% (8/5)
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6 months ago
Sometimes I love to fuck anal more than pussy but I still love pussy and never turn it down. I will ask a gal if she likes anal before I go out with them. I don't want to waste my time and money if not. :)
6 months ago
Screw her, why even bother with females when you got shemales? They are better in every way.. always full of passion, always pure ecstasy, always hot and lets be honest, they look more feminine than most females!
1 year ago
My wife started doing that, so I started the sex talk in bed, about other men, gets her hot, also she has dated while I was out of town a few times at my pushing, I also have her talk dirty, very dirty to me in bed about her being a slut and fucking other men. It started out in marriage all lovey-dovey and great sex, but when I found out she was clamming up, I tried it her way, but was not fulfilling, so I said fuck it, and just laid it out there and had her join in my request which opened up doors that made things kinda fun again. It just came to the point of, do I really want to do this fake dead fish thing the rest of my life or do I just want to put my dick out there and be greedy and do it my way, it worked. But like other post, once you have an experience with a "special" gurl, then you really see how women are fake. Just my opinion.
2 years ago
i want your cum candy
2 years ago
Happens more than any of us care for. One reason that I'm here.
3 years ago
Been there and it is sad. That's why I am out of the house alot getting serviced elsewhere and you know what; I love my new sexual freedom better.
3 years ago
Ohhhhhhh, if YOU licked my asshole, you'd hear such a sweet moan of pleasure......... And an even louder scream of joy when you entered me..........and after a few minutes of animal style dog-fucking, your nuts would tighten up and your cock would start to pulse.......... and that's when I'd roll on my back, mouth wide open, your cock deep down my throat, and your sweet cum pouring out in complete ectasy as I swallow and devour every creamy drop.......... Kissing and thanking your penis as you lay in exhaustion afterwards.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
3 years ago