All in Poke Her

All-In Poke-Her

He sat watching her through his dark sunglasses, acting as if he was trying to get a read out of the woman who was across from him. After the flop had fallen, she had immediately moved all in when the two aces fell. As she did so, she leaned forward to stare him down as the only other player in the hand.
When she had leaned forward, her arms squeezed her massive breasts together, causing them to swell over the top of her low cut shirt. This easily garnered the attention of her opponent, as he stared at her tits from behind the glasses he was wearing.
Drawing out the pleasurable view, he casually looked at his pocket cards, knowing that his hand was beat. He was sure his pocket tens were good when he raised pre-flop, but with her reraise and all-in on the flop, he was assured she possessed one ace, now giving her a set.
He put his cards back down and continued to look at her, hoping he was appearing to get a read versus ogling her giant tits. He imagined what the rest of her fat and curvy body would be like, as he had several times before. Slowly, he shuffled a stack of poker chips to appear he was mulling his available outs as he continued to stare at the voluptuous vixen across from him.
Eventually, after drawing out the game for a few minutes and savoring his opponents large breasts, he finally threw the pair of tens into the muck. The thick short haired beauty gave an added treat as she rose out of her chair and leaned across the table to collect her winning pot, allowing her shirt to fall, and her heavy tits to hang in full view, clad in the cups of her lacy bra. He felt his cock stiffen a bit more under the table as her fleshy breasts jiggled with her motions. He closed his eyes, envisioning her plump body in full motion of sex, as she sat back down and began stacking her chips.
The Table proceeded playing their game of Texas Hold-em, continuing the ups and downs of winning and losing pots. He continued to take in the plump flesh of the heavy-set beauty at his table, as her motions continued to make her fat breasts jiggle, further exciting him.
Later in the evening, he had eventually busted out of the game, never really catching another decent hand the rest of the game. Afterward, he sat at an empty table with some other players that had been knocked out, playing a pickup game of dealer’s choice.
As he played, he continued to watch the buxom babe and his voluptuous wife who were now sitting at the same table with each other. His mind wandered as he thought about various delectable fantasies of the short haired beauty joining him and his red headed wife for some three way sexual fun.
Eventually, his intake of beverages had caught up with him and he had to use the restroom. He walked through the back of the bar and down the hall to the bathroom where he spent a few minutes still pondering options with the big breasted woman out in the bar, as he relieved himself.
When he was done, he walked out of the bathroom and down the hall toward the main bar. As he rounded the corner, he immediately collided into the huge squishy tits of his fellow poker player and vision of his fantasies.
“Excuse me,” he said as he became more excited from having felt her large soft tits against his body.
“That’s okay,” responded the thick round vixen, “I was looking for you anyway”
“Really, why?” he asked puzzled.
“Cuz your wife said I should come play poker with you since she took me out,” replied the heavy honey.
“Really,” he quipped.
“Yes,” she said grabbing his arm and leading him into the back storage room of the bar.
When they got into the storage room, the heavy humper turned and faced him, and quickly removed her shirt, leaving her large heavy tits held by her hot bra and sexy body rolls. He looked a mix of stunned and excited, as enough light spilled in to illuminate her nearly bare breasts
“Go on,” she said, “you were enjoying yourself earlier, weren’t you.”
“Yes, I was,” he responded excitedly as his cock began to protrude against his shorts.
The thick beauty approached him and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her giant breasts against him.
“I know you check me out,” she whispered in his ear, “Your wife told me you guys were open, and you had the hots for me, so I thought we would play a little poker of our own.”
The two quickly began their escapade, clawing into each other with carnal instinct. Immediately his hands began groping her giant tits still encased in the cups of her large bra. He squeezed and kneaded them as his cock stiffened even more.
She had began running her hands around his neck, as she began to kiss him. Pulling him in closer, her nearly bare breasts smashed against his body as he played with her thick body. Quickly he ran his hands down over her giant ass snuggled tightly in her shorts. Squeezing firmly he grinned as he shook her ass cheeks delightfully hoping to soon unleash her full body.
After grabbing a few jiggles out of his thick partner’s body he quickly removed his shirt eager to get on with the action. After getting his shirt off he moved to again get a hold of her giant tits. They were held erotically in a sexy white lace bra. Her nipples were already rock hard with excitement. Grasping the two giant mammaries and squeezing them together he let them go and the gravity took hold causing them to fall back in to place shaking sexily as they settled back to their normal position.
He didn’t allow her large fleshy tits to stay leashed for long as he ran his hands up her giant chest and slid his fingers under the straps of her bra. Pulling them down he helped her get her meaty arms free of the straps letting them fall against her thick body.
Next he pulled down the lacy fabric from around her fat titties allowing them to fall heavily against the rolls of her round belly. He gripped one of her meaty mams drooling at the size of her rock hard nipples
Sucking her tit into his mouth he quickly had the plump woman moaning as he flicked his tongue over her ever hardening flesh. The shorted haired, big breasted nympho helped her pleasure along as she pinched and twisted her erect nipple on her free tit, while running her hand through the hair of her erect partner.
She could feel the pressure of his bulging cock against her thigh as he moved in and out sucking on her huge tits. As he suckled on her breasts his hand wondered down over her rolls and stomach squeezing and jiggling her heavy body delightfully.
Soon he reached the top of her tight shorts and was eager to get into her pants and feel her plump pussy. One handed he unfastened her button and unzipped her shorts. Slowly he slid his hand down over her soft belly and into her satin panties. The silky touched of both the fabric and her sexy skin excited him more as he inched closer to her waiting cunt.
As his fingers roamed over her fat pussy lips he felt the nice trimmed pattern of her muff. He cupped his hand over her pussy and quickly slipped his finger between her moist lips.
“Oh God,” moaned the thick sex kitten as his fingers slid deep into the wetness of her cunt.
“That feels so good,” she murmured in her partner’s ear as he began to gently flick his finger over her swollen clit.
After a few more minutes of his finger massaging her cunt she pushed him off of her wanting to get his cock out of his bulging shorts. Deftly she knelt down and undid his button quickly allowing his baggy shorts to fall around his ankles. She caressed his cock through his wet boxers as his dick pulsed against her fingers.
She looked up at him watching the pleasurable facials as her large breasts bouncing softly against her fat stomach. She immediately rolled down his boxers allowing his rigid dick to spring free. Swiftly she seized his cock at its base and pressed the lips up to her glistening lips. Slowly she took his hot meat into her mouth little by little wrapping her tongue around him and swirling it around his hard staff.
Soon his length had disappeared deep in her mouth as she sucked firmly on him, the oozing head of his cock pressing against the back of her throat. After a few moments of his cock pulsing deep in her mouth she began to move up and down his rod sliding him between her lips and deep down into her throat again with each dirty thrust.
“You like to suck cock?” he asked as his dick ran through her lips.
A muffled but obvious moan of approval escaped the thick vixen’s throat as she massaged his nuts while slurping continuously on his rock hard cock.
The big breasted brunette sucked furiously on his rigid rod as it throbbed against her tongue and the back of her throat. She easily could have taken his cock to orgasm with her great blow job skills, but was eager to feel his length inside her aching cunt.
“Good God,” she moaned as she pulled off his rod and let his hard meat stick out aching for more.
“I want some cock now,” she said looking at her fuck partner, “Can you fuck me good?”
“I sure can,” he replied excited to soon be feeling her waiting cunt.
The heavy humper lay back across the table and began to finish removing her shorts. She quickly wiggled her large ass and heavy stomach out of her denim leaving her still waiting in her satin panties. She spread her thick thighs exposing a damp spot in crotch of her underwear.
Watching he slowly began working his cock with his hand as her large tits rocked gently still massive in size despite lying on her back. She reached over her bulging belly and began to gently rub her pussy through her panties.
“Fuck me,” she moaned as she inserted a finger in her cunt and began to play furiously with it.
“Sure thing,” he replied.
He moved up closer to the fat nympho lying on the table and was eager to fuck her. First however he wanted a taste of her plus sized pussy. Pulling the wet satin aside firmly an echo of the seams of stressing against the f***e he used bounced through the room. His mouth watered as revealed her fat glistening lips of her cunt, wanting a taste of her juices. Quickly he leaned in and stuffed his face deep between her swollen wet pussy lips.
“Fucking Christ,” blurted the thick beauty as his tongue sent shivers through her body. Gingerly he darted his tongue up and down the length of her cunt. He circled around her protruding clit, sending the feel of electricity through her pleasure knob. Her juices streamed down over his face down into his goatee. Her cunt scent lifted him high as her tastes tantalized his tongue.
The thick thighs of his fat fuck friend closed around his head as she began to gyrate and buck softly with the motions of his tongue. Every few licks he would slip his tongue deep into her vaginal canal and back up her to her pulsing clit.
“I want my pussy fucked,” moaned the horny nympho as her pelvis bucked around his head.
He continued licking furiously deep p in her cunt savoring the flavor of her juices. He halfway ignored her requests for his meat in attempts to teas her more.
“Fuck my cunt,” she demanded bucking firmly against his tongue and grabbing a handful of his hair as he continued to lick deep between her pussy lips.
Giving a few more rapid licks of his tongue he received a sustained moan from his nearly nude heavy partner. He was now eager to get his rigid cock inside her waiting pussy. He got off the floor and guided his cock toward her soaking hole, barely containing his delight in getting inside her.
His pulsing dick pressed against her wet lips before easily slipping through and plunging deep n her hot aching cunt. A combined moan escaped the carnal couple the two slid together. His cock burrowed deep into her cunt eventually being stopped only boy his body slamming against her heavy belly.
Immediately he began sliding in and out of her wet quivering cunt his rock hard cock growing stronger. His pace began to quicken as he slid deeper with each thrust into her cunt shaking her large round body and giant tits.
“Slide it deep,” moaned the short haired fatty as she ran her hands over her shaking tits.
After a few more hard thrusts causing the sweaty fuck fiend moan and grunt in pleasure from the thick pulse inside her cunt he pulled out barely staving off an explosion from his cock.
“Roll over,” he said as she looked up at him.
The hefty beauty slid off the table her round body shaking with her motions. He gently stroked his stiff cock soaking in the hotness of her hanging stomach large tits, and huge round ass still wrapped in her satin panties and lacy bra tucked under her big breasts.
The brunette slut turned away from her masturbating partner and leaned over the table setting her elbows on the hard wood. Her large mammaries pressed against the cold table as she spread her meaty thighs apart to allow him entrance again.
“Come get me,” she said as her round ass jiggled softly as she moved into final position.
He eagerly moved back in ready to fuck the hefty honey again. He used his free hand to yank down her soaked panties and spread her large ass cheek. He guided his cock between her thighs and back into her wet pussy.
“Fuck your pussy feels good,” he moaned as slid deep inside her for the second time.
He gripped her wide hips as he began working into her sliding harder into her then he did before. The voluptuous fuck queen’s cunt began to constrict around his throbbing dick as pleasure ripped through her large body.
“Oh yeah, right there,” she whined feeling his meat rub erotically inside her cunt as her large ass shook violently with each firm thrust of her partner.
“That feels so good,” she cried.
“Yes it does,” he grunted as he plunged deeper and harder into her hot snatch.
Soft echoes of their naked bodies slapping together permeated the room mixing with the heavy grunts and groans of the two carnal a****ls lost themselves in the midst of their dirty deed. He slid his hands over wide hips gripping part of her shaking belling hanging down underneath the edge of the table.
A long moan escaped from the fat humper’s mouth as her pussy raced into an orgasm.
“Fuck right there,” she cried as her cunt tightened around the dick buried deep inside her.
“Good fucking lord!” exclaimed her partner as she cried in pleasure her whole plump body quivering as her orgasm tore through her as her ass shook violently.
He fell back pulling out again as he watched her big ass shake and her stomach jiggling through the pleasure of the ripples of excitement surging inside her cunt.
“Oh God that felt good,” she moaned still bent over the table.
Eventually she got up from the table and again faced her fuck buddy now leaning against a small stack of chairs. She approached him as his chest heaved from his heavy breathing.
“I want you to cum on me,” said the large-chested honey.
She pressed her fleshy body against him again feeling his rigid cock pressed against her fat belly. Slowly she slid down half kneeling in front of him; her large tits now level with his oozing dick.
Quickly she wrapped her big breasts around his meat. He looked down watching the short haired slut begin to slowly rub her tits up and down the length of his dick.
“Oh shit,” he moaned savoring the pleasure of her flesh.
“That feel good?” she asked still working her breasts.
“Oh fuck yes,” he managed to say between shots of pleasure shooting through his cock.
The fat beauty picked up pace of her tit fucking her pussy juices providing excellent grease for his cock. Each thrust allowed the head of his dick to peak up through her huge cleavage. As her breasts fucked his cock, the soft satin and lace of her bra still tucked underneath her heaving tits rubbed gently against his nuts. After a furious bout of heavy tit fucking he could feel the swell of his cock ready to blow.
“Oh Fuck,” he groaned trying to slow the launch of his fluid
“Cum on me hon,” panted the tit fucking plumper. “Shoot that cum all over my fat tits.”
Finally the load was too much and he had to release his load. Immediately a large wave of hot cum shot up between the heft tits wrapped around his cock. Small amounts hit her in the chin as larger blobs of jizz splattered down on her giant tits.
“Oh wow that’s a lot,” she said grinning.
Another several shots erupted from his cock as she continued to slide her tits over his cock covering her more. Some pools of cum slid between her big tits as a bit more fluid oozed out the tip of his rock hard dick.
The heavy brunette released his dick from her giant breasts and gently licked the beads of cum off her chin.
“That was great,” she said as his cum slid down her hanging tits and dripped onto her big belly. Seductively she rubbed the hot cum into her body teasing her partner more now that he was expended.
“Yeah it was,” he replied as he watched her rubbing his juice into her body.
After a few more minutes of watching each other the two dressed again. Slowly they peaked out from the storage room checking to see that the coast was clear. No one was around so they quickly escaped the room and filtered back into the main room of the bar. The majority of the crowd was huddled around the final table as the few players left wrapped up the game.
“Our poker was better, wasn’t it?” asked the thick brunette.
“Yes, it was,” he replied as the two eyed his wife at the bar puffing a cigarette smirking at them as they walked out.
“Tell me all about it,” she said as the two sat with her at the bar waiting for the next game to begin.

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Damn I love fat sex stories! :)
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Oh Boy... As usual... Great story ;)

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very good